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House Republicans move the goalposts on helping solve Detroit’s financial crisis by extorting labor unions

Oh, that’s rich

Michigan House Republicans are in a tight spot. With concessions made by every party swept up in Detroit’s municipal bankruptcy and a deal in place that mostly preserves retiree pensions and the Detroit Institute of Arts’ priceless art collection, the only hurdle remaining is the state ponying up $350 million. Given how much money they’ve essentially stolen from the city by withholding promised revenue sharing, it’s a small price to pay. The state cannot take over cities with Emergency Managers and then tell them they are on their own, much as they would love to do just that.…

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INTERVIEW – Former EAA teacher: “I really think that they are being dishonest with the public, teachers, and parents”

One of the recurring themes in the conversations that I have had with various teachers and administrators who work or have worked for the Education Achievement Authority is that when financial benefactors or members of our state government came to visit, the entire school transformed. Schedules were altered, often on the fly, to accommodate the visitors’ schedules. Kids ate lunch very early or very late, and as you’ll learn in this interview, teachers were reassigned from their normal classrooms to pose as teacher’s assistants for other teachers to give the appearance that large classrooms had multiple adults in them even though that was not normally the case.…

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“The Affordable Care Act was a refuge in my time of need,” says City of Detroit retiree

People continue being helped by Obamacare — and it’s a winning issue. Politicians and pundits, take note.

When City of Detroit retiree Cora Dolley learned that she’d no longer be receiving health insurance coverage from the City, she was worried. For 10 years, $150 had been deducted from her pension check to cover hospitalization expenses and provide other healthcare services at a low cost.

But the benefits Dolley had been promised were taken away, just like that.

The City gave us $125 a month to go buy some healthcare. That’s cruel. Without Obamacare, I would never have known I was eligible for tax credits and I’d have to pay a lot more.…
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The data is clear: Emergency Management not working in Detroit Public Schools

The EAA isn’t the only experiment being conducted on Detroit children

In all of the sturm und drang over Republican Governor Rick Snyder’s Educational Achievement Authority experiment with Detroit children, it’s easy to forget about the other experiment they are part of: state control of the Detroit Public Schools by an Emergency Manager. I’ve written reams on this topic but not much recently given that the EAA has sucked so much oxygen out of the room.

However, I haven’t forgotten about this and neither has my friend Dr. Thomas Pedroni, Director of the Leonard Kaplan Education Center for Critical Urban Studies and Associate Professor for Curriculum Studies at Wayne State University.…

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The 2014 State of the Union: Let’s make this a year of action

From my view inside the White House, I saw what every other American watching the President’s speech did: true leadership.

I believe in the dream of America. I always have. So has President Obama, which is why he’s always had my support.

In his 2014 State of the Union address, he made it clear that his optimism is unwavering. Despite all the obstruction and partisanship he’s faced from day one, he still believes that our country can come together for the good of every citizen.

Let’s make this a year of action. That’s what most Americans want: for all of us in this chamber to focus on their lives, their hopes, their aspirations.…
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L. Brooks Patterson reminds us that he’s a Detroit-hating bully and a first-class jerk, blames the press

Pity the poor, misunderstood blowhard

Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson has a long history of being a jerk that bashes the city of Detroit, its leadership, and its residents whenever the opportunity arises. He was recently given that opportunity by journalist Paige Williams who wrote a piece about him for the New Yorker magazine titled “Drop dead, Detroit!”. It’s behind a paywall so what we know about the piece comes from reporting from other outlets like the Detroit Free Press.

[UPDATE: you can now read the article online HERE.]

What we learn is that Paige gave Patterson a bit of rope and he hung himself high with it.…

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Judge Steven Rhodes: Legal challenge to Michigan’s Emergency Manager law can continue but Detroit EM Kevyn Orr is safe

Let’s find out if it is, indeed, a legal law

Federal bankruptcy judge Steven Rhodes determined today that a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of Michigan’s anti-democratic Emergency Manager law – Public Act 436 – can move forward. The case is being handled in another federal court.

In his ruling (pdf) denying a request to stay the case, Judge Rhodes said:

The State essentially argues that even though the plaintiffs in this suit have removed any request for the removal of Kevyn Orr as Detroit’s emergency manager, a successful challenge to P.A. 436 will inevitably lead to that result. However, the Court must conclude that such is not the case.…
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UPDATED: Bankruptcy judge does Detroiters a solid, says Emergency Manager’s debt swap deal is “too generous” to banks

Please, sir, may I have some more?

[Photo by Chris Savage | Eclectablog]

Steven Rhodes, the federal judge overseeing Detroit’s Chapter 9 bankruptcy, halted discussions on Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr’s plan to borrow $350 from Barclay’s bank to retire some terribly negotiated debt swaps, effectively moving banks to the head of the line in the bankruptcy proceedings. In what can only be described as doing the residents of Detroit — particularly the retirees — a solid, Rhodes described the deal as being “too generous” to the banks.

Detroit could end up with millions more for public services after U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Steven Rhodes questioned whether a loan deal with the city was too generous for the banks and ordered both sides to renegotiate.…
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PODCAST: Eclectablog with Tony Trupiano on Detroit bankruptcy, EAA, and Rand Paul in the Motor City

I am going to start posting all of Tony Trupiano’s podcasts since they really are terrific and, due to his potential run for office, he may no longer be on the air with his radio show any longer.

Today’s podcast happens to be with moi. Tony and I talked about Rand Paul’s insulting visit to Detroit, the Education Achievement Authority, and, of course, the Detroit bankruptcy.


[CC image credit: Lex McKee | Flickr]

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Rand Paul begins GOP outreach to African Americans by declaring unemployment benefits “a disservice” to the unemployed

Rand Paul is a disservice to the GOP’s African American outreach

Photo credit: Anne C. Savage, special to Eclectablog

The day after he presided over the opening of the Michigan Republican Party’s office for African American outreach, Rand Paul told Fox News that extending unemployment benefits for workers unable to find work for as long as 99 weeks was doing them “a disservice”.

“I support unemployment benefits for the 28 weeks they’re paid for… If you extend it beyond that, you do a disservice to these workers.”

This news will come as a surprise to Detroiters who are out of work.…

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