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CALL FOR ART: Harbor Country Progress looking for gun violence artwork for upcoming show in Union Pier, Michigan

Calling all artists!

Harbor Country Progress is putting together an art show on gun violence in America at their office/gallery in Union Pier, Michigan in the very southwest corner of the state. The show is titled GUNS? They are soliciting artwork from artists around the country. Here’s the schedule:

  • Submissions being accepted now via email to gunstheartshow@gmail.com. Deadline for submissions September 1st, 2013.
  • Drop off art at Harbor Country Progress, Union Pier, Tuesday, Sept. 3, 4:30-5:30 or by appointment.
  • Guns? Art Show opening Saturday, September 7th 2013, 4 -7 pm at Harbor Country Progress, 16142 Red Arrow Hwy. Union Pier, MI 49129.
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The next Trayvon Martin could easily live in Michigan thanks to our Stand Your Ground law

Michigan’s “stand your ground” law resembles Florida’s more than any other state

Graphic by Chris Lozos

The tragic death of unarmed Trayvon Martin in Florida was a direct result of that state’s odious “Stand Your Ground” law. The fact that George Zimmerman was acquitted of his death is a direct result, not of the six female jurors ignoring the law, but, rather, of them enforcing it to the letter. Zimmerman’s murder of Martin was completely protected by this hideous law.

As Michigan Radio reports, Michigan has a similar law that is more like Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law than any other state:

States that adopt “stand your ground” laws generally indicate a person has no duty to retreat if they feel unlawfully threatened by another individual, regardless of where the person is.…
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While Michigan Republicans dismantle the middle class, Democrats are trying to actually solve problems

Actions speak louder than words

As Michigan Republicans continue their corporatist agenda of eviscerating the middle class, destroying unions, harming public employees and taking women's rights back to the middle of the last century, Michigan Democrats are proposing important pieces of legislation that solve actual problems. The first comes from Representatives Jim Townsend, Vicki Barnett, and Andy Schor. They are introducing a package of legislation designed to reduce gun violence in our state and to increase public safety. A separate package of bills will be introduced by State Representatives Gretchen Driskell, Jeff Irwin, Adam Zemke and state Senator Rebekah Warren that will reverse some of the restrictions Republicans have put on women's health care, educate women about health care options, support rape survivors and address health care inequities women face. Details after the jump.
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Test of elementary school readiness for gun attack narrowly avoids going horribly wrong

Thank heavens they weren't "ready"

Out in Halfway, Oregon, a group of teachers were meeting for an in-service training. Suddenly, two masked gunmen burst into the room and began firing handguns at the teachers, administrators, and trainers. Click through to find out how this school narrowly avoided an unintended tragedy.
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Republicans in Congress bust Obama admin for buying up all the danged bullets, legislation has been introduced

Has Conan O'Brien gone to work writing talking points for Congress???

You know how all those gun shops are running out of ammo to buy? Well, two Republicans in Congress have figured out why: Obama is buying it all. No, seriously. Click through if you don't believe me.
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Art and artists against guns and gun violence: GunShowGallery.com

Art is more powerful than violence in the long term

Earlier this month, Van Jones' group Rebuild America announced a new project that has artists creating amazing art to fight back against gun violence and those that would stand in the way of progress on controlling the proliferation of guns, especially assault-style weapons, in America. The project, called GunShowGallery.com is worth checking out. Images and links after the jump.
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Michigan GOP responds to sensible gun control proposals with bills to make enforcing federal laws a felony

What's next? Secession?

Since the Newtown Massacre, there have been thousands of additional gun-related deaths in this country. It stimulated a national debate with a heighted push for sensible gun regulation. In response to this debate, Michigan Republicans have introduced legislation that would make it a felony to enforce any federal laws that attempt to regulate gun ownership. Details after the jump.
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INTERVIEW: Gov. Howard Dean talks about gun control, sequester and more

This past week, I spoke to former Governor Howard Dean on a wide range of topics. My chief interest was to get his impressions about current gun control measures being considered in Congress. During his run for governor in Vermont, Gov. Dean received high ratings from the NRA. Yet, recently, he has been highly critical of that group, saying that they are "populated by crazy people". It's also the tenth anniversary of the Iraq War and, at a time when there was nearly unanimous support for that war, Gov. Dean was one of the most outspoken opponents. Finally, Gov. has come out in favor of the sequester so I wanted to ask him more about that. Enjoy (after the jump.)
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Sign the Petition: Support the new Assault Weapons Ban

The Second Amendment wasn't intended to include gun fetishists

One of the most disingenuous claims by the gun fetishists lobby is that assault weapons are protected by the Second Amendment. This, of course, is not true. The Second Amendment was never intended to allow for the unregulated promulgation of weaponry throughout our country and our communities. That is, in fact, the reason the phrase "well regulated militia" is part of it. What is, to me, the most galling are the laughable justifications they use to defend their bizarre obsession with owning and shooting weapons that so closely resemble those used by our military men and women. But, we are a rational society and the time when a tiny minority of people who get a thrill out of owning and shooting military-style weapons get to make all of the decisions is coming to an end. They may call themselves "hobbyists". They may say that their desire to pretend to be a soldier is protected by the constitution. But when the rest of us watch our fellow citizens, including small children, mowed down by weapons with high-capacity magazines, we know it's time for the adults to start putting some limits down. One of those limits is to replace the Assault Weapons Ban that expired 2004 with a new, strengthened version. Senator Diane Feinstein has introduced such legislation. Please sign the Democracy for America petition, urging members of Congress to pass it. More after the jump.
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Newly-hired Michigan elementary school guard leaves gun in school restroom


The National Gun Fetishist Association (NRA) wants to put armed security guards in every school in the United States because, as everyone knows, the only effective solution to gun violence is many, many more guns in our schools. Besides, c'mon. What could possibly go wrong? Well, in a word, THIS. Find out what "this" is after the jump.
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