Dems finally turning things around with regard to “messaging”

Much has been made about the epic fail of the Democrats with regard to their messaging. On health insurance reform and nearly every other issue you can name, they always get their asses handed to them by the Republicans. The Frank Luntz right-wing messaging factory has been a far superior operation and has been far more successful at framing the national conversation about all of these issues for a very long time.

Well, that may be about to change. Over the past couple of weeks, Organizing for America(OFA) has begun changing how they talk about the new health insurance reform law passed last year.…

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More bad news for President Obama

He’s crushing all the leading Republican contenders for president in the McClatchy/Marist latest poll.

Today Obama would beat Republican Mitt Romney by 51 to 38 percent, the poll showed. In a December McClatchy-Marist poll, he trailed the former Massachusetts governor by 46-44 percent.

Obama would defeat Republican Mike Huckabee by a similar margin, 50-38 percent. In December, the president led the former Arkansas governor by only 47-43 percent.

And he’d crush Palin by 56-30 percent. A month before, he led the former Alaska governor by 52-40 percent.

I’m just sayin’……

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Just askin’…

So, anyway. When did it become censorship to ask people to show a little tact, consideration and decorum? Since we started asking conservatives to stop being douchebags, I guess…

I’m just sayin’……

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What is it with the freaking VIOLENCE??? Part II

A wrestling coach in Minnesota is on administrative leave for being an idiot.

Marisa Vette, the [White Bear Lake High School] district’s director of communications, confirmed to Fox News Radio that [Jacob] Volkmann is on paid leave. She refused to say if his comments about President Obama sparked the investigation.

“We have an employee who is on leave and the district is investigating in accordance with the law,” Vette said. She declined to elaborate on the investigation or any complaints that were made against Volkmann.

Volkmann’s comments came during a New Year’s Day interview after he had won a fight.

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What is it with the freaking VIOLENCE???

WTF is it with Tea Partiers and their desire to solve every problem with violence? The latest effluent (membership req’d) from Judson Phillips of the Tea Party Nation is another example. In his essay, he rightly characterizes the Westboro Baptist Church and their leader, Fred Phelps, for the shitbags they are.

Not content with that, however, he goes on with this:

Fifty years ago, had Phelps tried something like this, he would be met by not only the police, but also the men of the community he was going to. The police would make sure things did not get out of hand and then politely look the other way while the men of the community educated Phelps on his bad manners.…
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While the left urges civility, the right finds excuses

I have found the national political response to the shootings in Arizona a fascinating study this past week. As I blogged earlier this week , when Democrats held out an olive branch to Republicans last year, asking for a mutual statement urging civility in political discourse, they were firmly rebuffed by RNC leadership. I had expected this recent tragedy to move them somewhat; to reconsider their position and, perhaps, to move toward pushing for a “toning down” of violent language and imagery.

Instead, what I have seen is the right searching for excuses why they don’t need to do that and reaching, sometimes almost comically, for examples of liberals “doing the same thing”.…

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Eclectablog in the running for Daily Kos Diarist of the Year

Much to my surprise and delight, I am in the running for Daily Kos Diarist of the Year. If you’re so inclined, you can vote for me HERE.

While you’re at it, I’d like to commend your attention to my friends LaughingPlanet who is in the running for Best Teaching Diary and BlackWaterDog who is in the running for Diary of the Year.

You do not need to be a Daily Kos member (a “Kossack”) to vote.

I’m just sayin’…
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Speaker Boehner chooses to get his swerve on instead of attending Arizona memorial

Tonight Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and President Obama attended the very moving memorial service in Tucson, Arizona. Although he was invited to ride on Air Force One to attend as well, Speaker of the House John Boehner decided to stay in Washington, D.C.

Why? So he could attend a cocktail party. I’m not kidding.

Speaker John Boehner will host a cocktail party for the Republican National Committee at the same time that President Barack Obama will be addressing the nation at the memorial service for victims of the Tucson shooting.

The Ohio Republican is holding a 7 p.m. cocktail reception Wednesday night for 168 RNC members, who are in the Washington area for an annual meeting.

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Ted Nugent wants you to know there are bad people out there

Hey. Did you get the memo? No? You didn’t? Ah, well. You can read it here then.

Ted Nugent wants you to know that there are evil people among us and that you should be prepared.

There is evil among us, and it will again attempt to execute evil, but the good must always be ready to conquer evil if our society and culture are to progress. Never before has the need for a higher level of awareness and a warrior mindset been more important. The days of disconnected unawareness should be over.

We can still be relaxed and comfortable, but mentally prepared and more tuned in to our surroundings.

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While the world watches, Sarah Palin misuses the term “Blood Libel”

Now that all eyes are on Sarah Palin waiting for her to respond to accusations that she has a role to play in the amount of political violence in our country recently , she steps into the fray and does something else completely idiotic. In a video comment/response released on her Facebook page today, she had this to say:

“Vigorous and spirited public debates during elections are among our most cherished traditions … “But, especially within hours of a tragedy unfolding, journalists and pundits should not manufacture a blood libel that serves only to incite the very hatred and violence they purport to condemn.
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It's dangerous being a non-teabagger Republican in Arizona

It’s dangerous being a non-teabagger Republican in Arizona

This is messed up:

A nasty battle between factions of Legislative District 20 Republicans and fears that it could turn violent in the wake of what happened in Tucson on Saturday prompted District Chairman Anthony Miller and several others to resign.

Miller, a 43-year-old Ahwatukee Foothills resident and former campaign worker for U.S. Sen. John McCain, was re-elected to a second one-year term last month. He said constant verbal attacks after that election and Internet blog posts by some local members with Tea Party ties made him worry about his family’s safety.

In an e-mail sent a few hours after Saturday’s massacre in Tucson that killed six and injured 13, including U.S.

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Politico blames Obama for national incivility

Politico blames Obama for national incivility

Politico has a piece up today that opens with this absolutely ridiculous bit of asshattery:

Of all the unfulfilled campaign promises President Barack Obama made in 2008, the one that bothers the president most isn’t any squandered policy priority – it’s his failure to re-civilize what he views as an increasingly savage partisan climate.

Wait. The lack of civility in the country is President Obama’s fault?! Are are you kidding me???

Let’s recall what the President said when he spoke to Republicans last year:

[I]f you were to listen to the debate, and, frankly, how some of you went after this bill, you’d think that this thing was some Bolshevik plot.…
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