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WARNING: This is a Republican Takeover

WARNING: This is a Republican Takeover

What’s the Mayan word for “Tea Partier”?

Dear people who live outside of Michigan,

Michigan is a “blue state.” Democrats have won the state in every presidential election since 1992. Clinton, Gore, Kerry and Obama. Yet in blue Michigan, we know exactly what happens when Republicans take control of all three branches of state government: corporations win and people lose.

In less than two years we’ve seen a time bomb of tax increases for the poor, attacks on teachers and the introduction of a package of bills that will give us the most restrictive abortion rights laws in the country once the Republicans pass them in the next few weeks.…

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UPDATED: Michigan Court of Appeals delays ruling on Emergency Manager repeal petition signatures, weighs forming a 7-judge panel to review

This is unprecedented

The Michigan Court of Appeals ruled today that the petitions for the repeal of Michigan’s Emergency Manager law did NOT comply with the law. This is despite the sworn printer’s affidavit and expert analysis proving otherwise.

However, the Court also said that prior rulings relating to “substantial compliance” compel them to allow the petitions and to validate the signatures.

However Part 2, they also said they believe that the prior rulings were in error and that they shouldn’t be held to them. In an unprecedented move, they decided to poll all 28 members of the Court of Appeals on whether they should appoint a seven-judge conflict resolution panel to hear the case and stayed its decision ordering the referendum be placed on the ballot until that panel rules.

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New Obama campaign ad: “Jobs” and yet more lies from Mitt Romney

GOP: The Goddam Obstructionist Pissants

The Obama campaign has a powerful new television ad out titled “Jobs” that calls out Republican obstructionists in Congress who refuse to act on the President’s jobs plan:

From the Obama campaign:

Obama for America today released a new television advertisement called “Jobs” that asks Americans to join the President in calling on Congress to pass his commonsense bipartisan plan to create jobs now as we continue to recover from the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression and rebuild an economy that’s meant to last.

Nearly nine months ago, President Obama gave a speech before Congress where he laid out the American Jobs Act, with ideas to cut taxes to help small businesses hire and grow, rebuild American infrastructure, create pathways back to work for Americans looking for jobs, and cut taxes for every American worker and their families – all paid for within the President’s long-term deficit reduction plan.

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VIDEOS of Michigan Republicans shutting down House committee hearing on omnibus package of anti-abortion bills

Democracy? Piffle! That’s not for people who disagree with us.

Yesterday, I wrote about the Michigan House Republicans rushing through a package of bills to limit women’s access to safe and affordable abortions services before hearing testimony from opponents of the odious legislation. The legislation is being described as “the most extreme legislation … anywhere in the country”.

The hearing on these bills, legislation that will have a widespread and negative impact on women across Michigan, was scheduled for a scant 90 minutes. Even so, the chair of the Committee cut it short by ten minutes, ensuring that those opposing the legislation were denied their chance to speak and be heard.…

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Michigan House GOP rushes omnibus package of anti-abortion bills through – “most extreme legislation in the country” (updated)

Everything old and evil is new again in Michigan

In a dramatic display of raw power, Michigan House Republicans pivoted from their anti-union, pro-corporate efforts to rush through a package of bills limiting women’s access to abortion services in what is being called “the most extreme legislation…anywhere in the country”.

A hearing held by the Health Policy House Committee was held this morning and then was abruptly ended, preventing opponents from voicing their opposition. The committee then passed the legislation and sent it to the full House.

A spokesperson for Planned Parenthood Mid and South Michigan said about 90 people showed up at the Health Policy Committee hearing to testify against the bill, but Committee Chair Gail Haines (R-Waterford) abruptly ended the hearing and cut off all testimony after a Michigan Right to Life spokesperson and only a few others were able to speak.
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Why Republicans Suck at Twitter Parody

Why Republicans Suck at Twitter Parody

Or “50 Teleprompter Jokes to Amuse Your Boss”

A few days ago the Romney campaign created a parody Twitter to mock Bill Clinton’s supposed gaffes. And, of course, it was sad.

I’m back, baby!! RT @NKingofDC So it’s starting to look like a three-way race after all: Romney vs. Obama vs. Clinton.— Bill Clinton (@Bill_Clinton12) June 5, 2012

This made me think: Why are there no viral right-wing parody or satire accounts on Twitter? Of course there is @MichelleMalkin. But she’s actually Michelle Malkin.

When Mashable put together its list of top 10 Hysterical Political Parodies on Twitter, the only parody of a Democrat on the list was of irascible Rahm Emmanuel—and I’m sure that was created by a liberal.…

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Michigan Rising’s effort to recall Michigan Governor Rick Snyder ends

The good fight was fought

After the devastating result on Tuesday to recall Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, Michigan Rising, the group who organized two efforts to recall Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, has decided to end its signature gathering. It’s a smart decision given the apparent lack of enthusiasm, interest and level of involvement by Michiganders from the highest levels of the Michigan Democratic Party and unions to the ground level grassroots volunteers. A sparse turnout at their kickoff rally was only one of many symptoms of what appears to be a malaise that has infected progressive activists in Michigan. This only became more apparent as they reached June 1st with only a few thousand signatures, well below what would be needed to be successful.…

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Mitt Gives Up On Michigan

Mitt Gives Up On Michigan

What’s the opposite of a victory lap?

Why would Mitt Romney think he has any chance of winning Michigan?

It’s hard to remember this now, but Mitt Romney only won the Michigan GOP primary by a margin of 3%. Rick Santorum basically gave Mitt the Michigan primary and the nomination by saying JFK made him “want to puke.”

Mitt, the son of a former governor of Michigan, was born and raised in posh Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, which needs its own Real Housewives franchise. Yet only 38 percent of state residents think he’s the right height to be a Michigander. He’s losing to President Obama by an average of 7.5 percent.…

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