Barack Obama — Made in the USA

One thing I’ve always loved about Organizing for America (OFA) is their ability to have some fun with their fundraising. Here’s the latest: A coffee mug with the saying “Made in the USA” underneath a picture of President Obama. On the other side is a reproduction of his birth certificate.

You can get it as a t-shirt, too. Good times, kids. Good times.…

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Netroots for the Troops – Where “Support the Troops” actually means something

NOTE: This is a repost of my previous diary. We are woefully short of meeting my goal of raising $2,500 for Netroots for the Troops and the Netroots Nation Conference is only a month away. Please consider joining TEAM ECLECTABLOG and making a donation. Even $10 is very helpful. And please consider sharing this on your Facebook page, tweeting it and anything else you can think of to spread the word. Thanks so much.

~ Eclectablog
Every year at the Netroots Nation conference, a group of very hard-working, compassionate and caring people step up to help our men and women in the armed forces in an impressive way.…

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It’s “unAmerican” to want to end corporate welfare for Big Oil & Gas

The profits being made by Big Oil & Gas companies right now aren’t just big. They aren’t just eye-popping. They are historical. I mean, hello, momma, look at this:

In fact, in the past decade, the top five Big Oil & Gas companies have made almost $1 TRILLION in profits.

Pretty impressive, really, particularly in light of the fact that Americans are complaining so bitterly about the high price of gas right now. But, even more impressive in light of the fact that the U.S. government continues to give subsidies to this industry. With these immense profits rolling in, the American taxpayers are providing even more cash for the coffers of these companies.…

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Why I am supporting the recall of Rick Snyder (& other Michigan Republicans)

I have been giving the issue of recalling Rick Snyder quite a bit of thought lately, which is probably obvious to regular readers. I have been quite ambivalent about the recall effort for a number of reasons. First, having Brian Calley as Michigan’s governor, even for a short time, gives me pause. Also, the task of collecting a million signatures in just 90 days is daunting. Finally, if the effort doesn’t go well, it may be one more demoralizing action that could depress Democratic turnout and Democratic GOTV efforts in the future.

Some have made the case against the recall pretty effectively.…

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Michigan news round-up

In case you missed it, last week the Republicans passed a tax reform bill that is a key component Michigan Governor Rick Snyder’s budget plan that cuts business taxes by over 85% and does so on the backs of retired folks, kids and the working poor. The bill now heads to the Governor for his signature.

Gov. Rick Snyder’s massive tax reform package has passed in the Legislature, giving him a key victory in his first state budget.

“Today is marking the death of the Michigan business tax,” Snyder said. “It’s about more and better jobs and an opportunity to keep young people in Michigan.”

The bill passed 20-19 in the Senate, with Lt.

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Eclectadog update

I apologize for the overly personal stuff about my dog but, when I describe her as “the President of the Eclectablog Fan Club”, I should always add that I am also the president of the Hara fan club.

Hara kept food down overnight. Her red blood cell levels are coming up as is her blood protein. She ate a whole jar of baby food and didn’t throw up at all (she vomitted during our visit last night.) Her poop has gone from frank blood to brown and now is a little less runny.

In short, she appears to be very much heading in the right direction.…

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UPDATED: The Michigan Democratic Party has little tolerance for dissent

UPDATE: I am tempering the tone of the title of this blog entry after realizing that the MDP hasn’t completely removed all posts from their Facebook page. They’ve only changed the landing page so that only their own posts show up unless you click the “Most Recent” tab. Thanks to Sagebrush Bob in the Comments at Daily Kos for this clarification. Their ignoring of the recall and EFM law repeal efforts is still an issue, of course, and a large number of unfriendly posts were deleted yesterday.

Well, this is interesting. In the past couple of days, I have posted two blogs.…

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Eclectablog is back…sort of

Sorry for the lack of updates. Blogger had a 20+ hour problem that put all its blogs into “read-only” mode and I haven’t been able to add new content or make updates. More on Blogger’s issues HERE.

I’m still missing a couple of posts including the one titled “The Difference between Wisconsin and Michigan”. I’m told it will be restored. If it’s not, I’ll repost it later. In the meantime, you can read it HERE as well.

I’m sure the Michigan Democratic Party is thrilled that this post went away. They have spent an enormous amount of time deleting comments on their Facebook page from people upset that they are not supporting the recall efforts in Michigan or the repeal of the Emergency Financial Manager law.…

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