Michigan Rising’s effort to recall Michigan Governor Rick Snyder ends

The good fight was fought

After the devastating result on Tuesday to recall Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, Michigan Rising, the group who organized two efforts to recall Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, has decided to end its signature gathering. It’s a smart decision given the apparent lack of enthusiasm, interest and level of involvement by Michiganders from the highest levels of the Michigan Democratic Party and unions to the ground level grassroots volunteers. A sparse turnout at their kickoff rally was only one of many symptoms of what appears to be a malaise that has infected progressive activists in Michigan. This only became more apparent as they reached June 1st with only a few thousand signatures, well below what would be needed to be successful.…

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Mitt Gives Up On Michigan

Mitt Gives Up On Michigan

What’s the opposite of a victory lap?

Why would Mitt Romney think he has any chance of winning Michigan?

It’s hard to remember this now, but Mitt Romney only won the Michigan GOP primary by a margin of 3%. Rick Santorum basically gave Mitt the Michigan primary and the nomination by saying JFK made him “want to puke.”

Mitt, the son of a former governor of Michigan, was born and raised in posh Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, which needs its own Real Housewives franchise. Yet only 38 percent of state residents think he’s the right height to be a Michigander. He’s losing to President Obama by an average of 7.5 percent.…

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The Romney Etch-a-Sketching continues, now he’s revising his position on saving the auto industry

Shake, shake, shake…

In his ongoing effort to obliterate his past and recreate a new vision of himself, Mitt Romney has again revised history. This time, it’s HIS story, the one where he used to say “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt”.

In an interview published today in the Detroit News, Romney now says the federal government should have helped the domestic automakers after all. Except, in this new version, it should have been after they had gone through bankruptcy.

He’s also suggesting that the federal government should cash in remaining GM stock immediately, incurring a loss to the American taxpayers of nearly $50 billion, and that by not doing so, President Obama is playing politics.…

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Romney stands to lose $5 million a year if Barack Obama is reelected (UPDATED)

Ahhh...so THAT'S why he wants to be the president...

It's no secret that Mitt Romney's run for the presidency is heavily financed and supported by the 0.1%. They stand to gain a great deal if he is elected. But a recent analysis by two groups, Citizens for Tax Justice (a liberalish group) and Tax Foundation (a conservatish group) suggest that maybe there's as much in it for Mitt Romney as there is for his wealthy pals. If Barack Obama is elected, his tax plan will cost Mitt Romney $5 million per year.
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22nd Annual Ann Arbor Garden Walk to benefit Growing Hope – THIS SATURDAY, JUNE 9th

See some amazing gardens, benefit Growing Hope – it’s a twofer!

This Saturday, June 9, 2012 from 10 a.m to 4 p.m., the Ann Arbor Branch of the Woman’s National Farm & Garden Association is sponsoring the 22nd Annual Garden Walk. Tickets are only $15 and proceeds go to Growing Hope.

Meet homeowner gardeners and be inspired by their labors of love. A quiet, flower-filled courtyard, a city lot overflowing with edibles, and lush beds surrounding a historic home, the gardens on the 2012 Garden Walk promise eye-catching ideas and colorful surprises. Find out what delights are in store; read through the 2012 garden descriptions (pdf) and get a sneak peek at this year’s beautiful spaces.…
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The Hypocrisy is Breathtaking, Even for Romney

The Hypocrisy is Breathtaking, Even for Romney

Mitt can hide, but he can’t run

Mitt Romney has finally found something to improve his record-low approval ratings: hiding.

By focusing on schmoozing with donors and keeping his “Let me explain why your layoff/foreclosure is good for the economy” tone and smirk off of television, he’s brought his approval rating to 48 percent. That’s still well below the President who has a 56 percent approval rating and most Kardashians.

Hiding has become Romney’s favorite campaign tactic. He’s hiding his tax returns, the departments he’ll cut and what he’ll do in Afghanistan. He won’t tell us what tax deductions he’ll eliminate as he proposes cutting his own tax bill in half.…

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Thad McCotter retires leaving the field open to a tea party libertarian, Kerry Bentivolio

This isn't any better...

There's a lot of laughing and giggling and guffawing bout the utter failure of Congressman Thad McCotter. Since it was discovered that almost 90% of the signatures he turned in to get on the August primary ballot were invalid, he has now dropped out of the race and won't be running a write-in campaign. Unfortunately, the guy who did make the ballot is as bad or worse than McCotter.
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Steve Pestka Facebook page sheds hundreds of “Likes” after allegations that he bought them

Run away! Run away!

My piece last week titled “Is Democrat Steve Pestka buying Facebook “Likes” for his MI-03 campaign page?” ended up making a pretty big splash. It got picked up by Mario Aguilar at Gizmodo and then John Aravosis at AMERICAblog.

Both pieces took Pestka to task for what seems to clearly be a purchase of Facebook likes in order to make it look like the candidate is wildly popular on the internet. Except in his case, Steve Pestka is oddly very popular with 13-17 year old kids from Israel and the Philippines.

Subsequent to the story, the Pestka Facebook page started shedding “likes”.…

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