Mitt Romney Has Moral Obligation to Edit His Website

Mitt must be making millions shorting his own campaign on Intrade

Check out this graphic that has been prominently placed on Mitt Romney’s website for months:

It’s a pretty clear message. He’s not like the Republicans who blew the surplus and refused to pay for an expansion to Medicare or two wars. He’s special because he can balance a budget.
More worrisome, Mr. Romney spent more than he took in; his cash flow was negative $12.2 million for the month.

Yep. Mitt spent $12.2 million more than he took in. Enough to make 1,220 $10,000 bets or one Santorum surge.…

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Ronald Reagan Socialized Medicine in the United States

And he raised taxes nine times…

You want smaller government. You think things were better before drinking water was regulated, before a private business was forced to serve all people, before Social Security, Medicare and the Older Americans Act cut poverty among senior citizens in half.

You think everything that’s gone wrong is because of big government liberals. But it’s big government conservatives who have (purposefully) created a government that can’t pay for its self.

I’m not just talking about Medicare Part D, which literally wasn’t paid for and overpays for drugs as a giveaway to the pharmaceutical industry. I’m talking about how Ronald Reagan socialized medicine when he signed the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act.…

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My op-ed on why Emergency Managers are NOT better than Chapter 9 bankruptcy

Excuse me, but I beg to differ

Last week, Business news director Nathan Bomey penned an op-ed titled “Why bankruptcy is worse for Michigan cities than emergency managers”.

As you might imagine, I have an entirely different take on this which you can read at in a counterpoint op-ed today titled “The case against emergency managers: How bankruptcy preserves democracy”.

Here’s an excerpt:

The main thrust of Mr. Bomey’s argument is that Chapter 9 bankruptcy is an unpredictable, frightening prospect where municipalities lose control, union contracts are rejected, wages & benefits of employees cut, city vendors take a hit, and hard decisions are made by a single individual who doesn’t answer to the local community.…
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Larry Tunner live -shoot from Occupalooza in Traverse City

Here is the video from the live-shoot from last weekend’s Occupalooza event in Traverse City for a scene for the upcoming movie “The Saga of Larry Tunner”. It’s a movie about a down-on-his luck guy named Larry Tunner who comes into wealth and decides to run for president as a people’s candidate – an Occupy candidate.

So you know, I get real angry when I see people like Newt Gingrich running his mouth about how a bunch of people holding signs in a park are waging class warfare. What?! Is this guy from the moon?!

Nobody with a cardboard sign ruined MY neighborhood.

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My comments to the Occupy movement at last Saturday’s Occupalooza

We’re not trying to take our country BACK, we’re trying to take it FORWARD

Last Saturday night I was invited to make some comments to the audience at Occupalooza. I chose to focus my talk on the need for everyone in the Occupy movement to avoid making the mistake of “staying out of politics”.

Here are my comments:

(This is a high-resolution video so you may wish to to click the little gear button a the bottom right of the video screen to lower the resolution if you have a slow internet connection.)

Thanks very much to Jeff Morgan at Prometheus Motion Pictures who put the video together for me.…

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3 Charts that Prove that Anyone Who Says the Stimulus Didn’t Work is Lying

If a Republican had nearly doubled the Dow and gotten bin Laden and Qaddafi, he’d already be on the dime

The good news is: The people who still propagandize against the Stimulus are only doing so because their paycheck or their sanity depends upon it.

The fact is: The Stimulus has had the singularly most impressive positive effect on the American economy of government intervention since World War II. Simply: It worked.

The ONLY argument against the Stimulus is an argument for it. It was too small. Krugman said so in 2009. Seriously, the one argument the anyone has against the Stimulus was: Bush’s economy in late 2008 was much worse than we wanted to admit.…

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“The Saga of Larry Tunner” – An #Occupy movie that needs YOUR help

“If corporations are people then they are the vampires of our age” – Larry Tunner

Andrew Tomlinson is a movie-maker out of Ypsilanti. Together with with Jeff Morgan, he is preparing to make an Occupy-themed movie called The Saga of Larry Tunner that could very well help to shape the conversation leading up to our election in November 2012.

Here’s the rub: they need funding. This indy film in many ways embodies the vibe of “Occupy”. It’s being made entirely on a shoestring with lots of people volunteering their time to make it happen. But even shoestrings cost money. They need funds for props and for promotion and for food, gas, and supplies and so much more.…

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Would Chris Christie Ask 8,821,155 People If He Could Get Married?

Insert, ‘Why shouldn’t they be as miserable as the rest of us?’ joke here

Republicans aren’t aware of this but the debate about marriage equality is over.

Washington state just approved it. Maryland is next. And New Jersey governor Chris Christie just vetoed a New Jersey law that would have made gay marriage legal. He wants to put the idea up to a ballot referendum. Why? Christie sees a future on a GOP ticket. Luckily, he doesn’t get that it’s issues like marriage equality that will make it increasingly difficult for the GOP to win national elections.

There simply isn’t one good argument why any two non-related adults should not be able to be married.The only question is how do you make the the case to the people over 30 who don’t know that they’re stuck in a bigoted mindset that makes no sense.…

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