Wow. Just wow.

Check out this Eclectagoodness from The Rachel Maddow Show last night:

Watch the full piece with Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero HERE.

I’m still stunned that most of the Michigan coverage is being done by me (and Rachel Maddow, of course) and that none of the major newspapers in Michigan is following this story.

I’m just sayin’……

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Jesse Jackson writes about rights

Jesse Jackson at the Counterpunch website:

Benton Harbor may become to economic justice what the small town of Selma was to civil rights. For in Benton Harbor, the powers that be now are wreaking the final indignities on the town’s beleaguered residents — stripping them not only of their schools, but of their democracy, taking away not only their jobs, but their public parks.


[T]he new czar’s first act was to take over the Brownfield Redevelopment Authority, most likely as a way to proceed with the development and sidestep the lawsuits. Why be suspicious? Because the law that the new czar is operating under was introduced by Republican state Rep.

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Facts???! Beck worshippers don’t need no stinkin’ facts!

There is a delivery guy where I work who spends a lot of his time driving around to deliver packages for us. He’s also our company’s taxi service and recently picked up an Aussie colleague of mine. On the trip back from the airport, Aussie asked him if he thought Obama was good for America. Aussie had no idea that he had just rung the Beck Bell since Taxi Guy is a Beck Worshipper to the nth degree.

After ranting for awhile about socialistwheresthebirthcertificateKenyanusuper, Taxi Guy then proceeded to explain to Aussie that the reason that gas prices have gone up in America is because “Obama wants gas to be expensive”.…

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Interactive panoramic image of Jean Klock Park in Benton Harbor

The image below of Jean Klock Park and part of the Harbor Shores golf course is fully interactive and goes all the way around, 360-degrees. Use your mouse to drag in the direction you want to spin the image. You can also use the buttons to do these actions. Clicking “FULLSCREEN” (bottom right corner) gives the most dramatic effect, allowing it to fill your screen with a high resolution interactive panoramic image. You can also zoom in and out by scrolling or using the buttons at the bottom.

If you look just to the right of the tee box gazebo on top of the dune, you can see Ridgeway Drive, a row of very fancy houses where Congressman Fred Upton lives and the family of millionaire and developer Aubrey McClendon own four lots.…

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Anti-Snyder rally at Univ of Mich commencement this Saturday – DETAILS

Anti-Snyder rally at Univ of Mich commencement this Saturday – DETAILS

This Saturday, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder will be the commencement speaker at the University of Michigan, quite a departure from last year when President Obama was the speaker. A massive protest is being organized that involves a rally as well as action by the students themselves.

The protest rally is being organized by the Washtenaw Community Action Team, Working Michigan, Ann Arbor Education Association, University of Michigan Campus Dems, Lecturers’ Employee Organization, Graduate Employees’ Organization, Huron Central Valley Labor Council, Univ of Michigan All Campus Labor Council, Washtenaw Coalition for Economic Justice, and a wide variety of other labor and community organizations.…

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More federal loans to auto industry being paid back by Chrysler Corp

The federal government is about to get back more of the money it loaned to American automakers. This time it’s the Chrysler Corporation. They are going to sell some debt and take out bank loans to pay back the U.S. government.

Chrysler says it will take out bank loans and sell debt later this quarter to repay $6.6 billion in bailout loans from the U.S. and Canadian governments.
The move would bring the governments closer to getting much of their bailout money back. It also would save Chrysler millions of dollars in interest payments.

Tell me again why helping keep the domestic vehicle manufacturers was such a bad idea?…

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Is Allegan County, Michigan about to eliminate its Planning Commission? And why?

There’s a developing story in Allegan County, home of the Saugatuck Dunes that I have been writing about. A Michigan law passed in 2008 called the Michigan Planning Enabling Act PA 33 of 2008 (discussed at length HERE [pdf]) requires county Planning Commissions to be created by Ordinance rather than by a Resolution and this must be done by July 1, 2011. Additionally, it requires Planning Commissions to have a Master Plan. It is also giving counties the option of doing away Planning Commissions entirely (and, thereby, their Master Plan.)

Based on minutes from various commissions in Allegan County, it is clear that there is an interest on the part of the County Administrator, Rob Sarro, and others to do away with the Planning Commission entirely.…

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Jean Klock Park and Harbor Shores Golf Course (VIDEO)

Jean Klock Park and Harbor Shores Golf Course (VIDEO)

Video I shot today from one of the holes on the Harbor Shores golf course that were built on public land donated to the City of Benton Harbor for use as the Jean Klock Park.

I should note that I made an error in the commentary I was giving while I shot this video. The City of Benton Harbor did not give the land to Harbor Shores for three holes of their golf course. They lease it to them. So, theoretically, they could revoke the lease and then Harbor Shores would be the only 15-hole luxury golf course in Michigan. Correction: the only 15-hole golf course of ANY kind in Michigan.…

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Liveblogging the Benton Harbor rally/march

Liveblogging the Benton Harbor rally/march

Well, it’s a rainy day but that hasn’t stopped organizers in Benton Harbor from moving forward with their planned rally and march. We have relocated the staging location to the Benton Harbor library, across the street from the City Hall.

It’s a full house with at least 250 people crammed into the library’s auditorium.

Organizer John Waltz from Heartland Revolution announcing a recall of Congressman Ray Pscholka begins TODAY!

Benton Harbor Mayor Wilce Cooke speaks:

A young Benton Harbor organizer, Trenton Bowens, speaks about the recall efforts of both Pscholka and Governor Snyder.

12:45 – Reverend Bullock from Detroit and Rainbow/PUSH speaking now.…

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Forget the future. Win the PRESENT!

A friend of a friend, Sara Haile-Mariam, an an independent consultant who makes occasional appearances on news shows to talk politics, made this video after learning about the travesty that happened at the Catherine Ferguson Academy in Detroit.

It’s pretty powerful stuff.

Yup, they arrested and handcuffed pregnant teenage girls because they were trying to save their school. Absolutely amazing. Power to the people Emergency Financial Managers!

I’m just sayin’……

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Gov. Snyder won’t commit to using higher-than-expected tax revenues for kids

The good news is that Michigan’s tax revenues this year may actually be a half billion dollars higher than was previously predicted.

The bad news is, rather than offsetting some of the $470-per-pupil funding cut Governor Snyder proposes in his budget with the windfall, he wants to save it.

“I don’t want to speculate on us having more dollars,” Snyder said. “Are they one-time funds, are they sustainable dollars? We shouldn’t just be going to spend that money today…We also need to make sure we’re being prudent on the savings side.”

You never know when you might need it to give yet another corporation a tax break, eh, Governor?…

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Vermont Senate follows House by passing single payer healthcare bill

This is absolutely fabulous news:

The [Vermont] state Senate gave preliminary approval Monday to health care legislation that is a key part of Gov. Peter Shumlin’s agenda.

The bill, a version of which already has been passed by the House, would put Vermont on a path toward what it calls a “universal and unified health system” and what the Democratic governor calls single-payer health care, with the objective of ensuring health insurance coverage for every resident.

The Senate legislation won initial approval on a 21-8 vote and is due for final action Tuesday. It calls for setting up a health care marketplace, called an exchange, in keeping with federal health care legislation.

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