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VIDEO: The riveting speech of the Rev. William Barber, leader of the Moral Mondays movement, at Netroots Nation

For me, one of the highlights of last week’s Netroots Nation conference was the powerful, riveting speech by Rev. William Barber, the charismatic leader of North Carolina’s Moral Mondays movement. He spoke about “a moral movement for a moral crisis as the only way to higher ground” and what he calls the “moral fusion movement”. There have been several times in the history of the USA when our country faced a catastrophic moral crisis — slavery and the civil rights era, for example — and a movement rose up to meet and defeat it.

Today, Rev. Barber told us, we face a similar crisis and a new movement must rise up to meet it.…

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VIDEO: Lizz Winstead’s Lady Parts Justice project is coming to Michigan – Why you should care & donate

“From V to Shining V”

Lady Parts-friendly U.S. Senate Candidate Gary Peters and Lizz Winstead, photo by Anne C. Savage

As I’ve been mentioning in the pieces I’ve written about our 10-year “Blogaversary” party, Lizz Winstead’s Lady Parts Justice project is coming to Michigan this year with a special event at the Capitol Building in Lansing. And they need your help.

Here’s a bit from their fundraising page:

Who the hell are we and why should you give US your hard earned money?

Because we get shit done. Lizz Winstead, “The Daily Show” co-creator, writer and comedian, and Creative Majority 501(c)(4) co-founders Arun Chaudhary and Scott Goodstein formed Lady Parts Justice to create a series of videos that use humor to reach women and pro-choice voters.

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VIDEO: Dean of the House John Dingell takes Republicans to the wood shed over the #GOPshutdown

Let’s behave as a Congress of the United States, not an aggregation of petulant children!

At the beginning of the current Republican shutdown of the United States government, Dean of the House, Michigan Congressman John Dingell, gave a speech on the floor of the House that took Republicans to task for their irresponsible dereliction of their responsibility to govern, lead, and solve the problems of the people. It’s a biting, no-holds-barred schooling of the most extremist group of lawmakers ever to despoil The People’s House.


One of my colleagues came to me yesterday and he says, “You’ve seen it worse, haven’t you?” Well, I’ve only been here 57 years and I NEVER have!…
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An elephant and a dog teach us world peace. Seriously.

What’s so funny ’bout peace, love, and understandin’?

I know this is nearly five years old but it’s it’s still worth watching and still worth learning from and still worth getting misty-eyed over. It’s worth the price of admission just to watch an elephant scritch a dog’s belly with his massive foot.

Happy Sunday.

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Sunday morning political break – “Ain’t nobody got time for that” autotune remix

Time for a political break. Enjoy (after the jump.)
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VIDEO: If Superman played table tennis, he would fear these dudes

Don't you DARE call it "ping pong"

When Anne and I get together with her family, especially her brother Tom and his wife, we inevitably end up playing some ping pong. The version of this game that we play deserves to be called "ping pong" because when I play it, I look like a ding dong. This video is a collection of ten of the best table tennis shots from 2012. I personally think these guys are superhuman or something. It's incredible. Check out the dude who uses a crutch. Whoa... Video after the jump.
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New video from “We Approve This Message” shows why so many are leaving the Republican Party

We ALL approve this message

A new video out from the group We Approve This Message does an amazing job of showing how there used to be great Republican leaders, even presidents, who looked out for the interests of America and Americans. And how that is no longer true. The video is one of the most powerful pieces I've seen in a long time and features an image by Eclectablog's very own Anne C. Savage. Video and more after the jump.
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