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DERP ALERT: Michigan bigots now trying to out-bigot each other

This post has been updated to reflect Brian Klawiter’s conviction on assault and battery charges and for parole violation.

After the owner of Indiana pizzeria Memories publicly declared she wouldn’t make her pies for same-sex weddings, she raked in well over $800,000 from a fundraiser. Eager to get in on the action, or at least to share the limelight and maybe be interviewed on Fox News, Michigan bigots are now oozing out from the rocks under which they live to be larger-than-life idiots in front of cameras.

First we had, Brian Klawiter, the owner of Dieseltec auto repair who decided it would be hilarious to publicly ban homosexuals from his shop while giving a discount to people who walk in packing heat.…

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Being fired for sending racist emails just like being raped says self-described non-racist Ferguson, MO City Clerk

After a Department of Justice investigation, Ferguson City Court Clerk Mary Ann Twitty, was fired after 19 years on the job for using her city government email to send racist emails. One email showed a photo of Ronald Reagan feeding a bottle to a chimpanzee with the caption “Rare photo of Ronald Reagan babysitting Barack Obama in 1962.” Another said that Obama wouldn’t be president for very long because, “what black man holds a steady job for four years?”

In a video interview with, Twitty defends her actions saying, “I’m not a racist, I have a black sister.” Her firing, she said, has “ruint her name” and was like “being raped and being thrown under the bus.” Asked if she thought the emails were funny, she said, “Funny as in humor wise?…

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Dr. King had a dream, and so do I. Unfortunately, neither one of us is doing very well realizing that dream!

Today marks the celebration and remembrance of the life and journey of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. It took decades of struggle to set aside a day, and then another lengthy campaign to memorialize Dr. King in Washington, D.C., to honor someone this critical and authentically important. Given his great vision and what he did for the Civil Rights movement – and, inarguably for all of mankind – it’s unfortunate that the image of Dr. King is both iconic and a reminder how far we have left to go before we can say that the battle that he waged ultimately succeeded.…

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On MLK Day Michael D’Antuono’s art depicts how far we have yet to go on race relations in America

“The Talk” painting by Michael D’Antuono, reproduced with permission by the artist.

As we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Day across the country, artist Michael D’Antuono released his latest painting called “The Talk”. Here’s what D’Antuono has to say about his piece:

In honor of Martin Luther King Day, activist artist Michael D’Antuono is releasing “The Talk,” his painting highlighting the inconsistent progress America has made concerning racial justice since Dr. King’s historic Selma to Montgomery marches.

The painting depicts a pair of concerned African American parents sitting across from their son, bathed by the blue light of the television news reporting no indictment of a police officer in the shooting of an unarmed black child.

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BREAKING: Dave Agema posts Facebook post re: corrosive impacts of bigotry on our democracy with the comment “Educational!”

Today Dave Agema posted a piece to his Facebook page describing the corrosive impacts of bigotry, racism, and intolerance on our American democracy with the comment, "Educational!".

"This article is making me rethink my position on the inferiority of anyone who isn't white, male, straight, Christian, or American," wrote Agema. "Our republic is damaged when people denigrate any of our citizens." ...
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Republicans around the country call for Dave Agema’s removal – but not Gov. Rick Snyder or Lt. Gov. Brian Calley

Republicans in Michigan and around the country are lining up to reject the notorious bigot Dave Agema. Here in our state, multiple Republican elected officials have called for his removal from the Republican National Committee:

Oakland County Sens. Mike Kowall and Jim Marleau and Rep. Jim Tedder sent the 168-member Republican Party governing board a letter Tuesday pleading that it “end our party’s long nightmare” and remove Agema and his “hateful rhetoric” from the RNC.

Separately, Senate Majority Leader Arlan Meekhof issued a statement Tuesday calling for Agema to resign after a string of public and social media outbursts that critics have decried as racist and homophobic.

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The Republican Party’s “Dave Agema Problem”

In order for Dave Agema to be removed from his position as a member the Republican National Committee (RNC), he must be convicted of a felony. The RNC’s rules don’t have any other escape hatch to remove toxic cancers like Dave Agema. A dog can sometimes shake off fleas but Dave Agema, a profoundly racist, homophobic, xenophobic bigot is more like a tick. He engorges himself on the notoriety that he receives when he puts out some outrageous Neanderthal statement or post. And like a tick, he’s nearly impossible to remove.

Michigan Republican Party Chair Bobby Schostak has asked Agema to resign.…

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UPDATED: Dave Agema thinks white supremacist racism is “enlightening”, Michigan GOP takes over a week to respond

GOP Governor Rick Snyder with racist bigot Dave Agema

This post has been updated below and the title changed to reflect the update.

It wouldn’t be January in Michigan without a new outrage from our state’s most nauseating bigot Dave Agema. On New Years Eve, Agema took to his Facebook page to share a particularly odious article from a white supremacist named Michael Smith. The article is from the May 2014 issue of a white supremacist publication called American Renaissance, a website that is blocked on my work computer as “Hate Speech”. The key take home message from the article is this:

[B]lacks are different by almost any measure to all other people.…
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St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney gives case study in how to inflame racial tensions – UPDATED

Last night after the announcement that a grand jury had failed to indict police officer Darren Wilson in the shooting of Michael Brown, an unarmed black 18-year old in Ferguson, Missouri, I read a comment on Facebook that said, “White privilege is me being outraged and angered by the #FergusonDecision rather than utterly terrified.” It took some time for that to sink in but, once it did, it made me weep.

The simple truth is this: I have a young son but I have no reason to fear that he will be shot to death by a law enforcement official even though he presents no imminent threat.…

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GOP Todd Courser campaign worker: “Would you change your vote if you knew his opponent has ‘faggots & blacks working for her?'”

A year and a half ago, Michigan Republican Party Chair got the scare of his life when tea party hero and “Freedom Caucus” favorite Todd Courser nearly defeated him in a narrow 833 to 768 vote for the Chair position. At the time, Courser made it very clear that he was working toward a tea party takeover of the Michigan Republican Party:

[Courser] expressed supreme confidence that his side was poised to “take over” the party from the establishment, which he described as “not committed to conservative convictions vs. convenience.” In so doing he questioned the governor’s conservative pedigree, suggesting that when Mr.…
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