Vatican advisor: Andrew Cuomo should be denied communion for supporting same-sex marriage in NY

Well, at least the Catholic church is consistent.

A senior adviser to the Vatican, who is a theology professor in Detroit, is blasting the Catholic governor of New York for his strong backing of same-sex marriage, saying he should be punished for his “brazen” violation of Catholicism by being denied Holy Communion, a key part of the Catholic faith.

Edward Peters, a professor at Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit, also is calling for the Catholic Church to investigate Gov. Andrew Cuomo for violating a separate church law that seeks to preserve “good morals.”


Peters was named last year by Pope Benedict XVI to be an adviser to the Vatican’s highest judicial authority, known as Apostolic Signatura.

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Want to help the organizer for the recall of MI House Spkr Bolger against his cowardly attacks? Here’s how.

By now, you probably know about Autumn Summer and her effort to get the recall of Michigan House Speaker Bolger on the February 2012 ballot. I have written about how he is using every legal tactic in the book to thwart her efforts and to make it too expensive for her to fight back against his cowardly efforts. I first wrote about it HERE with a follow-up HERE.

I want to clarify Autumn’s situation a bit. The Temporary Restraining Order filed by Bolger’s top-dollar law firm is not against Autumn herself. Rather, it is against the Calhoun County election commission who are enjoined from considering any different petition language submissions from Autumn.…
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Okay, THIS Is freaking me out

I’m generally not an alarmist or cynical kinda dude but THIS is freaking me out:

Today, forest fires forced evacuation of the town of Los Alamos and closure of the Los Alamos Nuclear Laboratory in New Mexico. With two Nebraska nuclear power plants threatened by Missouri River flooding, and the ongoing emergency at Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant, U.S. nuclear experts are now monitoring four concurrent nuclear crises. To my knowledge, this is unprecedented in U.S. history and an unanticipated challenge for U.S. nuclear experts and emergency plans.

Seriously. Freaking. Me. Out.…

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Financial Martial Law (P.A. 4) repeal gets a jump start in Ann Arbor

The effort to repeal Public Act 4, the Financial Martial Law Act, in Michigan got a great jump start yesterday when nearly 100 local activists, concerned citizens and organizers got together for an informational townhall meeting. The event was put on by the Washtenaw Community Action Team, a group that describes itself as “a coalition of local unionists, activists, students, workers and community members working together to defend and advocate for working people at the local, state and national level”. You can visit their Facebook page HERE.

All photos except the last one by Beth Hay. Used with permission.

The event started off with me giving an overview of P.A.…

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More on MI Speaker of the House Jase Bolger’s cowardly attack on constituent Autumn Smith

As I reported two days ago, Autumn Smith, the organizer for the recall effort against Michigan House Speaker Jase Bolger, is being systematically thwarted at every step by Bolger’s friends and lawyers. I shined a light on her situation with my blog (and by crossposting at Daily Kos, Blogging for Michigan and My.Firedoglake.) I also got in touch with some Democratic friends who are lawyers and posted a link on Tony Trupiano’s Facebook Page. Trupiano is a Detroit-based progressive radio talk show host with a show called First Shift with Tony Trupiano.

I’m pleased to report several things.…

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I New York.

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An overview of Michigan’s “Financial Martial Law Act” – P.A. 4

I’m getting ready for a townhall meeting in Ann Arbor tomorrow where I will be presenting an overview of Michigan’s “Financial Martial Law Act”. The townhall meeting is from 10:30 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. at the Ann Arbor Community Center. The Facebook page is HERE. If you are in the area, I encourage you to join us.

I realized the notes that I have assembled make a pretty danged good two-page fact sheet about P.A. 4. While most commentators mention that it allows the Emergency Managers to break contracts and dismiss local elected officials, there are some other quite heinous things in that bill.…

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Rick Snyder’s drop in popularity leads all other GOP governors in GOP-led states

This is what happens when you govern differently than you campaigned. In other words: moderate my ass.

Political analyst and CNN contributor, Bill Schneider, shows just how far Governor Snyder has fallen. He won 58% of the vote last November and now has a job approval rating of just 33%, a stunning 25% drop in less than half a year. He’s leading among states with Republican governors and Republican-controlled legislators.


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