Repealing Michigan’s odious Emergency Financial Manager Law, P.A. 4

There is a movement afoot to repeal the unconstitutional Public Act 4, Michigan’s Emergency Financial Manager (EFM) law. The group heading it up is Michigan Forward. Trainings are being held across the state to help people be as effective as possible in this effort. Here’s the information and note that the trainings are this weekend.

Dear Friends,

Thank you for volunteering and spreading the word about our efforts to repeal Public Act 4. Governor Rick Snyder’s takeover legislation, Public Act 4 of 2011, “The Local Government and School District Financial Accountability Act,” commonly referred to as the Emergency Manager (EM) legislation.

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Rick Snyder employee injured when opening letter to the Governor

Okay, this is horrendous:

A worker in Gov. Rick Snyder’s official mail room in the Romney Building was slightly injured this afternoon when he opened an envelope containing an unknown granular substance, Snyder’s spokeswoman Geralyn Lasher said today.

She said the employee immediately notified the office which shut down the mail room, evacuated the mail center employees and isolated the injured worker.

“The letter contained an unknown substance, it wasn’t a powder, it was more of a coarse granular,” deputy press secretary Ken Silfven said. ”When it made contact with the worker’s hands, he began to feel some discomfort.”

Silfven said the sensation began to subside when the employee washed his hands and the Lansing Fire Department’s hazardous materials team responded.

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Haley Barbour condemns Obama administration for not protecting Mississippi from toothpaste

Remember back when the oil gusher in the Gulf of Mexico was spewing a skabillion gallons of crude oil into the Gulf every minute? Back then, Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour described the oil washing up on his state’s beaches as no worse than toothpaste.

Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality Director Trudy Fisher said samples of what was apparently the same oil slick, taken when it was farther south of the barrier islands, were “nontoxic.” Fisher said water and weather had helped all the volatile chemicals in the oil evaporate. Barbour described the oil as “weathered, emulsified, caramel-colored mousse, like the food mousse.” “Once it gets to this stage, it’s not poisonous,” Barbour said.
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Oh, Sarah Palin, why are you so unbelievably stupid?

First there’s this reference to the “Statute” of Liberty in a tweet:

We’ll highlight the beauty of legal immigrants’ work ethic and love of freedom while visiting Ellis Island & Statute of Liberty today.

And then there’s these fine examples of mush-mouthed inanity, courtesy of Bob Cesca:

“This Statue of Liberty was gifted to us by foreign leaders, really as a warning to us, it was a warning to us to stay unique and to stay exceptional from other countries. Certainly not to go down the path of other countries that adopted socialist policies,” Palin said to cheers from the crowd.…
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Low-income hotel in Benton Harbor slated for July demolition

The Riverwatch Inn, which was condemned last month by Benton Harbor officials, is slated for demolition in July.

Riverwatch Inn during the Blossomtime Grand Floral parade protest in May

The motel, condemned in May by Benton Harbor inspectors, is scheduled for demolition next month, building official Ted Hanson reported Tuesday.

Hanson was among those who inspected the building at 711 West Main St., across the street from where Whirlpool Corp.’s $68 million headquarters is being constructed. They found many of the rooms were filthy and that the balcony and stairs were unsafe. On May 6 tenants were given 30 days to move out.

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Goodbye, Hara

Unfortunately, on Saturday, our beloved Hara lost her fight against what was either advanced liver disease or cancer. Less than three weeks ago, she was acting totally normal and showed no obvious signs of being sick. The speed with which this took her astonished us and, frankly, left us unprepared for how much of an emotional blow it would be.

Hara, or “Hairs Bears” as we called her (oh, right, like you don’t talk baby talk to your pets ; ), was a rescue dog. My wife took our other dog, Kona, to the pound the with her and they introduced lots and lots of dogs but Kona turned her nose up at all of them and did her nails instead.…

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Cutting out the “bad part” of the plum – the exploitation of Benton Harbor

When I think of Benton Harbor these days, I think of a ripe, juicy plum, hanging in the sunshine, ready to be plucked off the tree. But Benton Harbor is a plum with a “bad spot” in the minds of some. A bit of rotten fruit that needs to be cut off and discarded. Once that’s done, those that would enjoy the sweetness of that plum can do so unencumbered by anything unpleasant.

In this analogy, of course, the plum pickers are the developers and corporate interests in Benton Harbor and the “bad spots” are the parts of town they don’t like.…

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Pscholka’s claims about paid protesters in Benton Harbor laughably debunked

Michigan Messenger has a pretty awesome piece up today totally debunking state Rep. Al Pscholka and his ludicrous claims that the protesters that showed up by the hundreds at the Blossomtime Grand Floral parade last month were paid professionals.

hen people from around the state announced their intention to converge on Benton Harbor during the Blossomtime parade to protest the takeover of that city’s government under the new Emergency Manager law that he’d sponsored, state Rep. Al Pscholka (R-Stevensville) dismissed them as hired guns.

“It is truly unfortunate that some groups have decided to send in professional agitators by the bus load to try to create a political sideshow,” he said.

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