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Something to know before the “morning after”

On March 3rd, State Senator Bert Johnson (D, MI-02) and three other Michigan Democrats introduced Senate Bill 172 requiring the state health department to provide information about “emergency contraception,” otherwise known as the “Morning After” pill. The bill was referred to committee with no further action at this time, and probably not at any time under the current GOP-dominated legislature that consistently shows itself to have a narrow, authoritarian, and restrictive view of human reproduction.

The language in the bill is specific about educating the public as a means of avoiding abortions as well as unplanned pregnancies and doing it safely by using the FDA-approved “morning after” pill.…

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Michigan bill would allow discrimination against patients on religious or moral grounds

If it becomes law, any healthcare provider or payer could turn away any patient based on personal or organizational beliefs.

With so much work to be done to make Michigan a better place to work and live, you’d think legislators would have more important things to do than enact laws that are nothing more than a license to discriminate using religion as an excuse.

Rep. Cindy Gamrat, along with Rep. Todd Courser and other religious extremists in the Michigan House, have introduced House Bill 4309 and referred it to the House Committee on Health Policy.

H.B. 4309 was first brought to my attention by the MI Lead women’s coalition, which aptly described it as follows:

The bill would create the “Religious Liberty and Conscience Protection Act” that allows medical facilities [and] healthcare payers/purchasers to refrain from offering healthcare services and procedures based on moral or religious beliefs.…
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NEWS ROUND-UP: This week in GOP idiocy in Michigan

There’s been so much in the news about over-the-top idiocy from Michigan Republicans lately that I thought I’d just put them all in one post. Over the past week or so, they’ve been trying to further degrade a woman’s right to choose a safe and legal abortion and to corrupt our democracy by rigging the electoral system in favor of Republicans. But, sadly, they didn’t stop there.

So, without further ado, here’s the round-up.


In his outstanding piece for The Metro Times, Curt Guyette showed how, after four Emergency Managers and being under state control for six years, the Detroit Public Schools system is further in debt than ever.…

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Michigan Republicans get right on further degrading a woman’s right to seek healthcare

We knew it was coming. It was only a matter of when. That “when” was yesterday. Yesterday was when ultra-conservative Republican legislator Thomas Hooker introduced House Bills 4145 and 4146.

HB 4145 is a one-sentence bill that says, “Notwithstanding any provision of law to the contrary, the Department of Community Health, all other State departments, and all State agencies shall not allocate State funds through grants or contracts to entities that engage in any of the activities described in Section 1(1) [of Public Act 360 of 2002.]”

PA 360 lists two things in Section 1(1):

  1. Performing elective abortions or allowing the performance of elective abortions within a facility owned or operated by the qualified entity.
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Incoming Republican extremist Todd Courser’s first act will be a “personhood amendment” to ban abortion in Michigan

At the risk of Eclectablog becoming a “Todd Course Watch” site which reports on the every move of the extremist proponent of a theocracy in Michigan, I feel it’s important that everyone is aware of his plans when he takes office for the first time in January. Already known for his injection of religion in to government and his worldview that appears to involve training children to become soldiers to fight government tyranny, Courser’s views on a woman’s right to a legal abortion under federal law are as extreme as they come.

Yesterday, in an email to supporters, Courser revealed just how extreme:

When I think of what the Lord could use me for in this upcoming season of being a legislator, I am drawn by his grace that nothing could be a higher priority than protecting the freedom to be born.…
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Terri Lynn Land seeks and receives endorsement of extremist anti-Choice group Susan B. Anthony List

In February, Terri Lynn Land accidentally confirmed that she was confirmed that she was speaking with Super PACs about funding her campaign, something that is against the law and something she had done before. One of the groups she mentioned is the notorious anti-Choice group Susan B. Anthony List. Apparently Land’s outreachwas successful because this week the Susan B. Anthony List announced their endorsement of her campaign for Senate. This endorsement is in addition to the endorsement she received by the equally radical Right to Life of Michigan Political Action Committee.

Now, it’s not surprising to see a Republican be endorsed by these forced-birth groups.…

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UPDATED: Legislation introduced to repeal Michigan abortion insurance law

Bills would undo the law that requires women to buy extra insurance for miscarriages and abortions, even in cases of rape or incest.

See update below.

In a decisive move, Democratic State Representative Sarah Roberts and State Senator Gretchen Whitmer introduced bills on Monday that would repeal a controversial law that forces women to buy additional health insurance coverage for necessary medical care during a miscarriage or abortion. The law does not make exceptions for rape or the health of the mother — only the imminent death of the mother — and severely restricts women’s access to vital healthcare.

Passed by Republicans in the Michigan Legislature in December 2013, the law took effect in March.…

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Michigan reproductive health roundup: The good, the bad and the ugly

It’s been a mixed bag for women’s reproductive rights in Michigan this week.

Good to know people are paying attention. News about the heinous package of three fetal heartbeat bills introduced by Republican State Rep. Tom Hooker in the Michigan House quickly went national. So Michigan now has the dubious distinction of joining the ranks of some of the most extremist states in the country when it comes to anti-choice legislation.

Democratic State Rep. Marcia Hovey-Wright issued a strongly worded statement on the bills, which would eliminate nearly all abortions in Michigan and require women seeking an abortion to submit themselves to humiliating and invasive medical procedures.…

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Michigan Republicans propose fetal heartbeat bill to ban abortions at 8 weeks—or earlier

If the legislation passes, many women won’t even know they’re pregnant before it’s too late to get a legal abortion.

On the same day conservative Rep. Eric Cantor was primaried by his Tea Party candidate for being too liberal, Michigan Republicans proved just how far they’re willing to go to satisfy their extremist supporters.

Rep. Tom Hooker and 16 co-sponsors — all men, 15 Republicans and one Independent — introduced a package of bills that would make it illegal for a doctor to perform an abortion after a fetal heartbeat is detected, unless the life of the mother is at risk.…

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Michigan’s rape insurance law conflicts with Obamacare, prevents women from being able to purchase abortion coverage riders

When Republicans passed their odious “rape insurance” law, they did it on the basis that women should have to pay for their own abortions. It was a faux argument because there was nothing about insurance companies offering abortion coverage that forced anyone to pay for someone else’s abortion. But that, of course, didn’t stop them from making the argument.

Now we find out that Michigan women who purchase their health insurance on their own (not part of a group insurance plan) don’t have the option to purchase the extra abortion rider on their insurance. The reason? Because the bill passed by Republicans violates an Affordable Care Act provision that prohibits insurers from offering riders to standard insurance.…

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