Obamacare: unleashing the power of entrepreneurship on our economy

My daughter turned 26 this past fall and is no longer covered by my health insurance. She had the misfortune of graduating from college with a Masters in bassoon performance right in the middle of the Great Recession. Though she has an advance degree from the Cleveland Institute of Music, finding a full-time position with an orchestra or symphony has been elusive so far. Being the bright, energetic young woman that she is, she formed her own quintet and she has been eking out a modest living, supplemented, of course, by waiting tables. While she’s paying her own bills, she does not have to kinds of resources needed to purchase health insurance on her tiny income.…

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AFT President Randi Weingarten shares her personal story and her truth about being raped

Three years ago, I I wrote about being sexually assaulted by a doctor when I was ten years old. It was a story that I had kept to myself for decades and the decision to share it came after I came to the realization that our national conversation about rape and sexual assault was a complete train wreck. Two years later, not much has changed in that regard. Because it’s such a disaster, many sexual assault victims are afraid and/or unwilling to tell their own personal stories about their experiences.

But these experiences are truths. They are real and they are all around us yet they go largely unheard because victim-shaming is such a tragic reality.…

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Why the road to fixing our roads is worse than the roads we actually drive and have to endure

Today is December 15, 2014 and that, in itself might mean many things to you. However, for political observers, pundits, analyzers, etc., today marks the final days of the Michigan Legislative agenda for 2014 and will also usher in, in a few very short weeks, a new House and Senate. This is the last week of what is known as Lame Duck, a time when, at least in the last few election cycles, has ushered in laws that have been shocking, partisan, and hurtful even. Lame Duck is NOT a legislative effort required by law. In fact, Lame Duck is not anything but one last chance, especially for those who are term-limited breast beaters, to get in one last dig and attempt to force upon the people of the state of Michigan new laws that they will not have to be held accountable for.…

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GUEST POST: EMU faculty honor University President Susan Martin’s courage & leadership and ask for her help re: the EAA

Dr. Stephen Wellinski has been on the forefront of the battle to end the interlocal agreement between Eastern Michigan University and the Education Achievement Authority (EAA). EMU’s connection to Gov. Snyder’s failed experiment with Detroit students is a stain on an otherwise well-earned reputation as a university that teaches teachers and Dr. Wellinski’s leadership on this issue is an important element in the overall effort to send the EAA to the rubbish bin of history. He has written several guest posts on Eclectablog and today, once again, I turn over the blog to him.

During the most recent meeting of the EMU Board of Regents, faculty and students alike spoke out against the partnership with the EAA.…

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Elizabeth Warren is the middle class’ firewall against Wall Street

If you want to know how bad next year’s budget battles will be, check out EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy telling Politico‘s Mike Grunwald how she’s “pleased” that this year’s budget, which cuts her agency’s staffing to 1989 levels, only mildly guts her agency.

Then, if you want to be eat-a-whole-gallon-of-cookie-dough-ice-cream depressed, read The Fiscal Times‘ David Dayen detailing how the “CRomnibus Disaster Signals a Sad New Normal in D.C.”

Dayen’s kicker sums up the situation, “In other words, elections have consequences.”

Democrats still managed to protect a good many things this year — but the budget rider authored by Citigroup is clearly a huge symbolic defeat for those who wish to reign in the abuses that caused the last financial crisis.…

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Help Eclectablog and do your online shopping at Amazon.com at the same time

I've recently become an Amazon affiliate partner which means that you have an opportunity to help out the blog financially without it costing you a dime. Any time you are placing an online order with Amazon.com, if you do it from the widget at the top of the right sidebar, we will get a percentage of the sale price. ...
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New project launches to raise awareness about how well Healthcare Works

Let’s get the word out: Obamacare is working. And getting covered is only the beginning.

Regular readers of Eclectablog know that I’ve made it a personal mission to share as many Obamacare success stories as I can get my hands on, to educate Americans on the benefits of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). I’ve been urging others to do the same, so we can drown out the noise of negative talking points with the facts: Obamacare is working.

I’m taking it to the next level with a new project called Healthcare Works. The idea was sparked by a tweet from LOLGOP, suggesting that someone should make short videos of the ACA success stories I’ve been sharing.…

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For a Party that hates abortion, why do they practice it so much?

This past week I have been mired in the aftermath of the Board of Regents meeting at Eastern Michigan University, where a politically appointed and partisan Board of Regents ignored the will of those in attendance, the thousands who signed a petition, mountains of evidence that prove that Educational Achievement Authority (EAA) is failing students in Detroit as well as their own appointed president, Sue Martin, and decided to continue EMUs and ongoing relationship with the toxic and controversial EAA.

Eastern Michigan University is well-respected as a nationwide leading University in preparing teachers for the real world, and the EMU College of Education is held up as an example of excellence and holds that distinction, I am venturing to guess, because they have made some hard and even controversial choices over many decades, to make sure standards and practices were cutting edge and seasoned.…

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