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Mark Schauer calls for $9/hour minimum wage, Gov. Snyder says that would be “a challenge” despite 76% support nationally

Of puppets and strings and doing the right thing

This morning Democratic candidate for governor Mark Schauer called for increasing the minimum wage in Michigan to $9/hour. It’s not just the right thing to do, it’s wildly popular. A Gallup poll released last week shows that a full 76% of Americans support this move, up 5 points from just last spring:

With momentum building at the federal and state level to increase hourly base pay, more than three-quarters of Americans (76%) say they would vote for raising the minimum wage to $9 per hour (it is currently $7.25) in a hypothetical national referendum, a five-percentage-point increase since March.…
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Unable to deny Koch brothers/ALEC connections, Mackinac Center turns to laughable plagiarism charges

Nothing to see here except a corporatist front group trying to distract you from the fact that they are a corporatist front group

You can always tell with the powerful corporatist groups around the country are feeling nervous about the light that’s being shone on them: they fire up the well-known conservative echo chamber to create a story out something that is basically a non-story. The most recent and, I must say, comical, example of this is an attempt by the Mackinac Center for Public Policy to discredit an entire 17-page report about their connections to corporate funding, the Koch brothers, and the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) because an initial version of the report lacked citations to four sentences from a piece by Andrew Kroll of Mother Jones.…

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New reports show power of corporatist groups like Mackinac Center to implement statewide policies/laws benefiting corporations

A web of money, power, and deception

Earlier this year, I wrote about Lee Fang’s important piece in The Nation magazine titled “The Right Leans In”. In that piece, Fang detailed the pervasive influence of the corporatist network called the State Policy Network (SPN) in shaping public policy in states throughout the country. Funded heavily by corporate interests and wealthy business owners like the Koch brothers and the DeVos family in Michigan, SPN affiliates like Michigan’s Mackinac Center exert an increasing level of power to roll back protects for workers, weaken environmental laws, revise tax codes to benefit corporations, and to advance a host of other corporatist goals.…

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Michigan GOP proves they’re the anti-American fools & corporate tools we know they are w/ Medicaid exp. vote

This is what happens when you vote Republican

Since the beginning of this year, Eclectabloggers have written no fewer than 55 posts relating to Medicaid expansion, mostly centering on Michigan. When she came on as a contributor in April, Amy Lynn Smith instantly became a powerful voice for expansion of Medicaid in Michigan. There is no question in my mind that, through her writing, Amy changed the statewide conversation and that actions supporting it were taken that wouldn’t have been taken otherwise. We all owe her a big debt of gratitude for that and last night’s Senate vote to finally pass the legislation is a victory that she can proudly say she contributed to.…

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Let us never forget how the corporatist front group Mackinac Center guides Gov. Snyder’s actions

This should frighten EVERY Michigander

[Caricature by DonkeyHotey from photos by Anne C. Savage for Eclectablog]

As we watch the drama related to the bankruptcy of Detroit play out on the national stage, it’s worth recalling something I have mentioned in the past: Governor Rick Snyder is guided by the “101 Recommendations to Revitalize Michigan” (pdf) of the corporatist front group Mackinac Center. In 2011, Governor Snyder attended a fundraiser they held and told the crowd he has this list “on his desk and refers to it often”. Given how things have played out over the past three years, it’s no surprise.…

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Mackinac Center’s frivolous lawsuit against Taylor teacher contract smacked down by Wayne County judge

Hardy har har har

Judge Daphne Means Curtis of the Wayne County Circuit Court today dismissed a frivolous lawsuit filed by the corporatist front group Mackinac Center today. The lawsuit attempted to make new Right to Work rules retroactive to before the time when the contract was signed. The contract was negotiated and signed BEFORE the odious anti-union law went into effect.

Judge Means Curtis said that the “individual plaintiffs did not have standing to challenge the contract, that the court did not have jurisdiction regarding claims made under the public employment relations act.” In other words, the Mackinac Center was poking its corporatist nose where it didn’t belong and, if the teachers they used as plaintiffs in their case need to take it up with the Michigan Employment Relations Commission, not the court.…

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UPDATED: Education supporters plan huge grassroots rally at Mich Capitol June 19th, teacher unions & media confused

Grassroots power in action!

NOTE: This post has been updated. See below.

A little under two weeks ago, my pals that run the Facebook page Save Michigan’s Public Schools announced a rally to support education and teachers in Michigan. Their page is the premier online resource for all things education in our state. It was started by Ann Arbor educator Rochelle Noel and former state House candidate from Traverse City Betsy Coffia. Being grassroots organizers in the most basic definition of the word “grassroots”, Rochelle and Betsy and their passionate team of volunteers chose to pull off their June 19th rally on their own without reaching out to the two biggest unions in Michigan, the Michigan Education Association (MEA) and the American Federation of Teachers (AFT).…

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Hamtramck gets an Emergency Manager, Mackinac Center thinks Detroit’s Emergency Manager is doing just fine

Another one bites the dust

Yesterday, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder declared a financial emergency in Hamtramck, Michigan. As I’ve written about before, this will be Round Two for the culturally-diverse city. They had an Emergency Financial Manager, Lou Schimmel, back in 2000 when John Engler was governor.

Hamtramck (spelled correctly, pronounced “Ham-TRAM-ick”), is rare in that the city actually asked the state to initiate the financial review process that would lead to an EM. It’s a small city with just over 22,000 residents yet it has an over $3 million budget deficit.

At least one Hamtramck city council member has blamed union for at least part of Hamtramck’s problem, what I wrote back in April is still true:

These are not problems caused by unionized workers.…
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State Policy Network affiliate Mackinac Center denied opportunity to influence the news you read by Progress Michigan

“Chalk one up for the good guys”

Last week, I posted a piece titled “Lee Fang exposes the State Policy Network & corporate domination of public policy”. In that piece, I wrote about The Nation journalist and investigative reporter Lee Fang’s work to show how the State Policy Network (SPN) was waging a multi-pronged war to influence legislation, policy and public opinion at the state level across the country. One of the things that Fang reveals is that SPN affiliates have started their own wire services to bring their skewed version of the news to readers all over America. Here in Michigan, SPN affiliate Mackinac Center for Public Policy has done just that.

Thanks to my pals at Progress Michigan, however, today SPN and Mackinac Center lost a round in the battle to sway public opinion and government policy.

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Lee Fang exposes the State Policy Network & corporate domination of public policy

It’s much worse than you think

I was recently contacted by journalist Lee Fang and asked to review his new book The Machine: A Field Guide to the Resurgent Right. I received the book yesterday and hope to have a full review out in the next couple of weeks.

As a lead-up to the April 24th release of his book, Fang has published a stunning piece at The Nation titled “The Right Leans In”. I call it stunning because it shows just how much power the corporate-funded right has amassed in shaping public policy in America, operating primarily at the state level. If you thought our biggest problem was the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), you are quite wrong. ALEC is simply one piece of an intricate network formed to push the conservative agenda and turn it into laws and public policy across the country. Fang’s piece is essential reading for every progressive in the country.

Click through for much more.

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