The difference between Wisconsin and Michigan

Many parallels have been drawn between what is transpiring in Wisconsin and Michigan in terms of Republicans Gone Wild and the trampling of the rights of voters, union members and any other group Republicans have in their crosshairs. And there are parallels. Certainly the law that Republicans were able to get signed into law stripping away the rights of public employee unions is echoed by the Emergency Financial Manager (EFM) law in Michigan which gives the EFMs immense powers with regard to modifying or canceling contracts, including those with unions. And many of the bills up for a vote in Michigan are focused on diminishing the rights and abilities of public employee unions such as teachers.…

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BREAKING: Michigan Democratic Party will not support recalls or repeal of EFM law

I have received information that Michigan Democratic Party chair, Mark Brewer, met with at least some Benton Harbor City Commissioners this week. By now, you’ve probably hear that these Commissioners have been relieved of duty by Emergency Financial Manager (EFM) Joseph Harris.

At that meeting, I am told, Brewer stated that the MDP will not be supporting any of the recall efforts around the state to recall vulnerable Republicans and Governor Rick Snyder or the effort to citizens’ effort to repeal the new EFM law.

I will have more on the absence of the state-level Democratic Party (and others) in the ongoing situation in Benton Harbor and the fight against the draconian EFM law, in general, so stay tuned.…

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Where are the “preemptive whingers” now that Social Security cuts are off the table?

Back in January, I wrote a piece called The very real attack on Obama’s mythical attack on Social Security where I talked about lefty pundits attacking President Obama for slashing Social Security, something he has never done and will not do. I was attacked myself in various venues for this piece. Those that I have described as “preemptive whingers” knew, just KNEW!, I tellzya, that it was going to happen. The so-called Catfood Commission was on a clear path to do so.

Turns out they were wrong.

Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus says he doesn’t think Congress will address Social Security as part of an effort to reduce government borrowing.…
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Mitt Romney to make a very serious health care reform speech in Ann Arbor tomorrow

Very serious presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, will make a very serious speech on health care reform tomorrow in Ann Arbor. It is a very serious occasion that has resulted in in many very serious articles about the very serious event that will happen two days from the announcement in all of the very serious media outlets like the Detroit Free Press, the Washington Post,, the Boston Globe, the Detroit News, the Los Angeles Times, and the New York Times.

According to the very serious press release, this very serious speech will cover the following very serious points:

  • Restore to the states the responsibility and resources to care for their poor, uninsured, and chronically ill.
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Rick Snyder makes another fake “concession” on the Earned Income Tax credit

In late April, I wrote about Michigan Governor Rick Snyder’s fake concession on the Earned Income Tax credit (EITC). The EITC is a tax credit that benefits the working poor, especially those with kids, in Michigan. I wrote:

In a dramatic concession, he’s agreed to give qualifying families $25 per child . This represents 5.8% of the EITC the average family would have received.

He will now tell everyone he made a concession. But, if his budget passes in May as it most likely will, he will have actually slashed an important bit of assistance for many poor Michiganders with families by 94.2%.

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Homophobe & former asst. AG Andrew Shirvell still making a mockery of our court system

I have written about the pathetic excuse for a public servant that is Andrew Shirvell before (here and here). To recap, he was stalking University of Michigan student body president, Chris Armstrong, posting offensively Photoshopped images on an anti-Armstrong website, writing defamatory things about Armstrong (an openly gay man) and conducting one-man protests outside the home of Shirvell and his friends and family. It got so bad the Shirvell was eventually banned from campus.

I should mention that Shirvell was also an Assistant Attorney General in Lansing, a job he has been fired from.

Chris Armstrong finally sued Shirvell.…

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Eclectablog audio on the Colbert Report?! Boo-yah!

Exclusive Eclectaudio from my April 25th post kicks in at about 2:08:

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Eff ‘em!

I’m expecting my free tickets to a taping of the Colbert Report any day now ; )

Heh, heh……

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Benton Harbor condemns low-income hotel directly across from new Whirlpool headquarters

NOTE: This entry was lost in the Blogger crash on 5/12/2011. I am restoring it now (on 6/17/2011).

In October of 2010, the city of Benton Harbor granted the Whirlpool Corporation a nearly $3.9 million tax abatement. Why did they do this? Because, without it, Whirlpool would have taken their marbles to some other state.

Monday’s approval was the last hurdle for Whirlpool to build its $68 million headquarters in the city. Berrien County, Benton Township and St. Joseph already approved the incentives.

Here’s a video posted on the Pure Michigan website last August which talks about the tax breaks that Whirlpool was receiving from the state and the city.…

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