UPDATED: Denying a quarter million Michiganders a political voice was NEVER about the fonts

If you think elections just don't matter, this should wake you up

Yesterday, two Republican men denied a quarter million Michiganders their political voice, a voice guaranteed by the constitution of the state and firmly-rooted in the basic tenets of our democracy. Two men. It's astonishing that our system is set up to give two men this much power. The excuse that both men gave was that, because the the heading on the petition was too small, the petitions were invalid. But this was not and never should have been about the fonts.
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Day 5: Second quarter fundraising drive — PRIZES! PRIZES! and more PRIZES!

Brothers and sisters, can ya spare a dime?

Hi there. Thanks for stopping by. Can I ask what brought you here today? Is it first-hand reporting like you got yesterday when I covered the Board of State Canvassers meeting where two men stole the voice of a quarter million Michiganders? Is it insightful commentary like you got yesterday from LOLGOP's analysis of Why Mitt Lost Massachusetts? Is it to keep up on all the news of interest with regards to state and national politics? Whatever the reason, please consider how much you value what you find here and then make a donation to Eclectablog that's appropriate.
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BREAKING: Mich Board of State Canvassers votes that Emergency Mgr law petitions are NOT valid – UPDATED x2

Democracy not upheld

After hearing testimony from both sides, the Michigan Board of State Canvassers voted by a vote of 2 to 2 NOT to validate the petitions to repeal Public Act 4 -- Michigan's Emergency Manager law. By doing so they threw out the signatures of nearly a quarter million Michigan citizens. The vote was followed by chants of "SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!" [More after the jump.]
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How Mitt Lost Massachusetts

He’s like Reagan, if Reagan were about to lose California by 20%.

If you’re wondering what kind of governor Mitt Romney was, just look at the polls in Massachusetts, the only place he has ever held elected office. The President leads Romney by an average of 18.5%. These are the voters who know Mitt best.

Steve Benen examined Mitt’s unpopular tenure as governor yesterday and offered this gem:

Thomas Whalen, a Boston University political science professor, put it this way: “To know Mitt Romney is to dislike him. That is the moral of the story.”

Why does Mitt Romney become less popular as people get to know him?…

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Day 4: Second quarter fundraising drive – Rattling the tip cup

My, my, how you've grown!

Hello, again. A very big and heartfelt thanks to those of you that have already called in your pledge -- wait. Sorry. That's NPR. This is Eclectablog. We don't have open phone lines. We have this:
We also have a LOT of readers. Seriously. Look at this: [...]
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BREAKING: Sufficient signatures validated to put Michigan Emergency Manager law on ballot – and on HOLD! — UPDATED


I'm going to let the Stand Up for Democracy press release speak for itself: Citizens in the Stand Up for Democracy Coalition are announcing they have received notice from the Secretary of the Board of State Canvassers reporting the group has collected 203,238 valid voter signatures needed to place the repeal of Public Act 4 (aka the Emergency Manager Law) on the November 2012 general election ballot. According to the report, the group exceeded the 161,305 valid signatures needed by more than 40,000. [More after the jump.]
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Mitt Romney: Pander bear to young Americans – Romney v. Obama on controlling student loan debt

You're not fooling anyone, Mitt. Remember: we have the internet.

It's not just Latinos that Mitt Romney is pandering to lately. His latest pander target is young people. Namely students. During a news conference this week with Marco Rubio (his first since mid-March, by the way), Romney had to jump back in after it was nearly over when he remembered to throw in the fact that he suddenly agreed with President Obama on extending low interest rates on student loans, something that Republicans seem ready NOT to do...
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Surprise, surprise. Romney starts his general election campaign with a monstrous pack of lies

What's more pathetic? That he says these things or that people believe them?

Last night, Mitt Romney assumed the mantle of Republican nominee for the 2012 presidential election. Newt Gingrich thinks that's insulting (to voters, he says) and Ron Paul thinks... well, who knows what Ron Paul thinks? What came out of Mitt Romney's mouth was a string of lies as long as the plane trip between here and the last job he outsourced. Let's take a look...
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