Vermont Senate follows House by passing single payer healthcare bill

This is absolutely fabulous news:

The [Vermont] state Senate gave preliminary approval Monday to health care legislation that is a key part of Gov. Peter Shumlin’s agenda.

The bill, a version of which already has been passed by the House, would put Vermont on a path toward what it calls a “universal and unified health system” and what the Democratic governor calls single-payer health care, with the objective of ensuring health insurance coverage for every resident.

The Senate legislation won initial approval on a 21-8 vote and is due for final action Tuesday. It calls for setting up a health care marketplace, called an exchange, in keeping with federal health care legislation.

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Jesse Jackson announces lawsuit to be filed on behalf of Benton Harbor

Jesse Jackson was back in Benton Harbor yesterday, this time alongside Congressman John Conyers, Chair of the Michigan Legislative Black Caucus Congressman Fred Durhal, Jr., Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero, Benton Harbor Mayor Wilce Cook, and others. They announced that a lawsuit will soon be filed on behalf of Benton Harbor.

Jackson says they will now file a lawsuit, challenging the law’s constitutionality.

“It simply decimates democracy and gives dictatory powers in someone who does not live here but has the power to sit down officials and cancel contracts, but have power over assets selling off the properties of the city and its assets, that’s un-American” says Jackson.

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Michigan Dems who voted for Rick Snyder must REALLY be ruing that decision now…

Really, people, what the hell did you think you were going to get when you voted for a Republican?

Some excellent analysis with lots of numbers and lists of Ann Arbor-area folks who contributed to Snyder’s campaign at A2Politico.

I’m just sayin’……

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Dems gather enough signatures to recall a 6th Republican, Republican recall efforts bomb

Oh, hardee har har har.

Yesterday, the group collecting signatures to recall Wisconsin Senator Robert Cowles announced they have enough signatures to put his recall on the ballot. That makes the sixth such announcement since the wave of recall campaigns began. Six down, two to go.

Meanwhile, Republican efforts to recall two three Democrats crapped out.

A recall effort targeting two Democratic state senators has fallen short at the deadline.

Organizers had until Monday afternoon to turn in petitions to recall Sen. Lena Taylor of Milwaukee and Sen. Fred Risser of Madison. But the organizers failed to meet the deadline.

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Benton Harbor is a city we’ve failed: The incredible audacity of EFM Joe Harris (Exclusive AUDIO)

I have been writing pretty intensively about the dismissal of the Benton Harbor City Commission by the Emergency Financial Manager, Joe Harris. Like many of you, I am incensed at this draconian step being taken, a disenfranchisement of the residents of Benton Harbor and an abridgement of what I think most of us understand as democracy. Taxation without representation is what led to the American Revolution and yet, here, today, in my state, we have an entire city that is now taxed without being represented by its elected officials, thanks to the actions of a Republican Congress and a Republican Governor, Rick Snyder.…

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Saugatuck Dunes threatened by a web of Republican influence in Michigan

Last week, I wrote about the connection between Congressman Fred Upton, the Emergency Financial Manager takeover of Benton Harbor and Aubrey McClendon, a millionaire developer and owner of the Chesapeake Oil natural gas company. In the piece, I talked a bit about McClendon’s lawsuits against Saugatuck Township in their efforts to prevent McClendon from developing a piece of duneland at the mouth of the Kalamazoo River known as the Dennison property. I also said this: “After McClendon purchased a large tract of duneland there, the Township rezoned the area making it impossible for him to develop it into a condo/recreation mecca similar to Harbor Shores.”

This was incorrect.…

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Hanging with my Peeps!

An Easter PHOTOdiary: Peeps® & global warming

This is a repost of a blog we put up last year, an uncharacteristically early spring. Although spring seems to be taking its time this year, this shocking expose on the real and observable signs that global climate change is changing our Midwestern ecosystem is a clarion call for … um … well, something. See if you don’t agree.
Spring came early to southern Michigan this year so on Good Friday, my wife, Anne, and I put our kayaks in the Huron River and set out to document the effects of global climate change on the wildlife of our area.…

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Tea partier MI-01 Rep. Benishek receives three-quarters of his financing from non-Michigan sources

Dan Benishek is the Republican who replaced Bart Stupak to represent Michigan’s gigantic first district.

Benishek was a typical tea party candidate, running on a typical tea party platform. He was endorsed by the major Michigan tea party groups and even Her Highness herself gave him her Wasilla thumbs-up.

Like all tea partiers, Dan Benishek hates politicians so much that he decided to become a politician.

Dan’s not a career politician. He doesn’t really have a political bone in his body. But when Congress passed a nearly trillion dollar stimulus bill in the middle of the night that no one had read, he shocked his wife, his friends and everyone who knew him: he declared that he could either shout at this TV set for the rest of his life, or he would run for Congress.…
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