Benton Harbor covered on the Rachel Maddow Show, my wife gets a shout out

Michigan embarrassed on the national stage

Rachel Maddow had another terrific piece on Benton Harbor last night. In it, she wonders out loud if the “non-profit” Cornerstone Alliance, the development arm of Whirlpool, might secretly be conspiring to buy the broadcast license of the city radio station, WBHC. During the segment, you’ll see a panoramic photo taken by my wife, Anne C. Savage, that shows you the impact of the Harbor Shores golf course on the beautiful Jean Klock Park. Watch for the “Anne Savage Photography” notation at the top of the screen.

One piece not mentioned in this segment that focuses a great deal on the Harbor Shores golf course is that Emergency Manager Joe Harris appointed himself to the Golf Course Oversight Panel.…

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How Occupy Changed the Conversation

My posse’s on Wall Street

-@Markos Moulitsas

“I ask you to judge me by the enemies I have made.” Franklin D. Roosevelt

Franklin D. Roosevelt is not Barack Obama. FDR was born into American royalty, the cousin of a President. He had a chance to study the intimacies of power more closely than any President until George W. Bush, who wasn’t really so into studying.

 In 1936, as FDR was running for reelection, he asked to be judged by the bankers, tycoons and right wing know nothings who resisted his remarkably pro-worker policies. And he won.

 I’m going to suggest to you humbly that one does not become the first African American president by making enemies.…

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Michigan Senate Majority Leader introduces bill to prohibit university students from unionizing

Oops. Almost forgot one.

In the Michigan Republican’s never-ending effort to stamp out every single public employee union in the state, Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville introduced legislation this week to make sure university graduate student research assistants (GSRAs) don’t get any wise ideas.

State Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville has introduced a bill that would bar graduate student research assistants from unionizing.

The bill comes as debate swirls at the University of Michigan about whether GSRAs are employees, and thus allowed to unionize, or are students, and therefore ineligible to be represented by labor unions. The Michigan Employee Relations Commission (MERC) is holding hearings on the issue.

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Both GOP presidential front-runners would have let Chrysler & GM fail

It’s a winning message…for President Obama

It’s not just Mitt Romney that would have crashed the economy by letting Chrysler and GM fail. Rick Santorum would have, too:

Making his Michigan campaign debut in the home of the auto industry, Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum said Thursday he would not have supported the government bailout of General Motors and Chrysler.”If we had just stayed out of it completely and let the market work, I believe that the market would have worked,” Santorum said in an address to the Detroit Economic Club. “Would the auto industry look different than it does today?…
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Could Mitt Romney Go Bankrupt?

His morals have been in a blind trust for decades

Mitt Romney isn’t stupid.

Okay, in 2007-2008 he apparently invested $35.4 million in a presidential run that was over by Valentine’s Day. But that was to be the next Reagan. Priceless.

He hasn’t spent any of his quarter billion in assets yet for this Reaganpalooza. He isn’t receiving much support from small donors as compared to President Obama or John McCain. But Wall Street loves him.

The problem is NO ONE expected this primary to go this long.

The way you earn big donations in the primary is to appear inevitable while making your opponents seem implausible.…

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Benton Harbor Emergency Manager Joe Harris appoints himself to several city commissions

It’s good to be the king

The Herald-Palladium reports today that Benton Harbor Emergency Manager Joe Harris appointed himself to several city commissions. I guess he’s not planning on leaving soon after all…

In an order dated Tuesday, Emergency Manager Joseph Harris removed, appointed or reappointed members to the Brownfield Redevelopment Authority, the Cemetery Board, the Twin City Area Transportation Authority, the Downtown Development Authority, the Golf Course Oversight Panel, the Benton Harbor Housing Commission, the Benton Harbor Public Library Board, the Planning Commission, the Public Safety/Recreation Committee and the Board of Review.

Harris said Wednesday the city has to make appointments and reappointments to the committees annually but had not done that in the past.

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Michigan GOP rebuked by TWO rulings by the SAME judge. Highland Park Emgcy Mgr may be out of a job.

Take that! And THAT!

Ingham County Circuit Judge William Collette is on a roll. Yesterday he delivered two rulings that set Michigan Republicans back on their heels.

First, he ruled that an obscene and blatant power grab by Oakland County Republicans is unconstitutional.

An Ingham County judge on Wednesday struck down a controversial state law that changed the way Oakland County’s commissioner districts are drawn.

Judge William Collette said the law was unconstitutional.

Plaintiffs hailed the striking down of what they described as a “Republican power grab.” Lawyers for Gov. Rick Snyder, a defendant, said an appeal is likely.

Collette ruled the law, Public Act 280, should have received a two-thirds majority vote because it dealt with a local matter; violated the Headlee Amendment against unfunded mandates, and impinged on the rights of county voters to petition for judicial review of their reapportionment plan.

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The Romney Desperation Syndrome

The best election money can buy

How desperate is Mitt Romney to win in his “home state” of Michigan? THIS desperate.

Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney and his allies at the super PAC Restore Our Future are spending $1,240,230 in Michigan this week, according to a Republican media buyer. The former Pennsylvania senator is spending $42,443 — not a typo — and none of his super PAC supporters have spent anything.That means there will be 29 times more Romney ads than Santorum ads on the air in the Wolverine state.

Twenty. Nine. Times.

Good lord. And he’s losing to Santorum in the last four polls taken in Michigan.…

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