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Ads on Eclectablog. Hate ’em? Then BUY one!

Ads on Eclectablog. Hate ’em? Then BUY one!

Howzabout a little Monday Morning Meta?

So, you may have noticed a couple of new ads on Eclectablog this past week. The first one over there on the left is for an Ann Arbor-area electrician, Dan Del Zoppo. Up there at the top is one for We Are The People Michigan. These two ads have something in common: they were purchased directly through me rather than a separate ad distribution company.

Why is this important? Well, first of all, it means that I get 100% of the revenue which is nice for me. But, better yet, these are ads that are targeted toward my audience.…

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There’s one big problem with the Netroots Nation conference – and YOU can help fix that!

There’s one big problem with the Netroots Nation conference – and YOU can help fix that!

I’ve been to two Netroots Nation conferences so far and, wow, what a rush. But, there is one thing about it that bothers me and I am not the only one: it’s pretty much all white people.

Seriously. We are a lily white group of progressive conference attendees.

There is an effort afoot to help fix that and without spending a dime, YOU can help. Your VOTE can help us win a grant to send people of color to Providence for Netroots Nation 2012.

Last year at NN11, I met and became close friends with Lauren Reichelt (aka “TheFatLadySings“).…

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Michigan Supreme Court affirms: you CAN be too poor to afford justice

In late November of this year, the Michigan Supreme Court issued a tersely worded order (pdf) that said simply this: On order of the Court, the application for leave to appeal the July 19, 2011 judgment of the Court of Appeals is considered, and it is DENIED, because we are not persuaded that the questions presented should be reviewed by this Court.

This order was in regards to the case Rebecca Williams Jackson v. Mecosta County Medical Center, et. al.. The order told the plaintiff, Rebecca Jackson, that the Michigan Supreme Court was refusing to hear her appeal. Not a big deal for most of us and chances are good that you never heard of Rebecca Jackson or her court case and appeal.…

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Brokeback Texan

Brokeback Texan

I realize you have probably seen this all over the innernetz and I apologize. However, I am contractually obligated as a progressive liberal blogger to have it on my blog.

I give you: Rick Perry, Brokeback Texan.

Yes, the jacket Rick Perry wore in his anti-gay, homophobic, anti-Obama campaign ad was the exact same one as Heath Ledger wore in his role as gay cowboy Ennis Del Mar.

And, with that, kids, we have a wrap.…

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Mich GOP: No attempt to make interim Emergency Manager law referendum-proof

With the news that Michigan Republicans are already writing legislation to replace the Emergency Manager law if it is stopped by the referendum petition drive being conducted by Michigan Forward, many of us are concerned that they will put an appropriation into the bill. If this is done, it will make the law “referendum-proof” because Michigan law prohibits referendums on bills with appropriations (money set aside for some particular use.)

These are worthy fears since the GOP has already done this on a number of occasions this year. For example, in the bill to “reform” Michigan’s no-fault auto insurance rules, there is a $50,000 appropriation.…

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Strange weather in the Midwest isn’t just your imagination

Okay THIS is kind of creepy.

Michigan residents have enjoyed or endured a roller-coaster year in terms of weather, and they’re not alone.

Roughly 3,000 monthly weather records — covering rainfall, snowfall, extreme temperatures, fires or drought — have been broken in areas across the country this year, according to data released Thursday by the Natural Resources Defense Council.

That includes 1,302 records broken due to high or low temperatures, 1,090 records set for rainfall totals and 549 records for snowfall.

Here in Michigan, record-breaking statistics recorded with three weeks left in the year include:

12 counties that saw record-breaking heat statistics.

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Eclectablog interview on citizen journalism and the impact & future of blogging

I sat down for an interview with Lansing Community College Professor Bonnie Bucqueroux a couple of weeks ago to talk about citizen journalism and blogging in Michigan (and in general). Professor Bucqueroux has posted the interview in two parts at her blog Occupy Journalism as well as at her site Michigan Online News.

I’m very pleased with the videos she produced. It was a fascinating conversation and one that I hope will both provide inspiration for other citizen journalists and that will also stimulate a broader conversation about the role of citizen journalism and blogging. Our media landscape right now is adrift in many respects.…

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Rachel Maddow: Mich Emergency Manager story “the most important & under-covered story of the year”

Last night, on his MSNBC show, Ed Schulz finished the evening with a piece about the Emergency Manager issue in Michigan. One particularly interesting point made by Rev. Alexander Bullock from the Greater St. Matthew Baptist Church of Highland Park, MI and also of Rainbow Push Detroit was that Emergency Managers can take control of the Clerk’s office when they take over a city. Since the City Clerks run the local elections, that has ominous portent for the future of democracy in our state.

During the hand-off from Ed Schultz to Rachel Maddow, it became clear that there was much more to come on the subject of Michigan’s Emergency Managers and indeed there was.…

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Michigan Republicans to pass interim Emergency Manager law in case petition drive is successful – UPDATED

[Bumped due to update.]

MIRS News has this tantalizing snippet on their front page this morning:

The Gov. Rick Snyder administration is working with legislative leaders on a bill that would create an interim Emergency Manager (EM) law in case the state’s new EM statute, P.A. 4, is suspended through a potentially successful referendum process.”

UPDATE: The Detroit Free Press is now reporting on this:

State officials are working on legislation to replace the state’s emergency manager law, which could be suspended early next year as a result of a ballot initiative, Treasurer Andy Dillon said today.

“I think we’ll have a pretty confused situation if the law gets held in suspension,” Dillon said in a telephone interview with the Detroit Free Press.

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Education Achievement Authority for helping troubled Michigan schools back in the news (in a BAD way)

Back August I wrote about how the Snyder Administration had hired John Covington to run a new group called the Education Achievement Authority (EAA). The EAA was set up to help out failing schools in Michigan.

This past week, John Covington was hired by the state of Michigan to oversee a collection of underperforming schools in the state. The new group, the Education Achievement Authority (EAA), will focus its efforts on improving failing schools around Michigan. In his new position, Covington may make as much as $1.5 million over 4 years if he meets goals set for him.

Here’s the official description of the EAA:

The Education Achievement System was unveiled in June 2011 as a way to redesign public education in Michigan’s lowest performing schools by driving more resources directly into their classrooms and offering greater autonomy to help ensure student achievement increases.…
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Obama administration moves aggressively on investing in small business creation

As part of the Obama administration’s ongoing “We Can’t Wait” program, they announced today an aggressive new initiative to spur the creation of job-creating startup companies. It’s a two-pronged approach. First, they are launching a $1 billion Early State Innovation Fund which provides matching capital to small business investment companies. This is part of an existing program called Startup America.

An additional $1 billion investment will be announced later today during the first board meeting of the Startup America Partnership. This consortium of over 50 companies are pledging to provide $1 billion in goods and services such as consulting, computer software and other essential items for new businesses.…

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