Wisconsin’s example needs to be taken to heart by Michigan activists

Last night’s election results in Wisconsin should serve as a highly motivating and energizing event for Democratic organizers and activists in Michigan. Although they did not succeed in flipping the Wisconsin Senate to blue, they did make shift the balance by four and, with several more moderate Republicans on board, this could dramatically influence any future legislative initiatives in their legislature. As kos put it this morning:

But let me just say, if tonight was a loss, I hope we have many more such “losses” in 2012.

We took the fight into red territory, and took two seats. What was a safe 19-14 GOP advantage is now a narrow 17-16.

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FUNDRAISER: Daily Kos and Recall Rick Snyder need your help!

As I have reported before, Daily Kos is helping out with the Rick Snyder recall effort. They currently have a fundraising drive going to ensure that they are successful.

From June 20 to July 31, we pulled in an amazing 297,529 petition signatures in our campaign to recall Governor Rick Snyder. In July alone, more than 255,000 signatures were collected.

This was done by the over 5,000 amazing Michigan volunteers for Daily Kos and FireRickSnyder.org. We did it while making every penny count, gathering eight signatures for every dollar spent.

Looking forward, Michigan election law requires 806,522 petition signatures in order to force a recall election.

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The Michigan Democratic Party’s “Do Absolutely Nothing” strategy

Today, Susan Demas at MLive.com regurgitated a blog post I wrote yesterday (the Blogging for Michigan version, that is, and without attribution to me, of course) where I took the Michigan Democratic Party (MDP) to task for supporting the recalls in Wisconsin but not those in Michigan.

She did reach out to MDP Chair Mark Brewer to confirm and he said this:

Michigan Democratic Party Chair Mark Brewer has confirmed to MIRS that the party is helping with the Wisconsin recalls on today’s ballot.

“State Democratic parties have a long history of helping each other,” Brewer told MIRS. “. .

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Quote of the day – Wendell Berry on government

This quote by Wendell Berry seems to sum up the feelings of most Americans right now.

I wish to testify that in my best moments I am not aware of the existence of the government. Though I respect and feel myself dignified by the principles of the Declaration and the Constitution, I do not remember a day when the thought of the government made me happy, and I never think of it without the wish that it might become wiser and truer and smaller than it is.…
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Tim (“The Original Tea Partier”) Walberg blames Tea Party Downgrade on Obama

You gotta figure it would take a guy like Tim Walberg (MI-07), who calls himself “The Original Tea Partier”, to say something as patently ridiculous as THIS:

“This downgrade is the result of a history of failure in leadership and fiscal responsibility by the President,” Walberg, R-Tipton, said in a statement.

“We have responded to the people’s call to action and passed significant deficit reduction plans through the House, and we remain willing to make the tough decisions needed to put our fiscal house in order. Let’s use this moment to fix our nation’s fiscal problems. I stand ready to work with those who seek the best America for the next generation.”

It’s hard for me to believe, even a year and a half after the election, that this clown is my representative in Congress…

You know, it’s easy to say such utter tripe when your biggest fans will swallow it hook, line and sinker.…

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Republicans find another $75 million for their tax cuts. The students had it all along.

It’s just so damned easy to find money from sources without the resources to fight back, innit? Like college students:

Michigan has removed about 30,000 college students from its food stamp program — close to double the initial estimate — saving about $75 million a year, says Human Services Director Maura Corrigan.

Federal rules don’t allow most college students to collect food stamps, but Michigan had created its own rules that made nearly all students eligible, said Brian Rooney, Corrigan’s deputy director. As a result, the number of Michigan college students on this form of welfare made the state a national leader.

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Michigan Dems take an active role in recalls. WISCONSIN recalls, that is, NOT Michigan’s.

After I wrote about the Michigan Democratic Party’s lack of involvement in the recall efforts in Michigan, I got quite an earful by higher-ups in the organization. I was accused of sabotaging the Michigan Dems and hurting their efforts. As you might imagine, I was not sympathetic nor was I particularly persuaded given that their efforts in the recall situation were nonexistent.

This past week, they finally decided to get involved in recall efforts spawned by Republican overreach. The unfortunate thing is that they are still not getting involved in MICHIGAN recalls. Rather, they are getting involved in the WISCONSIN recalls.

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The magic mushroom of Dexter, Michigan

So, last Thursday, I went out into my backyard and found this handsome specimen.

Hey, big fella. Come here often?

The next day, it had gotten even bigger but we left for the weekend around lunchtime and didn’t get to see what would happen. When we got home Sunday evening, we found this:

11½ inches across!

10 inches high!

Day-um… Too bad it’s not edible.…

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