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Pictures from delivery of petition signatures to repeal Public Act 4

Here are some photos, courtesy of Michigan Forward, from the delivery of over 226,000 petition signatures to the Secretary of States office on Wednesday. Some details along with a statement from Michigan Forward are available in yesterday’s News Round-up.

Rally at Central United Methodist Church

Another rally shot

Brandon Jessup, Rev. David Bullock, Rev. Charles Williams and others delivering petitions to the SOS

Happy petition deliverers!

A very important receipt

And now the second and equally-challenging phase begins.…

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Public Act 4 repeal signatures delivered + Michigan Emergency Manager New Round-up

It just goes on and on and on and on

Lots of news to cover today. Make sure you click through to the jump page if you’re reading this from the front page of Eclectablog.

  • Stand Up For Democracy coalition delivers 226,637 petition signatures
    Yesterday, the Stand Up For Democracy coalition and Michigan Forward delivered well over the 160,304 signatures needed to put the repeal of Public Act 4 – Michigan’s Emergency Manager Law – on the November ballot to the Michigan Secretary of State’s office in Lansing.

    Here is Michigan Forward’s statement:

    Today, Michigan Forward, the Stand Up for Democracy Coalition and countless volunteers and supporters representing the labor, civic, and faith based communities from around the State of Michigan submitted 226,637 signatures to repeal the “Local Government and School District Fiscal Accountability Act,” known as Public Act 4 (PA 4).
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Emergency Manager law repeal petition signatures delivered TODAY + a conversation with Reverend David Bullock


Click for a larger version

This morning at 11:30 there will be a rally in Lansing, Michigan for those who support the repeal of Public Act 4, Michigan’s undemocratic Emergency Manager law. Then, at 1 p.m., close to 250,000 petition signatures will be delivered to the appropriate officials. 160,304 valid signatures are needed to put the citizens’ referendum on the November ballot. Once that many signatures have been validated, the law goes on hold until the election. Also, Republican heads across the state are likely to explode.

Join the Stand Up for Democracy Committee Wednesday, February 29, 2012 as we put a STOP to Dictatorship over Michigan communities.…
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Wednesday morning Michigan Emergency Manager news round-up – 2/22/2012

The never-ending story…

  • Muskegon Heights EM review team still hasn’t met – 3 weeks later
    MLive reports that the financial review team for Muskegon Heights schools still hasn’t met three weeks after it was formed.
    The review team assigned to determine whether Muskegon Heights Public Schools needs an emergency manager has yet to meet three weeks after it was appointed.

    “We’re really concerned about the fact that they’re not moving,” said Dave Sipka, interim superintendent of Muskegon Heights Public Schools.

    The eight-member team was appointed Jan. 31 and has until March 1 to make a recommendation to Gov. Rick Snyder about the need for an emergency manager to oversee the school district.

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My AnnArbor.com op-ed on why Emergency Managers are NOT better than Chapter 9 bankruptcy

Excuse me, but I beg to differ

Last week, AnnArbor.com Business news director Nathan Bomey penned an op-ed titled “Why bankruptcy is worse for Michigan cities than emergency managers”.

As you might imagine, I have an entirely different take on this which you can read at AnnArbor.com in a counterpoint op-ed today titled “The case against emergency managers: How bankruptcy preserves democracy”.

Here’s an excerpt:

The main thrust of Mr. Bomey’s argument is that Chapter 9 bankruptcy is an unpredictable, frightening prospect where municipalities lose control, union contracts are rejected, wages & benefits of employees cut, city vendors take a hit, and hard decisions are made by a single individual who doesn’t answer to the local community.…
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Michigan GOP rebuked by TWO rulings by the SAME judge. Highland Park Emgcy Mgr may be out of a job.

Take that! And THAT!

Ingham County Circuit Judge William Collette is on a roll. Yesterday he delivered two rulings that set Michigan Republicans back on their heels.

First, he ruled that an obscene and blatant power grab by Oakland County Republicans is unconstitutional.

An Ingham County judge on Wednesday struck down a controversial state law that changed the way Oakland County’s commissioner districts are drawn.

Judge William Collette said the law was unconstitutional.

Plaintiffs hailed the striking down of what they described as a “Republican power grab.” Lawyers for Gov. Rick Snyder, a defendant, said an appeal is likely.

Collette ruled the law, Public Act 280, should have received a two-thirds majority vote because it dealt with a local matter; violated the Headlee Amendment against unfunded mandates, and impinged on the rights of county voters to petition for judicial review of their reapportionment plan.

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My piece in The Nation on Michigan’s Emergency Manager law

Michigan’s Emergency Managers in the national spotlight

In the current issue The Nation magazine, I have a piece titled “The Scandal of Michigan’s Emergency Managers” which is a general overview of Public Act 4, Michigan’s Emergency Manager law. For regular Eclectablog readers, there isn’t much new there but for those who haven’t been following, it’s likely to be a bit of a bombshell.

Here’s an excerpt:

Everyone agrees that something must be done to “fix” Michigan’s struggling urban centers and school districts, although news of a $457 million surplus in early February prompted the state budget director to declare, “Things have turned.” But at what cost?…
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Wednesday afternoon Emergency Manager news round-up – 2/15/2012

All the news that’s fit to make you cringe

Lots of news to get to today. Lots more after the jump, too, so make sure you click through.

UPDATE: My article for The Nation magazine on Michigan’s Emergency Manager law will be in the issue that goes to print today and will hit the stands later this week. It may or may not be online unless you are a subscriber. I’ll keep everyone posted when it’s available.

  • Michigan Forward to turn in petition signatures February 29th
    Michigan Forward’s petition drive to repeal Public Act 4 is near its end and they will turn in well over 200,000 signatures on February 29th.
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Emergency Manager law – Public Act 4 forum this SATURDAY in East Lansing

Hear ye, hear ye

I want to commend your attention to the Public Service Announcement banner at the top of the site today. It will run through Saturday evening. It’s an announcement for a public forum on Public Act 4, the Emergency Manager law, happening this Saturday, February 18, 2012, in East Lansing.

A public forum on P.A. 4, the Emergency Manager Act

Saturday, February 18, 2012, 11 am – 5 pm
Edgewood United Church
469 N. Hagadorn Road, East Lansing, MI

Join us for lunch with:

  • A speech by Reverend Edward Pinkney of Benton Harbor
  • Panel discussion with six panelists
  • Question and Answer period

Info: 517-332-8693, cindy@edgewooducc.org
Livestream will be at http://www.peaceedcenter.org/

You can download a flyer for the event HERE (pdf).…

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Where is Mitt Romney on the Emergency Manager Law?

But I’m severely Michiganderish

As Mitt Romney was pretending that Bain Capital created jobs earlier this year, he said, “I’m a numbers guy.”

Well, here’s a number that any numbers guy will hate: 26 percent.

That’s the percentage of Michigan voters who believe Mitt is a Michigander. 62 percent do not. This helps explain why Mitt is currently losing by 6 percent to the man who has become the both the dream candidate of conservatives and liberals—Rick Santorum.

How did Mitt Romney, the son of a popular governor, born in raised in Michigan lose his Pure Michigan pedigree?…

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