Day 1: Second quarter fundraising drive – Win an iPod Nano and MORE!

Wait, you don’t get PAID to do this?!

Hello, folks. Today is Day One of the second quarter fundraising drive at Eclectablog. As you probably know, this is not a paying gig for us. We make a little bit of money from advertisements like the one at the top of the page but, aside from that, what we do is done for free.

So, four times a year for a week, we come to you, hat in hand, and ask you to show us some love and drop some folding money into the tip jar. For regular readers, I don’t have to tell you that Eclectablog is literally the best site on the internet for getting Michigan and national political news and commentary from a progressive perspective.…

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Michigan Senate Majority Leader Richardville faces recall attempt – from a Republican

We're just not that into you. And neither are they.

In a true testament to exactly how politically polarized things have gotten in Michigan, former Monroe County Republican Party chair Jeff Andring has filed paperwork to recall Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville. Andring says it's because Richardville isn't conservative enough. [More after the jump.]
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Republican Joe Schwarz to announce run as a Democrat in Michigan’s 7th district tomorrow

We've sunk THIS low???

The Michigan Democratic Party has been busy recruiting a candidate to run against Tim Walberg in the 7th District where I live. However, as I reported back in March and others have reported since then, they aren't recruiting Democrats, they are recruiting Joe Schwarz. A Republican. I'm not kidding.
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This President’s Greatest Accomplishment

It’s not keeping Palin out of the White House, but that’s close.

Can I share with you the most offensive thing I’ve read since I last accidentally read chyron on the Bill O’Reilly show?

David Greenberg writes in The New Republic:

Because Barack Obama has accomplished relatively little in his first term—boxed in by a recalcitrant Republican opposition, the sluggish economy, and a mound of debt—it’s tempting to hope that, should he win a second term, he’ll be free to pursue an unbridled liberal agenda.

Because Barack Obama has accomplished relatively little? Compared to who FDR? Lincoln? Johnson? Thomas Edison?…

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Congressman Sander Levin asks IRS to look into tax filings of right wing “policy house” Mackinac Center for Public Policy

If you're going to take over our state, you at least need to file the paperwork

The Mackinac Center for Public Policy has long been the "policy house" for far-right conservatives in Michigan. Much like the national American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), their purpose in life is to create anti-union, pro-business policy and to assist in getting legislation passed that makes their policy law. In the process they work diligently to shape public dialog and the opinions of lawmakers in pursuit of their goals. This is not a secret. They do it publicly and are brazen in their efforts. Michigan Representative Sander Levin sees what they do as lobbying, which it is. He has proof and is now asking the Internal Revenue Service to look into the tax filings of this non-profit group which claims they do no lobbying. Rep. Levin sent the IRS a letter asking them to investigate...
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GOP Set to Double Student Loan Interest Rates

Millionaires to be blissfully unaffected.

During last week’s debate on the Buffett Rule, the GOP complained again and again that the rule was a political ploy because it would only raise a few billion dollars every year. Also it would hurt the economy and possibly turn Grover Norquist into Grover Norquist HULK who bashes Republican brains with primary challengers made of pure Rubio.

This week the GOP is set let Stafford student loans interest rates double to 6.4% on July 1.


Rep. John Kline, R-Minn., and chairman of the House Committee on Education and the Workforce said:

“We must now choose between allowing interest rates to rise or piling billions of dollars on the backs of taxpayers.”

The logic is simple.…

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Has Mitt Romney already given up on Michigan? Magic Eight Ball sez “Signs point to yes”

The number you have reached is no longer in service...

That is a picture of the (empty) Romney grassroots organizing office in Michigan, taken by the Michigan Democratic Party this morning. In their recent press release, they had this to say...
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Why Mitt Will Never Apologize for George W. Bush

This economy we ruined. These wars we didn’t end. These deficits we created over 8 years. How dare this President not fix everything immediately!

When Mitt Romney realized he could only get the Republicans behind him by being George W. Bush’s biggest apologist, he must have known that would make him look like a fool.

How could he defend going around the world blaming everything George W. Bush did wrong on President Obama? It’s a blame Roosevelt for inheriting Hoover’s economy strategy. Who would buy such steaming, gelatinous bullpuck?

Fox News and people who got fat Bush tax breaks that’s who.…

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