More on MI Senate Leader Randy Richardville’s attacks on teachers and municipalities

As I reported last week, GOP Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville is out to make Michigan a right to work state, but only for teachers. He said so on Tim Skubick’s “Off the Record”. In an interview with MIRS news service, he went even further, ridiculously saying he doesn’t think teachers realize that Michigan is having economic problems.

Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville(R-Monroe) said today he believes that other unions “get it” when making sacrifices in this current economic climate, but he wouldn’t include the Michigan Education Association (MEA) in that group.

“I don’t think the teachers’ union understands where we are,” he said.

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Just in case there’s any doubt the GOP is intentionally harming America for political gain…

Here’s your damn PROOF:

“Obama is on the ropes; why do we appear ready to hand him a win?” said one senior House Republican aide who requested anonymity to discuss the matter freely. “I just don’t want to co-own the economy by having to tout that we passed a jobs bill that won’t work or at least won’t do enough.

In other words, the GOP won’t do anything that will help Americans and improve the economy. Why else would he characterize this as a “win” for the president?

Think the president’s jobs bill won’t help the economy? You’re wrong, according to Chief economist at Moody’s Analytics Mark Zandi:

Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s Analytics, is frequently the go-to guy for both parties when it comes to analysis of various jobs proposals.…
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Pontiac gets a new Emergency Mgr, privatization “expert” & former Mackinac Center staffer Louis Schimmel

After the resignation last week of Michael Stampfler as Pontiac’s Emergency Manager, Louis Schmimmel was chosen as his replacement. The former emergency financial manager of Hamtramck and Ecorse is known as an expert at privatizing public services and comes highly recommended by the far-right conservative Mackinac Center think tank. Schmimmel, in fact, was the director of the Morey Fiscal Policy Initiative at the Mackinac Center.

Earlier this year, I broke the story that Stampfler had hired United Water to run the city’s water treatment plant, a company facing multiple federal felony indictments for violating the Clean Water Act in Indiana.…

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Michigan Supreme Court will stay out of Paul Scott recall fracas

In a somewhat surprising move given the majority Republican make-up of the Michigan Supreme Court, they have decided not to hear an appeal of a lower court decision brought to them by Republican Paul Scott. Scott is the Republican most responsible for most of the anti-teacher legislation to come before the state legislature. He was challenging the clarity of the language of the petition but the Supremes were having none of it.

Another blow landed when another Republican, Secretary of State Ruth Johnson, formally approved the recall of Paul Scott. It will be on the November ballot because petitioners had enough valid signatures.…

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Michelle Obama awesomeness

I saw this photo of the First Lady, Michelle Obama, playing “doubles” vs. Serena Williams at the U.S. Open and couldn’t resist posting it.

Photo by Mike Segar/Reuters, click for a larger version.

More photos HERE.

(Yes, I have a crush on her. Yes, my wife knows.)…

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Michigan Senate Majority Leader won’t pursue “Right to Work” — except for teachers

Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville said yesterday on the news talk program “Off the Record” that he won’t pursue so-called “Right to Work” laws for Michigan EXCEPT FOR TEACHERS. These laws, often called “Right-to-Work-for-LESS”, remove the requirement for employees at a union shop to join the union. RTWFL laws are used to reduce the power held by unions and allow people to benefit from the unions’ efforts without having to contribute to their existence.

Here’s Richardville from the Off The Record show. The segment in question starts at 23:42:

Watch the full episode. See more Off the Record.

Tim Skubick: Right to work?

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Tim Walberg doesn’t want to hear from you about JOBS!

When this year’s crop of Republicans got elected, I went to their fledgling websites and looked for a section about “Jobs”. I didn’t find any which was pretty shocking. But, at that point, most of them were using the same basic boilerplate site, probably provided to them by the party or the government or something. So, I thought I should wait awhile for them to personalize their sites and most of them have done that.

I went to my Congressman’s site this morning, the site of Tim Walberg. I wanted to ask him to pass the job plan President Obama talked about last night (I know, I know, I’m wasting precious bandwidth on Quixotic ventures…) Here’s what I saw on his email contact page:

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Working America’s response to President Obama’s job plan speech last night

From my friends at Working America:

September 8, 2011

Working America Statement on President Obama’s Jobs Plan

The President laid out some proposals tonight that represent a starting point for reversing the devastating jobs crisis that our nation continues to endure. But if we are to truly dig ourselves out of this hole, we have much more work ahead of us.

We recently asked a sampling of our 3 million members what they wanted President Obama to say in his speech tonight. Fifty-six percent said they wanted to see job creation through direct investment in infrastructure or an end to outsourcing – including raising taxes corporations that send jobs overseas.

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