The Death of a Campaign: Pete Hoekstra continues to pay for his racist campaign ad

Karma’s a bitch, eh, buddy?

Pete Hoekstra’s “Debbie Spenditnow” Superbowl ad is the gift that keeps on giving.

To Democrats.

Poll results over the past few weeks show Hoekstra sinking like a rock:

Image/data from Talking Points Memo Polltracker

This week, he got more good tragic news for his campaign: among registered voters, Stabenow now leads Hoekstra 53% to 32%.

But the best news for Democrats? This:

Yup. According to the Detroit Free Press, Hoekstra is crushing his opponents with 48% of the vote in their latest poll. The nearest contender is “Undecided” with 40%, followed by Clark Durant with 5%.…

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The Defense of Marriage Act Ruled Unconstitutional

It’s time to get personal

“The court finds that DOMA, as applied to Ms. Golinski, violates her right to equal protection of the law … without substantial justification or rational basis,” wrote White, who was named to the federal bench a decade ago by President George W. Bush.

Los Angeles Times, 2/23/2012

The Defense of Marriage Act is probably the second worst law Bill Clinton ever signed, right behind the repeal of Glass-Steagall.

Of course, it’s unconstitutional. The only reason the opponents of gay marriage support a constitutional amendment banning marriage equality is because they know gay marriage is constitutional.…

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Live LOLing the GOP Debate. Tonight. 8 PM EST/ 5 PM PST. CNN.

A crisis counselor will be on hand for John King USA

Sit down. I have news.

This will likely be the last GOP debate of 2012.  And it’s a sit down debate. Yes. The last one is a sit-down affair. Or as Newt Gingrich calls it, home court.

Never again will we see the adept intellects the GOP can gather to oppose Barack Obama stand awkwardly at each other’s sides, trying not to catch a whiff of Newt.

This is the end, my only friend. Why aren’t you crying? Ah. You’re still in denial.  Elizabeth Kübler-Ross assures me you’ll soon be filled with anger: How the fuck have sat through 22 of these?

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Michele Bachmann to Bully New District

Did you know Members of Congress aren’t required to live in their districts?

If you’ve read any of the Gospels or see any of the two fine Broadway musicals about Jesus, you’ve noticed the sort of folk Jesus associates with: outcasts. Prostitutes, tax collectors. Saul who became St. Paul persecuted the disciples before he became one of the most important missionaries of early Christianity.

This is a radical movement away from judging a person by his or her context.

Jesus, to me, seems uniquely uninterested in people’s personal lives. He rejects any personal life of his own and allows a woman of disrepute into his closest intimacy.…

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Wednesday morning Michigan Emergency Manager news round-up – 2/22/2012

The never-ending story…

  • Muskegon Heights EM review team still hasn’t met – 3 weeks later
    MLive reports that the financial review team for Muskegon Heights schools still hasn’t met three weeks after it was formed.
    The review team assigned to determine whether Muskegon Heights Public Schools needs an emergency manager has yet to meet three weeks after it was appointed.

    “We’re really concerned about the fact that they’re not moving,” said Dave Sipka, interim superintendent of Muskegon Heights Public Schools.

    The eight-member team was appointed Jan. 31 and has until March 1 to make a recommendation to Gov. Rick Snyder about the need for an emergency manager to oversee the school district.

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Mitt Romney Has Moral Obligation to Edit His Website

Mitt must be making millions shorting his own campaign on Intrade

Check out this graphic that has been prominently placed on Mitt Romney’s website for months:

It’s a pretty clear message. He’s not like the Republicans who blew the surplus and refused to pay for an expansion to Medicare or two wars. He’s special because he can balance a budget.
More worrisome, Mr. Romney spent more than he took in; his cash flow was negative $12.2 million for the month.

Yep. Mitt spent $12.2 million more than he took in. Enough to make 1,220 $10,000 bets or one Santorum surge.…

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Ronald Reagan Socialized Medicine in the United States

And he raised taxes nine times…

You want smaller government. You think things were better before drinking water was regulated, before a private business was forced to serve all people, before Social Security, Medicare and the Older Americans Act cut poverty among senior citizens in half.

You think everything that’s gone wrong is because of big government liberals. But it’s big government conservatives who have (purposefully) created a government that can’t pay for its self.

I’m not just talking about Medicare Part D, which literally wasn’t paid for and overpays for drugs as a giveaway to the pharmaceutical industry. I’m talking about how Ronald Reagan socialized medicine when he signed the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act.…

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My op-ed on why Emergency Managers are NOT better than Chapter 9 bankruptcy

Excuse me, but I beg to differ

Last week, Business news director Nathan Bomey penned an op-ed titled “Why bankruptcy is worse for Michigan cities than emergency managers”.

As you might imagine, I have an entirely different take on this which you can read at in a counterpoint op-ed today titled “The case against emergency managers: How bankruptcy preserves democracy”.

Here’s an excerpt:

The main thrust of Mr. Bomey’s argument is that Chapter 9 bankruptcy is an unpredictable, frightening prospect where municipalities lose control, union contracts are rejected, wages & benefits of employees cut, city vendors take a hit, and hard decisions are made by a single individual who doesn’t answer to the local community.…
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