More on Emergency Manager Louis Schimmel’s decision to forfeit millions in HUD funds for Pontiac

Yesterday, I wrote about how Pontiac Emergency Manager Louis Schimmel signed an agreement with Oakland County to manage monies from a substantial HUD grant. This boneheaded decision, it turns out, would have resulted in a loss of upwards of $800,000 per year for Pontiac. Thankfully, Congressman Gary Peters stepped in to prevent this from occurring.

Federal and local politicians lined up Wednesday to announce they undid a move taken by Pontiac’s state-appointed emergency manager that would have cost Pontiac thousands in federal funds. While they were at it, they took time to slam Emergency Manager Lou Schimmel’s method of management.…
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Whirlpool and the theft of Benton Harbor

Generally speaking, the political writing I do is catharsis for me. It helps me to deal with the things that upset me in the realm of politics and government. But, every once in awhile, I write something that actually makes me more upset. My most recent piece for A2Politico is one of them.

The piece is titled Whirlpool Corp — A Michigan Job Creation “Success Story”: Dodging Taxes & Profiting from Poverty. In the article, I talk about how Whirlpool has been largely responsible for the traumatic decline of Benton Harbor and has spent (at least) the last decade profiting handsomely from it.…

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Recall effort for Senator Phil Pavlov underway

The effort to recall Senate Education Chair Phil Pavlov got underway on January 7th. The group working toward his recall now has a webpage,, and is actively seeking petitioners, petition signatures and financial support.

Senator Pavlov voted to support the odious “anti”-bullying bill that was not anti-bullying. He has supported legislation that reduces tax credits used by many Michiganders as well as the bill that became Public Act 4 – the Emergency Manager law. But, most egregiously, as Senate Education Chair, he has shown himself to be anti-teacher. He has even proposed privatizing the teachers of Michigan, saying “I look at it as offering options.…

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US Rep Gary Peters rescues millions of dollars nearly forfeited by Pontiac Emergency Manager Louis Schimmel

This is shocking to me (though I suppose it shouldn’t be.) Pontiac’s Emergency Manager Louis Schimmel that all but gave away millions of dollars dedicated to the City of Pontiac due to a single decision he made as EM. He was able to do this with no accountability because he is, after all, completely in control of the entire government there.

Thankfully Congressman Gary Peters stepped in to literally save the day. Now millions of dollars that would have transferred to Oakland County with no strings attached will now be going to Pontiac, the intended recipient.

Take a look at the press release sent out today by Rep.…

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Think Jon Huntsman is a “moderate”? Think again.

Republican Jon Huntsman comes across as the most reasonable of the presidential primary candidates. He is generally viewed as moderate, as well. This morning, Ezra Klein disabuses us of that notion, despite a confusing headline.

In the end, the polls were right. Mitt Romney took first, Ron Paul took second, and Jon Huntsman took third. Huntsman’s weak finish led many to suggest that the GOP was no place for moderates. But the truth is that Huntsman’s campaign didn’t prove that, or anything like it. For all Huntsman’s signaling and hinting, his policy platform is no more moderate than Romney’s. In fact, it might be less moderate.
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MLK Day march on Gov Rick Snyder’s Ann Arbor home – Monday, January 16, 2012 (interview with Pastor David Bullock)

Last night I spoke on the phone with Pastor David Bullock, the president of the Michigan Chapter of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition and the Highland Park NAACP. He and his group are organizing a Martin Luther King Day march on the Ann Arbor home of Michigan Governor Rick Snyder. Details on the “Occupy for Democracy Rally” to protest Michigan’s anti-democratic Emergency Manager law are below.

Pastor Bullock, who was recently interviewed on The Ed Schultz Show (video HERE), is a young, energetic and, passionate advocate for the cause of southeastern Michigan African Americans and other people of color. While others who speak about Public Act 4 and its impact on Detroit can come across as a bit shrill, Pastor Bullock is calm, direct and on-point.…

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Snyder admin: Detroit city union members give up $100 million or Detroit gets an Emergency Manager. Period.

It’s been no secret that Governor Snyder and his team were going to force union members to bear the full brunt of the financial problems Detroit faces. Now they have finally gotten around to saying it publicly.

Detroit Mayor Dave Bing and the City Council must reach concessions with city unions by early February to avoid a recommendation of state intervention from the state’s emergency review team, State Treasurer Andy Dillon said today.

But union leaders said the chance of reaching an agreement is very unlikely, even after members of the review team expressed shock and anger over the severity of the financial crisis and how little of it was publicly known until recently.

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New logo – The final edition

Just a quick note to let you know that we have landed on a final version of the new Eclectablog logo. This one is a vast improvement in a variety of ways. First, the lettering is bolder and more legible. We wanted to keep the font because it’s unique and characteristic. However, the font itself is not that “fat” so my wife worked her magic on it and viola!

Second, the first letter “C” is highlighted to help folks realize it’s “Eclectablog”, not “Electablog”.

Finally, it’s just eye candy to me.

Many thanks to Anne for her work on this. She’s not a graphic artist by trade but she sure makes it look like she is!…

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