Mich GOP “identity theft” robocalls idea stolen from shameful California labor group initiative

A couple of weeks ago, I reported on a series of robocalls being conducted on the west side of the state warning people not to sign petitions because of the threat of identity theft. It’s a particularly odious tactic to suppress petition signature rates in the myriad recall and repeal efforts against Republicans across the state.

Turns out the idea originated in California with a coalition of labor groups calling themselves Californians Against Identity Theft. This group is running radio ads in addition to their absurd website. The labor groups involved are the California Building and Construction Trades Council and the California State Pipe Trades Council.…

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Ahhh…Ezra Klein, how much do I love your truth-speaking?

A lot:

The last year or so in American politics has been a tragedy. With unemployment over nine percent and underemployment closer to 16 percent, Washington has stopped talking about how to create jobs and turned its attention to cutting deficits. But it couldn’t get that done, either. Having agreed to focus on the wrong question, the two parties proceeded to disagree over how to answer it.

Perfectly nailed the political crap that has gone on for the past year in three sentences.…

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State takes first steps to placing Emergency Managers in Flint and Highland Park

Flint appears to be the next city in line for an Emergency Manager in Michigan. With only a $2 million deficit, it is still undergoing the initial review process. This is odd because, as Brandon Jessup of Michigan Forward notes, other cities with much larger problems have had their requests for an EM denied.

Interesting, though is how Flint, facing a $2 million deficit, is under review when other municipalities like Allen Park and Jackson were refused preliminary reviews. In May, Jackson mayor Karen Dunigan requested a preliminary review from the state’s treasury department based on the city’s accumulated pension debt of $20 million and $47 million in bonded debt.…
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Mitt Romney and Rick Perry both loved them some individual mandate before they hated it

The group Protect Your Care issued a statement today that reminds me of why I love liberals so much.

Statement on Rick Perry’s Letter Praising Hillary Clinton on Health Care in 1994
August 31, 2011
For Immediate Release
Contact: Eddie Vale – eddie@protectyourcare.org

In response to Governor Rick Perry’s health care letter to then First Lady Hillary Clinton Protect Your Care Communications Director Eddie Vale issued the following statement:

As we have discussed many times before, the individual responsibility provision is a common sense, free-market idea. It was developed by the Heritage Foundation and has had bipartisan support in the past including Governors Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman.

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The final step too far: outsourcing TEACHING to private firms in Michigan

When you have done nearly all there is to do to hurt teachers, what remains? It’s simple, really. Outsource their jobs. Privatize the actual education of our children.

And that’s just what Michigan Senator Phil Pavlov (25th District), who cancelled his only townhall meeting this summer, is planning to do.

School districts could hire school teachers through a private company, expanding a privatization program already allowed for lunch workers and bus drivers, under legislation being prepared by the head of the Senate Education Committee.

As part of a significant education reform package sponsored by Senator Phil Pavlov (R-St. Clair), schools could privatize their instructional services, giving district a way to avoid the perceived high-dollar packages pushed by the teacher unions.

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John Convington, new chancellor for failing Michigan schools, faked conflict to break his previous contract

This past week, John Covington was hired by the state of Michigan to oversee a collection of underperforming schools in the state. The new group, the Education Achievement Authority (EAA), will focus its efforts on improving failing schools around Michigan. In his new position, Covington may make as much as $1.5 million per year over 4 years if he meets goals set for him.

Covington comes to Michigan under a cloud of questions and accusations from the Kansas City school system. A Huffington Post column details a rift between Covington and the president of the Kansas City School Board, Airick West, which Covington to said was the reason he abruptly resigned.…

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Garden porn – 2011

Tonight’s haul, our first harvest: 145 pounds of organically-grown heirloom tomatoes.

And there ate LOTS more on the vine.

I’m skeert.

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More hostage taking by the Republicans

These people have moved beyond being hateful to being truly evil. Here’s Eric Cantor, Republican House Majority Leader, regarding federal funds for hurricane relief after Irene’s stroll up the eastern seaboard that left almost a million and a half people without power, massive flooding and extensive damage (not to mention some deaths):

Despite the devastation caused by Hurricane Irene this weekend, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) today stood by his call that no more money be allocated for disaster relief unless it is offset by spending cuts elsewhere. The Washington Post reported this morning that FEMA will need more money than it currently has to deal with the storm’s aftermath and is already diverting funds from other recent disasters to deal with the hurricane, but Cantor’s comments suggest Republicans won’t authorize more funds without a fight.…
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