Michigan’s Emergency Manager overseer Roger Fraser has a sketchy financial history of his own

My latest piece at A2Politico gives an illuminating look at the number two administrator in the Snyder administration in charge of our state’s Emergency Managers. His name is Roger Fraser and, until earlier he was the City Administrator for Ann Arbor, Michigan’s sixth largest city, a position he held for nine years. He currently has the position of Deputy State Treasurer for Local Government Services working under State Treasurer Andy Dillon.

During Fraser’s time as City Administrator, Ann Arbor took on nearly a half billion dollars of new debt. The city employees’ pension system went from being over-funded by over 10% to being under-funded my nearly that amount.…

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CONTRACT BROKEN: Detroit School Emergency Mgr cuts all union employees wages 10% + more

Unionized school employees in Detroit were dealt another blow today as Emergency Manager Roy Roberts wiped away their union contract and cut the wages by 10% across the board. This comes after Detroit Public School (DPS) employees accepted a major wage concession just a year and a half ago.

Wielding power under a new state law to modify union contracts, Detroit Public Schools emergency manager Roy Roberts this morning imposed a 10 percent wage cut on all employees and moved the district to a more costly benefits plan.

The move, announced by Roberts this morning at a meeting with leaders of eight unions representing nearly 10,000 employees, will save DPS $81 million dollars this year alone at a time when the district is struggling with a $327 million budget deficit.

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Dear Republicans…

H/T to my dear friend Marla.…

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Just in case you thought all us hippy liberal Democrats were making stuff up…

You know how bald long-haired hippy freak Democrats like me are always saying, “Republicans would vote against their own mother if they thought President Obama was for her”? Rachel Maddow has gleefully gone after the GOP for changing their position as soon as the president voices support. Even President Obama himself talks about it.

Well, today, Speaker John Boehner confirmed what the rest of us already knew: Republicans choose their sides on issues after they find out the president’s side. Then they choose the opposite.

A large number of conservative Republicans are opposing Boehner’s [budget] proposal, arguing it does not go far enough in reducing government spending.…
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Thank heavens for teeny tiny eensy weensy itty bitty li’l gifts

Like this one.

The relatively inactive summer continues for the Michigan Legislature.

The state House technically has a session scheduled for Wednesday but no roll call votes are expected. Attendance won’t be recorded.

A House appropriations subcommittee has scheduled a hearing, but otherwise there are no formal meetings of lawmakers planned for the state Capitol.

The next scheduled House session is set for Aug. 24.

Sessions of the House and Senate will be relatively infrequent in July and August.

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“Coming together” gets redefined by Michigan Governor Rick Snyder

This is rich:

Lawmakers in Washington should look to Michigan “as a good role model for success” as they try to resolve a battle over raising the national debt ceiling that is approaching a crisis, Gov. Rick Snyder said today.

“I mean that,” Snyder said during a tour of the Delray area of southwest Detroit where he met with residents and community leaders to discuss a new bridge that’s planned across the Detroit River.

“We didn’t have a truly balanced budget for a long time,” but “we came to an agreement together.”

Considering the Snyder is Republican and works with a state House and Senate that have Republican majorities, saying that “we came to an agreement together” is an absolute lie.…

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Mark Schauer announces he will not run for Congress in 2012

Well, this is a disappointment. From an email I received from former MI-07 Congressman Mark Schauer this morning:

I wanted to personally email you, before you heard it in the press, that I will not be a candidate for Congress in 2012. As you can imagine, with all the dysfunction in the Congress today, this was not an easy decision.

A combination of factors led me to this conclusion — the joy I’ve found in re-connecting with my family, especially our three little grandsons; the difference I’m making as national co-chair of the BlueGreen Alliance Jobs 21! campaign; and Republican Congressional redistricting that removes my hometown of Battle Creek from my old Congressional district.

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Michigan Radio’s “The Environment Report” wins coveted Edward R. Murrow Award

Kudos to Michigan Radio:

The Environment Report from Michigan Radio has been recognized for excellence in broadcast journalism by the Radio Television Digital News Association with a 2011 National Edward R. Murrow Award.

The Environment Report received the award for Best Audio News Documentary in the Radio: Large Market category for “Coal: Dirty Past, Hazy Future.

In the series, The Environment Report‘s Rebecca Williams, Mark Brush, Lester Graham and Shawn Allee take an in-depth look at the future of coal in this country and the true costs of our dependence on coal. The series explores the role that coal plays in our lives and in the lives of those who depend on coal mining for a living.

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