So, Michigan Dems, you gonna go support the guy that’s against kids going to college?

Breathe deep and think about what you are doing

Tomorrow is the Michigan primary. A significant number of Dem-leaning pundits and commentators are encouraging Democrats to cross over and vote for Rick Santorum in the GOP primary.

You can do that. It’s totally legal. I’m asking you not to.

I’ve already gone on record as to why I think this is a truly bad idea. Stupid. Misguided. Ill-informed. All that.

Are you really going to walk into your local voting location, declare yourself a Republican and then vote for the guy you hate the most? That’s democracy to you?

Don’t do it.…

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Rick Santorum thinks getting a college education is “indoctrination” & snobby

Elitest vs. Out of Touch

Last Saturday when LOLGOP and I attended the Americans for Prosperity forum in Troy, Michigan (liveblog HERE), GOP Presidential contender Rick Santorum spit upon the goal of giving every American boy and girl the chance to go to college. What’s more, instead of valuing a college education, he described it as “indoctrination” and President Obama trying to “reshape [students] in his own image.”

I’m not joking.

Not all folks are gifted in the same way. Some people have incredible gifts with their hands. Some people have incredible gifts to use and want to work out there making things.…
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The GOP Can’t Deny Its Extremism (Anymore)

America just isn’t that into the 1 percent

We let the GOP pretend they’re for small government, even though they don’t believe in the separation of uterus and state.

We let them say they’re conservative, when they want to pre-emptively start new wars.

We let them say that they care about the American Dream, as they try to destroy the fair progressive taxation that created the middle class.

We let the GOP pretend they’re patriotic when they believe that patriotism ends when the campaign begins, and the campaign never ends.

We let them try to turn words like “elite” and “birth control” and “college” into insults to serve a 1% that indulges all three in epic amounts.…

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EXCLUSIVE AUDIO: Andrew Breitbart says Occupy has a ‘culture of rape’ and ACORN is paying ‘unsafe people’ to occupy

Andrew Breitbart is the Andrew Breitbart of the tea party movement

On Saturday, February 25th, LOLGOP and I attended the Americans for Prosperity forum in Troy, Michigan (home of homophobic tea party mayor Janice Daniels.) We obtained press passes and proceeded to livetweet and liveblog the event. (My liveblog, done entirely on my iPhone, is here: LIVEBLOG: Americans for Prosperity forum in Troy, Michigan 2/25/12.)

For the most part, the people at the AFP forum were very nice to us. Perhaps it’s because we had a “Media” badges on but, more than likely, it was despite that, given the sneering way “the media” was treated by speakers such as Andrew Breitbart and Michelle Malkin.…

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How Bruce Springsteen and Lady Gaga Could Speed Up Gay Marriage

Baby, the USA was born this way

Here’s the good news. On a federal level, we have a President who refuses to defend the unconstitutional Defense of Marriage act. We need a Congress who will pass a law that grants same-sex couples all the federal benefits of marriage. We already, I believe, have a President who will sign that law.

Here’s the bad news. Barring a miracle, this Supreme Court will never issue a Loving v. Virginia type decision that makes marriage available to all adults. Even if the Prop 8 case from California reaches the Court, the impact of that case will likely be limited to California.…

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LIVEBLOG: Americans for Prosperity forum in Troy, Michigan 2/25/12

Bring on the conservatives!

LOLGOP and I are liveblogging and live tweeting the Americans for Prosperity forum in Troy, Michigan today. Be sure to check out his Twitter feed as well as checking back here throughout the day.

On tap today: GOP front runners Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum, former candidate Herman Cain, Michelle Malkin, Andrew Breitbart, conservative radio show host Frank Beckmann and AFP Michigan Director Scott Hagerstrom. Invitees Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, and President Barack Obama declined.

1,200 tickets were sold to the event and it is sold out. You’ll be able to watch Rick Santorum’s speech live on C-Span.…

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Trevor Thomas gains endorsement of Gov. Jennifer Granholm in MI-03, campaign gains momentum

Now we’re talking!

Democratic candidate for Congress in Michigan’s 3rd Congressional District, Trevor Thomas, has scored a key endorsement this week from former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm.

I’m excited to introduce to you my friend Trevor Thomas, who is running to be the democratic contender against Rep. Justin Amash in Michigan’s 3rd District.

The son of two autoworkers, Trevor joined my re-election campaign in 2006, and he played a vital role in our victory. He was an even bigger part of our administration’s efforts in our second term. In fact, I remember traveling to Grand Rapids with Trevor as we visited with members of the media and highlighted issues like our No Worker Left Behind program to help Michigan workers transition to a global economy.

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Mitt Romney chooses empty, cavernous space for Detroit speech to a tiny crowd

Who thought THAT was a good idea?

I cannot for the life of me understand why he did it, but when Mitt Romney came to Detroit today, he chose the 65,000-seat Ford Field. It was such a bizarre choice that even the Detroit Free Press wrote about it.

Romney camp’s game plan: Make Ford Field look crowded
It won’t be hard to fit 1,200 members of the Detroit Economic Club into 65,000-seat Ford Field for today’s speech by GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney.

What will be hard is making it look like Romney isn’t speaking to a nearly empty stadium.

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