The connection between Michigan’s EFM power grab, Rep. Fred Upton and Big Oil/Gas

Based on some tips from folks who have contacted me about my blogging the Big Government TakeoverTM of Benton Harbor by Rick Snyder’s Emergency Financial Manager, Joseph Harris, I’ve been doing some digging into the development known as Harbor Shores. I have found an amazingly tangled web that involves a number of very powerful, very wealthy men.

In the process of developing the Harbor Shores Golf Course/McMansion residential complex which opened last summer, part of a park in Benton Harbor called the Jean Klock park was leased to the developers. The process by which that happened appears to have been very shady.…

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Dean of the House, Cong. John Dingell chosen as Detroit Free Press “Michigan Green Leader”

I am one of those environmentally conscious liberals who has, over the years, had an unfriendly word or ten to say about Congressman John Dingell. For many years he fought the raising of CAFE mileage standards and that really bothered me. But, since that time, I can honestly say that Congressman Dingell has become someone I not only admire, he has become a friend. So, I was very pleased to learn the that the Detroit Free Press had chosen Congressman Dingell as one of their 2011 Michigan Green Leaders.

John Dingell hasn’t always been environmentalists’ most darling member of Congress, it’s true.…
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Michigan Republicans don’t like Michigan Citizen United’s Snyder recall effort

Color me shocked! The Republicans are unhappy with the effort of Michigan Citizens United (webpage to recall Republican Governor Rick Snyder.

They are trying to characterize it as being entirely the effort of the Michigan Education Association, the teachers’ union in our state, based on the fact that an MEA fax number is erroneously listed in some of their literature.

Michigan Republican Party Chairman Robert “Bobby” Schostak said in a news release today that the fax number the group filed with the state is the same fax number as the MEA’s 12-D Coordinating Council, where Schmidt works as a field assistant.…
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MI Gov. Rick Snyder’s takeover of Benton Harbor tied to shoreline development – what Rachel missed

Last night on her show, Rachel Maddow connected some very important dots in the situation that led up to the Big Government TakeoverTM of Benton Harbor, Michigan by Joseph Harris, aka “The Czar of Benton Harbor”.

But she didn’t connect ALL of them.

In her piece we learn these facts about Benton Harbor and its twin city next door, St. Joseph.

St. Joseph Benton Harbor
Population 8,508 10,235
Demographic 89.5% white 85.5% black
Per capita income $33,034 $10,235

We also learn that one of the best parts of Benton Harbor is Jean Klock Park, donated by wealthy benefactors years ago with the stipulation that it be used for the public good and that it remain “the children’s” park.…

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Secession-supporting Texas governor asks for federal aid

Mr. Secessionist himself, Texas Governor Rick Perry is asking for federal help:

Gov. Rick Perry has appealed to President Barack Obama to declare the state a major disaster area as wildfires strike or threaten all but two of the state’s 254 counties…

A “major disaster declaration” would make the state eligible for help in responding to and recovering from the emergency.

Of course, they should receive the help they are asking for. That’s what the federal government is here for, in part. But isn’t it ironic that a man who thinks secession is something that Texas should consider is now holding out his hand to the Federal government in his time of need.…

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Benton Harbor Emergency Financial Mgr. gets right to work

New Benton Harbor Emergency Financial Manager (EFM), effectively the “Czar of Benton Harbor”, Joseph Harris got right to work this weekend in his new capacity by reconfiguring the city’s Planning Commission and Brownfield Commission.

In two directives released Friday, Benton Harbor Emergency Manager Joseph Harris removed members of the Brownfield Redevelopment Authority and Planning Commission, appointed others, and reduced brownfield board membership from nine to five.

The commission and board were reorganized to make them more effective, Harris said. The changes were made “to include people who are interested enough and knowledgeable enough to show up and to make a contribution.”

Eight members of the brownfield authority were removed from office: Mary Adams, Eddie Marshall, Willie Williams, Charles Yarbrough, Don Mitchell, Willie Bledsoe, Mathew Bradley and Juanita Henry.

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Missouri Republicans defy voters, vote to block regulation of puppy mills

I’m pretty stunned by this.

Last fall, the voters approved “Proposition B”, a bill that puts stronger regulations on so-called “puppy mills”, breeding facilities that prioritize cranking out large numbers of puppies over the welfare of the animals themselves.

Last week, Republicans in the Missouri House of Representatives overturned the will of the voters by passing a bill to reverse the effects of Proposition B.

Here’s a report from the Fox News affiliate in St. Louis.


Based on the comments in that report, it seems the main reason for overturning the law is simply to be contrary to anything or any idea put forth by Democrats/liberals.…

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Will the Tea Partiers protest against the Big Govt. Takeover™ of Benton Harbor?

Will the Tea Partiers protest against the Big Govt. Takeover™ of Benton Harbor?


Just kidding. Benton Harbor is more than 90% African American.

I’m just sayin’……

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