Hey, look who got quoted in the Detroit Free Press


“Intimidation of college professors by conservatives appears to be the latest tactic in their arsenal to destroy unions,” wrote the liberal Blogging for Michigan Web site.”

That was from a blog I cross-posted over at Blogging for Michigan earlier this week.


Full quote:

Intimidation of college professors by conservatives appears to be the latest tactic in their arsenal to destroy unions in existence today and roll back all gains made through collective bargaining in the past. Ensuring that future workers and managers are not sympathetic toward labor unions is the final step in ensuring their demise.

I’m just sayin’……

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Louie Gohmert: Biggest idiot in Congress???

It’s hard for me to actually blame idiots for being idiots. Part of being an idiot is that don’t actually realize you are an idiot so you just keep on being an idiot.

The people I DO blame are the ones that vote for this idiot.

Last night on the House floor, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) offered a bizarre new theory about President Obama’s decision to intervene in the Libyan crisis. In the midst of a rant about health care reform, Gohmert nonsensically suggested that Obama might be trying to “deplete the military” in Libya, so he can call up the Commission Corps established in the Affordable Care Act:
GOHMERT: It’s a bad bill.
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Chris Savage

The Savage Feast — A new blogging project

EclectaLadies and EclectaGentlemen! Announcing our latest project: THE SAVAGE FEAST!

As most of you probably know from reading Eclectablog, I am married to one of the most talented photographers in the country, Anne Savage. You also probably know that the two of us have a passion for food. Gardening. Local foods. Organic foods. Cooking. Food preservation. It’s all a major part of our lives and what I refer to as our “suburban homesteading” lifestyle.

Anne recently made a decision to focus her attention on food photography and, together, we decided to start a new blog that showcases her wonderful photos and allows us to share our lifestyle with others.…

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Truthout.org hacked? Or not?

Truthout.org hacked? Or not?

Yesterday, people around the internets received an email claiming to be from Truthout.org. The email said their site had been hacked and their “content over the past ten days was deleted”.

Dear Readers,

Late last night, Truthout.org was attacked and our content over the past ten days was deleted. We’re working to capture the cache versions of those stories that are no longer available and republish them on our website.

You may find that some links will take you to “Page Not Found.” Right now we’re working to restore the vandalized stories.

We will update you as soon as we have more information, and hope to be back in full force very soon.

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Huffington Post jumps the shark (backwards in a tutu)

Oh, for crying out loud. This is insipid and then some.

Since the launch of Huffington Post Divorce in November of last year, “The Moment I Knew” has been a critical part of our DNA. The idea turns the traditional concept on its head, asking readers to share, via Twitter, the moment they knew their marriages were over.

When we put out the initial call for responses (hashtag: #themomentiknew), the feedback was overwhelming. In 140 characters or less, readers vented about some of their most profoundly intimate moments…


So I’m excited to announce that, on the evening of Tuesday, April 5th, we’ll be taking “The Moment I Knew” offline for the first time, with the help of meetup.com…[F]for NY and LA Huffington Post readers, there’s no need to plan anything, because we’ll be your hosts: for the Moment I Knew Meetup in these cities, we’re planning a fantastic lineup of special guests to share their “Moment I Knew” stories over cocktails at two terrific venues.

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New record being set at University of Michigan

The University of Michigan set a new record this week. And it’s not one I think is particularly pride-worthy, quite frankly.

Michigan football coach Brady Hoke finalized his salary with the university earlier this week when he signed a six-year contract with an average annual compensation of $3.25 million.

Seriously? $3.25 MILLION a freaking YEAR??? All these cries about how cutting the budget of higher education is hurting U of M so bad start to ring a bit false when you learn about something like this, don’t they?

Look, I realize the football program brings in skabillions of dollars but it’s pretty hard to stomach an athletic coach being valued at that level.…

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How to answer easily-Googled questions online

Ever have someone ask you a question online that they could very easily answer for themselves? Ever want to just say, “Dude, Google it your own damn self!”?

Here’s what you can do instead.

Click HERE.

Heh, heh.

I’m just sayin’……

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Conservative think tank Mackinac Center FOIAs labor faculty at 3 major Michigan universities

Talking Points Memo has an exclusive report detailing sweeping Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests by the Mackinac Center for Public Policy to three of the biggest universities in Michigan. The universities involved are Michigan State University, University of Michigan, and Wayne State University.

The Mackinac Center For Public Policy, based in Midland, Mich., submitted the FOIA requests last Friday and Monday to the Labor Studies Center at the University of Michigan and the Douglas A. Fraser Center for Workplace Issues at Wayne State University. A third FOIA was directed to Michigan State University, which has a School of Human Resources & Labor Relations.…
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Shared sacrifice in Congress! Deficits must GO!

Shared sacrifice in Congress! Deficits must GO!

With all this talk about deficit reduction these day from both sides of the Congressional aisle, I was interested to learn this morning that there is actually a mechanism for members of Congress to return part of their salary ($174,000 per year for non-leadership positions) to be used toward reducing the deficit. Sure, it would be a token effort; symbolic, if you will. But it’s an important symbol these days, one could argue.

It should come as no surprise that Democrats give back OVER FIVE TIMES as much as Republicans.

Let me rephrase that: the one Democrat that participates in this program gave over five times as much as the single Republican that participates.…

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School district in Monroe, Michigan to issue pink slips to every single teacher

Teachers in the city of Monroe, Michigan have been informed that they will all be given pink slips when the school year ends. The school district is forced to do this because they face a $5.6 million budget deficit for the 2011/2012 school year along with imminent cuts of $470 per student coming from the state under Governor Rick Snyder’s new budget.

Thankfully, it appears that not all the teachers are being let go in the long term.

“Certainly we have no intention of letting all of our teachers and administrators go, but contractually certified teachers and administrators must be issued a 60 day layoff notice,” said Randy Monday, superintendent of schools in Monroe.…
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“A full-scale, simultaneous meltdown at three nuclear reactors”

Scariest thing I have read about a real-life incident in maybe my entire life:

Hidehiko Nishiyama, a government spokesman, acknowledged challenges but insisted the situation was stabilizing. Since then, CNN and ABC have reported plutonium found in soil outside the reactors. Physicist Michio Kaku tells ABC the plant may be reaching a “point of no return, where workers must be withdrawn, radiation levels soar, water levels drop and we have a full-scale, simultaneous meltdown at three nuclear reactors.

Japan is smaller than California.

I’m just sayin’……

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Congressman Tim Walberg blacklisting constituents from his email list?

Congressman Tim Walberg blacklisting constituents from his email list?

Just after Tim Walberg took office this year, I went to his official Congressional website and signed up to receive his constituent emails. I waited and waited and no emails came. Then, one day recently, a friend of mine forwarded his latest email to me with some comments.

I checked my email folder. No Walberg email.

I checked my spam folder. No Walberg email.

So, I went back to his site and signed up again, thinking that perhaps something had gone wrong and I hadn’t actually signed up after all. Several minutes later I got an email back saying that I was already signed up and didn’t need to sign up again.…

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