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A few things to remember about a day to never forget: the day the birthplace of the labor movement became right to work

Never, ever forget

Eclectagraphic by Anne C. Savage, special to Eclectablog

A year ago today, Michigan, the birthplace of the modern labor movement, became the country’s 24th right to work state. Though it has failed to kill the labor movement in the way its corporatist proponents had hoped it would, neither has it done anything that could even remotely be considered good for job growth in our state. In fact, a continuous drop in Michigan’s unemployment rate came to an abrupt end several months later and it began to rise again. For the past three months, it’s been stalled at 9%, the third worst in the country.…

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LIVEBLOG: Michigan anti-Right to Work for Less rally in Lansing

THIS is what democracy looks like

This post will be updated continuously throughout the day. My Eclectacorrespondents Anne (my wife) and Abby (my friend) will be sending in reports, photos and videos throughout the day. I will join them this afternoon when I get out of work. Anne has a camera set-up that sends her high-res digital images straight to her iPhone so we should have some great photos throughout the day. All the rally goodness after the jump.
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Live-tweeting/Live-blogging the first Obama-Romney debate

Get your tweet on

Here are the tweets of a few of my blogging friends. We'll have some of Anne's awesome graphic quotes along with periodic updates during the debate, as well. I highly commend your attention to barackobama.com/debate for lots of debate extras. Enjoy. Updates will be after the jump.
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Scenes from the 2012 Michigan Democratic Party Endorsement Convention (LIVEBLOG)

Here a pol, there a pol, everywhere a pol pol(itician)

I’m at the 2012 Michigan Democratic Party Endorsement Convention at the Cobo Center in Detroit where the MDP will choose a host of candidates to appear on the 2012 ballot.

Here are some scenes from the event.

The vendors area doing a brisk business:

Congressman Gary Peters: for the newly-drawn 14th Congressional District.

The Protect Our Jobs table:

Lance Enderle, candidate for Congress in the 8th Congressional District:

Karla Swift, president of the Michigan AFL-CIO giving training on the Protect Our Jobs ballot initiation petition drive:

Shelia Johnson, Bridget Mary McCormack, and Connie Marie Kelley, “The Three Supremes”, a slate of Owen running for the Michigan Supreme Court and endorsed by both the Labor Caucus and Justice Caucus, speaking to the Justice Caucus audience:

Candidate for Congress in the 14th Congressional District and Mayor of Southfield, Brenda Lawrence:

Some scuttlebutt heard during the day:

  • Moderate Republican Joe Schwarz is being recruited to run as a Democrat to against Congressman Tim Walberg in the 7th Congressional District (again).
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LOLGOP liveblog of Super Tuesday primary TOMORROW 5 pm ET + Eclectablog news

Meta me this

First, a big welcome to our many new Eclectablog fans. We’ve seen explosive growth of Eclectablog in the past couple of months. Last month we had nearly 65,000 unique visits and we are on track to break the 100,000/month milestone in March. We appreciate your visits and, more importantly, your comments and insights.

Tomorrow, starting at 5 p.m. ET, LOLGOP will be liveblogging the GOP Super Tuesday primary. If you haven’t enjoyed his liveblogging, you won’t want to miss this one.

One way to support Eclectablog is to put a “Like” on our Facebook page. We are less than 200 ‘Likes’ away from having 1,000.…

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LIVEBLOG: President Obama in Ann Arbor – January 27, 2012

Being a battleground state has its privileges

If the internet gods shine their benevolent faces on us today, I’ll be posting live updates from President Obama’s speech in Ann Arbor, Michigan this morning. During his last Michigan stop at the University of Michigan spring commencement, there were so many people uploading to their Facebook pages that I was unable to get my email, much less liveblog. Today’s event should be a bit less congested but there are no guarantees.

As I said in my fundraiser post earlier, Anne and I are trying out some new technology today that will allow her to post her high quality photos just a minute or two after she takes them.…

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LIVEBLOG: Recall of Michigan Rep. Paul Scott – UPDATED: Recall succeeds!!!

At 10:12 p.m., with 65.7% of precincts counted, the recall of anti-teacher, anti-union Michigan State Representative Paul Scott stands thusly:

49.49% FOR recall
50.51% against recall


10:18 p.m., with 74.29% of precincts counted, the recall of anti-teacher, anti-union Michigan State Representative Paul Scott stands thusly:

49.39% FOR recall
50.61% against recall

Difference is 237 votes. Think your vote doesn’t count?


10:39 p.m. Okay, Genesee County just took the Scott recall numbers off their website


10:43 p.m. Okay, Scott recall numbers back up. With 82.86% of precincts counted:

49.21% FOR recall
50.79% against recall

Difference is 302 votes.…

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LIVEBLOG: Occupy Lansing – Mayor Virg Bernero in complete support

I’ll be live-blogging the Occupy Lansing event in Lansing, Michigan today. One thing that sets this particular event apart from many of the others is that the mayor of Lansing, Virg Bernero, is in total support of it. He has sent portable toilets, garbage dumpsters and given the protesters a permit without an expiration date to protesters at Reutter Park where the encampment started earlier this week. Here’s his Facebook update from Wednesday:

Our political system has become increasingly corportized, privatized and profitized by the filthy rich. The unholy alliance of Washington and Wall Street have conspired against regular folks to all but obliterate the American Dream and bastardise our democracy.…
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Liveblogging the Benton Harbor rally/march

Well, it’s a rainy day but that hasn’t stopped organizers in Benton Harbor from moving forward with their planned rally and march. We have relocated the staging location to the Benton Harbor library, across the street from the City Hall.

It’s a full house with at least 250 people crammed into the library’s auditorium.

Organizer John Waltz from Heartland Revolution announcing a recall of Congressman Ray Pscholka begins TODAY!

Benton Harbor Mayor Wilce Cooke speaks:

A young Benton Harbor organizer, Trenton Bowens, speaks about the recall efforts of both Pscholka and Governor Snyder.

12:45 – Reverend Bullock from Detroit and Rainbow/PUSH speaking now.…

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