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UPDATED: Michigan Dems take leadership role on women’s access to contraception and LGBT civil rights

Senate Democratic Leader Gretchen Whitmer

This week, as Michigan’s legislature comes back to work, Michigan Democrats are taking a proactive leadership role on two critical issues.

First, Senate Democratic Leader Gretchen Whitmer and House Rep. Gretchen Driskell (maybe we should call them “The Fighting Gretchens”?) announced that they will introduce legislation requiring companies who choose to deny women access to specific types of contraception based on the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court decision to notify existing and prospective employees of this fact:

“Whether or not a company’s reproductive health coverage is comprehensive can be an important factor for a family to consider when making decisions about a job prospect,” Rep.…
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More on thin-skinned bully Richard Baird, Gov. Snyder’s “Transformation Manager”

In June of last year, I was contacted by someone who works for the state government who told me a few things about Richard Baird, the man who shared office space and a phone number with Gov. Rick Snyder but, at the time, was paid off the books by the so-called NERD fund which was funded by secret financial contributors. They described a man who used subtle threats the bully state employees into cooperating and being Rick Snyder’s version of a “team player”.

Here’s what they told me:

I talked recently to a state government employee who has seen Baird in action.…
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Personal experience fuels Michigan Senate candidate Deb Havens’ healthcare advocacy

This Democrat knows first-hand that getting the right care at the right time can be life-saving.

When Deb Havens entered the race in Michigan’s 28th State Senate District, healthcare access wasn’t at the top of her issues list. The former educator was heavily focused on safeguarding the public school system and everything that once made Michigan the envy of other states, from high employment rates to an abiding respect for the state’s natural resources.

But two months into her campaign, Havens found another issue to champion: healthcare access for all. That’s because she was diagnosed with breast cancer during a routine mammogram.…

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Fight to protect women’s reproductive health access in Michigan continues

Democratic legislators demand hearings on women’s health rider repeal bills, while Republican Gov. Rick Snyder aligns with employer who sued over contraception coverage.

The distinctions between Michigan’s Democratic and Republican legislators are clearer every day, leaving no question about which party stands with women.

State Senate Democratic Leader Gretchen Whitmer and State Representative Sarah Roberts have delivered letters to Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville and House Insurance Committee Chair Rep. Pete Lund, respectively, to request hearings on Senate Bill 1010 and House Bill 5697, their legislation to repeal the discriminatory and dangerous women’s healthcare rider law passed in December 2013. Whitmer and Roberts introduced their legislation last month, but have received no indication that the Republican majorities in either body plan to take up the legislation.…

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Michigan Democrats did NOT sell out workers on minimum wage. Blame the right people and GOTMFV!

Hold the right people responsible and GET OUT THE VOTE!

After my post yesterday, there has been a LOT of push back here at Eclectablog and on Facebook from people accusing Michigan Democrats, including gubernatorial candidate Mark Schauer and Senate Democratic Leader Gretchen Whitmer, of “selling out” minimum wage workers. This is absolutely unfair and entirely untrue.

Was this legislation intended to kill the Raise Michigan ballot initiative? Absolutely. Is the bill passed by the Senate yesterday with bipartisan support inadequate? Yup. It sure is.

But this is not a sell out by Democrats and it’s not a “terrible compromise”.…

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Heads up! – DFA scholarships to Netroots Nation and Senate Dems Kick-off Party

By now, you’ve likely heard about Netroots Nation and the fact that the largest annual assembly of progressive activists in the country is happening in Detroit this year.

Yesterday, we learned that progressive hero Elizabeth Warren is going to be the keynote speaker, a major coup and a major draw for the event, for sure.

There are a couple of other newsworthy tidbits to pass along about Netroots Nation. First off, every year Democracy for America offers 30 scholarships for activists that deserve to be at Netroots Nation but simply cannot afford to go. The top five vote-getters automatically receive a scholarship.…

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Terri Lynn Land has no idea why she’s seen as a foot soldier in the War on Women

It’s painful to watch someone who has so completely lost the narrative

As Emma pointed out yesterday, Terri Lynn Land is on a one-woman crusade to ensure that we’re fully aware that she doesn’t support income equality for women by repeatedly bringing up the “War on Women” topic. Yesterday it was a comical video that is getting trounced all over the internet. For example, here’s the inestimable David Nir at Daily Kos:

My only response: Man. This kind of guffawing rejoinder to substantive policy criticisms is truly pathetic. Anyone swayed by this kind of “argument” is almost certainly already very hostile to Democrats—the sort of conservative who declares, “There’s no ‘War on Women’ because Monica Lewinsky!” It’s hard to imagine this ad will persuade anyone persuadable, but the fact that Land’s even put it out suggests she thinks this topic makes her vulnerable.…
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Senator Gretchen Whitmer’s personal story of sexual assault falls on the deaf ears of male Republicans senators

Photo by Anne C. Savage

Senate Minority Leader Gretchen Whitmer spoke to the state Senate before their vote on the odious, anti-woman “Plan Ahead for Your Rape” rape insurance bill this week. During her speech, she went off script and told her personal story of being sexually assaulted 20 years ago. It was a powerful, emotional moment. She wasn’t the only one but her speech has gone viral because of its passion and intensity.

There are people in this chamber who have lived through things that you can’t even imagine. I have a colleague who I was trying to encourage his story, but he’s still grieving.…
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POLL: Michiganders largely oppose Right to Life “plan ahead for your abortion” proposal

A new poll conducted on behalf of the ACLU of Michigan underscores the need to let voters decide on this reproductive health issue.

Eclectagraphic by Anne C. Savage, special to Eclectablog

If Right to Life of Michigan and their supporters in the Michigan Legislature have their way, women could be hit with a new limit on their right to choose: Buy separate insurance coverage in case you think you might ever need an abortion.

We’ve been covering this extensively at Eclectablog, and you can learn more HERE, HERE and HERE.

It’s worth understanding the complexities of this issue, but here’s the gist: A petition with signatures representing 4% of Michiganders was presented to the Michigan Legislature by Right to Life of Michigan.…

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Michigan Republicans think the answer to our problems is MORE SECRET MONEY in elections – UPDATED

Only in Republicanland is this a good idea

This is week in a somewhat surprising move, Republican Secretary of State Ruth Johnson proposed a rule to require transparency in the funding of so-called “issue ads” that don’t promote specific candidates. Millions and millions of dollars are spent every election cycle on these ads which are, more often than not, nothing more than thinly-veiled ads for one candidate over another.

Republicans in the Senate were having none of it, however, and quickly amended a “campaign finance reform” bill, Senate Bill 661, to quash her move. The original bill, which actually DOUBLES the amount of money that can be given to candidates or political party caucuses in exchange for additional reporting requirements was changed to exempt “expenditure[s] for communication on a subject or issue if the communication does not support or oppose a ballot question or candidate by name or clear inference.” This language was not in the original bill.…

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