BREAKING: Major conflict of interest for elections panel member reviewing Emergency Manager petition challenge

Conflict of interest much?

As I have been reporting on (HERE and HERE), the effort to repeal Public Act 4 — Michigan’s Emergency Manager law — is being challenged by a group called Citizens for Fiscal Responsibility. The group is asking elections officials — the Board of State Canvassers — to throw out all of the petitions because the heading is in the wrong font despite the fact that the petition printer’s affidavit says it is in the correct font. The challenge will be heard later this month by the Board. And one member of the panel has a major conflict of interest.…

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Rick Santorum exits stage left

Missed it by THAT much

As of this afternoon, we won’t have Rick Santorum to kick around anymore. He has suspended his campaign which, in politispeak, means he reserves the right to get back in if Romney crashes and burns. It’s a shrewd move because if anyone could crash and burn when he has the advantage, it’s Mitt Romney.

So, good-bye, Rick. Goodbye to the teleprompter-using candidate who thinks teleprompters should be illegal.

Goodbye to the guy who fought tooth and nail in Michigan for one lousy delegate (smart!)

Goodbye to the man aspiring to be the Leader of the Free World™ who thinks wanting American kids to get a college education if they want one is “snobby”.…

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Super PACs turn their attention from supporting candidates to destroying President Obama

Get ready, this is about to get VERY ugly

The opening salvos in the involvement of Super PACs in the 2012 presidential race happened in the past week. There are two very obvious examples and they should give us all a taste of the bitterness we're going to see over the next seven months. First, American Crossroads, Karl Rove's privately-funded group, announced...
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Why I Consider the Ryan Budget a ‘Cry for Help’

Mr. Ryan knows firsthand how lazy the government dole can make you.

Rep. Paul Ryan is fond of saying that our safety net has turned into a “hammock that lulls able-bodied people to lives of dependency and complacency, that drains them of their will and their incentive to make the most of their lives.”

He’s a leading purveyor of the belief that people who are getting rich off the government are the poor. The poor are the “lucky duckies,” the true robber barons of this Gilded Age.

With that in mind, Ryan recently unveiled a budget that guts Medicare, Medicare, student loans and every other program that helps struggling Americans in order to pay for more military spending and huge tax breaks for people who don’t need them.…

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More on Emergency Manager law repeal effort being derailed by petition FONT SIZE

Desperation is SUCH an ugly thing

Yesterday I reported that a group known as Citizens for Fiscal Responsibility is challenging the petitions for the repeal effort against Public Act 4 -- Michigan's odious Emergency Manager law. The basis of their complaint is that the font size of part of the petitions is too small. It turns out that there is some case history on this very topic in Michigan...
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Michigan GOP wins a round in its appeal to circumvent the state constitution

The Michigan Republican House caucus won a round in court yesterday. The court allowed three bills passed in an illegal and unconstitutional use of “immediate effect” to remain on the books.

The Court of Appeals has halted a lower court’s injunction ordering House Republicans to grant requests from Democrats to hold recorded roll call votes on whether to put new laws immediately into effect. […]

“We’re disappointed with this emergency ruling, and once a full hearing has been completed we’re confident our claims will be substantiated,” House Minority Leader Richard Hammel, D-Mount Morris Township, said in a statement.

Democrats sought the injunction after repeated attempts to be recognized for motions on the House floor to hold a roll call vote instead of the standing vote the Republicans conduct.

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Opponents of Emergency Manager law repeal challenging petitions due to FONT SIZE


[NOTE: This post has been updated HERE.]

In a clear act of desperation, a group opposing the repeal of Public Act 4 — Michigan’s Emergency Manager law — are challenging the petitions because they say the font size is too small.

[O]pponents of the referendum drive say they’ve found what they’re calling a “fatal error” on the petitions.

The group Citizens for Fiscal Responsibility says the petition itself is printed in the wrong type size, which is contrary to state law.

The group will ask a bipartisan state elections panel to throw out all the petitions at a hearing expected to be held later this month.

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Petition language to recall Governor Rick Snyder approved – UPDATED with video from the hearing

And they’re off!

In a clear statement that they mean business and are not pulling any punches, Michigan Rising the group setting out for a second attempt at recalling Michigan Governor Rick Snyder begins their petition language with the statement “Governor Snyder has abused the children of Michigan”.

Here is the petition language in full:

Governor Snyder has abused the children of Michigan. He cut thousands of children off food aid. He robbed $400 million from the School Aid Fund, then slashed school payments. This forced children into crowded classes. Then he signed more laws that privatize services, attack teachers and blame unions.…
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