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VIDEO: “Two in Two Million”, a special celebration on the seven-year anniversary of Barack Obama’s inauguration

Anne and I were fortunate enough to attend President Obama’s first inauguration seven years ago today. Her photomosaic poster of Barack Obama, “Out of Many, We Are One”, had appeared in TIME magazine, had sold well and was being given out as a gift at the Michigan Ball. We also miraculously got tickets to the inauguration itself. Not only that, we scored tickets to the party.

The enhanced slideshow below, “Two in Two Million”, is composed of hundreds of photos Anne took during our trip. It includes amazing music (Red Hot Chili Peppers, John Mayer, Thievery Corporation and the Dixie Chicks), pictures from the Michigan Ball and the party, the D.C.…

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VIDEO: Michigan is the laughing stock of The Rachel Maddow Show (again) thanks to Todd Courser & Cindy Gamrat

Wouldn’t it be nice if Michigan got mentioned on The Rachel Maddow Show just once for some cool thing that’s happening here? Sadly, once again it’s because of the complete Fail Whale that is the Michigan Republican Party and the clowns who inhabit it.

Yup, Rachel Maddow finally picked up the Courser/Gamrate debacle.


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VIDEO & TRANSCRIPT: In stirring speech, Vice President Joe Biden announces he will not run for president

VIDEO & TRANSCRIPT: In stirring speech, Vice President Joe Biden announces he will not run for president

This afternoon, Vice President Joe Biden announced that he will not be running for the Democratic nomination for the 2016 presidential election.

His speech made me a bit weepy when I read it. Then I watched the video and got teary-eyed again. While I think he ultimately made the right decision, I have nothing but admiration and affection for Joe Biden. He is a good man, a good public servant, and a voice of reason for always striving for the USA to become a more perfect union. If you’re ever in a political battle, you want Joe Biden on your side for a multitude of reasons, and those who only think of him in terms of his so-called “gaffes” don’t know the Joe Biden I have come to know and love over the years, even if only as an observer.…

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PETITION: Tell the Justice Department that homegrown domestic terrorism against women's health clinics must end

PETITION: Tell the Justice Department that homegrown domestic terrorism against women’s health clinics must end

  • 8 clinic workers murdered.
  • 17 attempted murders of clinic workers since 1991.
  • 6,900+ reported acts of violence including bombings, arsons, death threats, and assaults since 1977.
  • 19,000+ reported acts of disruption, including bomb threats, hate mail, and harassing calls since 1977.

This is the face of domestic terrorism in the United States of America, most of it perpetrated by people who claim to be doing it in the name of religion.

And it’s time for it to stop.

NARAL Pro-Choice America is calling on the United States Department of Justice to call this violence against abortion providers what it is – domestic terrorism – and investigate it as such.…

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VIDEO: State Rep. Jon Hoadley receives award from Michigan Nurses Assn and gives a barn burner of a speech

This past weekend, State Representative Jon Hoadley of Kalamazoo received the Michigan Nurses Association ‘Friend of Nursing’ Award in recognition of his advocacy on safe patient care and other issues that support nurses and their profession. The MNA is the largest union and professional association representing direct-care registered nurses in Michigan and they recognized Hoadley for his strong commitment to standing with both nurses and patients to ensure that nurses are able to provide the best care possible. The award is the MNA’s highest award given to an elected or public official who has shown outstanding support of the nursing profession and legislative initiatives that advance nurses’ role in health care.…

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VIDEO: John Dingell named “The Dean of Twitter”, reads some of his “greatest hits” tweets LIVE at the Eclectafundraiser

Last Saturday evening, history was made when former Congressman and Dean of the House John Dingell was named “The Dean of Twitter” at the 2nd Annual Eclectablog Fundraiser Party. At the party, he was presented with a custom-made “Dean of Twitter” stole and then he read some of our favorite tweets.

But, not only that. He interspersed his readings with some additional quips and comments that had the audience laughing and applauding throughout. You won’t want to miss it.

Lots of Anne’s photos from the event can be seen HERE.

A HUGE shout out, thanks, a deep gratitude to Brian Greminger of Honey Creek Video.…

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Darius Simpson & Scout Bostley’s poetry slam performance “Lost Voices” gives a voice to voiceless women & black men

I don’t like to throw around the phrase “must see!” much but this video, in my opinion, is something everyone should watch. It will only take three minutes of your time but this poetry slam performance by Darius Simpson & Scout Bostley says more about how women and minorities experience our society than any book or movie ever could.

Pay attention to the very beginning and note that they swap microphones before they start.

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VIDEO & TRANSCRIPT: Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign announcement speech

On Saturday, Hillary Clinton gave her official presidential campaign announcement speech on Roosevelt Island in New York City. It was a refreshingly progressive speech which hit on the environment, civil rights, women’s rights, LGBT rights, voting rights, and a whole host of other progressive issues. It’s clear to me that the presence of Bernie Sanders and even non-candidate Elizabeth Warren have pushed Clinton to the left, at least in terms of her rhetoric.

Here is the video. The transcript of the 45-minute speech is below.

Thank you! Oh, thank you all! Thank you so very, very much.

It is wonderful to be here with all of you.

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VIDEO: Congresswoman Debbie Dingell gives a fiery floor speech slamming Fast Track and TPP

VIDEO: Congresswoman Debbie Dingell gives a fiery floor speech slamming Fast Track and TPP

Since I live in Michigan’s 7th District which is “represented” by the odious tea partier Tim Walberg, I have adopted neighboring 12th District Congresswoman Debbie Dingell as my true Representative in Congress.

Congresswoman Dingell has been an outspoken critic of Fast Track and the Trans Pacific Partnership. You can read about her positions on that in an interview I did with here a couple of months ago HERE.

Yesterday, she gave a fiery House floor speech where she slammed the Fast Track process and the TPP itself. Unfortunately, the Fast Track bill narrowly cleared a procedural hurdle in the House this afternoon by a vote of 217-212.…

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A heartfelt thank you, a racially-conscious redneck, and cats freaking out with bananas

I’d like to take a moment to thank everyone who came through in such a profound way for this quarter’s fundraiser. Thanks to your generosity we have enough in the coffer to keep paying our writers and even bring on a new one (who I will be announcing soon.) In particular, the response to Anne’s Facebook post was nothing short of amazing.

Since it’s the last day, I thought I’d dispense with the blah and share my favorite two videos from the week with you. Information on how donate on this final day of the fundraiser follows the second video. And, once again, THANK YOU!

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VIDEO: President Obama comes out in strong support of net neutrality

VIDEO: President Obama comes out in strong support of net neutrality

Last January, a federal appeals court struck down rules promulgated by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) that ensure net neutrality, the idea that internet service providers should not regulate access to the internet by allowing some customers to get better, faster, and/or more reliable access through pricing arrangements or other deals. It’s a big deal because the ability of small internet start-up companies to succeed could be inhibited if their competitors were given preferential treatment. There is also the very real threat that the information you can access on the internet could be controlled, preventing users from access some types of information or websites.…

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