Snyder campaign caught infiltrating a Schauer event a 3rd time, this time with secret “spy camera glasses”

Republicans even suck at being assholes

First is was a Republican operative posing as a CNN reporter. Then it was a Snyder intern attempting to infiltrate a Schauer campaign GOTV office. Now we have failed infiltration attempt #3 of Democrat Mark Schauer’s gubernatorial campaign by the reelection campaign of Gov. Rick Snyder.

For the third time this year, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mark Schauer is accusing Republicans of attempting to spy on his campaign.

But this time, the suspected political subterfuge involves a high-tech hidden camera and a video memory disk that fell into the hands of Democrats.

And Republicans are defending their campaign snooping.

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Repeat after me: Rick Snyder is only tough on the middle class

Earlier this month, the Democratic Governors Association debuted this ad targeting Rick Snyder record, weaponizing the governor’s favorite adjective for his nerdiness:

The basic message is Snyder is only tough on the middle class. And with a record that punished workers, retirees and families with none of the promised renewal for the state, it’s a message that rings true.

Since that ad appeared two polls have shown likely Democratic nominee Mark Schauer — who most of the state is just getting to know — neck-and-neck with our CEO-turned-governor.

And the national media is starting to notice.

Real Clear Politics just moved our race from Leans GOP to Toss Up after NBC poll #TeamSchauer

— Mark Schauer (@MarkSchauer) July 15, 2014

Yesterday Schauer appeared on MSNBC and succinctly laid out Snyder’s fireable offenses:

This is the kind of message that can sway voters who elected Snyder, hoping some of his success would rub off on the state.…

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The Michigan Democratic Party is arming EVERY Democratic candidate with a free website

In February of 2012, I interviewed Lon Johnson who was running to be the Chair of the Michigan Democratic Party (MDP). During that interview, Johnson talked about the importance of Democrats competing in every single race across the state. “I think we need to have more people fighting for every seat,” he said. “We give no quarter. We make the Republicans duke it out in every single race.” Part of his vision for doing that was “Technology, technology, technology.”

Johnson put it this way at the time:

When I went down to the Obama campaign to visit my wife, it was a bunch of people that were not the “ward heeler” types.…
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Team Eclectablog will be at Netroots Nation and we hope you’ll join us! Here’s where we’ll be.

When Netroots Nation, the nation’s largest progressive activist conference, hits Detroit this week, most Team Eclectablog will be there. Here are some of the things we’ll be involved in.

First of all, I have the distinct honor and privilege of being the opening speaker at the Thursday evening Opening Keynote, welcoming Netroots Nation attendees to our fine state and our state’s largest city. The Keynote Speech that evening will be the Rev. William Barber, the charismatic preacher who is the driving force behind North Carolina’s Moral Mondays movement. I will hit the stage at 7:20. Other speakers Thursday evening include Senator Chuck Schumer, Joel Silberman, Christina Jimenez, Ilyse Hogue, with the evening emceed by the always-entertaining Elon James White.…

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Michigan insurers are denying transgender people coverage for necessary medical care

Advocates are working to get the same services covered for trans men and women that are covered for everyone else.

Jay Maddock has known he was a man for most of his life, even though that’s not the body he was born with. At age five, he told his dad he wanted to be a man, and was fortunate to grow up in a family that didn’t push gender stereotypes.

After spending 10 years living as a gay woman, Maddock decided he wasn’t going to let another year go by without living his real life. At age 25, he came out as a transgender man, and in 2011 he began his medical transition with therapy, testosterone injections and surgery to remove his breasts.…

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ATTENTION MICHIGANDERS! – Special discounted rate for Netroots Nation available

As regular readers of Eclectablog know, the Netroots Nation conference starts on Thursday morning (with some events happening Wednesday night.) Tomorrow I’ll post about the various activities that Team Eclectablog is involved in but I wanted to be sure that all of my progressive pals in Michigan are aware that there’s still time to avail yourself of the discount being offered to Michigan residents. All the information you need follows, courtesy of the fine folks who are making Netroots Nation happen.

This Thursday through Sunday, one of the biggest political events of the year will take place in Detroit (and you’re invited): the ninth annual Netroots Nation conference.…

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5 ways the GOP failed to sabotage the Affordable Care Act — and at least 1 way it succeeded

Republicans will keep trafficking in their “zombie lies” about Obamacare. But all the evidence shows that even they don’t believe them anymore.

To pretend the Affordable Care Act isn’t working now requires rapid revisions of what constitutes failure along with hopes that premiums will rise dramatically this year.  There’s no evidence that rates will go up more than they have in past years, and with new insurers entering marketplace after marketplace, there’s a chance that millions could be paying less.

Before Obamacare, “health insurance was getting expensive at a faster rate than incomes were accumulating for middle- and low-income families,” The Washington Post’s wrote.…

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Terri Lynn Land, one of the biggest self-funders in the land, wants you to think she’s just a simple small business owner

Kiss, kiss!

In 2011 Terri Lynn Land bought an apartment complex from “Land & Co.” for a bit under a million bucks. This was a small investment to allow her to claim to be a small business owner and not part of Land & Co. itself, the “family business” she repeatedly touts in her campaign speeches and ads to prove her business acumen.

Land holds Land & Co. at arm’s length because the company closed down the trailer park she boasts about working in as a child and then did nothing to develop the land which now sits vacant and empty.…

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