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Ambivalence about the killing of Osama bin Laden

Don’t get me wrong, when I saw this, I made martinis:

Photo by Anne Savage. Please do no reuse without permission.

But, I have to say, when I woke this morning and saw the mass celebrations that happened around the country, I was a bit unsettled by it. Ten years of living in fear, of constant “yellow” or “red” alert status at our nation’s airports, and the near-invasion of Pakistan all because of this one man?

Actually, not really. The bogie man we fear wasn’t just bin Laden. And all that he represents is still out there, living with seething hatred toward us and our culture, feeding on the desperate poverty that breeds hatred of the “haves”.…

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Facts???! Beck worshippers don’t need no stinkin’ facts!

There is a delivery guy where I work who spends a lot of his time driving around to deliver packages for us. He’s also our company’s taxi service and recently picked up an Aussie colleague of mine. On the trip back from the airport, Aussie asked him if he thought Obama was good for America. Aussie had no idea that he had just rung the Beck Bell since Taxi Guy is a Beck Worshipper to the nth degree.

After ranting for awhile about socialistwheresthebirthcertificateKenyanusuper, Taxi Guy then proceeded to explain to Aussie that the reason that gas prices have gone up in America is because “Obama wants gas to be expensive”.…

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New Twitter hashtag: #33seniors

Today I’m announcing a new hashtag: #33seniors. It comes from President Obama’s budget/deficit speech yesterday:

[The Republicans have] a vision that says even though America can’t afford to invest in education or clean energy; even though we can’t afford to care for seniors and poor children, we can somehow afford more than $1 trillion in new tax breaks for the wealthy. Think about it. In the last decade, the average income of the bottom 90% of all working Americans actually declined. The top 1% saw their income rise by an average of more than a quarter of a million dollars each.…
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President Obama pulls back the curtain on Republican loyalties in today’s budget speech

First of all, if you haven’t seen it already, this is worth the 44-some minutes to watch:

Transcript HERE.

President Obama didn’t pull any punches today in his speech on the nation’s budget and our path out of the massive debt and deficit we face today. Fully one-third of our budget is deficit spending yet only 12% of it is discretionary spending so, Houston, we have a problem.

Eliminating spending on war or in foreign aid or “waste” aren’t going to do it. Fundamental shifts are needed. The Republicans think it can be done on the backs of senior citizens, the poor, the middle class and other politically powerless groups while retaining the massive tax cuts that are largely responsible for the hole we’re in right now.…

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“Bold Progressives” get threatening with their preemptive whinging

Yesterday I wrote about the tactic of “preemptive whinging” from those on the left who struggle to find anything about President Obama and his administration that they like.

The group Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC), aka “bold progresives”, has taken this to the next level. They are now threatening the President if he does something he has said he wouldn’t do in the past and has given no tangible signal that he will do in the past. They have an online petition with the following language:

President Obama: If you cut Medicare and Medicaid benefits for me, my parents, my grandparents, or families like mine, don’t ask for a penny of my money or an hour of my time in 2012.
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Preemptive whinging is the new norm for the “professional left”

I’ll say right off the bat that I absolutely hate the term “professional left”. But it will suffice as a descriptor for those on the liberal side of the coin that seem to be able to find pretty much nothing about the Obama administration that they can approve of.

And when they don’t have anything to get upset about, that’s no problem. They just invent something. Here’s the playbook for your reference:

  1. Read the day’s headlines.
  2. Determine a spin that characterizes the President and his administration in the worst possible light.
  3. If such a spin does not exist, postulate what the President and his administration’s response will be.

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As the lefty commentator Chicken Littles run around, President Obama piles up the wins

Oh. My. Lord.

To read the lefty pundits today, you would think that President Obama had changed parties overnight, handed over the keys to the Oval Office to the resurrected body of Ronald Reagan, and hitchhiked back to his hometown in Kenya/Moscow. After stepping in and helping to broker a deal to keep the government from shutting down, something members of Congress appeared unable to do without his intervention, we are now being told by these Chicken Littles that he gave away the farm and the Democrats are sure to lose everything.

Funny thing is, according to a CNN poll out today, Americans think what he did was pretty danged awesome and they credit the Democrats with averting a shutdown, not the Republicans.…

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It’s not that Sarah Palin is a birther…

It’s not that Sarah Palin is a birther, not that she’d admit in public anyway. It’s that she thinks President Obama is a liar. And she’s cheering on The Donald from the sidelines for resurrecting questions about the mythical Obama birth certificate.

I think that he was born in Hawaii because there was the birth announcement put in the newspaper. But obviously there is something there that the president doesn’t want people to see on that birth certificate, that he sees going to great lengths to make sure it isn’t shown. And that’s perplexing for a lot of people,” Palin told Judge Jeanine on Sunday.…
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Can the GOP win in a hostage situation without vulnerable hostages?

Last December the Republicans in Congress held unemployed Americans hostage in order to secure tax breaks for the nation’s über-wealthy. It was a strategy that worked because Democrats, including President Obama, were unwilling to sacrifice the welfare of our most-vulnerable citizens simply to win a political battle.

Once again the country finds the GOP in a hostage-taking situation. In order to exact draconian, harmful cuts to the budget, they are turning away from big ticket items like defense and away from bringing more revenue into the national coffers by raising taxes on the rich and on corporations that exploit huge tax loopholes to avoid paying their fair share (or anything in the case of General Electric!) Their threat is that they will shut down government until they get their way.…

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Why on EARTH would we elect an insane man like Obama to be President?

Motley Moose …

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