Daily Kos’ “Operation Hilarity” – getting Dems to vote for Santorum – is a HUGE mistake

Who spiked the water cooler?

The Daily Kos crew, a group of people I normally admire and adore, has completely gone off the rails with a project they are calling “Operation Hilarity”. First announced by kos himself and further expanded upon by Chris Bowers, it is essentially an effort to encourage Democrats to vote in the open Republican primaries in a variety of states, including Michigan, for Rick Santorum.

Yes, you read that right. FOR Rick Santorum. They have this idea that somehow, if they can get Santorum to surge, it will extend the GOP primary and help the Democrats. They are even raising money and doing ad buys on Facebook, etc.…

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Severely Depressing New Michigan Poll Numbers for Mitt Romney

I knew Governor Romney. I was friends with Governor Romney. Mitt, you’re not our Governor Romney.


by @rkref

PPP Polls has new numbers out, and it’s bad news for Mitt. Even worse news than finding out the car he was driving in his latest commercial about Michigan was made in Canada.

More than half of Michigan voters support how the President bailed out Detroit. Supporters of the so-called “bailout” favor the President an 81-15 margin.

The strange justice of Mitt’s political career coming to in an end in Michigan would be Shakespearean if it weren’t so David Simon-ish.…

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Wednesday afternoon Emergency Manager news round-up – 2/15/2012

All the news that’s fit to make you cringe

Lots of news to get to today. Lots more after the jump, too, so make sure you click through.

UPDATE: My article for The Nation magazine on Michigan’s Emergency Manager law will be in the issue that goes to print today and will hit the stands later this week. It may or may not be online unless you are a subscriber. I’ll keep everyone posted when it’s available.

  • Michigan Forward to turn in petition signatures February 29th
    Michigan Forward’s petition drive to repeal Public Act 4 is near its end and they will turn in well over 200,000 signatures on February 29th.
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The Daily Show Takes On the Birth Control Nontroversy

First they came for us coming for their birth control

The argument that the right wing trying to deny women birth control is somehow a defense of liberty is an argument only a man would make. So let’s go to our panel of men to discuss it!

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The problem with building a house on a slippery slope is that everything falls into Hell and then you become Hitler.…

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GOP Talking Points Locked in Theater of the Absurd

Remember how the GOP got everyone all enraged at the deficits they created?

Who did the GOP instantly blame for the costs of two wars, trillions in tax breaks, completely unfunded, wasteful expansions of Medicare plus an economic crash that suddenly dwarfed their own massive failures abroad? The man who inherited the costs.

With a TV channel and apoplectic emails repeating the same talking points over and over, the GOP managed to make deficits the issue from 2009-2010. It was brilliant. Instead of focusing on how to fix the mess they created, they blamed the mess on the guy with a mop.…

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Emergency Manager law – Public Act 4 forum this SATURDAY in East Lansing

Hear ye, hear ye

I want to commend your attention to the Public Service Announcement banner at the top of the site today. It will run through Saturday evening. It’s an announcement for a public forum on Public Act 4, the Emergency Manager law, happening this Saturday, February 18, 2012, in East Lansing.

A public forum on P.A. 4, the Emergency Manager Act

Saturday, February 18, 2012, 11 am – 5 pm
Edgewood United Church
469 N. Hagadorn Road, East Lansing, MI

Join us for lunch with:

  • A speech by Reverend Edward Pinkney of Benton Harbor
  • Panel discussion with six panelists
  • Question and Answer period

Info: 517-332-8693, cindy@edgewooducc.org
Livestream will be at http://www.peaceedcenter.org/

You can download a flyer for the event HERE (pdf).…

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Rick Santorum takes sides: he’s with the 1%

See ya at the polls, buddy

Not sure exactly how this math works out electorally-speaking but Rick Santorum seems to think his path to victory is slamming “The 99%”.

At a campaign event this week (with really bad lighting, I might add) he derided Occupy protesters who were putting up a fuss:

“I think it’s really important for you to understand what this radical element represents,” Santorum said to the cheering crowd of about 350 people. “Because what they represent is true intolerance.”

Yes, yes. Radical intolerance. Well, Rick, that’s what happens when the greed of those in power drives others to desperation after so long.…

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Pete Hoekstra pays for his racist ad, Debbie Stabenow now up by 14 points

Karma IS a bitch

This makes me smile:

Debbie Stabenow’s taken her biggest lead yet in 4 polls of the Michigan Senate race PPP has conducted dating back to December of 2010. She now leads Pete Hoekstra by 14 points, 51-37, and has an even wider 17 point advantage over Clark Durant at 50-33. In 3 previous polls Stabenow led Hoekstra by an average of just 7 points and on the most recent one, in July, her lead was 9.

What’s interesting is that Stabenow’s approval numbers have barely budged at all over the last 6 months. Over the summer we found her at 46/40, and now she’s at 47/41.

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