Homophobe & former asst. AG Andrew Shirvell still making a mockery of our court system

I have written about the pathetic excuse for a public servant that is Andrew Shirvell before (here and here). To recap, he was stalking University of Michigan student body president, Chris Armstrong, posting offensively Photoshopped images on an anti-Armstrong website, writing defamatory things about Armstrong (an openly gay man) and conducting one-man protests outside the home of Shirvell and his friends and family. It got so bad the Shirvell was eventually banned from campus.

I should mention that Shirvell was also an Assistant Attorney General in Lansing, a job he has been fired from.

Chris Armstrong finally sued Shirvell.…

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Eclectablog audio on the Colbert Report?! Boo-yah!

Exclusive Eclectaudio from my April 25th post kicks in at about 2:08:

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Eff ‘em!

I’m expecting my free tickets to a taping of the Colbert Report any day now ; )

Heh, heh……

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Benton Harbor condemns low-income hotel directly across from new Whirlpool headquarters

NOTE: This entry was lost in the Blogger crash on 5/12/2011. I am restoring it now (on 6/17/2011).

In October of 2010, the city of Benton Harbor granted the Whirlpool Corporation a nearly $3.9 million tax abatement. Why did they do this? Because, without it, Whirlpool would have taken their marbles to some other state.

Monday’s approval was the last hurdle for Whirlpool to build its $68 million headquarters in the city. Berrien County, Benton Township and St. Joseph already approved the incentives.

Here’s a video posted on the Pure Michigan website last August which talks about the tax breaks that Whirlpool was receiving from the state and the city.…

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Whirlpool has paid no corporate taxes for 3 years

You know Whirlpool, the large corporation that is an integral part of the city of Benton Harbor and who received $3.87 million in tax breaks from the city last year as a bribe so they would build their new headquarters there instead of leaving Benton Harbor altogether?

According to Business Week, they haven’t paid a dime in corporate taxes in three full years. And, last year, they got a $64 million tax REFUND.

Whirlpool had negative effective income tax rates in 2010, 2009 and 2008. Last year, the company reported an income tax benefit of $64 million and an effective tax rate of negative 10.9 percent, according to company filings.…
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Eclectablog talks Benton Harbor on Lansing’s WLNZ 89.7

I joined Dr. John Schweitzer from Michigan State University on Bonnie Bucqueroux’s radio show last night to talk about the situation in Benton Harbor. Dr. Schweitzer spent two years there, working with a grant from the Whirlpool Corporation, bringing the University’s many various resources to bear in Benton Harbor. Unfortunately, his funding was pulled the third year.

I come in at about the 23:20 mark. Enjoy.

(You will need a flash player to view the video. Sorry, no iPads or iPhones.)

[Note: to view the stream on this page, click the small "Play" triangle at the bottom of the player. Clicking the large one on the screen will take you to a new page.]

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Boehner mistakenly thinks he’s in a position to bargain on debt ceiling

Since everybody knows Congress has to raise the debt ceiling soon (as opposed to the United States of America defaulting on its loans and creating global economic chaos unseen in history), this is pretty laughable:

NEW YORK — House Speaker John A. Boehner defined the GOP’s terms for raising the legal limit on government borrowing Monday, demanding that President Obama reduce spending by more than $2 trillion in exchange for an increase big enough to cover the nation’s bills through the end of next year.

Delivering a sermon on fiscal austerity to a Wall Street crowd clamoring for compromise on the debt limit, Boehner (Ohio) firmly rejected any effort to raise taxes.

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Citizens United threatens to sue Recall Rick group

Citizens United (yes, that Citizens United) has threatened to sue the group heading up the recall of Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, forcing them to change their name from Michigan Citizens United to the Committee to Recall Rick Snyder.

Lansing— A group seeking to recall Gov. Rick Snyder is changing its name under threat of legal action, a spokesman said today.

Michigan Citizens United will change its name to the Committee to Recall Rick Snyder, spokesman Tim Kramer said.

The name change was the result of a threat of legal action by an existing group called Citizens United, he said.

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Don’t let ANYONE EVER tell you racism isn’t alive and well in the USA

From The Maddow Blog:

That bumpersticker says “Don’t RENIG in 2012″. “RENIG” is not a misspelling of the word “renege”, it’s saying “don’t relelect a nigger in 2012″.

This particular photo was snapped in Arizona but someone in the comments section said they’ve seen it in the Detroit area, too. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to see it in Livingston County, Michigan where I work. Not one bit.

Oh, and the windshield sticker says “Talk shit, get shot”.

Mouth-breathing troglodytes. And there are still a LOT of them around.

UPDATE: You used to be able to buy the t-shirt version, too (though it looks like they aren’t available anymore, thank gods.)

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