The man who killed Bobby Kennedy

Sirhan Sirhan was denied parole again. I wonder which part of “rot in jail for the rest of your anti-Semitic life” he didn’t understand?”

I’m just askin’……

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Blue Wave News is up and running again

For those who follow other pragmatic progressive blogs, the most-awesome Blue Wave News is back online after being hacked over a month ago. Stop by and tell them Eclectablog sent you!

I’m just sayin’……

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Help Wanted: President of the United States

Imagine if Barack Obama had received a true-to-life, realistic job preview of the job he was about to take on. Imagine if, in February 2007, when he decided to throw his hat into the ring in the run for president, he had read the following HELP WANTED ad, one that accurately reflects the road ahead of him.

February 2007 – HELP WANTED – Seeking: President of the United States


Seeking a qualified individual to act as the President of the United States from January 2009 until at least January 2013. Employment contract may be extended for an additional four years upon successful completion of first term.…

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Very serious GOP legislation in Wisconsin

As everyone who has been paying attention to national news over the past two weeks knows, the political situation in Wisconsin right now is very tense. The Senate Democrats are in exile to prevent an anti-union bill that will strip collective bargaining rights from teachers and other public employees from coming to a vote. Tea Party Governor Scott Walker is issuing blackmail threats and officially-worded lies about the impact of union members’ self-funded benefits and health care packages on the State’s budget. Union members have essentially staged an occupation of the Capitol building.

Things are very, very strained.

So a couple of Republican lawmakers from Wisconsin have stepped into the breach and offered legislation that will certainly help to calm these troubled waters:

Although representatives deny any connection to the recent prank call on the governor, two legislators began circulating a bill Monday that would ban making trick calls masking the caller’s true identity.…
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Will President Obama get credit for this? Unlikely.

Yesterday, President Obama indicated that he would be willing to modify some conditions of the Affordable Care Act to please some governors out there, many of them Republicans:

President Obama sought to defuse criticism of the new health-care overhaul Monday by saying he is willing to give states an earlier opportunity to opt out of certain key requirements – but only if they can find their own ways to accomplish the law’s goals.


If Congress approves the plan, states could gain exemption by 2014 rather than 2017 from some central and controversial elements of the law: that most Americans carry health insurance, that many employers offer their workers coverage, and that states create insurance marketplaces to help individuals and small businesses buy health plans that meet federal rules.

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Tuesday morning cat in boxes

Because it’s Tuesday and what better time to watch a hilarious video of a cat trying to get into boxes that are too small?

I’m just sayin’……

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GOP out to defeat unions, not rein in budgets

GOP out to defeat unions, not rein in budgets

This graphic from an email sent out by the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) in a fundraising email this week tells you everything you need to know about the relationship between American union members and the GOP:


Remember, in Wisconsin, the front line in the GOP’s war against American labor unions, it is NOT about wage concessions. The union members have already made those concessions.

It is NOT about union members paying for their own benefits and pensions. They already pay for ALL of their own benefits and pensions.

This is about defeating unions once and for all because they are some of the top political contributors to the GOP’s arch enemies: the Democrats.…

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The best and the worst of the Oscars

The best and the worst of the Oscars

I watched the Academy Awards for awhile last night, mostly because I like train wrecks and the Oscars are always good for one or two of those. The biggest one that I saw before I gave up and went to bed was when 94 year-old Kirk Douglas took the stage.

Honestly, I could barely watch it was so horrible. Its bad enough that he has trouble speaking but to have him looking that bad and being nearly incomprehensible while leering and letching at Anne Hathaway was really embarrassing. Ugh.

I was also following the hashtag “#Oscars” on Twitter and my favorite tweet of the night last night was the one that came right after Trent from Nine Inch Nails got the award for Best Score for The Social Network:

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Woozle goodness

Woozle goodness

This is Kona.

90% blind from diabetes. Mostly deaf. But she still enjoys a good nap.

Kona is solid evidence that not everything about getting old sucks. This little dog has a lot to teach me about life, I think.

I’m just sayin’……

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The Wisconsin Lie

So, maybe you’re thinking to yourself, “Well, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is a jerk but he has a good point. Why should Wisconsin taxpayers pick up the tab for all those unionized teachers’ and public employees’ pensions and benefits? They should pick up more of that tab themselves.”

And we could have a valid conversation about that. We could debate the relative merits of union compensation and the costs to taxpayers and society in general when taxpayers are paying for the benefits and pensions of public workers and the educators of our children.

We could have that conversation if the taxpayers of Wisconsin were actually paying anything for the pensions and benefits of Wisconsin teachers and public workers.…

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Quote of the Day

Obama is not a brown-skinned, anti-war socialist who gives away free healthcare. You’re thinking of Jesus.

— John Fugelsang, stand-up comedian

I’m just sayin’……

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It's only news if it hurts President Obama

It’s only news if it hurts President Obama

There have now been FIVE federal court rulings on the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Of this, only two of them have gone against the ruling and one of them was only against part of it (the federal mandate).

So, how has the media discussed these rulings? Here’s the answer in graphical from House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi:

Steve Benen at the Washington Monthly has more:

As a legal matter, none of these ruling is more important than the other — they’re all at the federal district level, they’re all dealing with the same law, and they’ll all be subjected to an appeal.…
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