Tuesday morning Emergency Manager Law round-up – 4/3/2012

Yes, it’s still the law

In what appears to be a never-ending saga of a ham-handed, clumsy implementation of a constitutionally-questionable law, the Snyder administration has finally won a court battle which put Flint Mayor Dayne Walling out of a job (again) and Emergency Manager Michael Brown back in (again). This and the continuing battles in Detroit and elsewhere to make the Snyder administration obey the law, in this case the Open Meetings Act, have slowed down the relentless push to install Emergency Managers in struggling cities across the state.

I should say that I don’t think the Governor actually relishes the thought of all these cities being his responsibility.…

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Who Said It? Mitt Romney or Mitt Romney?

The true story of a real boy trying to become a puppet.

Yesterday Ann Romney said the general election campaign will “unzip” her husband to reveal just how not “stiff” Mitt actually is.

Echoing the “Etch A Sketch” comment from a few weeks ago, Mrs. Romney is suggesting we haven’t met the Mitt Romney yet. Though Mitt has been running for office since before Justin Bieber was born, somehow the real Mitt is still hiding somewhere in his mom jeans. As if suddenly, in August or September, he’s going to appear as a fully formed super Republican — Jesus “Rand” Reagan.…

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Snyder recall language submitted, clarity hearing set for April 9, 2012

Second time’s a charm

Michigan Rising has risen like a phoenix from the ashes of the first attempt to recall Michigan Governor Rick Snyder and is giving it a second try. Last week, they submitted petition language in Washtenaw County. They had no trouble getting their language approved last year so there is little reason to believe they will have any problems this time either.

Here is their press release from earlier today:

Michigan Rising has filed new language to recall Governor Rick Snyder. The language was filed on March 26th in Washtenaw County. The clarity hearing will be held in Washtenaw County on April 9th at 1:45 p.m.…
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Mitt Doesn’t Value Work

Romney. It’s Mandarin for “job creator”.

In one sentence, what’s wrong with the American economy after 30 years of conservative voodoo economics?

We don’t value work.

I say “we” because, like it or not, we all go down together. We—though we may know better—allow our society to be co-opted by those who value playing with money more than working for it. That’s why a slim majority of Republicans like Mitt Romney, the man personifies the victory of high finance over labor.

Mitt Romney’s expertise is eliminating jobs.

You know how a company’s stock goes up after it announces big layoffs?…

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Judge issues temporary restraining order against Michigan Republicans

I can haz constitutional freedoms?

As I wrote about last week, Michigan Democrats have filed a lawsuit against their GOP colleagues, demanding that they hold roll call votes on "immediate effect" bills when they are requested. Again, the right to ask for a roll call vote if one-fifth of the House members request it is guaranteed in the state constitution. Today, Ingham County Circuit Judge Clinton Canady III granted them a Temporary Restraining Order, compelling the Republicans to...
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Terrorist strikes Planned Parenthood clinic in Wisconsin, detonates bomb

"Pro-Life" has different meanings for different people, apparently

A Planned Parenthood clinic in Grand Chute, Wisconsin was bombed last night. Fortunately, nobody was injured and the building sustained only minor damage from the resulting fire. The bombing is under investigation by the FBI. While presidential candidates like Mitt Romney say...
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Obama takes big lead on Romney in latest Gallup poll

Women make ALL the difference

Barack Obama has taken a 4-point lead over Mitt Romney in Gallup’s latest national poll, up from a 47-47 tie in their last poll.

He’s up over Rick Santorum by an even larger 51-43 gap.

The big change came mainly from from women under 50 years old where President Obama enjoys a more than 30-point lead. This confirms recent polling by the Pew Research Center showing the gap between the president and Romney among all women at 58-38.

In other words, the latest Republican attacks on women appear to be taking their toll on the GOP candidates and that is exactly as it should be.…

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Mitt Romney gets a public spanking by Obama's foreign policy advisors

Mitt Romney gets a public spanking by Obama’s foreign policy advisors

That’s gonna leave a mark

It’s not rare these days to hear Mitt Romney lying his ass off about President Obama and all the things President Romney would do to make things better. However, it IS rare to see as thorough and effective a response as the one from President Obama’s foreign policy team this week in Foreign Policy magazine.

It’s long but every word is worth your attention. Here are some snippets to whet your appetite.

Dear Governor Romney,

The letter in yesterday’s National Review signed by your foreign policy advisors painted a distorted picture of President Obama’s national security record.

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