How to be the Perfect Republican Wife (by Callista Gingrich) – UPDATED w/VIDEO

Yes, honey. Whatever you say.

Callista Gingrich tells us all how to be The Perfect Republican Wife:

When asked by a reporter what he was giving up for Lent, the hefty Newt admitted sheepishly that he was giving up sweets. Perfunctorily, the reporter asked the same of Callista. Her response had just a tinge of bitterness to it: “My opinion”.

Yikes. Anyone want to guess what precipitated that response?

I’m assuming she also has to pay for her own birth control, too. Couldn’t have people paying for her to have sex or anything.

Here’s the video:

Notice that Newt says, “That doesn’t count.” Must be because he doesn’t value her opinion.…

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Occupy Detroit and others to rally at home of foreclosure victim Alma Counts – UPDATED

Occupy Our Homes

Occupy Detroit, Moratorium Now!, UAW, People Before Banks, Metro AFL-CIO,
and Jobs With Justice are having press conference tomorrow at the home of Alma Counts, a paralyzed senior citizen on fixed income facing foreclosure by Chase bank. They will also be having a rally at the downtown Detroit branch of Chase bank later in the month.

From the Occupy Detroit event page:

March 8: Press Conference & Rally, Thursday, 4pm
Location: Home of Alma Counts, 19145 Marlowe St., Detroit, north of 7 Mile, west of M-10

Alma is a paralyzed senior citizen on fixed income facing foreclosure by Chase.

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Rush (the band) asks Rush (the human swine) to stop using their music

What a Rush

Via a Bob Cesca’s Awesome Blog! Go! exclusive, Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neal Peart of Rush have asked Rush Limbaugh to stop using their magnificent music on his Hate Show.

Yesterday, I contacted Anthem Entertainment and Rush (the band) about Rush Limbaugh’s airing of its music on his show, and today I was exclusively informed that the legendary Canadian rock group has formally demanded that the Rush Limbaugh Program stop using its music on the air.

For years now, Rush Limbaugh has been playing Rush music (get it?) as bumpers out of his commercial breaks, including the tracks “Bravado” and “The Spirit of Radio”.

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Random Wednesday morning thoughts


  • One of the reasons I didn’t go for Democrats crossing over to vote in the Michigan Republican primary was that I feel pretty certain that neither Romney or Santorum is going to be able to lay a glove on President Obama this fall. Now that Mitt Romney seems to have it all but in the bag, I don’t feel any different.

    Have a look at these fundraising numbers for the last year:

    That’s gotta make any Republican tremble a bit, particularly when you look at how much of it was raised in small donations.

    Mitt, you better hope the GOP is willing to settle.

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Mitt Romney’s Not-So Super Tuesday

Good Luck Tonight. Really.

As Republicans in ten states take their turn at reluctantly accepting the creator of Obamacare as the GOP standard-bearer against President Obama, the actual President took the stage in the White House briefing room.

He announced new help for veterans and millions of homeowners then took some questions from the press corp.

Deftly, he explained to Fox News why their talking point about the President wanting gas prices to rise makes no sense. He explained why he thinks there is a window for peace in Iran. And he explained how the Sandra Fluke/Rush Limbaugh incident made him think about how he wants his daughters to feel safe to speak out.…

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Romney has a better Iran Plan than Obama’s except that IT’S THE SAME PLAN!

Exactly the same, only different

Mitt Romney has been going to town frightening anyone who will listen about how President Obama’s plan to deal with the threat of a nuclear-armed Iran is endangering the USA. He’s been saying on the stump, “If Barack Obama gets re-elected, Iran will have a nuclear weapon.” We can’t risk that, he said, so we must be afraid enough to vote for Mitt Romney.

So, what is Mitt Romney’s plan to deal with Iran? How will he keep them from getting a nuclear weapon?

He’ll do exactly the same thing President Obama is doing.

To rein in Tehran’s nuclear ambitions, Mitt Romney says he would conduct naval exercises in the Persian Gulf to remind Iran of American military might.…
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Progressive coalition “Protect Our Jobs” pushes Michigan constitutional amendment to protect collective bargaining

Protecting Michigan workers

A coalition of “front-line teachers, first responders, construction workers, and clergy” called “Protect Our Jobs” is holding a press conference this afternoon to kick-off a petition drive for a constitutional amendment to protect collective bargaining rights for Michigan workers. The purpose of the amendment is to enshrine into our state Constitution the basic right of every worker to collective bargaining.

From their press release:

Constitutional amendment seeks to protect collective bargaining rights, strengthen Michigan’s middle class

LANSING – Working men and women from across Michigan will gather at the state Capitol in Lansing tomorrow to formally launch the “Protect Our Jobs” campaign.…
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A second radio station drops Rush Limbaugh’s Hate Show

Another one bites the dust..

A second radio station has dropped Rush Limbaugh’s Hate Show. It’s WBEC 95.9FM/1420AM out of Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Their statement is worth a read:

A commercial radio station in Pittsfield, Massachusetts _ 96.9 [sic] FM, WBEC – says it is dropping the Rush Limbaugh show in the wake of Limbaugh’s comments on contraception last week. […]

WBEC’s General Manager Peter Barry says his station hadn’t yet lost any local advertisers as a result of Rush’s comments, and no more than a handful of callers had voiced complaints. But he says over the years he and station staff have grown increasingly uncomfortable with Limbaugh’s rhetoric.

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