Rush Limbaugh's Hate Show is imploding

Rush Limbaugh’s Hate Show is imploding

The Hate Show gets its comeuppance

Well, well, well. This is interesting. From my inbox this morning:

  • As of this morning, 50 companies and two radio stations have dropped Rush Limbaugh’s radio show.
  • Even one organization that gets free advertising on his show is demanding to be dropped.
  • So many advertisers have fled Limbaugh’s show that yesterday, 77 of 86 total ads were unpaid public service announcements.
  • The show is now also resorting to broadcasting dead air during times normally filled with ads.
  • One company has even filed a lawsuit to protect its brand name after involuntarily getting mixed up with another company that has advertised on Limbaugh’s show.
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Jocelyn Benson launches effort to remove corporate influence over our elections

Jocelyn Benson launches effort to remove corporate influence over our elections

Corporations are NOT people

One of my favorite Michigan political movers and shakers, Jocelyn Benson, has launched a petition drive to strip away corporate influence on our elections in Michigan. The petition drive, if successful, would lead to the formation of “The Corporate Accountability Amendment”.

Benson and others held a press conference yesterday on the steps of the state Capitol Building to kick off the petition drive:

It’s really important when you think about our role not just as voters, but as consumers – when we buy products, we deserve and we have a right to know if the money we spend on companies or on products are being spent to influence political campaigns or lobby elected officials.…
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Governor Rick Snyder's Public Safety plan long on cops & courts, short on urban revitalization

Governor Rick Snyder’s Public Safety plan long on cops & courts, short on urban revitalization

Would you rather keep cleaning off oily ducks or stop the oil spill?

Yesterday, at a press conference in Flint, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder unveiled a plan titled “A Special Message from Governor Rick Snyder: Public Safety”. You can read his Special Message in its entirety HERE (pdf) and an Executive Summary HERE.

I’m ambivalent about his proposals. Michigan has four cities — Flint, Detroit, Pontiac and Saginaw — which are ranked among the top 10 most violent cities in the country according to FBI data. Clearly our citizens must be protected from criminal behavior and violence. To do this, more cops are needed.…

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Michigan Court of Appeals smacks down Republicans

Nice try, jerks

Last month I wrote about how my favorite judge, William Collette, had found Republican redistricting in Oakland County to be unconstitutional:

An Ingham County judge on Wednesday struck down a controversial state law that changed the way Oakland County’s commissioner districts are drawn.

Judge William Collette said the law was unconstitutional.

Plaintiffs hailed the striking down of what they described as a “Republican power grab.” Lawyers for Gov. Rick Snyder, a defendant, said an appeal is likely.

Collette ruled the law, Public Act 280, should have received a two-thirds majority vote because it dealt with a local matter; violated the Headlee Amendment against unfunded mandates, and impinged on the rights of county voters to petition for judicial review of their reapportionment plan.

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Headline you'll never see: Big Oil takes cut in profits to help with gas prices

Headline you’ll never see: Big Oil takes cut in profits to help with gas prices

Patriotism has its limits (apparently)

Over the past few years, we’ve seen world record-breaking profits for the Big Oil companies, even when gas cost over $4 a gallon during President George W. Bush’s time in office. (And, yes, despite the rhetoric coming out of the mouths of nearly all Republicans at the moment blaming President Obama for the current cost of gas, you never heard them blaming Bush for that.)

The fact is, high gas prices mean high profits for oil companies.

Meanwhile, President Obama is trying to eliminate federal subsidies to these money-making monoliths. He’s also smart enough to know that global prices for oil which is a commodity will not be impacted by incremental increases in domestic oil production.…

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"The Road We’ve Traveled" - Trailer for a 17-minute new documentary on President Obama's first term

“The Road We’ve Traveled” – Trailer for a 17-minute new documentary on President Obama’s first term

You have to know where you’ve been to know where you’re going

Obama for America, President Obama’s reelection campaign, released a trailer this morning for a new 17-minute documentary on the president’s first term. The film, “The Road We’ve Traveled”, is directed by Davis Guggenheim, the creator of the multi-award-winning film “An Inconvenient Truth”, and narrated by Tom Hanks.

Here’s the trailer:

From a press release by OFA:

Obama for America today released the trailer for a new documentary by award-winning director Davis Guggenheim titled the “Road We’ve Traveled”. The documentary is narrated by Tom Hanks and includes appearances by Vice President Joe Biden, First Lady Michelle Obama, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Elizabeth Warren and others.…
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“A Separation” We Can’t Live Without

“A Separation” We Can’t Live Without

Won’t be fooled again?

Of all Mitt Romney’s deceitful pandering, his warmongering when it comes to Iran is the most despicable.

Faced with an ever-weakening campaign and an improving economy, his only hope is to gin up war. This President has been cautiously and effectively receding the “tide of war”, as he calls it. And Romney, along with Santorum and Gingrich who don’t know better, is doing everything he can to reverse this course. Foremost in this strategy is to identify Benjamin Netanyahu as Israel. He is not.

Netanyahu, unlike many of his predecessors, has shown no willingness to commit to a permanent peace in the region.…

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Michigan Senator Carl Levin calls on military radio to drop Limbaugh

Michigan Senator Carl Levin calls on military radio to drop Limbaugh

Bringing out the big guns

There are some good reasons to be proud of Michigan politicians these days and Carl Levin is, in my opinion, one of them. Yesterday, as the powerful chair of the Senate Armed Services Committee, he supported a group of female veterans and called for the American Forces Network to drop Rush Limbaugh.

From CNN:

Sen. Carl Levin, the powerful chairman of the Armed Services Committee, said Wednesday he would like the Armed Forces Network to drop the controversial Rush Limbaugh program from its service that provides radio and television shows to U.S. service members around the world.…
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