What do I MAKE? I’m a teacher and I make a goddamn difference. Now what about you???

Beautiful. Spend three quality minutes with this video. A response from a teacher to a patronizing jerk who asked him, “You’re a teacher, Taylor. Be honest. What do you make?”

In addition to being a teacher, Taylor Mali is a slam poet. His website is here. Here’s a transcript of the video (link).

He says the problem with teachers is, “What’s a kid going to learn
from someone who decided his best option in life was to become a teacher?”
He reminds the other dinner guests that it’s true what they say about
Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach.…
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Eclectablog has its biggest month. Ever.

I just wanted to take a minute to thank all my readers. Today at around noon, this blog had its biggest month ever. And it’s only the 18th!

The previous highest month was 13 months ago when I did a piece on Rachel Maddow that went totally viral. You’ll notice that traffic spiked that month then petered out over the next two.

This recent peak is different. I’ve been building traffic over the past few months. It started last December when my very good friend Blackwaterdog added me to her blogroll.

Since then, as a proud member of our informal pragmatic progressives blogging family, things have been going very well.…

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Teachers to protest Governor Rick Snyder’s appearance in Jackson this Monday

From the Jackson County Educational Association (JCEA):

Governor Rick Snyder is scheduled to be in Jackson on Monday, March 21. He will be the keynote speaker at the Jackson County Republican dinner, which will be held at the Commonwealth Commerce Center (209 E. Washington Ave., corner of Washington Ave. and Francis St.) beginning at 6:00 pm.

We are inviting public education employees, their family, friends and all others interested to join together to mark this occasion. Feel free to bring a sign. If you don’t have one, sign-making supplies will be provided at the JCEA office (950 W. Monroe St., Suite 100, Jackson) from 4:30-5:30.

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Hundreds of Lansing high school students protest at Michigan Capitol building

This is positively brilliant and happened just this morning:

Hundreds of protesting high school students face disciplinary action

Lansing School District officials have confirmed that more 300 students face possible suspension for skipping school today to protest education cuts at the Capitol.

“According to the Lansing schools code of conduct, participation in (the protest) is a non-excused absence, which does warrant some level of disciplinary action,” said Annie Rzepecki, spokeswoman for the Lansing School District. “That has yet to be determined.

Rzepecki said the disciplinary action could include suspension.

This morning, students from Eastern, Everett and Sexton high schools descended on the Capitol, mainly to protest cuts to K-12 education proposed by Gov.

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A tale of two political parties in Michigan – a study in contrasts

If you want to get a clear picture of the differences in between the two main political parties, you need look no further than Michigan this week. The differences between the parties could not be clearer … or starker.

This week Democrats called for a state constitutional amendment that would guarantee workers the right bargain collectively. Private AND public workers.

House and Senate Democratic leaders called Tuesday for a state constitutional amendment to guarantee the right to collective bargaining for all employees in the public and private sectors.

The resolution would require a two-thirds approval of both the House and Senate to be placed on the 2012 election ballot.

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University of Michigan students protest Gov. Snyder speaking at THEIR commencement

On the heels of over 6,000 people protesting at the Capitol building in Lansing this week, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder is getting more flak, this time from students at the University of Michigan.

Snyder has been chosen as the commencement speaker for the Spring Commencement ceremony and a whole lotta U of M students are having none of it. At the same time thousands of people were gathered in Lansing, protesting the “Nerd Governor” and his draconian budget cuts & new Emergency Financial Manager “Super Duper Czar” law, U of M students were staging a protest of their own in Ann Arbor.…

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Happy St.Patrick’s Day to all the EclectaFans

Whattya say? Shall we call it Eclect O’Blog, just for today?

My grandfather’s parents came to the USA from Ireland — the McCann Clan.

Explains my dear love of ales, I guess.

I’m just O’Sayin’……

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Liveblogging of the protest rally at the Michigan Capitol in Lansing

Liveblogging from the Michigan Capitol protest rally in Lansing today…

1:15pm – This guy is a teabagger. I overheard him tell the guy next to him, “Well, I’m going to try to get some recognition for this sign and get it plastered all over the fucking place.” He stopped to pose for me no fewer than three times and he posed for anyone with a camera.

Notice that his buddy in the white shirt next to him has the Swastika/Snyderkamph image literally taped to his shirt. That shirt is an SEIU shirt. Shades of Mark Williams???

At least 3,000 people here and growing.…

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