Wednesday afternoon kitteh break

Howzabout a break from all the crazy political insanity in my state? Our neighbor kitteh, captured by my wife last year.


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New Michigan GOP law will let children under 10 carry loaded firearms

Just when you thought the Republicans in Michigan had completely lost their minds, this week we find they had just a bit more of their minds to lose. On July 7, both the state House and Senate passed bills that will allow children under the age of 10 to carry loaded weapons to go hunting.

I’m not making this up.

“We need to do everything we can to get the kids interested in hunting and get them into it, and maybe starting at a little younger age will help do that,” [Howell Gun Club Vice President Darin] said.

The proposed Mentored Youth Hunting Program is outlined in Senate Bill 207, sponsored by state Sen.

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Clean Water Action in Ann Arbor & E. Lansing hosts 1st Volunteer Action night 7/13/2011

My good friends at Clean Water Action (CWA) are hosting their first weekly “Wednesday Volunteer Activist Night” this week on Wednesday, June 13 (tomorrow). There are locations in both Ann Arbor and East Lansing. Details below.

As someone who spent some time at these weekly events, I can tell firsthand that these are some of the most awesome activists you’re likely to meet. Lots of energy, lots of smiles and lots of hard work. Not only that, they have made organizing skills and tools that make these evenings very rewarding.

Please consider attending if you are in the area.

We’re now just one day away from kicking off the first installment our weekly Wednesday Volunteer Activist nights.…
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Mich Supreme Court: Homeless sex offenders must still list a “home” or be fined/jailed

It’s bad enough that Michigan is run entirely by Republicans at the moment. But now we learn that our GOP-led Supreme Court has completely lost its mind. Yesterday, they ruled that homelessness is no excuse for sex offenders not registering their home with the local officials.

A Michigan Supreme Court says homeless sex offenders must report their home address to the state even though they don’t actually have homes. Paroled sex offenders are legally required to provide their home address to the state sex offender registry. But what if they’re homeless?


[T]he Michigan Supreme Court says homelessness is no excuse.

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Lawrence O’Donnell: What you are seeing is the most masterful rope-a-dope ever seen by a president

This made me go to bed late last night. Brilliant analysis. Whenever I find myself doubting what the president is doing, I’m always reassured by recalling how many previous times I have had those doubts only to be shown by the end that his strategy was brilliant and successful, achieving the best possible results given the situation.

The debt ceiling debate is a stunning example of this according to O’Donnell. It’s long, but it’s worth every second.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

What you are now witnessing is the most masterful rope-a-dope ever performed by a president against an opposition party in Congress.

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Lizz Winstead kicks off her WTF tour to support Planned Parenthood in Michigan – Delicious eye candy within!

All photos by Anne C. Savage. Please do not use without permission. For more photos, click any image.

Lizz Winstead kicked off her “Planned Parenthood, I Am Here For You!” tour (aka, the “WTF” (What’s the Fuss?) tour) in Pontiac, Michigan on Saturday and I was privileged to be there to cover it. Lizz Winstead is the co-creator of the Daily Show and co-founder of Air America radio. Actually, I’m pretty sure that’s her name — “Lizz Winstead Co-creator Of The Daily Show And Co-founder of Air America” — because that’s how she is always introduced.

After Saturday night, I think she should be renamed:

“Lizz Winstead, Heroic Supporter Of Planned Parenthood”

The purpose of the tour is to bring attention to Planned Parenthood and the efforts by those on the right who will stop at nothing to prevent them from helping women across the country.…

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Why the Michigan GOP took the “Financial” out of “Emergency Financial Manager”

When Michigan Republicans passed the legislation that became Michigan Public Act 4 of 2011 or P.A. 4 or the “Emergency Manager Act” or “local government and school district fiscal accountability act” or, as I call it, the Financial Martial Law Act, they took a subtle step that few noticed. They changed the name of “Emergency Financial Manager” to simply “Emergency Manager”.

Why did they do this? A quick look at the new law tells the tale.

In P.A. 4, there is a “Definitions” section and one of the items there is this:

“Emergency manager” or “manager” means the emergency manager appointed under section 15.…
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BREAKING: Mich Teachers’ Union WILL be supporting recall of Gov. Rick Snyder!

Early this week, I reported that the Michigan Education Association (MEA), the union for Michigan teachers, was getting involved with various recall efforts around the state. After hearing from Chris Bowers at Daily Kos, I pulled my punch a bit with this update:

UPDATE: As Chris Bowers from Daily Kos indicates, the MEA has not officially endorsed the recall of Rick Snyder. As you can see below, their language seems to indicate that they are but it is vague enough that a true endorsement isn’t implicit. I’ll update with more information as I get it.

Well, THIS is your update. The MEA WILL be getting involved with the recall of Governor Rick Snyder along with a number of other GOP lawmakers.…

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