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Detroit Schools Emergency Manager announces plan to force teachers to reapply for jobs during Teacher Appreciation Week

Earlier this week, President Obama issued a proclamation regarding National Teacher Appreciation Week which runs from May 3rd through May 9th. In his proclamation, he wrote:

“On National Teacher Appreciation Day and during National Teacher Appreciation Week, we honor America’s outstanding teachers and the vital role they play in the lives of our children and the success of our country.

“In classrooms across America, talented and hardworking teachers are nurturing a new generation of thinkers, doers, and dreamers. They teach the subjects and skills that will fuel the next century of growth and innovation, as well as the virtues and values — like character, compassion, creativity, and resilience — that will prepare their students to take on the challenges of the future.

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President Obama smacks down Republican attempt to block new NLRB rule making it easier for workers to unionize

Last December, the National Labor Relations Board issued a new rule to “modernize and streamline the process” of forming a union.

The new rule:

  • Provides for electronic filing and transmission of election petitions and other documents;
  • Ensures that employees, employers and unions receive timely information they need to understand and participate in the representation case process;
  • Eliminates or reduces unnecessary litigation, duplication and delay;
  • Adopts best practices and uniform procedures across regions;
  • Requires that additional contact information (personal telephone numbers and email addresses) be included in voter lists, to the extent that information is available to the employer, in order to enhance a fair and free exchange of ideas by permitting other parties to the election to communicate with voters about the election using modern technology; and
  • Allows parties to consolidate all election-related appeals to the Board into a single appeals process.
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No, Washington Post, President Obama didn’t “suggest requiring everyone to vote”

Ya gotta admit, it’s terrific clickbait, though, right?

Yesterday, the Washington Post ran a piece titled “Obama suggests requiring everyone to vote”. It was total clickbait that went nuts on Facebook. Other media outlets followed suit but it was the WashPo piece that went viral. And it’s pretty provocative, right? I mean, what sort of dictator would take away your hard-earned patriotic right to not vote? We didn’t send men and women to war for that! Here in the greatest nation on earth we have the liberty and freedom to not exercise our franchise and no dictator is going to take that away from us.…

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BREAKING: President Obama vetoes Republican Keystone XL pipeline legislation

The first bill introduced in the U.S. Senate this session was a bill to compel the federal government to issue a permit to allow the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline.

This afternoon, President Obama vetoed it.

Here is his veto statement:

February 24, 2015


I am returning herewith without my approval S. 1, the “Keystone XL Pipeline Approval Act.” Through this bill, the United States Congress attempts to circumvent longstanding and proven processes for determining whether or not building and operating a cross-border pipeline serves the national interest.

The Presidential power to veto legislation is one I take seriously.

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Was Obama’s “I know ’cause I won both of ’em” slam against the GOP during the State of the Union Address an ad lib? Oh, please.

Last night during his State of the Union Address, President Obama had some fun. You could tell he was feeling freed to be himself since he no longer has to run for office and because, frankly, despite his rhetoric otherwise, there isn’t going to be a lot of “working together” with Republicans.

In other words, he doesn’t have to fake it anymore.

The best line of the night, of course, was this one:

I have no more campaigns to run. My only agenda…


I know ’cause I won both of ’em.

Republicans are pissing and moaning about being tweaked like that but, member of Congress, please.…

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Michele Bachmann accuses President Obama of treason: “He lifts up the agenda of Islamic jihad at every turn”

Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann was recently on the Washington Watch radio show with conservative bigot Tony Perkins. During the show, Perkins asked her if there was anything about her job as a member of Congress that had surprised her. In the lead up to her answer, she talked about her role on the House Intelligence Committee (I know, I know) and how she had “a front row seat in this up tempo of Islamic jihad across the world.”

“While the President continues to say that this is not about the religion of Islam,” she said, “I beg to differ. This has everything to do with the tenets of Islam and it IS the new state that’s being put together and for the purpose of destroying Israel and to turn the United States, also, into an Islamic caliphate.”

She then went on with this:

I have been very surprised, to answer your question, to see the president of the United States, at every turn, cut the legs off of our ally, Israel, and in fact embrace and lift up the agenda of Islamic jihad.…
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Pres. Obama takes action on immigration reform that Republicans say THEY should take but won’t

“Our nation is a nation of immigrants. More than any other country, our strength comes from our own immigrant heritage and our capacity to welcome those from other lands. No free and prosperous nation can by itself accommodate all those who seek a better life or flee persecution.”

– Ronald Reagan

Last night, President Obama announced the he is taking long-anticipated executive action to permit up to 5 million undocumented immigrants in our country to legally extend their stay and allowing them to, in his words, “come out of the shadows and get right with the law”.

Conservatives Republicans and others on the right preemptively lost their minds, calling this, among other things, “executive amnesty” (which one activist I know hilariously described as “what Wall Street bankers received when none of them went to prison for crashing our economy in 2007.”)

Ted Cruz says none of President Obama’s nominees should be confirmed now that he’s done this.…

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President Obama’s stunning climate agreement with China derails GOP efforts to do nothing about climate change

For years, maybe decades, Republicans have told us repeatedly that nothing our country does will have any impact whatsoever on global climate change because: China. In other words, because China would never agree to take action, we should sit on our hands and do nothing, as well, allowing expanding carbon emissions to heat up the planet.

This week, all of that changed. In a stunning development, the Obama administration worked out a joint agreement with China to reduce carbon emissions. The agreement sets the stage for further international agreements when global leaders meet in Paris for the United Nations Climate Change Conference next year.…

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The GOP has tried to convince us we’re a failure – and we bought it

There’s no denying that Americans showed outrageously schizophrenic behavior last week on Election Day. While progressive initiatives on things like the minimum wage and pot legalization were passed around the country, Republicans still scored big wins everywhere. Here in Michigan, Terri Lynn What’s-Her-Name got trounced by double digits and two pro-wolf hunt ballot proposals went down in flames but, outside of heavily gerrymandered, Democratic-dominated districts, Republicans won almost everywhere.

One thing that contributed mightily to this imbalance is that our Democratic candidates and Democrats in general have bought into the Republican myth that the country has gone to hell when just the opposite is true.…

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Guess which Michigan candidates had 6,000+ people rally for them yesterday. HINT: it wasn’t the Republicans.

While Michigan Republican Party chair Bobby Schostak, the man behind “The Worst Campaign Ad That Human Beings Actually Paid for This Year”, tells anyone who will listen that President Obama’s visit to Michigan yesterday is going to harm the election chances of Mark Schauer, Gary Peters, and all of our Democratic candidates, over 6,000 people showed up to see him speak last night and to rally for our candidates. Hundreds of others were turned away. My friend Mary wrote this on my Facebook page:

First time in my life I was more than happy to spend over an hour out in the cold to stand in a very long line only to be turned away with hundreds of other very energized voters.…
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