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Fox News pundits Lou Dobbs, Erick Erickson, and Juan Williams blame working women for … pretty much everything

Gentlemen, the 1950s called and they'd like their chauvinistic worldview back

The dissolution of society around us. The disintegration of marriage. Something going terribly wrong in American society. Minority communities torn apart. American society torn apart. A catastrophic issue. The loss of a generation. The undermining of our social order. What is it that's causing this societal conflagration? According to Fox News commentators Lou Dobbs, Juan Williams, Erick Erickson, and Doug Schoen, it's the fact that, in 40% of American households with children, women are the primary wage earner. Who knew that women earning more than men would have such a corrosive impact on the very fabric of our American society? Nobody except these sexist swine. Details after the jump.
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Prosecutor won’t file charges from “attack” on Fox “reporter” during Michigan Right to Work rally

I'd like to take this opportunity to say I TOLD YOU SO!

During a Right to Work rally in Lansing, Michigan last December, Fox News "reporter" Steven Crowder claimed he was attacked and had video to prove it. As I reported then, the video was heavily edited and the guy who "attacked" him was actually acting in self-defense. Here's what I said at the time: "Selective editing at about 0:39 mark shows what appears to be union guy attacking Crowder for no apparent reason. However, if you look closely, you’ll see that the guy is getting up off the ground — that he was NOT the one that became aggressive first." It turns out that I was 100% correct. Ingham County Prosecutor Stuart Dunnings III is not filing charges in the incident because Crowder provided him with highly-edited video and the full, unedited version shows that his "attacker" was simply defending himself. Click through for details.
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Fox “reporter” has new rear excretory orifice installed by Obama State Department


After Secretary of State and Superwoman Hillary Clinton collapsed due to flu-related dehydration and exhaustion and bonked her head last month, conservative conspiracy theorists descended on Fox News and various right-wing failblogs to explain that she was making up her concussion to avoid having to testify on the attack at the Benghazi embassy on September 11th that resulted in the deaths of four Americans. At a December 17th State Department daily press briefing, Fox News "reporter" Justin Fishel asked a question that seemed to imply that he was making this absolutely absurd accusation. The response from the State Department after the fact is nothing short of epic. Check it out after the jump.
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Steven Crowder’s Breitbart-style editing of Michigan rally video getting noticed nationally

What, you think we wouldn't notice?

Yesterday, I wrote about how Fox "News" contributor Steven Crowder used Andrew Breitbart-style editing of video from Michigan's anti-Right to Work for Less rally on Tuesday to paint union members the worst way possible. The story has been picked up nationally and, last night, was quoted heavily in a post at the New York Times news blog The Lede. Details after the jump.
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Fox News Steven Crowder & Americans for Prosperity use Breitbart-style film editing to show “union thug brutality” (updated)

Here we go again...

NOTE: More on this story which has been picked up by the New York Times HERE. And even more HERE. Yesterday, I wrote about how Americans for Prosperity representatives helped knock down their own tent on the grounds of the Michigan State Capitol building during an anti-Right to Work for Less rally there. Subsequent to posting that piece, I was alerted to comments on Reddit by user "mtalna". You can read those comments HERE. What is evident from the comments is that there is a lot of editing that has gone on with the videos Fox News is now running in nearly constant rotation making it look like all of the violence and hostility at the rally yesterday came from union members. As it turns out, significant portions of it were faked and creative Breitbart-style editing helped it along much more. Details after the jump.
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Book recommendation – The Fox Effect

We mix the Kool-Aid, you swallow it

For anyone who remembers 2009 and 2010, The Fox Effect: How Roger Ailes Turned a Network into a Propaganda Machine by David Brock, Ari Rabin-Havt and Media Matters for America will trigger a bit of PTSD. As the nation was suffering the result of eight years of failed Republican governance, conservative forces came up with a crazy scheme. They would blame the entire crisis on the President who inherited it. And this scheme worked perfectly.

Here’s the central thesis of The Fox Effect, based on my reading: Everything the Tea Party gets credit for was actually achieved by Fox News.…

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THIS is why Fox viewers are dumber after watching Fox

There is a very good reason that people that watch Fox News are more stupid than their non-Fox watching counterparts: Fox actually lies to them.

Check this out. When the unemployment rate numbers came out last week showing that we had dropped below 9% for the first time in forever, here’s the chart that Fox used:

Check that out. The final dot on the graph at 8.6% is equal to 9%. Hell it’s even above 8.8% from last March!

Here’s how the graph should have looked (courtesy of Jed Lewison at Daily Kos):

More from Media Matters HERE.

Need another example?…

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Fox News calls in the Secret Service over Twitter hackerage. New hashtag #callinthesecretservice

Seriously, dudes? The U.S. Freaking Secret Service???

FoxNews.com alerted the U.S. Secret Service, which is declining public comment. Jeff Misenti, vice president and general manager of Fox News Digital, said FoxNews.com was working with Twitter to address the situation as quickly as possible.

Time for a new Twitter hashtag: #callinthesecretservice

Here’s a couple of mine:

I can’t find my beer. #callinthesecretservice http://t.co/rv2IDOr


Someone moved my sunscreen. #callinthesecretservice http://t.co/rv2IDOr

What will YOU call in the U.S. Secret Service to investigate on this fine 4th of July?…

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Fox News Twitter account hacked, reports President Obama assassinated

Yeeouch. Fox still hasn’t gained control over it’s Twitter stream as of 9:00 a.m. Monday morning. Check it out:

We wish @joebiden the best of luck as our new President of the United States. In such a time of madness, there’s light at the end of tunnel

BREAKING NEWS: President @BarackObama assassinated, 2 gunshot wounds have proved too much. It’s a sad 4th for #america. #obamadead RIP

#ObamaDead, it’s a sad 4th of July. RT to support the late president’s family, and RIP. The shooter will be found

@BarackObama shot twice at a Ross’ restaurant in Iowa while campaigning. RIP Obama, best regards to the Obama family.

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Fox “News” drops Glenn Beck, sentient beings around the world cheer

Well, halle-freakin-lujah.

Glenn Beck to End Daily Fox News Program

Glenn Beck will end his daily Fox News Channel program later this year.

His departure was jointly announced on Wednesday by Fox and Mr. Beck’s company, Mercury Radio Arts. The companies said they would “work together to develop and produce a variety of television projects for air on the Fox News Channel as well as content for other platforms including Fox News’ digital properties.”

And as soon as these other projects bomb, which they will, Beck will be consigned to the dustbin of history except for his radio show. I’m sure you’ll be able to hear him spew his hurtful, hateful, harmful effluvience in the South and in hardcore conservative areas around the country indefinitely.…

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