Mitt Romney’s “Michigan Problem”

Regrets, I’ve had a few…

Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney has a problem. A Michigan Problem. It’s not just that he penned an op-ed for the New York Times calling for the bankruptcy of our domestic vehicle manufacturers. It’s not just that he then doubled down on that statement in one of the presidential debates. It’s not just that, as former Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm put it, if he had been president in 2009, our state would be far worse off than it is now (and it ain’t in very good shape at the moment as it is.)

No, it’s also because just last December, he mocked the technology behind latest piece of awesomeness to come out of Detroit: the Ford Fusion.…

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Day 2 – First quarter fundraising drive


Hi, it’s me again. I got up early so I could bring you a new story about Highland Park schools and the letter our Governor sent to parents in that school district. The letter was clearly aimed at riling them up and encouraging them to demand their elected officials willingly step aside to let the state come in and run their affairs.

Want to know how the Detroit Free Press reported that? With the headline “Highland Park Schools in jeopardy of closing, governor says in letter”. No mention of the fact that the Highland Park School board has already put in place a deficit elimination plan.…

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Governor Snyder sends letter to Highland Park school parents: BE AFRAID!

Warning, Warning! Danger, Will Robinson!

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder took the unprecedented step of sending a personal letter (pdf) to the parents of the Highland Park school system.

Dear Parent,
As a parent of a Highland Park School District (HPS) student, you are probably aware of the dire financial situation that exists in HPS. Over the past few weeks, together with the Departments of Treasury and Education and a review team, we have been attempting to work with your local school officials to address this situation.

There is absolutely no question that the finances of HPS have reached a crisis stage.

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Another Michigan city faces an Emergency Manager: Taylor

Here comes aNOTHER one, just like the OTHER one

Another Michigan city staring down the barrel of an Emergency Manager: Taylor, Michigan.

TAYLOR — The audit presentation to the City Council by Plante Moran painted some grim financial realities Saturday morning.

A general fund deficit of $1.7 million was discussed, which the audit found of the fiscal year ending June 30, 2011.

An even bigger topic was a letter from the State Treasurer office the city received Thursday issuing a 30 day period to devise a financial plan to reduce the deficit.

If a “realistic financial plan” isn’t presented to the state by then, the state will move toward placing an Emergency Financial Manager in the city.

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Lt. Gov. Brian Calley fights not to let his principles get in the way of doing the right thing

Wait. He said WHAT???!

Michigan Lt. Governor Brian Calley has a most amazing quote up on the front page of MIRS News’ website today:

Every once in a while you have to rise above principle and do the right thing.

- Lt. Gov. Brian CALLEY in talking about his support for legislation requiring insurance companies include autism treatment in its policies, despite opposition from business groups.

This reminds me of U.S. House Speaker John Boehner during the fight to preserve the middle class tax cuts:

Sometimes it’s hard to do the right thing…

It’s not always easy to do the right thing…

[W]hy not do the right thing for the American people, even though it’s not exactly what we want?

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Michigan Republicans succeed in creating major Democratic primary battle in MI-14

What’s say you and him and her fight?

When Michigan Republicans redistricted our state this past year, they intentionally created a major battle ground in Michigan’s 14th Congressional District which makes up much of the metropolitan Detroit area.

As was already announced, Hansen Clark who currently represents the 13th District and Gary Peters, Representative from MI-09 will be contending for the Democratic nomination in the newly-drawn 14th.

Now enter Southfield mayor Brenda Lawrence, running mate of Lansing mayor Virg Bernero his his failed 2010 gubernatorial bid.

Southfield Mayor Brenda Lawrence will run in the new 14th Congressional District, jumping into a race that already has two incumbent Democratic congressmen.…
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Day 1 – First quarter fundraising drive

Brothers & sisters, can you spare a dime?

Hello, folks. As I have been talking about for some time, I am going to be doing quarterly week-long fundraising drives for Eclectablog. This is in place of running those incredibly annoying third-party ads for cellulose reduction or hot Russian singles that you see on some blogs. Once a day for seven days each quarter, I will be soliciting donations from my readers.

I put a great deal of time and care into Eclectablog. Last week I liveblogged the MLK Day march on Governor Rick Snyder’s home and then livetweeted the State of the State address two days later.…

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Saturday evening sanity break

Crikey, enough of the emergency manager stuff already

This is the funniest damn thing I’ve read in ye very long tyme:


Lo, in the twilight days of the second year of the second decade of the third millennium did a great darkness descend over the wireless internet connectivity of the people of 276 Ferndale Street in the North-Central lands of Iowa. For many years, the gentlefolk of these lands basked in a wireless network overflowing with speed and ample internet, flowing like a river into their Compaq Presario.…
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