Arbor Brewing Co. ignores anti-choice flak to host successful Planned Parenthood fundraiser

Last night Planned Parenthood of Mid and South Michigan held a beer-tasting fundraiser at Ann Arbor’s Arbor Brewing Company. I posted a few photos from the event HERE and there are many more below from my wife, Anne C. Savage.

I had a chance to talk with Rene Greff, co-owner with her husband Matt, of Arbor Brewing Co. and the Corner Brewery in Ypsilanti. This event was their 14th annual fundraiser for Planned Parenthood and, as you might imagine, they have faced stiff pushback from anti-choice protesters over the years and this year was no exception. Thankfully there were no protesters at the event but there was plenty of hostility directed at them prior to it.…

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(Steve) Jobs

I’ve had it in my mind for a couple of years now to write about Apple and its impact on the world in terms of creating wealth. With the death of the brilliant Steve Jobs, it seems an apropos to do it now.

One of the things that has fascinated me about Jobs and the amazing company that he built was how much wealth they created for others around the world. His story is, of course, almost entirely unique but it still shows us the capacity for individuals and collectives (i.e., companies) to create wealth where none existed before. The invention of the iPhone is, perhaps, the most illustrative example.…

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Fantastic turnout for Planned Parenthood’s fundraiser at Arbor Brewing Co.

Lots of folks, lots of fun and lotsa beer!


Full house!

State Rep. Jeff Irwin checking in

Nom, nom, nom

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Media makeover for #occupywallstreet protesters

I think Andy Cobb might juuu-uuust be on to something here.

I’m just sayin’……

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INTERVIEW: Former U.S. Congressman Mark Schauer from the BlueGreen Alliance

Former MI-07 Congressman Mark Schauer rode the Democratic tidal wave into office in 2008, defeating “The Original Tea Partier” Tim Walberg, only to be sent packing by a fickle MI-07 electorate in 2010. Since his defeat that put Walberg (eww) back in office, Schauer has stayed involved in politics and now works with the BlueGreen Alliance (BGA) as the national Co-Chair for their Jobs21! project.

BGA is a fascinating collection of labor and environmental groups, 14 in all, working to help promote a “green economy”. The Jobs21! campaign is a grassroots effort, coordinated by BGA, to create millions of new jobs in the green energy sector.…

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BREAKING! Michigan Democratic Party finally gets involved in recalls – Wahoo! Oh. Wait.

Yup. I got an email today telling me that the Michigan Democratic Party is finally getting involved in various recalls around the state and asking me for money to help with the effort.

Which recalls?

The ones against Democrats.

Fellow Democrats:

Last week, the Michigan Republican Party and its Tea Party allies succeeded in the first steps to recall Democratic State Representatives Jim Townsend (Royal Oak), Lisa Brown (West Bloomfield), and Brandon Dillon (Grand Rapids). The recall language approved was based on their votes AGAINST massive tax breaks for corporations at the expense of schools and seniors and the dictatorial Emergency Financial Manager legislation.

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Occupy Wall Street events around Michigan

By now you’ve surely heard about the Occupy Wall Street protest rally happening in New York City. The rally cry of “The Other 99%” is resonating across the country as these protesters, many coming in from far away, protest the Wall Street firms and individuals that ran our country into an economic black hole and came out shiny clean and with fat bonuses in their paychecks. Meanwhile, after bailing their corrupt and sorry asses out of the mess they created, the taxpayers of America struggle to keep their nose above the proverbial water line. Sometimes they go under.

Occupy Wall Street is leaderless resistance movement with people of many colors, genders and political persuasions.…
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Planned Parenthood’s 14th Annual Ann Arbor Beer Tasting – TOMORROW! 10/5/2011

Tomorrow night is Michigan Planned Parenthood’s 14th Annual Ann Arbor Beer Tasting. They hope to raise $2,500 for the cause while raising awareness about the important role Planned Parenthood plays in the lives of Michigan women and women across the country. From their Facebook page:

Get your tickets NOW!

Three ticket levels
Lager $30
Pilsener $50
Stout $100

The battle to protect Planned Parenthood and women’s health is ongoing. We need our friends and supporters now more than ever to stand up for Planned Parenthood and the 90,000 men, women, and teens who count on Planned Parenthood for cancer screenings, STD testing, and birth control right here in Michigan.

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