Santorum campaign protest rally outside Mich GOP HQ for that ONE delegate draws three. People.

The never-ending Clown Show™

As I wrote about yesterday, Rick Santorum is fighting tooth and nail for that one Michigan delegate that they believe was inappropriately awarded to Mitt Romney. So, they staged a protest rally outside the headquarters of the Michigan Republican Party (MRP) headquarters.

It drew three. Not three busloads. Not three dozen.

Three. People.

These Republicans could sure learn a thing or two about how to protest, amirite?

Only three people showed up to a rally at Michigan GOP headquarters in Lansing to show their dissatisfaction with the party’s allocation of delegates between Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum following the Feb.
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Rush Limbaugh says he called Sandra Fluke a slut & a prostitute because “he became like the left”

Oh, brother…

First, I want to say a bit about why this whole Rush Limbaugh thing has me so incensed. I have a daughter who is just about Sandra Fluke’s age. She’s in graduate school and a highly-intelligent young woman.

And she’s on the pill.

I know this because she told me about it. We have a good relationship and, though I gulped when the conversation about it started, I know she’s going to be sexually active and that’s not only fine by me, I hope she has fun. She should have fun. Sex is fun, especially when you’re young. It’s not shameful or something to be ashamed of.…

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Predictions: Super Tuesday

Time to ship the Santorum Surge to the Smithsonian’s collection of Unfortunate Metaphors

With Eric Cantor, Tom Coburn and John Ashcroft’s endorsements, Barbara Bush making robocalls and the Drudge Report ignoring the biggest story of the campaign, the GOP establishment is determined to make Super Tuesday Mitt Romney’s big night. And it will probably work.

I think the story of the night will be that Rick Santorum would have won Ohio if he’d been on the ballot all over the state. He’s not. Instead, Mitt will take most of the delegates and Gingrich will do second best.…

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Peter Gabriel hammers Rush Limbaugh for using his music during the attack on Sandra Fluke


Peter Gabriel has learned that it was his song “Sledgehammer” that was being played during the segment of Rush Limbaugh’s Hate Show where he said that women like Sandra Fluke who get their contraceptives paid for by their insurance company should film themselves having sex and put it on the internet.

Peter Gabriel is not amused. He issued this statement on Monday afternoon on his Facebook page:

Peter Gabriel has asked that this response be published when he found out that his track ‘Sledgehammer’ has been used on the Rush Limbaugh show:

Peter was appalled to learn that his music was linked to Rush Limbaugh’s extraordinary attack on Sandra Flute.

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Two more advertisers abandon Rush Limbaugh’s hate show – AOL and Tax Resolution bail

It’s still working

Two more national advertisers have pulled their advertising dollars from Rush Limbaugh’s odious hate show: AOL and Tax Resolution.

AOL, parent company of the Huffington Post, became the eighth advertiser to pull its ads issuing this statement:

At AOL one of our core values is that we act with integrity. We have monitored the unfolding events and have determined that Mr. Limbaugh’s comments are not in line with our values. As a result we have made the decision to suspend advertising on The Rush Limbaugh Radio show.

The ninth company was Tax Resolution who tweeted “We have decided to join other advertisers and suspend our sponsorship of The Rush Limbaugh Show” this morning.…

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LOLGOP liveblog of Super Tuesday primary TOMORROW 5 pm ET + Eclectablog news

Meta me this

First, a big welcome to our many new Eclectablog fans. We’ve seen explosive growth of Eclectablog in the past couple of months. Last month we had nearly 65,000 unique visits and we are on track to break the 100,000/month milestone in March. We appreciate your visits and, more importantly, your comments and insights.

Tomorrow, starting at 5 p.m. ET, LOLGOP will be liveblogging the GOP Super Tuesday primary. If you haven’t enjoyed his liveblogging, you won’t want to miss this one.

One way to support Eclectablog is to put a “Like” on our Facebook page. We are less than 200 ‘Likes’ away from having 1,000.…

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Santorum continues fight for that one Michigan delegate – UPDATED


Honestly, I never thought that Michigan GOP Primary Clown Show™ would still be the gift to Democrats that keeps on giving a week later but, well, it is.

Though the state’s primary was almost a week ago, the Rick Santorum campaign is continuing to dispute the primary’s results. The campaign has taken their fight over the way the Michigan Republican Party apportioned two of the state’s at-large delegates to the Republican National Committee.The campaign is also organizing a rally to be held later today in front of the Michigan Republican headquarters in Lansing. Santorum supporters will call on Michigan GOP leaders to reconsider their decision to award both the party’s statewide delegates to Mitt Romney.
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Nolan Finley is shocked – SHOCKED! – that union members support President Obama

It’s just SHOCKING!

Nolan Finley, editorial page editor of The Detroit News is positively astonished that the UAW and other unions will be supporting President Obama’s reelection campaign.

Now we know how United Auto Workers President Bob King will repay Barack Obama for holding the union harmless from the Detroit automakers’ bankruptcy: He’ll provide the ground troops for the president’s class war.

The Daily Caller blog says it found evidence that King and the UAW are behind the “99 Percent Spring,” which aims to train and deploy 100,000 Americans for “non-violent direct action” in the months leading up to November’s presidential election.

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