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Senator Gretchen Whitmer’s personal story of sexual assault falls on the deaf ears of male Republicans senators

Photo by Anne C. Savage

Senate Minority Leader Gretchen Whitmer spoke to the state Senate before their vote on the odious, anti-woman “Plan Ahead for Your Rape” rape insurance bill this week. During her speech, she went off script and told her personal story of being sexually assaulted 20 years ago. It was a powerful, emotional moment. She wasn’t the only one but her speech has gone viral because of its passion and intensity.

There are people in this chamber who have lived through things that you can’t even imagine. I have a colleague who I was trying to encourage his story, but he’s still grieving.…
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POLL: Michiganders largely oppose Right to Life “plan ahead for your abortion” proposal

A new poll conducted on behalf of the ACLU of Michigan underscores the need to let voters decide on this reproductive health issue.

Eclectagraphic by Anne C. Savage, special to Eclectablog

If Right to Life of Michigan and their supporters in the Michigan Legislature have their way, women could be hit with a new limit on their right to choose: Buy separate insurance coverage in case you think you might ever need an abortion.

We’ve been covering this extensively at Eclectablog, and you can learn more HERE, HERE and HERE.

It’s worth understanding the complexities of this issue, but here’s the gist: A petition with signatures representing 4% of Michiganders was presented to the Michigan Legislature by Right to Life of Michigan.…

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Michigan Republicans think the answer to our problems is MORE SECRET MONEY in elections – UPDATED

Only in Republicanland is this a good idea

This is week in a somewhat surprising move, Republican Secretary of State Ruth Johnson proposed a rule to require transparency in the funding of so-called “issue ads” that don’t promote specific candidates. Millions and millions of dollars are spent every election cycle on these ads which are, more often than not, nothing more than thinly-veiled ads for one candidate over another.

Republicans in the Senate were having none of it, however, and quickly amended a “campaign finance reform” bill, Senate Bill 661, to quash her move. The original bill, which actually DOUBLES the amount of money that can be given to candidates or political party caucuses in exchange for additional reporting requirements was changed to exempt “expenditure[s] for communication on a subject or issue if the communication does not support or oppose a ballot question or candidate by name or clear inference.” This language was not in the original bill.…

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Michigan Democratic leaders urge Gov. Rick Snyder to veto the court-rigging SB 652

They know what democracy looks like. If Gov. Snyder signs this bill into law, it will prove once again that he doesn’t.

[Caricature by DonkeyHotey from photos by Anne C. Savage for Eclectablog]

The speed at which Republicans rammed through Senate Bill 652 is enough to give anyone legislative whiplash. And when bills are rushed through that quickly for no good reason, you can bet there’s something rotten in Lansing.

SB 652 moves the Michigan Court of Claims to the Michigan Court of Appeals, restructuring the Court of Claims in a way that lets a political party in power hand-pick the judges who hear cases against the state of Michigan.…

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Michigan House passes GOP’s partisan, power-grabbing bill to move Court of Claims

The Michigan GOP succeeds in rigging the court system to make sure Republican judges hear the cases they want to win.

It’s a disgrace, a mockery of democracy and Michigan’s justice system — and a legislative maneuver that puts even more power in the hands of Republicans.

On Wednesday afternoon, the Republican-led Michigan House voted 57-52 to pass Senate Bill 652, moving the Court of Claims to the Court of Appeals. I wrote about the details of this egregious power-grab earlier today.

SB 652 restructures the Michigan Court of Claims in a way that allows a political party in power to hand-pick the judges who hear cases against the state of Michigan.…

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Michigan Senate Democrats push to implement Medicaid expansion by Jan. 1

The opening of the Obamacare marketplaces isn’t the only news today that’s a BFD.

The passage of Medicaid expansion in Michigan last month was a huge victory for the nearly 500,000 uninsured who will gain coverage as a result. But the fact that the Senate passed the bill without “immediate effect” meant delaying the start of the program until 90 days after the end of the current legislative session. If the legislature doesn’t adjourn until the end of the year, the delay could cost Michigan more than $600 million.

That’s why Michigan Senate Democrats moved today to end the current legislative session.…

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Michigan Senate Republicans still stalling on Medicaid expansion

What do you expect? They spent 10 minutes on the job today.

Senate Republicans showed up to work this morning and did absolutely nothing.

Although the Detroit Free Press says the Senate Medicaid expansion work group is meeting privately twice a week to “tweak” the bill already passed by an overwhelming majority of the House, they still have nothing to show for it.

The work group says they plan to have a proposed bill to the Senate Government Operations Committee next week. The committee met today but took no testimony, and adjourned in 10 minutes.

So nothing was done. In other words, more stalling on a bill that would help nearly half a million Michiganders, bring funding into the state and increase revenue.…

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Western Washtenaw Dems host Right to Work forum this THURSDAY, MARCH 7

The fight to preserve workers’ rights is FAR from over. Get informed.

One of the premier Democratic Party clubs in the state is the Western Washtenaw Dems, a club I’m proud to be a member of. Started in 1999 by former House Speaker Pro Tempore Pam Byrnes, the group is both a social club for Democrats on the western side of Washtenaw County as well as an active political force in our county. They regularly sponsor important and timely speakers, panels and forums and this Thursday is one that area Democrats won’t want to miss. It features Senate Minority Leader Gretchen Whitmer, Michigan AFL-CIO president Karla Swift, Michigan AFT president David Hecker along with moderator Ron Motsinger from the IBEW.

Details and a downloadable flyer after the jump.

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Democratic Senator Gretchen Whitmer drops out of 2014 gubernatorial race

And then there were three

Senate Democratic Leader Gretchen Whitmer announced today that she will NOT be a candidate for Governor in Michigan in 2014. Her stepping aside narrows the immediate field from four to three: 2010 candidate and Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero, Detroit-area Congressman Gary Peters and former MI-07 Congressman Mark Schauer. While that’s not to say that others won’t throw their hat into the ring, these three are certainly the top three at the moment.

My analysis after the jump.

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2012: The Year of Michigan Women in Politics

Chapeau: doffed

2012 was a year full of politics in Michigan. As a political writer, particularly one writing from the progressive side of things, I never had a single day where there wasn’t something happening in Michigan worth writing about. We weren’t far into 2012 before I realized that women were standing up and speaking out in larger numbers and with a louder, stronger voice than any other group of people in our state. So much so that I have taken to calling 2012 the Year of Michigan Women in Politics.

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