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UPDATED – VIDEO: White Michigan man on “open carry walk” prompts school lockdown, taunts cops, and lives

A man who bravely goes by the name of Nunya Beeswax online went for an “open carry walk” in southeastern Michigan and prompted a lockdown of the Lamphere High School in Madison Heights. Police are aware of the guy who is known for doing provocative things to get attention. In this instance he “started in Royal Oak, and he walked quite a ways to Madison Heights and then walked back”. That’s not all he did. He filmed the entire encounter with police officers and attempted to enter the school a municipal building.

Let’s role tape (NOTE: this is a longer version than the one I originally posted.…

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Gov. Rick Snyder does the right thing twice in one day using his veto pen

Earlier this month I wrote about a truly horrible piece of legislation passed by Michigan Republicans that would have compelled county clerks to issue concealed weapons permits to stalkers & spouse abusers. Today, Gov. Rick Snyder used his veto pen to send it to the rubbish bin of history where it belongs:

Gov. Rick Snyder today vetoed a controvhttp://www.legislature.mi.gov/documents/2013-2014/billanalysis/House/pdf/2013-HLA-0789-6F92BDA1.pdfersial bill that pitted gun rights groups against advocates for victims of domestic violence.

Snyder’s veto of Senate Bill 789 was one of several significant bill signings and vetoes he announced today, with time running out for him to either sign or veto many of the bills passed during the lame-duck legislative session in December.

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UPDATED: New Michigan law will compel county clerks to issue concealed weapons permits to stalkers & spouse abusers

A new law awaiting Governor Rick Snyder’s signature would force county clerks in Michigan to issue concealed weapons permits (formally “concealed pistol licenses” or CPLs) to people covered by Personal Protection Orders (PPOs) unless the PPO explicitly forbids them from carrying a firearm. The issuance of concealed weapons permits will be transferred from county concealed weapon licensing boards under Senate Bill 789 to county clerks and the county gun boards will be disbanded. If signed into law, Michigan will become a true “shall issue” state where governing municipalities have no discretion as to which people may be issued gun permits.

Here is the full list of changes being made under S.B.…

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Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette wants to turn Michigan into a southern state (Michissippi? Alabamigan?)

Unfair as it may be, there are certain things we northerners think of when you think of southern states. The first is bigotry and intolerance. Another is a near worshipful devotion to guns and anything related to guns. Hunting is part of it but just walking around with a big weapon strapped to your body is a much bigger part of it. In general, that’s not something that folks in northern states are nearly as enamored by. Yet another is a visceral disdain for government and regulations. Yes, we have all of these attitudes in the north, but they are just not really part of our culture.…

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Michigan school figures out how to tell a gun-toting bad guy from a gun-toting good guy: go into lockdown & call 911

Imagine this scenario: you’re taking your third-grader to school and you look over and there’s a guy in front of the school with a handgun strapped to his hip. What do you do? Is this a crazy guy who is going to start shooting the place up? Is it just a gun-loving lady making a point about her Second Amendment rights?

What if you’re a teacher or the principal of the school? Do you just let it go and hope everything turns out all right? After all, several hundred children are under your watch and their lives and safety are your responsibility for the next several hours.…

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White nationalist group argues shoulder-fired rocket and grenade launchers, antipersonnel mines, etc. should be legal

Back in March I wrote about white nationalist Kyle Bristow’s support of Attorney General Bill Schuette’s effort to maintain Michigan’s bigoted ban on same-sex marriage. Bristow filed an amicus brief in support of Schuette’s appeal of a federal court ruling declaring the ban unconstitutional on behalf of an extremist group called the “Traditionalist Youth Network LLC”. At I wrote at the time, he is a “28-year old…newly-minted lawyer here in Michigan. But he has a history. Oh boy, does he ever have a history.”

Bristow’s history led to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) to label his group a “hate group”.…

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Ted Nugent’s wife arrested for being too stupid to remember she was carrying a gun through airport security

There should be an IQ test for getting a gun permit

Ted Nugent’s wife Shemane Nugent was arrested yesterday when security agents found a gun in her luggage at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. Why did she have a gun in her carry-on luggage?

Because she forgot she was carrying it.

Just putting this question out there: If you’re too goddam stupid to remember you’re packing heat when you’re going through airline security, aren’t you too goddam stupid to have gun permit in the first place?

Answer: Yes.…

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CALL FOR ART: Harbor Country Progress looking for gun violence artwork for upcoming show in Union Pier, Michigan

Calling all artists!

Harbor Country Progress is putting together an art show on gun violence in America at their office/gallery in Union Pier, Michigan in the very southwest corner of the state. The show is titled GUNS? They are soliciting artwork from artists around the country. Here’s the schedule:

  • Submissions being accepted now via email to gunstheartshow@gmail.com. Deadline for submissions September 1st, 2013.
  • Drop off art at Harbor Country Progress, Union Pier, Tuesday, Sept. 3, 4:30-5:30 or by appointment.
  • Guns? Art Show opening Saturday, September 7th 2013, 4 -7 pm at Harbor Country Progress, 16142 Red Arrow Hwy. Union Pier, MI 49129.
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While Michigan Republicans dismantle the middle class, Democrats are trying to actually solve problems

Actions speak louder than words

As Michigan Republicans continue their corporatist agenda of eviscerating the middle class, destroying unions, harming public employees and taking women's rights back to the middle of the last century, Michigan Democrats are proposing important pieces of legislation that solve actual problems. The first comes from Representatives Jim Townsend, Vicki Barnett, and Andy Schor. They are introducing a package of legislation designed to reduce gun violence in our state and to increase public safety. A separate package of bills will be introduced by State Representatives Gretchen Driskell, Jeff Irwin, Adam Zemke and state Senator Rebekah Warren that will reverse some of the restrictions Republicans have put on women's health care, educate women about health care options, support rape survivors and address health care inequities women face. Details after the jump.
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Republicans in Congress bust Obama admin for buying up all the danged bullets, legislation has been introduced

Has Conan O'Brien gone to work writing talking points for Congress???

You know how all those gun shops are running out of ammo to buy? Well, two Republicans in Congress have figured out why: Obama is buying it all. No, seriously. Click through if you don't believe me.
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