Punkins! Punkins! Punkins! The coolest Punkins evah!

This was VERY popular last year so I’m reposting for your Halloween viewing pleasure.

I love Halloween but I’m not much of a punkin carver. However, I love looking at them. Here’s a bunch of the coolest punkins I could find on the web.

Well, except this one. It was taken by my wife:

From her Flickr page:

I’m posting this in honor of my father whose favorite holiday was halloween. Every year until I was 18 we carved pumpkins together. They were all night projects carving crazy detailed pumpkins of things like skeletons and wolves.

This photo was taken in college for my senior project of mixed lighting.…

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Herman Cain is tired, people. Quit asking him hard questions.

Is Herman Cain presidential matterial? Not hardly.

Cain…said he plans to “dial back” his campaign and media appearances in order to avoid missteps. Since climbing in the polls, he has had a series of fumbles, forcing him to clarify comments on abortion, immigration and terrorism suspects.

Cain has chalked up the mistakes to a grueling campaign schedule jammed with media interviews. Such itineraries are standard fare on the presidential campaign trail and it is unclear how aggressively he will restrict his schedule.

A former pizza magnate who has never held elected office, Cain is adapting from a longshot candidate hustling for any media attention to a front-runner who must be more selective with his time and disciplined in his message.

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More details on the “Death of the Middle Class” Eric Cantor protest in Ann Arbor

As I reported last week, Republican House Majority Leader Eric Cantor is giving a speech on Monday to the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy.

>> NOTE: the event itself is at the Michigan League Building, not the Ford School. <<
>> Also, please note the new start time of NOON. <<

In honor of his Halloween visit, a protest is being held to welcome Mr. Cantor to Michigan. The event is being billed as a “Death of the Middle Class” protest. “Eric Cantor” will preside over a “Funeral for the Middle Class” during the protest. There will be a funeral procession and “Cantor” will deliver a eulogy, after which, it is reported, he will feed the Middle Class’s mortal remains to Zombie Bankers.

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Michigan under the GOP fist: 55 kindergarteners per class

THIS is obscene:

City fire marshal investigators plan to inspect every Detroit Public Schools classroom after receiving complaints this week about overcrowded classes with more than 50 students.

Detroit Fire Department representatives met Thursday with district officials to determine the maximum number of students for every classroom in the district, said Assistant Fire Marshal Osric Wilson.

The fire marshal issued a violation this week at Nolan Elementary-Middle School after receiving a tip that a kindergarten class had 55 students. [...]

A Detroit Federation of Teachers’ survey of teachers conducted this month concluded that more than 25% of DPS schools have classrooms that exceed the limits allowed by the union contract, which calls for a maximum of 25 students in kindergarten through third grades, 30 in fourth and fifth grades and 35 in sixth through 12th.

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Detroit News poll: two-thirds of Michiganders do NOT want the GOP to tinker with No-Fault auto insurance

By a ratio of roughly two-to-one, voters in an on-going Detroit News poll reject reforming Michigan’s No-Fault insurance rules to remove mandatory lifetime medical coverage.

However, if GOP lawmakers go against the will of the people, Michigan voters will have no recourse. The bill under consideration has an expenditure line item that makes it referendum-proof. This is the fourth time Republicans have done this this year.…

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MLive poll: over 82% say “Recall Paul Scott!”

I’m traveling for work this week so it’s been light blogging. I thought you might enjoy this link, however:

Poll: Should Rep. Paul Scott be recalled?

Answer: with over 800 votes cast, an overwhelming number say “YES!”. 78+% in fact.

[NOTE: this is even higher than the 61% in support of the recall that came out of a MIRS poll of voters in his district back in August.]

H/T: @FooteSteppes via Twitter…

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Michigan Supreme Ct. to GOP Rep. Paul Scott: “Strike three, you’re out!” Recall is STILL on!

After going to the Michigan Supreme Court well for a third time, GOP Representative Paul Scott has been smacked down a third and final time. The Supreme Court ruled today that Paul Scott’s recall WILL go forward.

The Michigan Supreme Court says it will not stop or postpone a recall election targeting a state lawmaker. Today’s decision clears the way for the November 8 vote.

Republican Paul Scott (R-Grand Blanc) has spent much of the past month trying to convince the courts to stop next month’s recall election.

With less than 2 weeks to go before the November 8 vote, the Michigan Supreme Court appears to have had the final word on Scott’s request and that word is ‘no’.

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Republican-led voting registration restrictions finally come to Michigan

I think in our heart of hearts, all of us progressives in Michigan knew this was coming.

Senate Bill 754 is one of a series of bills introduced this year with the purpose of making it harder for people to register to vote, and harder for the nonprofit organizations that perform the service of helping them to register to vote.

The Michigan bill was introduced last week and is pending in Committee on Local Government and Elections.

First, SB 754 requires people trying to register at a government agency to bring state-issued photo ID with them. If they do not, their application will be treated like a mail registration.

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