Ruben Marquez secures enough signatures to get on the ballot to challenge Tim Walberg in MI-07

Let's roll!

As I have reported before, Jackson County Democratic Party Chair Ruben Marquez has entered the race to challenge Tim "The Original Tea Partier" Walberg in Michigan's 7th Congressional District. Marquez announced after Republican Joe Schwarz declined to run as a Democrat. This gave him less than two weeks to secure the required 1,000 petitions signatures to get on the ballot for the August primary. He was successful.
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More misogyny in the Michigan House of Representatives – Rep Frank Foster calls nurses union staffer a c**t

Boys will be boys pigs

It's just another episode in a long, long string of episodes where some Michigan Republican men can't get into any sort of back and forth with a woman without whipping out the sexist derogatory slurs. This time, it's state House Representative Frank Foster. While visiting the neighborhood of a Michigan Nurses Association staffer, he called her a "cunt".
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Michigan elections officials had proof Emergency Manager repeal petitions were legal but kept it secret


I find myself using the word "astonished" or "astonishing" a LOT lately when it comes to Michigan politics. My level of cynicism seems to be rising exponentially as each week passes when I see the outrageous and egregious things that Republicans are doing in our state. But this might take the cake.
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Why Mitt Romney and the GOP Love Debt

Why Mitt Romney and the GOP Love Debt

Hint: It’s why arsonists love fire

Hiring the GOP to get rid of your debt problem is like hiring the GOP to get rid of your bin Laden problem. It has never worked before and it won’t work now.

Like Paul Ryan, Mitt has used this so-called debt emergency to propose a budget that cuts anything that doesn’t specifically benefit the rich. He then offers the richest Americans more tax breaks on top of the already untenable Bush tax breaks that were supposed to expire before the GOP let the economy become a global financial crisis.

Mitt claims that he’ll pay for some of his tax breaks with offsets—and Mitt, of course, refuses to name one offset.…

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Beer With Bloggers event – 7-9 pm Thursday, May 31 – Corner Brewery in Ypsilanti

Getting to knooo-ooow you, getting to know all abooo-uuut you...

Super, uber blogger Mark Maynard of the legendary in Ypsilanti (and beyond) is resurrecting an event he used to hold semi-regularly called "Beer With Bloggers". It's a chance for us, the men and women behind the html code, to hang out with the folks that read our words and look at our photos and other artwork, answer your questions, and get drunk. Mark tells me the last time he did this (over two years ago), he had 90 people show up. The next Beer With Bloggers event is Thursday, May 31 from 7:00 until 9:00 p.m. at the Corner Brewery in Ypsilanti and YOU are invited. Details are after the jump.
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Effort to recall Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder faces opposition – FROM THE LEFT! (Updated)

With friends like these...

The group working to recall Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, Michigan Rising missed a campaign finance report deadline by a few days this month. Though this isn't entirely uncommon given the unnecessarily complex and cumbersome reporting methods they use, it was still a black eye to a group trying to prove that it has learned its lesson from the first recall effort and pull off a feat that nearly everyone agrees will be a nearly impossible task. The group faces stiff opposition in their fight to recall our Republican governor. However, the fight they are getting is not from Republicans, tea partiers, the business community or conservatives. It's from a group that describes itself "independent left". I'm not kidding.
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Is Mitt Romney finally paying the cost for repeating debunked lies?

Is Mitt Romney finally paying the cost for repeating debunked lies?

How Mitt’s constant falsehoods help make the “bully” label stick

For weeks Rachel Maddow, Steve Benen, Greg Sargent and various other people with ears have been wondering if Mitt Romney would ever pay a price for repeating lies that had been debunked, again and again.

It seems to finally have happened. But not the way anyone expected.

By focusing on repeating lies about President Obama, Mitt was clearly avoiding a more important subject: Mitt Romney.

Howard Fineman of Huffington Post explains:

Most of the American people don’t know who Mitt Romney really is. They don’t know what is good and decent about his life story, his family, his work, his philosophy or his personal ethics.…
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And the winners are…

Envelope, please...

This post took way longer than I had hoped but I traveled for work last week, spent the day at the Michigan Summit on Saturday and planted a monster garden yesterday so I simply have not had the time. First, thanks to everyone who contributed to our 2nd Quarter fundraising drive. We are so appreciative and gratified by both the donations and the many very nice comments. Without further ado, here are our winners...
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