Right where the 1% want us: fighting over $2 waffle irons

Aw, geez

Things got out of control at one Wal-Mart near Little Rock, Arkansas on Black Friday as shoppers went wild over a good deal on kitchen appliances.

Screams could be heard as the greedy shoppers struggled to grab one (or five) of the $2 waffle irons.

A video of the scene was uploaded by a Twitter user who goes by the name “Ms. Clark.”

There were also at least two instances of people using pepper spray on other customers at Walmarts around the country. Helped them get to the on sale items a bit faster, it seems.

When this is what mainstream America is fighting for, I have to believe the 1% are sitting back, twiddling their mustaches and and quietly cackling with glee.…

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Republican goal achieved: Workers compensation “reform” bill hearing goes nearly unreported

On Tuesday of this week, Michigan Republicans held a public hearing on a controversial piece of legislation, HB 5002. As I have written about in the past, this bill makes law certain practices used by insurance companies to reduce or eliminate benefits for injured workers by using “imaginary wages” and “imaginary pensions”. While the legislation is highly controversial, Senate Reforms, Restructuring and Reinventing Committee Sen. Mark Jansen nevertheless decided to hold the hearing two days before Thanksgiving while the Senate was on their holiday/deer hunting break. At the time, I wrote that this was completely intentional and predicted this would result in poor attendance at the hearing nearly no reporting on it.…

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Newt Gingrich calls CBO “a reactionary socialist institution which does not believe in economic growth/innovation”

Newt is such a charmer, isn’t he? I love that, when he appears in the GOP primary debates, he spends 3½ of his alotted 4 minutes deriding the question and the questioner and castigating the media as a whole. There’s no better way to garner positive press than treat the members of the press as pariahs and sociopaths, is there?

Well, there’s another group Newt ingratiated himself with this week: the nonpartisan group that scores our nation’s bill as to their impact on the nation’s budget & economy – The Congressional Budget Office (CBO). During a speech in New Hampshire Monday, he said “The Congressional Budget Office is a reactionary socialist institution which does not believe in economic growth, does not believe in innovation and does not believe in data that it has not internally generated.” It is not known if Mr.…

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MEA steps up to help Benton Harbor schools with massive donation of supplies

While state officials mull over appointing an Emergency Manager for Benton Harbor schools, the state’s largest teachers union, the Michigan Education Association (MEA), has stepped up to help teachers there with much needed supplies. They put out a call to MEA teachers (flyer HERE (pdf)) to make donations and teachers across the state responded.

When Republican lawmakers pushed through more than $1 billion in cuts to public education earlier this year, bad financial situations in school districts across the state were made even worse. A prime example of this is in Benton Harbor, where the cuts have caused an unsustainable lack of basic school supplies across the district.…
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Ezra Klein: Congressional Super Committee’s failure is a progressive deficit-cutting dream

Ezra Klein makes a truly interesting point this morning with regards to the failure of the Deficit Commission “Super Committee”. Their failure to come to an agreement and the trigger pulled by that outcome is a dream situation for progressives.

Imagine if the Democrats offered Republicans a deficit deal that had more than $3 in tax increases for every $1 in spending cuts, assigned most of those spending cuts to the Pentagon, and didn’t take a dime from Social Security, Medicaid or Medicare beneficiaries. Republicans would laugh at them. But without quite realizing it, that’s the deal Republicans have now offered to the Democrats.…
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I think now would be a good time for…

…some trombone Obama.

You’re welcome.…

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Reporter writes an entire piece about how I am wrong and spells my blog’s name wrong throughout – Updated

I guess I ought to be flattered that Susan Demas at MLive took an entire article to tell me how wrong I am: Left complains about ‘almost secret’ workers’ compensation hearing on TV right now.

I just wish she would have gotten my blog’s name spelled right.

While promoting the liberal group We Are The People Michigan’s efforts against HB 5002, the liberal blogger “Electablog” wrote a piece today with this headline: Almost-secret hearing on Mich Workers Compensation changes happening TODAY!

There are a few problems with that statement. Mainly, that it’s not secret at all.

For one thing, the Senate hearing was properly posted on the Michigan Legislature’s website and has been there since last week.

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Michigan GOP takes first steps toward eliminating teachers from the classroom

Republican sponsored legislation, Senate Bill 619 recently passed the Senate. This bill represents what could be the first steps toward eliminating large numbers of teachers from Michigan classrooms.

A proposal in Lansing would remove most restrictions on the ability of students to attend school over the Internet, in their pajamas, without setting foot inside a classroom.

The proposal would remove caps on enrollment in and the number of “cyberschools,” or those in which students learn online through a teacher in another location.

Students either spend a portion or the entire school day learning in front of a computer — an option some lawmakers say expands opportunities for students who learn differently than others.

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