Pete Hoekstra pays the price for racism and sexism

Karma's a hardass, Pete

Pete Hoekstra, the Republican Party's leading hopeful to defeat Democrat Debbie Stabenow in November is not looking so hopeful these days. Right out of the chute he ran a clearly racist ad during the Superbowl. That was such a catastrophe that he has since scrubbed all mention of it from every corner of the internet he could. This past week he joined the GOP's War on Women by calling the Lilly Ledbetter Act -- the law forces employers to pay women the same as men for equal work or face a lawsuit -- "a nuisance". Yes, Pete, it's such a nuisance to pay the ladies the same as men. All of this is taking its toll on Hoekstra's campaign. In February, he was down in the polls against Stabenow 53-42%. Now we find out his campaign donations are down by nearly a third.
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There’s a funny thing about the “Romneycare” that Mitt Romney hates so much: It’s making health insurance rates drop.

I hate when that happens

Mitt Romney is traveling around the country telling Americans what a complete disaster Obamacare is, the health insurance reform modeled after his own Romneycare back in Massachusetts. He calls it "an unfolding disaster for the American economy, a budget-busting entitlement, and a dramatic new federal intrusion into our lives." Meanwhile, back Massachusetts, health insurance rates in the program are actually dropping.
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More analysis of Emergency Manager repeal petition fonts (IMAGES)

You fontin' me, bro?

Yesterday, I took a look at the font size on the petitions to put the repeal of Public Act 4 -- Michigan's Emergency Manager law -- on the November ballot. Recall that the group Citizens for Financial Responsibility is challenging the more than quarter million citizen signatures on a minor font-based technicality. As I said yesterday, it's a desperate move and one that's not even based on anything legitimate. The rules (which you can read HERE [pdf]) don't actually tell you what type of font is required. If you wanted to, you could use Comic Sans or anything else that is readable. However, the font choice makes a BIG difference in the height and width of font. [More analysis with example fonts after the jump.]
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Is the heading font on Public Act 4 petitions too small? Yes! No! Maybe! Ack! (PHOTOS) – Updated

Clear as mud

I was cleaning up my office today and came across a couple Public Act 4 repeal petitions. I thought it would be interesting to see how wrong the fonts are. Recall that Citizens for Fiscal Responsibility wants to toss out nearly a quarter million petition signatures because they say the heading font is smaller than the required 14-point boldface font (state regulation HERE (pdf).) They aren't saying that the petition language itself is too small, just the heading. Follow me over the jump for photos and comparisons and all sorts of fonty goodness.
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Why Michigan’s Board of State Canvassers member Jeff Timmer should recuse himself from PA4 repeal challenge

Not all conflicts of interest are created equal

The continuing saga of the desperate attempt to derail putting the repeal of Public Act 4 -- Michigan's Emergency Manager law -- on the November ballot continues with a piece published on the Michigan Radio website titled "Ballot box politics: Conflicts of interest for Michigan's Board of State Canvassers". As I wrote about earlier this week, one of the members of the Michigan Board of State Canvassers (BSC), the group that will decide on the challenge to the petitions collected by Stand up for Democracy, is Jeff Timmer. Timmer works for a company that is intimately tied to the effort to defeat the repeal. His company, Sterling Corporation, is one and the same as the group "Citizens for Fiscal Responsibility" that is challenging the 226,000+ signatures because they font size of the heading is 12 rather than 14. Note that the printer's affidavit certifies that the font is the correct size. Like I said: desperate... [More after the jump]
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What’s Historic About Mitt Romney? His Unpopularity

It’s not just you.

Here’s something Republicans don’t want you to know: “Romney Support Historically Low for Winning Candidate.” But that’s what Gallup revealed when Rick Santorum dropped out of the GOP primary on Tuesday.

At 42% support, Mitt Romney is far and away the least popular Republican presidential nominee since the primaries were revamped to more accurately reflect public opinion in 1972.

Whether he can generate popular support in the fall remains to be seen, of course. By holding off on releasing his tax returns, again — a move that almost cost him the GOP nomination — he’s proving that he isn’t getting any better at politics.…

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THE BIG PICTURE – Michigan mandatory helmet law repealed today

Freedom or burden?

[Note: The Big Picture is a new feature at Eclectablog featuring the remarkable photography of Anne C. Savage.] For 42 years Michigan has had a mandatory helmet law but today Gov. Rick Snyder repealed the law for riders 21 years or older. It was passed with immediate effect. What are your opinions and experiences with this? Tell us in the comments.
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Pete Hoekstra to women: I don’t want your vote, says Lilly Ledbetter Act “shouldn’t be the law”

Now we KNOW who will be Michigan's Senator after November 2012

Pete Hoekstra, he of the catastrophic "Yellow Girl" anti-China campaign ad that all but destroyed any chance he had of competing against Senator Debbie Stabenow in November, has now sealed his fate. How? By pretty much guaranteeing that he won't get any women to vote for him. During a campaign stop yesterday, he was asked about the Lilly Ledbetter Act, the law that allows women to sue companies if they pay men more than women for the same job. Hoekstra responded that it shouldn't be the law. I'm not kidding...
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