Occupalooza comes to Traverse City, Michigan THIS SATURDAY!

Occupy the pinky

This Saturday, up in the frozen pinky of Michigan, a group of fine organizers is having an event they call OCCUPALOOZA. Admission is a suggested donation of 99¢ (of course!)

The event will feature speakers, live music, a silent auction and a food drive. It starts at 5:30 p.m. and goes through 11:00 p.m. and is being held at the InsideOut Gallery at 229 Garland Street in Traverse City (click HERE for a map.)

There is more information about the event at www.occupytraversecity.org as well as at their Facebook page. In addition to what’s on the poster (on the right there, click the image for a larger version), they will be having a live filming for a scene in a new film called The Saga of Larry Tunner (something I’ll be writing more about soon), a local business panel, tables for Move to Amend & Public Act 4 repeal petitions, and much more.…

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How Rick Santorum Could Beat Mitt Romney in Michigan


Rick Santorum should believe in God. The fact that he’s still in this race is a tribute to some higher power or, more likely, the weakness of the GOP’s bench. It’s also a tribute to his appeal to the sort of Republican who hates both birth control and abortion—breeders, as @Azrielenish calls them.

Now, I see that Santorum is about to make a huge mistake and focus on jobs. HUGE. MISTAKE.

He’s never going the win the argument that he knows money better the Ritchie Mitt, even if Mitt is and was dead wrong about saving Detroit.…

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A little Valentine’s Day fun from We Are the People Michigan: “No more sweetheart deals”

It’s true love

A fun video from our friends at We are the People Michigan:

They have a petition circulating:

Dear Legislator,

Almost one year ago, the state Legislature approved a $1.8 billion tax cut for big corporations that was paid for by slashing funding for public education.

The new business tax has failed to create more and better jobs for Michigan workers since it took effect in January, and yet, this year’s new budget proposal includes additional cuts to K-12 schools.

We can’t afford more handouts and sweetheart deals for corporate CEOs at the expense of our students and local schools.

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Mitt Romney spits on Michigan’s unionized autoworkers in Detroit News op-ed

And they call Obama “elitist”?

Today, in a Detroit News op-ed titled “Taxpayers should get GM shares’ proceeds”, Mitt Romney doubled down on his previous New York Times editorial in which he declared the Obama administration should have let the auto industry perish.

From the NYT piece “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt”:

IF General Motors, Ford and Chrysler get the bailout that their chief executives asked for yesterday, you can kiss the American automotive industry goodbye. It won’t go overnight, but its demise will be virtually guaranteed.

Without that bailout, Detroit will need to drastically restructure itself. With it, the automakers will stay the course — the suicidal course of declining market shares, insurmountable labor and retiree burdens, technology atrophy, product inferiority and never-ending job losses.

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How Severely Conservative is Mitt Romney?

If you have to ask…

Mitt Romney is so severely conservative that he apologized to Dick Cheney BEFORE he asked the former VP to shoot him in the face. He asks the Catholic Church for permission before he neuters his dog (but not before he puts his dog on the roof of his car). Mitt Romney is so severely conservative doesn’t even remember who was President from 2001-2009. He even once tried to shake Terri Schiavo awake with his own two hands.

Yep, months into the GOP primary Mitt Romney is desperately trying to prove two things: he’s a conservative and he was born in Michigan.…

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Nonprofit group looks to help Benton Harbor citizens buy city radio station – for themselves

There IS goodness in the world

[NOTE: I have edited the title of this piece because PRC does not actually purchase radio stations or licenses themselves. They help other groups to do this.]

Laura Conaway at The Maddow Blog reports in a piece called “The Silencing of Benton Harbor, Michigan” that a private non-profit called Public Radio Capital is looking to help keep Benton Harbor’s city radio station in the hands of the people of Benton Harbor.

As of Saturday afternoon, the auction of the public’s station had drawn three bids, with — I think — two from actor and human rights activist Ben Patrick Johnson.…
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Washington State Passes Marriage Equality

 Grandma, why did you have to wait till you were 68 to marry grandma?

For 59% of college freshmen, gay marriage is as controversial as bar soap v. liquid soap. So when Washington State legalized gay marriage today, I’m still left a bit distraught that these couples had to wait so long to marry the people they love. Even worse, their marriages are still second-class marriages as they are denied many of the federal rights of so-called straight marriages.

Personally, I’m not for GAY marriage. I’m for marriage for all. The fact that right-wingers are pushing for a amendment banning gay marriage proves that Constitution as it is provides for equal access marriage for any two, non-related adults.But I know that point of view won’t prevail soon.…

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Where is Mitt Romney on the Emergency Manager Law?

But I’m severely Michiganderish

As Mitt Romney was pretending that Bain Capital created jobs earlier this year, he said, “I’m a numbers guy.”

Well, here’s a number that any numbers guy will hate: 26 percent.

That’s the percentage of Michigan voters who believe Mitt is a Michigander. 62 percent do not. This helps explain why Mitt is currently losing by 6 percent to the man who has become the both the dream candidate of conservatives and liberals—Rick Santorum.

How did Mitt Romney, the son of a popular governor, born in raised in Michigan lose his Pure Michigan pedigree?…

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