Indiana House of Representatives passes Emergency Manager bill, heads to Governor to become law

There goes another one, just like the other one…

As I wrote about in January, the Indiana Senate decisively passed an Emergency Manager bill similar to but different than Michigan’s Emergency Manager Law. The vote was 48-1. Last Friday, the Indiana House passed the Emergency Manager bill unanimously, 96-0.

Local governments and school corporations in financial distress could ask a state board to appoint an emergency manager to fix their finances under legislation approved by the Indiana General Assembly Friday.

House Bill 1192 empowers an emergency manager appointed by the Indiana Distressed Unit Appeals Board to reduce spending, cut payroll and renegotiate contracts without first obtaining the consent of elected officials.

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Obama administration goes after China for unfair trade of rare earth metals (Updated with transcript)

It IS a matter of national security, actually

The Obama administration announced this morning that it is requesting a “consultation” with China with the World Trade Organization over unfair export restraints on rare earth metals, as well tungsten and molybdenum, materials used in a wide array of electronics including the burgeoning industry of electric vehicle batteries.

U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk announced today that the United States has requested consultations with the People’s Republic of China at the World Trade Organization (WTO) concerning China’s unfair export restraints on rare earths, as well as tungsten and molybdenum. These materials are key inputs in a multitude of U.S made-products and American manufacturing sectors, including hybrid car batteries, wind turbines, energy-efficient lighting, steel, advanced electronics, automobiles, petroleum, and chemicals.…
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Can We Call Mitt Romney a Liar?

When Mitt lies, Atlas shrugs

You know the GOP’s favorite Karl Rove tactic: Take an opponent’s strength and make it his weakness.

This is how Vietnam evader George W. Bush beat war hero John Kerry. This is why Sarah Palin, who was vetted as well as a pair of shoes purchased online, says President Obama wasn’t properly vetted. This blurs reality and leaves the press reporting the distortion at a higher volume than the truth.

Now to the strange case of Mitt Romney. His greatest weakness is his inconsistency, his willingness to adapt to whatever Dick Cheney, Rush Limbaugh and Pat Robertson believe at any given moment.…

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Tea party supporters of Mayor Janice Daniels of Troy go completely off their nut, file 10 Daniels recall petitions


Tea partiers in Troy, Michigan have pretty much completely lost it, apparently. I retaliation for the recall initiated against Mayor Janice Daniels, they have now filed no less than ten additional recall petitions to muddy up the works.

In response to a recent recall effort against Troy Mayor Janice Daniels, a Troy resident has issued 10 recall petitions in an effort to support Daniels, as well as three serious petitions to recall City Council members who voted in favor of the controversial Troy Transit Center. […]

Among the reasons to recall Daniels, as listed on the petitions filed by [Nicholas ] Cherasaro, are “For wearing tan shoes with a black suit to a council meeting on February 20, 2012,” “For smiling at the public during a city council meeting on February 6, 2010,” and “For having perfect attendance as City of Troy Mayor since elected in November of 2011.”

Other petitions seek to recall Daniels “For wearing a red hat with a red coat at the same time in front of the channel 7 TV cameras,” “For voting for the Troy Public Library to be open on Saturdays to better serve the people of Troy,” and “For going door to door and talking with city residents on their front porches.

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Rick Santorum: “It should be illegal to read off a teleprompter” a month after he used one a CPAC

Hypocrisy, thy name is Rick Santorum

Good goddess, are you freaking kidding me??? Rick Santorum actually said, “it should be illegal to read off a teleprompter”. No, seriously.

You mean like this, Rick, when you were at CPAC?

Photo credit: Washington Post

Let’s review, from my post last month:

Here’s Joe Scarborough with his teleprompters.

And Marco Rubio with his.

And House Speaker John Boehner with his.

And Senator Jim Demint with his.

And Senator Mike Lee with his.

And Herman Cain with his.

And Michele Bachman with hers.

And Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell with his.…

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Mich Sen. Hune decries Dem effort to provide all students with college education as raising taxes on “my people” (businesses)

Well, at least he’s honest…

Earlier this month Michigan Democrats released a plan they call Michigan 2020. The plan would identify $1.8 billion in corporate tax cuts that aren’t being effective and redirect that money to education so that all Michigan students have the opportunity to go to college.

The Michigan 2020 Plan would provide Michigan high school graduates – public, private or home-schooled – with the opportunity to have the cost of their college education paid for in its entirety. It is a plan that says Michigan believes in its future – and values our young people – by creating the most educated and highly skilled workforce anywhere in the nation.…
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Ohio Democrat introduces bill to protect men from themselves, help them make “informed decisions” re: treatment for erectile dysfuntion

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander

Democratic State Senator Nina Turner has introduced legislation designed to help men seeking treatment for their “erectile dysfunction” make “informed decisions”.

State Senator Nina Turner (D-Cleveland) announced legislation today that would protect men in Ohio from the risks of PDE-5 inhibitors, drugs commonly used to treat symptoms of impotence. Turner’s legislation would include provisions to document that the symptoms are not psychological in nature, and would guide men to make the right decision for their bodies. Physicians would be required to obtain a second opinion from a psychological professional to verify that a patient has a true medical malady before the medication could be prescribed.…
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Wake Up Call: They Can Win

Mitt Romney is in a cult: The Republican Party.

That any American could vote for a Republican after what that Party did to this country baffles me. That the Republican they’d vote for is Mitt Romney, a transparent shill who has embraced the worst policies of Bush and Cheney, makes me angrier than Chris Christie being interrupted by state worker while ordering dinner.

Today’s polls suggest that Romney and possibly even Santorum are leading the President in national polls. You can break these polls down and connect it to swing states. The situation is still bleak for the GOP.

But after humiliating themselves and alienating anyone north of the mental Mason Dixon line, this GOP should not be competitive.…

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