Day 1 – First quarter fundraising drive

Brothers & sisters, can you spare a dime?

Hello, folks. As I have been talking about for some time, I am going to be doing quarterly week-long fundraising drives for Eclectablog. This is in place of running those incredibly annoying third-party ads for cellulose reduction or hot Russian singles that you see on some blogs. Once a day for seven days each quarter, I will be soliciting donations from my readers.

I put a great deal of time and care into Eclectablog. Last week I liveblogged the MLK Day march on Governor Rick Snyder’s home and then livetweeted the State of the State address two days later.…

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Saturday evening sanity break

Crikey, enough of the emergency manager stuff already

This is the funniest damn thing I’ve read in ye very long tyme:


Lo, in the twilight days of the second year of the second decade of the third millennium did a great darkness descend over the wireless internet connectivity of the people of 276 Ferndale Street in the North-Central lands of Iowa. For many years, the gentlefolk of these lands basked in a wireless network overflowing with speed and ample internet, flowing like a river into their Compaq Presario.…
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Another casualty of Emergency Management: Detroit’s historic school buildings

Historic Detroit treasures lost in rush to save money

Eric T. Campbell has a fine piece up at The Michigan Citizen where he talks about the loss of Detroit’s historic school buildings. The Detroit Public School Emergency Managers Robert Bobb and, now, Roy Roberts, don’t appear interested in saving these historic buildings.

Once they are gone, they are gone forever.

The historic building that formerly housed Redford High School is now considered blight to many in Detroit’s northwest Redford neighborhood.

The 1.1 million square foot building, built in 1924, has been sitting vacant since 2007. With the announcement of a deal between Meijer, Inc.

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Suttons Bay school district fights back against imposition of an Emergency Manager

Emergency Managers: Not just for black cities anymore

As I wrote last week, tiny Suttons Bay in the “Pinky” of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula is facing the imposition of an Emergency Manager for their school district. This past week they held a community budget forum to discuss the issue. Here is video of the 90+ minute forum:

You can see the Powerpoint Presentation made by Superintendent Mike Murray. One slide stood out from the rest for me. It’s the per-pupil funding levels in Michigan over the past few years:

Click to enlarge

Interesting statistics considering the Governor Snyder made a big deal about supporting education and educators in his State of the State address this week.…

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Indiana Republicans pass Emergency Manager bill out of committee

Collective Bargaining Contracts Vulnerable

I have been wondering how long it would take for a state other than Michigan to pursue an Emergency Manager law. The wait is over. This week, a Republican-sponsored bill allowing the imposition of an Emergency Manager on a “distressed political subdivision” (i.e., a municipality or school district) passed out of committee and goes on to the full state Senate.

A bill allowing the appointment of an emergency manager to right a cash-strapped local government’s finances passed a Senate committee on Tuesday.

The bill authored by State Sen. Ed Charbonneau, R-Valparaiso, sets up a five-member board that local governments, including school districts, can voluntarily petition for help.

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Friday Emergency Manager news round-up

No earth-shattering news about Michigan’s on-going Emergency Manager Emergency, but there are some tidbits worth noting.

  1. Flint Community Leaders Hold Public Forum to Discuss Emergency Manager Emergency.
    Flint community leaders held a public forum on Tuesday to discuss Public Act 4 and its impact on the community.
    The panel discussion will revolve around “The Emergency Manager: Concerns and Outcomes for Flint,” according to a news release.

    Panelists are City Councilman Delrico Loyd, Flint resident Paul Jordan, political science Professor Paul Rozycki, and state Rep. Woodrow Stanley, D-Flint.

    You won’t have to worry about what happened at the “Emergency Manager: Concerns and Outcomes for Flint Forum”, however, because no news outlets appear to have reported on it.

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Sometimes “relentless positive action” doesn’t work – a photographer’s attempt to photograph the State of the State address

My wife, Anne C. Savage accompanied me and Christine Barry, owner of Blogging for Michigan, to the State of the State address on Wednesday. She was there, as were we, with media passes. However, her effort to actually do any photographing of the event was completely shut down by overly-aggressive security and what seems to be a clear effort by Republicans to limit our access.

Click the image above for more photos

From her post about her experience:

We went to our assigned room and I asked the gentleman in charge of the press area about the wait list for photographers.…
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Michigan Gov Rick Snyder to make another fake concession, this time on school funding

Rick Snyder is the master of the “fake concession”. He takes money away from something, gives a little back and then paints it as a “concession”. It’s not.

He did it on the Earned Income Tax credit in late April:

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder’s proposed budget eliminates the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) which helps the working poor, especially those with kids.

In a dramatic concession, he’s agreed to give qualifying families $25 per child . This represents 5.8% of the EITC the average family would have received.

He will now tell everyone he made a concession. But, if his budget passes in May as it most likely will, he will have actually slashed an important bit of assistance for many poor Michiganders with families by 94.2%.

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