Major update regarding recall of Mich Gov Rick Snyder

The original deadline for the petition drive to put the recall of Michigan governor Rick Snyder expired. However, recall organizers have elected to continue their effort. From my latest piece at A2Politico:

Perhaps the biggest challenge for the recall organizers has been the extremely short period of time Michigan laws allow for the collection of petition signatures. The petition language is approved for 180 days. However, the signatures must be gathered within a 90-day window. To get the recall question on a statewide ballot, recall organizers need to collect just over 800,000 valid signatures. With a target of a million or more and only 90 days in which to gather them, the challenge is formidable, to be sure.…
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Update on efforts to recall Michigan Republicans – building a head of steam!

Organizers for the recall of Paul Scott (R-Grand Blanc) report that they now have enough signatures to put the recall on the November ballot. In addition, recall organizers for the recall of Nancy Jenkins (R-Clayton) will announce later today that, they too, have enough signatures. According to the Michigan Information & Research Service (MIRS), this brings to 26 the number of recalls with approved petition language.

Recall language has recently been approved for Sen. Tom Casperson (R-Escanaba), Reps. Gail Haines (R-Waterford), Bradford Jacobsen (R-Oxford) and Mike Shirkey (R-Clarklake), bringing the total up to 26 Republican Senate and House members with approved recall petition language.…
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Nice job, GOP

Nice job, GOP.

The Dow Jones Industrial average dropped more than 500 points today, one day after the index staged an impressive late day rally erasing a more that 200-point drop to end the day in the black .

The 512-point plunge makes Thursday Aug. 4, 2011 one of the top 10 worst days in Dow history in terms of total point loss…

When us bald-headed, long-haired hippy freak Democrats say that the GOP is intentionally driving the economy off a cliff to score political points, this is exactly the kind of thing that we’re talking about.

In addition to tanking the stock market, their hostage-taking maneuver has resulted in a deal that, according to the nonpartisan Economic Policy Institute, will cost the country 1.8 million jobs by 2012.…

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If we lower corporate taxes, corporations will lower prices and hire more. Right? RIGHT?!


U.S. airlines led by United Continental Holdings Inc. (UAL) may pocket $1.3 billion in higher fares tied to the Federal Aviation Administration’s partial shutdown as Congress deadlocks on the agency’s funding.

The FAA already has been unable to collect $28.6 million a day in aviation taxes since midnight on July 22. Missed receipts may climb by $1 billion

if the matter remains unresolved until lawmakers reconvene in September, FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt said. President Barack Obama today urged congressional leaders to reach a resolution this week.

The largest U.S. carriers, including United, Delta Air Lines Inc. (DAL) and Southwest Airlines Co.

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Who said THAT??? – Bald-faced evil edition

Guess who said this:

“I think some of our members may have thought the default issue was a hostage you might take a chance at shooting,” he said. “Most of us didn’t think that. What we did learn is this — it’s a hostage that’s worth ransoming. And it focuses the Congress on something that must be done.”

I’ll give you a hint: it’s someone who probably shouldn’t be so goddam blatant about his political party’s evil goals and tactics, goals and tactics that can serve only to harm the country at a very vulnerable period in time.

Answer: ןןǝuuoɔɔɯ ɥɔʇıɯ ɹǝpɐǝן ʎʇıɹouıɯ ǝʇɐuǝs

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Think there’s no fraud in Medicare or Medicaid? Think again.

The Obama administration gets accused of “gutting” Medicare and Medicaid by stupidos who think they can’t achieve large savings by eliminating “waste and fraud”. There is, apparently, plenty of fraud to be “gutted” out of the system.

In Michigan this week, two dozen scumbags were indicted for a $60 million prescription fraud scheme.

Federal prosecutors have charged more than two dozen people, including 12 pharmacists and four physicians, with participating in a scheme to defraud Medicare and Medicaid of nearly $60 million in unwarranted prescriptions.

An indictment was unsealed Tuesday that accuses Babubhai “Bob” Patel, 49, a Canton Township pharmacist, of using his ownership in more than 20 Michigan pharmacies to facilitate the fraud.

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YAY!!! Rachel Maddow signs new, multi-year MSNBC contract

My most favoritest television pundit evah, Rachel Maddow, has signed a new, multi-year contract with MSNBC, guaranteeing that we’ll have through the 2012 presidential election.

Her contract was expected to expire next year; now it will remain in effect well past that point, according to The Hollywood Reporter, which first reported the contract extension. Phil Griffin, the president of MSNBC, confirmed the contract extension at the Television Critics Association press tour in Los Angeles.

In an interview here, Ms. Maddow described the new deal as more or less a simple extension of her existing one.

“I’m really, really happy in this job and to have the chance to extend it for a few more years, especially with the year we’re about to have, is a real blessing,” she said.

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New Eclectafeature:

You may have noticed that I added some new functionality to Eclectablog last week. It’s a plugin called The idea of is that you can rate famous people that are mentioned in any particular blog entry.

There are two ways you can do this. The first is that you will see famous people’s names show up in pink font in the blog entry. Hover your cursor over their name and a little quick vote box pops up. You can give that celebrity, politician or other famous person a thumbs-up or thumbs-down and even comment on them.

You can also go to the comments in any particular blog entry (by clicking the comments link or clicking the blog entry’s title and scrolling down to the bottom.) There, in addition to the Disqus commenting, you’ll see tabs for any famous people mentioned in the blog entry.…

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