Ace the pit bull from Detroit granted a stay of execution – if he’s still alive

Ace the pit bull from Detroit who faces euthanization today or tomorrow has earned a stay of execution from a Wayne County Circuit judge. (I have written about Ace’s situation HERE and HERE

A groundswell of support to save Ace, the dog taken by animal control last week and whose fate was unknown Wednesday, has helped push a Wayne County Circuit judge to grant a stay of execution and a city leader to mull changing its shelter policies.

The pooch’s plight has also prompted several people to claim ownership and a national animal rights group to get involved.

A hearing is scheduled for Nov.

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I’m sorry, Rick Perry who?

Na na na na. Na na na na. Hey, hey, hey. Goooo-ooood-bye.

These are easily 52 of the most painful seconds in politics I have ever witnessed. I detest Rick Perry and I still felt sorry for the guy. My twitter feed was full of “OMG” and “Oh, dude…” comments for a solid 2 minutes when this happened.

Mr. Drillheredrillnowdomesticenergyrightunderourfeet couldn’t remember that he wants to eliminate the federal Department of Energy.


I guess I should feel sorta happy that I was there to witness the end of the Perry campaign on national television. The fact that it happened here in Michigan is a deliciously sweet cherry on top of an otherwise delicious political moment.…

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Jennifer Granholm asks “What if Mitt Romney had been President in 2009?”

This is a worthy question for Michiganders to be asking tonight as we host the clown show that is the Republican primary debate in our fair state: “What if Mitt Romney had been President in 2009?”

When the candidates seeking the Republican nomination for president stand onstage in Michigan tonight to debate the future of this country, they will be expected to answer for this important fact: Not one of them would have lifted a finger to save the American auto industry that is so vital to both the Michigan economy and the entire nation.

In fact, when the U.S.

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Dominos falling: yet another Michigan city faces imposition of an Emergency Manager

This is becoming a daily thing for Michiganders.

On the heels of an announcement yesterday by the Governor’s office that Flint may soon be put under the control of an Emergency Manager, today it was announced that Inkster may also receive an Emergency Manager, as well.

The state Treasury Department announced today that a preliminary review of Inkster’s books shows the city is in ‘probable financial stress’.

Treasury spokesman Terry Stanton says the city is having trouble solving a multi-million dollar deficit.

“And the review also found city officials…have proposed unrealistic budgets and failed to make budget revisions in a timely manner,” says Stanton.
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Update on Ace the Pitbull from Detroit Dog Rescue – Updated

I have received a rather unfortunate update from Monica Martino, the co-founder & CEO of Detroit Dog Rescue. The original post about Ace is HERE. Here’s the latest news:

Detroit Dog Rescue has become very involved in this fight — we were able to find the owner of “Ace” (she saw him on the news — he had been stolen from her months ago). My partner Hush went to the Department of Animal Control this morning with her to claim Ace. She brought all the proper documentation, including vet records, rabies certificates, and personal photos of her dog. Department of Animal Control showed her the wrong dog and tried to convince her it was Ace, despite her protests.…
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Herman Cain’s supporters call his latest accuser Karen Kraushaar “an ugly bitch” – UPDATED x2

The screenshot below tells you pretty much everything you need to know about Herman Cain’s supporters and why he is actually doing pretty well in the polls and with fundraising right now.

The screenshot is from his PAC. The title of the post is “Herman Cain Accuser Karen Kraushaar works for Obama and she’s ugly”

The comment with the photo of Kraushaar says “Ew, gross! Who the hell does this ugly b1tch think she’s fooling? Just to be clear, Karen Kraushaar is the one on the left.”

Click for a larger version

Get it? She’s an “ugly bitch” so there’s no way Cain would have ever hit on her.…

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More “We Can’t Wait” goodness from President Obama – cutting waste in government

President Obama is on a tear lately. Under the banner “We Can’t Wait”, he is using Executive Orders to accomplish things that Congress is unable or unwilling to do themselves. The latest salvo is cutting government waste.

WASHINGTON, DC – This morning, President Obama will sign an Executive Order that will cut waste and promote more efficient spending across the federal government. With this Order, the President is directing agencies to reduce spending on travel; limit the number of information technology devices (e.g. cell phones, smartphones, tablets, laptops) that can be issued to individual employees; stop unnecessarily printing documents that can be posted online; shrink the executive fleet of the federal government; and stop using taxpayer dollars to buy swag — the plaques, clothing, and other unnecessary promotional items that agencies purchase.…
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Ohio Governor Kasich gets only half the message sent to him right

Here’s Ohio Governor John Kasich about the stunning defeat handed to him yesterday by Ohio voters who are having none of his union-bashing garbage:

At a news conference Tuesday night, Mr. Kasich congratulated the winners and said he would assess the situation before proposing any new legislation. “It’s time to pause,” he said. “The people have spoken clearly.”

When asked about the people’s message, Mr. Kasich said, “They might have said it was too much too soon.”

He would have been 100% correct if he had left off the last two words.…

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