Gov. Rick Snyder faces the tea party music, Lt. Gov. Calley denies reality

On Mackinac Island at the GOP Leadership Conference this week, Governor Rick Snyder got a frigid reception from tea party types on his position on a new bridge to Canada, Right to Work for Less bills, and a new proposal for doctors to report children’s body mass indices in an effort to curb childhood obesity. The question, at this point, is will he do his own thing or will he be co-opted by the tea party?

But the best part is this:

The governor said he thought he had made progress when given the chance to “explain the facts.” On the Detroit-Windsor bridge and the child body mass index, “a lot of people had jumped to conclusions.”


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BREAKING: Observers gather in Washington, D.C. in advance of the end of the world

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Eclectanews) – Observers from around the world gathered in America’s capitol this week to observe the expected end of the world as a confluence of three profound events threatened the planet Earth’s very existence.

First, on Tuesday of this week, a decades-old military policy known as “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” (DADT) was repealed. This occured after over a year of intense debate in which repeal opponents warned the country that God’s wrath at such an event would result in a planetary catastrophe. Cindy Jacobs, a self-described prophet who was the first to connect the dots between DADT and birds falling from the sky and fish kills told Eclectanews:

If this Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell can cause birds to fall out of the sky and fish to die in our rivers, this repeal will surely bring God’s anger upon our country and lay waste to the sinners and fornicators.…
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BREAKING: World still here

I would just like to point out that DADT was repealed this week AND the so-called “Ground Zero Mosque” opened for business and the world is still here. Repeat: the world is still here; it did NOT come to an end.

Guess we dodged a bullet, eh?…

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Michigan Right to Work advocate Rep. Mike Shirkey takes federal tax subsidies then lays off workers

Michigan state Representative and advocate for making Michigan a Right to Work for Less state, Mike Shirkey, has been busted for showing higher than normal level of Republican hypocrisy (“GOPocrisy”) today. Todd Heywood of Michigan Messenger reports that Shirkey benefited from a tax abatement involved with creating a “Tool and Die Recovery Zone”. The tax break gives his nonunion company Orbitforms up to 15 years of operation free from state and local taxation. When he applied for the tax break, Shirkey “told MEDC officials he believed the abatements would allow him to create as many as 12 jobs”.

Why is this hypocritical?…

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Privatization of nurses aides compromises Michigan veterans’ health in state-run facility

A plan to privatize nurses aides at a state-run veterans health care facility is drawing sharp criticism from unions as well as patients at the facility. At a Michigan Civil Service Commission (MCSC) hearing this week, Commissioners heard from a variety of speakers asking them to reverse their decision.

Don Slocum sought relief from the heat in the shade of tall trees outside the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans [GRHV] as he pondered losing people he considers his family.

The Korean War veteran and three-year resident of the state-owned home is unsettled by a plan to privatize the jobs of 171 resident care aides at the 758-bed retirement and nursing facility.

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You won’t have Thad McCotter to say “WHO? Really? For PRESIDENT?” about anymore

Thad McCotter has dropped out of the race for president.

Bye, bye, Thad. We hardly knew ya (by which I mean literally that almost everyone in the country has absolutely no idea who you are or that you were even running for president.)

Livonia Rep. Thaddeus McCotter told The Detroit News this afternoon that he is leaving the race for the Republican presidential nomination.

McCotter says he will give his support to former Massachussetts Gov. Mitt Romney, and will likely run again for the 11th District congressional seat he’s held since 2003.

McCotter began his long-shot bid for the White House in July, billing himself as the voice for a new generation of conservatives.

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Michigan legislature makes illegal abortions illegal(er)

Can something be “more illegal” than it already is? I guess it can if you are a Michigan Republican. Yesterday, the Michigan state House and Senate both passed bills that outlaw so-called “partial birth abortions”.

Problem is, these types of abortions are already illegal under a federal law passed eight years ago.

Thankfully they aren’t wasting their time worrying about trivial stuff like the fact that more Michiganders than ever are living in poverty including more than half of the children in Detroit, our largest city. Or the fact that our unemployment rate edged back UP over 11% again last month.…

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Ahhh…so THIS is why they don’t want to tax millionaires

It’s because they ARE millionaires. Here’s a tribute to the Michigan millionaires against the millionaires tax, put out by The Agenda Project’s Patriotic Millionaires:

Here is their powerful national ad:

  • 48 percent of Congress members are millionaires while only 1 percent of all Americans are millionaires
  • 55 members of Congress have an average wealth of $10 million and 8 members have an average wealth of $100+ million
  • During the worst part of the recession 2008-2009, the median wealth of a congressional member rose $125K
  • The median wealth of a House member is $700,000+, while the median wealth for a senator was over $2 million
  • 5 of the 6 Republican members of the new Super Committee for the Budget are millionaires.
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