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Snyder campaign caught infiltrating a Schauer event a 3rd time, this time with secret “spy camera glasses”

Republicans even suck at being assholes

First is was a Republican operative posing as a CNN reporter. Then it was a Snyder intern attempting to infiltrate a Schauer campaign GOTV office. Now we have failed infiltration attempt #3 of Democrat Mark Schauer’s gubernatorial campaign by the reelection campaign of Gov. Rick Snyder.

For the third time this year, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mark Schauer is accusing Republicans of attempting to spy on his campaign.

But this time, the suspected political subterfuge involves a high-tech hidden camera and a video memory disk that fell into the hands of Democrats.

And Republicans are defending their campaign snooping.

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Join Mark Schauer for a Happy Hour Fundraiser at Netroots Nation – July 18, 2014

On Friday, July 18th, Michigan’s next governor Mark Schauer is holding a Happy Hour Fundraiser during Netroots Nation in Detroit. It takes place at the Anchor Bar at 450 West Fort Street and begins at 6 p.m. Buy a ticket and get a free drink (while supplies last ; )

This is a terrific chance to meet Mark in person. When you do, I feel certain that you’ll come away understanding like I do that he is the real deal: a genuine Democrat with a heart of gold and a strong determination to win this election so that we can take the control of our state government back from the corporatists and tea partiers who are running it into the ground now.…

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POLL: Mark Schauer now tied with Rick Snyder, Terri Lynn Land sinking into obscurity

Public Policy Polling’s latest Michigan poll has very good news for Democrats. Let’s start out with the very best news: after trailing in all previous polling, Mark Schauer is now in a 40-40 dead heat with incumbent Republican Governor Rick Snyder. What’s more, Snyder’s numbers are down four points from December and he has a negative job approval of 54% vs. only 37% who think he’s doing a good job.

Mark Schauer is still introducing himself to the voters in Michigan and every poll shows him doing better and better. Rick Snyder, on the other hand, who virtually every Michigander knows, appears to be cratering.…

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BREAKING: Snyder campaign intern who tried to infiltrate Schauer campaign has been fired

Jonathan Oosting is reporting at MLive that Taylor Grenawalt, the college-aged intern for Rick Snyder’s reelection campaign who tried to infiltrate the Schauer/Brown campaign, has been fired.

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder’s re-election campaign has parted ways with an intern who asked about volunteering for Democratic challenger Mark Schauer in an apparent attempt to infiltrate the rival campaign.

Snyder campaign spokesperson Emily Benavides described Taylor Grenawalt as a “former” part-time intern who was let go as soon as it was learned he had sent emails to Schauer staffers and his running mate Lisa Brown.

“Those are actions that we do not condone or do not tolerate,” Benevides said, noting she spoke with Grenawalt after his emails were published online.

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UPDATED x3: Intern for Snyder campaign unsuccessfully attempts to infiltrate Mark Schauer’s campaign for Governor

UPDATE: This post has been updated to include an email Taylor Grenawalt sent to Lt. Governor candidate Lisa Brown, as well.

UPDATE 2: Grenawalt has scrubbed his Facebook and LinkedIn pages, removing references to working for the Snyder campaign.

UPDATE 3: Grenawalt has been fired from the Snyder campaign. Details HERE.

In late May, an aspiring college-aged man named Taylor Grenawalt contacted the Mark Schauer for Governor campaign, asking how and where he could get a chance to see the candidate in person and get to know him better. He had been “staying very in tune” with Michigan politics and had been “gaining interest in Mark Schauer,” he said.…

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Mark Schauer within 5 points of Governor Snyder in latest polling

Back in 2010, Rick Snyder was a relative unknown in Michigan at this point in the midterm election cycle. In fact, he didn’t crack 50% on name recognition until the after the primary election in August.

In contrast, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mark Schauer is known by over 60% of the electorate according to recent polling by Mitchell Research (pdf). Not only that, he is now only 5 points behind the incumbent Republican who enjoys over 95% name recognition. Snyder is ahead 46-41%, a margin that was 12 points just a couple of months ago in the previous Mitchell poll. Gov.…

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Mark Schauer gets coveted Daily Kos endorsement “because Michigan deserves a strong Democratic governor”

Daily Kos is the most widely read political blog on the planet and, according to Alexa, the 515th most highly trafficked site in the USA. So, when they make an endorsement, something they don’t often do, it rings loudly throughout the progressive blogosphere.

Yesterday, Daily Kos took the unusual step of endorsing Mark Schauer for Governor of Michigan because, as they say in their title, “Michigan deserves a strong Democratic governor”.

Snyder is in the governor’s seat in Michigan because of the nation’s collective freakout of 2010. Today we’re endorsing Rep. Mark Schauer, a victim of that freakout, losing his congressional seat to Tim Walberg.…
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Rick Snyder’s slow transformation into Mark Schauer: Now supports LGBT civil rights just in time for the election!

There’s something going on that is truly amazing: Rick Snyder is slowly transforming into his Democratic opponent Mark Schauer on major issues voters are concerned about right now.

First it was raising the minimum wage. One day he’s saying it would harm the economy and wasn’t important to him. The next day he’s signing legislation into law that is almost identical to Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mark Schauer’s proposal.

Today, out of the blue and contrary to his previous statements on the topic, Republican Rick Snyder suddenly wants civil rights protections for the LGBT community added to Michigan’s civil rights law, the Elliott-Larsen Act.…

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Michigan Democrats did NOT sell out workers on minimum wage. Blame the right people and GOTMFV!

Hold the right people responsible and GET OUT THE VOTE!

After my post yesterday, there has been a LOT of push back here at Eclectablog and on Facebook from people accusing Michigan Democrats, including gubernatorial candidate Mark Schauer and Senate Democratic Leader Gretchen Whitmer, of “selling out” minimum wage workers. This is absolutely unfair and entirely untrue.

Was this legislation intended to kill the Raise Michigan ballot initiative? Absolutely. Is the bill passed by the Senate yesterday with bipartisan support inadequate? Yup. It sure is.

But this is not a sell out by Democrats and it’s not a “terrible compromise”.…

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Over three years into his term and Rick Snyder is still under water in his favorability rating

It’s been more than three years since Rick Snyder took the reins of power in Michigan and, despite having Republicans in charge of both chambers of the legislature along with all of the major administration posts, his favorability is still under 50% with 52% giving him failing grade.

Among the data was a question asking how voters would rate the job Rick Snyder has done as Michigan’s governor. Since Snyder is a Republican and voters in Detroit are overwhelmingly Democratic, you might expect Snyder to do really well outside the city. But 52% of voters rated Gov. Snyder as having done a fair to poor job; 46% thought he’d done a pretty good to excellent job.…
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