Detroit Free Press slams court for Emergency Manager law petition font decision, Stand Up for Democracy plans for direct action

Desperation breeds desperation

Last Friday, the Detroit Free Press published a blistering editorial condemning the Michigan Court of Appeals judges who ruled to delay a decision on the font size issue related to the petitions to put the repeal of Emergency Manager Law — Public Act 4 — on the November ballot. The editorial, titled “Stall tactics bring shame on court” holds nothing back.

Delay is the time-honored refuge of lawyers who know they are holding a losing hand. But when ostensibly nonpartisan judges postpone justice for the sole purpose of advancing their own party’s political interests, their actions invite contempt for the entire judicial process.
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MI Protect Our Jobs collective bargaining ballot proposal proponents submit twice the signatures needed

Over-achievers or show-offs? How about rock stars?!

In a stunning display of the power of labor unions in Michigan, supporters of a ballot proposal to enshrine collective bargaining rights in the state constitution today turned in over twice as many signatures as they needed to but the measure on the November ballot. The group, Protect Our Jobs, needed less than 323,000. They turned in over 650,000.


Karla Swift, president of the AFL-CIO sent out an email to supporters today sharing the news. She reminded supporters that the real work is now ahead of us.

We must remind our friends, neighbors, coworkers, and families of the important role that collective bargaining plays in creating and sustaining middle class jobs.…
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Michigan Republicans pass one of three regressive anti-abortion, anti-choice bills today, table other two

Hard to stop a freight train

The Michigan House Republicans voted to pass one of the three anti-choice, anti-women bills that make up the omnibus package described as the most regressive legislation of its kind in the country.

A deeply divided Michigan House on Wednesday approved new regulations for abortion providers after passionate floor debate on the issue.

House Republicans will not hold votes on two other abortion bills, including a controversial ban on most abortions after 20 weeks with a narrow exception for the mother’s life.

“We decided not to take that up right now so we can discuss the legislation further,” said Ari Adler, spokesman for House Speaker Jase Bolger, R-Marshall.

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Wayback Machine: the genesis of the Eclectablog & LOLGOP partnership

Ahhh…so that’s how it all got started

Long ago (August of last year) in a galaxy far, far away (here in Ann Arbor, Michigan), I wrote a piece for another website that has since gone down the memory hole. In that piece, I interviewed a rising twitter sensation that went by the name of Pete Nicely or LOLGOP. That interview was the beginning of the partnership that makes up two of the three components of today’s Eclectablog. At the time, LOLGOP had an adorable 7,000 Twitter followers [note: it’s well over 65,000 now] and totally cute little 4,000 “Likes” on his Facebook page [note: it’s pushing 12,000 now.]

We thought it would be fun to repost the interview for our readers.…

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UPDATED: Planned Parenthood is NOT backing down – 2nd MAJOR rally of the week at the state Capitol TOMORROW (6/14/12)

We're still watching and we still vote

As I wrote yesterday, Planned Parenthood of Michigan brought nearly 500 protestors to the state Capitol yesterday to protest a package of bills that will make Michigan the most anti-choice, forced-birth state in the country. Photos and video from the rally can be found HERE. In the face of the noisy protest, a scheduled vote was postponed in the full House and is likely to be voted on tomorrow. Details and a link to an online petition after the jump.
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GOP Senator Cornyn demands AG Holder resign, Holder gives epic smack-down response


Yesterday, during his ninth appearance before Congress regarding the “Fast and Furious” debacle (read more about that HERE), Senator John Cornyn, Republican member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, asked Attorney General Eric Holder to resign, saying he hoped President Obama would replace him.

AG Holder’s response was epic and a total smack-down of Cornyn. The transcript below is courtesy of Meteor Blades at Daily Kos from his post Sen. Cornyn accuses Eric Holder of perjury, asks him to resign. Gets told to pound sand:

Cornyn: In short, you’ve violated the public trust in my view and, by failing and refusing to perform the duties of your office.…
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What Mitt Romney is Hiding

What Mitt Romney is Hiding

If you don’t stand for anything, you’ll fall for Mitt Romney

Some late Friday afternoon, probably in late July or early August, Mitt Romney will release his tax return for 2011. Though he’s been running for President for nearly a decade, he filed for an extension that is already months past the deadline most Americans abide by. He’s clearly taking all the time he can to make sure that it is released when it has the least possible impact.

Why? Mitt’s tax rate—under 15%–isn’t just lower than many bus drivers, it’s a perfect reminder of the ridiculousness of the Bush tax breaks for hedge fund managers that Mitt wants to extend and double down on.…

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Netroots for the Troops 2012 recap – blood was spilled (PHOTOS)

It’s what we do

The Netroots for the Troops 2012 went off almost entirely without a hitch. Although, due to a lack of donations this year, we were only able to pack 150 boxes, half of what we’ve done previously, it was still a wonderful thing to behold.

[Photos by Anne C. Savage (with watermark) and angelajean (without watermark)]

Here we are, staging the boxes and their contents:

This year, we did only one line down the table and slowed things down to make it less frenetic and more enjoyable. Also, because the boxes were just so danged full this year, we had a major bottleneck at the taping area as nearly everyone had to repack their box more efficiently.…

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