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UPDATED: New Progress Michigan poll has Schauer up by 3, Republican pollster has Snyder up by 2. Need any more reason to GOTV?

See update below.

If you are sitting around wondering if it’s worth your while to get involved in the massive Get Out the Vote (GOTMFV) effort in the last two weeks of this election, two polls out this week should give you the nudge that you need.

First we have a poll by Republican pollster Mitchell Research & Communication that shows Gov. Snyder ahead by a scant 2 points with a margin of error of 3.23%. In other words, a statistical dead heat. And that’s a Republican pollster’s numbers. By the way, that same poll has Gary Peters with an 13 point lead while what’s-her-name has resorted to tweeting about how well she ran “the DMV” in Michigan even though there’s no such thing as a Michigan DMV.…

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BREAKING: More corruption in the Snyder administration: $26.4 million in no-bid contracts awarded to campaign donor (UPDATED)

The Michigan Democratic Party released bombshell news today that the Snyder administration awarded $26.4 million in no-bid contracts to a high-dollar donor to the Snyder reelection campaign.

On June 9, 2014, the owners of J&B Medical Supply, which supplies diapers and other incontinence products to Department of Community Health, hosted a lavish fundraiser for Rick Snyder in Bloomfield Hills which was attended by about 150 contributors, and featured crystal stemware, professional lighting design and custom-made Rick for Michigan candy and water bottles. They raised $73,800 for Governor Snyder’s reelection campaign.

Here’s video from the fundraiser just to give you an idea of just how swanky this soiree was:

The very next day following the fundraiser, J&B Medical Supply had an existing state contract extended to the tune of nearly $400,000.

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VIDEO: DGA hammers Gov. Snyder in new ad showing the “Faces” of people hit hardest by Snyder’s policies

A new ad out by the Democratic Governor’s Association is one of their best yet. Called “Faces”, it shows the faces of real people hit hardest by Republican Governor Rick Snyder’s pro-business, anti-middle class policies.

It’s an effective ad on the heels of last weekend’s debate between Snyder and Democratic candidate Mark Schauer. Snyder spent a great deal of time explaining how he has increased support for education and how what Schauer called his “job killing senior pension tax” along with his massive cuts to business taxes are “fair”. As Schauer put it in one made-for-sound-bite comment, “Our accountant governor is missing some columns on his spreadsheet and it’s called people.”

This ad helps restore those columns in our statewide conversation.…

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With Mark Schauer, it’s the little things

There are many variations of the saying that the ultimate measure of a man (or woman) is not what they do when they are in public but what they do when they are alone. Another simple, quaint saying is, “it’s the little things.” If we were to juxtapose those two sayings we might just end up with something that would be a fair predictor of the people we know, or wish we knew better, including candidates.

During the Town Hall forum televised Sunday evening between Mark Schauer and Rick Snyder, I was live-tweeting during the telecast and interacting with those who were hanging in there with me.…

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GUEST POST: Observations from a Schauer/Snyder debate attendee: “The atmosphere was completely different than on TV”

    Eclectablog reader Mark was in attendance at the one-and-only debate between Republican Governor Rick Snyder and Democratic candidate Mark Schauer on Sunday night. He sent me his observations as someone who was actually in the room and has agreed to allow me to share his comments with you.

    As you will see, the atmosphere inside the debate venue was considerably different than what many of us saw on television. What is clear to me from his report is that Gov. Snyder is afraid. And he should be. Mark Schauer is surging right now. Michigan’s economy remains in the dumps and the policies and governing philosophies of our corporatist Governor are not working.

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Mark Schauer put Rick Snyder on the defensive in their one debate, Snyder acted frantic

Last night’s one and only gubernatorial debate between Republican Rick Snyder and his Democratic challenger Mark Schauer showed our state two very different men. While Schauer gave answers that were succinct and generally on point, Snyder came across as frantic and defensive for most of the evening.

The debate opened with a question about education funding and Schauer didn’t back down from his position that funding cuts have hurt our schools. Multiple sources have looked at the claim that Snyder took a billion dollars out of school funding and the case can be made for both sides. At the end of the day, however, all you need to do is ask a teacher or a school board member or a school principal about this to know that classrooms have taken a hit and we are NOT spending as much money in the classroom as we did prior to Gov.…

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VIDEO: Mark Schauer vows to repeal Snyder’s tax on seniors & make corporations that send jobs overseas repay tax breaks

In his latest ad, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mark Schauer vows to roll back Rick Snyder’s senior pension tax and to give tax breaks to companies that create jobs in Michigan. If they outsource their jobs overseas, says Schauer, “I’ll make them repay every penny.”

It’s a powerful ad. Take a look:

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EVENT: Mark Schauer, Gary Peters + other Dem candidates to rally in Schauer’s hometown of Howell this Saturday

This Saturday, October 11th, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mark Schauer will return to his hometown of Howell, Michigan for a pep rally to fire up Livingston County volunteers.

The event begins at 6:30 p.m. and is free and open to the public. It will take place at the Operating Engineers Local 324 Training Facility, 275 E. Highland Road, Howell Township.

In addition to Mark Schauer, a long list of other Democratic candidates will be at the event:

  • The Hon. Gary C. Peters – U.S. Senate
  • Eric Schertzing – 8th Congressional District
  • Godfrey Dillard – Secretary of State
  • Richard Bernstein – Michigan Supreme Court
  • Mark Totten – Attorney General
  • Shari Pollesch – 22nd State House
  • Timothy Johnson – 42nd State House
  • Jordan Genso – 47th State House
  • All 9 Livingston County Commission candidates

For a printable flyer, click the image below.…

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Michigan’s “best” conservative blog eats its own, doesn’t want Rick Snyder reelected

I’ve been enjoying reading RightMI.com lately because, if you think that Eclectablog is hard on Governor Snyder, you should see what RightMI.com (formerly RightMichigan.com), reputedly Michigan’s “best” conservative blog, says about him.

Today, they have a piece titled “Here Comes the Snyder Gas/Diesel Tax and Fee Hikes” that might set the state record for the most links on a blog post back to the blog’s own content – there are no less than 12 links to other RightMI.com pieces in this post. That’s very nearly blogsturbation. In the post, the author – who bravely goes by the name “Corinthian Scales” – excoriates Governor Snyder for proposing a hike in taxes to pay for the $1 billion or more in road repairs that are needed lest our state evolve back to the days of Gunsmoke, Little House on the Prairie, and the Michigan plank roads.…

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Gov. Snyder evades one tough question, smacks seven slow softballs during town hall rally while race tightens

Last night, Gov. Rick Snyder held what was billed as a “public town hall” but was, in actuality a campaign rally given that the host and emcee were unabashed Snyder supporters and seven out of the eight questions he answered were softballs pitched by supporters. The room was less than half full despite Snyder’s press flacks claiming they had turned away non-supporters to make room for “undecided voters”. Most of those in attendance, as a result, were clearly Snyder’s supporters:

Sturgis resident Tammy Chupp, 45, and her 19-year-old son, Chris, said they were sold on Snyder before and after the event.
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