Ecorse Firefighters union contract dismissed by Emergency Manager – fulltime firefighters reduced by 57%

The new powers granted to Emergency Managers in Michigan by Public Act 4 (the “Emergency Manager Law”) claimed another victim last month, one that went largely under the radar with the exception of a blurb in the News Herald. Effective in July, Emergency Manager Joyce A. Parker slashed the number of full-time firefighters from 14 to 6. The remaining 8 full-time firefighters were given the option to be reassigned as part-time employees and the city’s EMS services were outsourced to a private company that is said to have poor response time. Here are some highlights from the letter sent to the Ecorse Fire Fighters Union Local 684.…

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Michele Bachmann is the gift that has only begun giving

Liar, liar, pants on fire.

On her victory lap of Iowa yesterday, Straw Poll winner Rep. Michele Bachmann paid repeated tribute to her local roots, and repeatedly mentioned her family reunion that day, citing it as an excuse for her late arrival at a local party event in Waterloo.

But Bachmann’s mother and two cousins told POLITICO’s Emily Schultheis that Bachmann didn’t attend the reunion, though her husband and children did. Her spokeswoman, Alice Stewart, didn’t respond to two emails asking for an explanation of the disparity.

Why lie about an empirical fact that is easily proven to be a lie?…

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John Waltz’s press release regarding his run for MI-06

As I reported last week, John Waltz is running for Congress in Michigan’s 6th District. Today, he released a press release about his bid.

Who: John W. Waltz
What: John Waltz filing to run for US Congress in Kalamazoo, Michigan
When: 11:30 AM August 15th, 2011

Contact person: Finance Director Justin O’Brien 315.247.2888.

The 2012 election is a whole new ball-game and last week John Waltz filed to run for the 6th Congressional District after 7 months of grassroots involvement in local recall elections.

John’s statements on Congressman Upton:
“Fred has been playing short-sighted games with his vote on the debt ceiling.

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He ain’t heavy, he’s my corporation

Now that we’ve learned that corporations are people, I got to thinking about the implications of this. It’s something, frankly, that I’ve known since I saw The Corporation. However, this is the first time I’ve heard it uttered with complete sincerity by a politician who knew people could hear him or her.

If corporations are people, that should bring with it some interesting baggage. I started tweeting using the hashtag #RomneyCorpsRPeople, just sort of thinking out loud.

I think I’ll try to seduce a coporation tonite…

Went to the corporation next door to borrow a cup of sugar. They told me to fuck off.

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Michigan invaded by Super Mosquitoes – Gallinipper (Psorophora ciliate)

After a very wet spring followed by a very dry early summer, lower Michigan has been unseasonably wet for the past month. A couple of weeks ago we got 12 inches of rain in two days and then several more inches two days later. The result has been a massive spike in mosquito populations unlike anything I have ever seen.

But a new type of mosquito is being found in Washtenaw County where I live: the Gallinipper or Psorophora ciliata. These new mosquitoes can reach the size of a small wasp and their bite packs a wallop. They can even bite through canvas!…

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Sgt. Angie Johnson & Sidewinders Band (aka 571st Air Force Band, 131st Bomb Wing) ROCKIN’ OUT!!!

Utterly brilliant. Sgt. Angie Johnson & Sidewinders Band:

Staff Sgt Angie Johnson,The nine-piece band known to the government as the 571st Air Force Band, 131st Bomb Wing, Air National Guard. The band is the Sidewinders. Singing Rolling In The Deep (original by Adele) …
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Ron Paul should demand a recount

Whoa, that was close.

Michele Bachmann has been named the winner of the Iowa straw poll, taking 4,823 votes out of nearly 17,000 cast. Ron Paul was a close runner-up, taking 4,671 votes and trailing Bachmann by less than 200 ballots. In a distant third place was former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, who took 2,293 votes after investing heavily in the event.

There was less than 1% difference between them. Ron Paul should demand a recount. It’s amazing when the guy who repeatedly calls for abolishing the Fed and the IRS is the most lucid and sane-sounding guy on the debate stage.…

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Newsweek columnist John Avlon asks “Are Republicans at war with reality?”

Whoa. A mainstream media figure gets it. John Avlon, senior columnist at Newsweek and Daily Beast contributor asks, in a piece for CNN, “Are Republicans at war with reality?”.

So here’s what I learned watching Thursday night’s Republican debate:

States’ rights should rule the day, unless you’re gay.

Small government is the rule unless a rapist impregnates his victim.

Loyalty oaths should be the new normal.

Ten-to-one spending cuts to tax increases is an ideologically unacceptable compromise.

And refusing to raise the debt ceiling is a stand for fiscal responsibility even if it were to trigger an immediate default.

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