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Meta Tuesday morning – Beer with Bloggers update and stuff

Back in the saddle again...

Regular readers may have noticed that blogging has been light for the past few days. Both of my kids graduated from college this past weekend so Saturday morning found us at the Cleveland Institute of Music watching Arleigh graduate from graduate school (she's a bassoonist.) Then it was off to Ithaca, New York to watch Cameron graduate with an undergraduate degree in film making from Ithaca College... [More...]
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Waking Up to President Romney

The era of the big middle class is over

Mitt Romney is now delving into science fiction. After a successful hostile takeover of the tea party and what remains of the Republican Party, he’s convinced he is ready for his greatest illusion: convincing America that what we need is George W. Bush on Steroids.

He’s so confident he made an ad in which he calls himself President Romney over and over. He also describes what he’d do on day one of the Romney administration, presumably after he marks his territory in the Oval Office.

Based on his Day One promises, Mitt’s first day would be a nightmare for the middle class.…

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Netroots for the Troops — Progressives turning out to help out our military men and women

Yes, I’m asking for your money again

Yes, yes, yes. It's that time again. Time for the awesomeness that is Netroots for the Troops®. Wait, you don't know what NFTT is? NFTT is a what I call "The 33-Minute Miracle". I'll tell you why in a minute. Every year at the annual Netroots Nation conference, the largest event of the year for progressive blogggers, writers and activists, a group of dedicated individuals pull of an major service event where hundreds of CARE packages are assembled and then shipped to our troops over seas. This year, we're including some vets that are in U.S. hospitals, returned from war. You can help by making a donation HERE. (Much more after the jump.)
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UPDATED: The Roy Schmidt saga continues – collusion and fraud in the Michigan Republican Party

Oh, how subtle...

Following up on a story I wrote about yesterday ("'Democrat' Roy Schmidt pulls ultimate dick move, jumps to GOP too late for another Dem to run"), we now learn there is much more to this story and House Speaker Jase Bolger is implicated.
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Obama campaign “goes there” again, calls Karl Rove out on his “BS” – VIDEO

Thank you, may I have another?

Earlier this month, OFA deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter released a video in which she calls the lies of President Obama's opponents "BS". This week, she did it again. [Video after the jump.]
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Court of Appeals to rule on Emergency Manager petitions soon — without all the information they need

How long are we going to put up with this?

Yesterday in Detroit, the three Republican judges on the Michigan Court of Appeals heard testimony regarding the font-size challenge to the petitions gathered to put the repeal of Public Act 4 -- the Emergency Manager Law -- on the November ballot. As I wrote about the other day, they did so without complete information because expert analysis of the font used on the petitions -- analysis requested by the Michigan Director of State Elections -- was not included in the overview given to the Board of State Canvassers before they made their decision on April 26. Laura Conaway at The Maddow Blog spoke with the expert, Assistant Professor Chris Corneal of the Graphic Design in the Department of Art, Art History and Design at Michigan State University. Here's what he had to say:
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“Democrat” Roy Schmidt pulls ultimate dick move, jumps to GOP too late for another Dem to run

There are dick moves and then there are DICK MOVES. This is the latter.

NOTE: this post has been updated HERE.

It’s not often you see an elected official act like this much of an asshole and to do it such a dickish and public way.

Ten minutes before the filing deadline to run for the Michigan House of Representatives on Tuesday, Rep. Roy Schmidt, a “Democrat” from the 76th District in Grand Rapids, switched parties and decided to run as a Republican. This gave the Democratic party no candidate in a very tough district for Democrats after last year’s redistricting.…

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UPDATED: Why I must (at least try) to defeat Scott Walker

UPDATED: Why I must (at least try) to defeat Scott Walker

Or what I learned by thinking like a conservative news clown

This post is all about getting you to donate to Barrett for Wisconsin to defeat Scott Walker. You can do that now.

When North Carolina’s discriminatory and hateful Amendment One won by twenty points earlier in May, I thought, “I didn’t do enough. I should have done more.” (I think the President felt the same, BTW.)

This was a strange revelation to me. As a Democrat, my thought after a loss is usually: “XXXXXXX didn’t do enough.”

This time I thought, “Goddamit, I’ve gotta do something.”

I was like Michele Bachmann if she’d found out that her twenty-four year old son watches Glee.…

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