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Terri Lynn Land now seriously playing defense

Right where we want her

Terri Lynn Land is a one-note song and the name of that song is “Obamacare”. With the help of millions of dollars of sweet, sweet Koch brothers’ money, she’s spent the past few months attempting to hurt Gary Peters on this issue. Despite this, Peters is up 5 points on her according to the latest PPP poll (which is one of the most solid pollsters in America.) The news coming from the CBO this week that the Affordable Care Act is reducing the national deficit by even more than first thought, coupled with the millions upon millions of “Obamacare success stories” that are beginning to bubble to the surface, is making her song one people increasingly no longer want to hear.…

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Terri Lynn Land has “solutions” for Michigan manufacturing that are as empty and false as the rest of her campaign

Not. Ready. For. Prime. Time

Republican Senate candidate Terri Lynn Land recently released her “solutions” for strengthening Michigan manufacturing. More accurately, she’s calling them “solutions “. However, they are so blatantly empty of content and, in some cases, downright wrong that calling them “solutions” strains the bounds of the definition of the word.

You can find her “solutions” HERE, a webpage that is not linked anywhere else on her website or her Facebook page. In fact, unless you go looking for it and know specifically what to look for, you won’t find it anywhere.

Here are her “solutions” to strengthening Michigan manufacturing:

  1. Fair Trade: Developing fair trade agreements will open up markets to Michigan’s exports.
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(PHOTOS) President Obama brings #minimumwage populism and campaign-style energy to Ann Arbor

President Obama came to Ann Arbor, Michigan yesterday to promote raising the national minimum wage to $10.10. His speach was full of energy and populism and had the crowd of around 1,400 on their feet and energized for the entire 35 minutes.

Chris and I were there to record it.

Before I came here today, I stopped at Zingerman’s, which is the right thing to do when you’re in Ann Arbor. I stopped for two reasons. The first is the Reuben is killer. So I ordered like the small and it didn’t look that small. So I gave half to Valerie Jarrett, who’s traveling with us.…
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Democrats running from President Obama and Obamacare? Not. Even.Close. (PHOTOS)

Please proceed.

Republicans want you to believe that even Democrats are jumping ship in their support for President Obama and the Affordable Care Act. Unfortunately, the truth is getting in the way of this convenient (for them) meme. There was solid proof it overnight in Ann Arbor.

The last time President Obama came to Ann Arbor in January 2012, demand for tickets was huge with students lining up for them overnight.

Last night, students began filling the Union at about 7:30 p.m. in hopes of being among the first in line to receive a ticket. At 1 a.m., students were asked to leave the building before it officially closed to the public at 2 a.m.…
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EPA releases new fuel & emission standards that will save lives and protect the environment

Working together with health officials, vehicle manufacturers, refiners, states, and with input from the general public, the Environmental Protection Agency finalized new emission standards for vehicles and fuels that will have a huge impact on public health and the quality of the air we breathe.

The new rules, signed by President Obama EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy today, call for a dramatic reduction in the amount of sulfur in gasoline and will cut emissions of soot, smog, and other toxic substances from cars and trucks. Here is some of what the new rules do:

  • Slash emissions of a range of harmful pollutants that can cause premature death and respiratory illnesses.
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PHOTOS: President Obama signs historic bipartisan farm bill in East Lansing, Michigan

All photos by Anne C. Savage, special to Eclectablog

President Barack Obama traveled to East Lansing, Michigan yesterday to sign the federal farm bill into law. Last updated in 2008, the bill in its current form has been worked on for four years. Much of the wrangling was contentious and no topic was as contentious as its impact on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), commonly called food stamps. Republicans in Congress wanted to slash this essential program by $40 billion at a time when our national economy is still in recovery mode. Fortunately Democrats were able to reduce the Republican hit on SNAP benefits by a full 80%, a 1% cut overall.…

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The 2014 State of the Union: Let’s make this a year of action

From my view inside the White House, I saw what every other American watching the President’s speech did: true leadership.

I believe in the dream of America. I always have. So has President Obama, which is why he’s always had my support.

In his 2014 State of the Union address, he made it clear that his optimism is unwavering. Despite all the obstruction and partisanship he’s faced from day one, he still believes that our country can come together for the good of every citizen.

Let’s make this a year of action. That’s what most Americans want: for all of us in this chamber to focus on their lives, their hopes, their aspirations.…
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Get the inside scoop from the 2014 State of the Union

I’ll be reporting live from the White House — and you can be there virtually, too.

There aren’t many things more exciting than being invited to the White House. At least not to me. So you can imagine how thrilled I was to learn I’d been selected as one of the lucky social media users who will attend the #SOTUSocial at the White House.

I’ll be there in person for President Obama’s State of the Union address — before, during and after. I’ll use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media channels to share my thoughts on the speech. Our group will also meet with White House officials immediately following the SOTU, when we’ll have a chance to ask them questions about the speech and the legislative agenda it will outline.…

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(Not) Joe the (not) plumber: “Admit it. You want a white Republican president again.”

Aye, aye, aye…

Photo by Chris Savage | Eclectablog

Remember Samuel Wurzelbacher? Let me refresh your memory: he was the stooge the Palin/McCain campaign trotted around the country under the name Joe the Plumber. He was neither a “Joe” nor a “plumber”, typical of the blatant lying that took place in 2008.

Well, (not) Joe is back and hoo-boy is he one racist dude:

Admit it. You want a white Republican president again.

Now before you start feeling like you’re a racist, understand you are not.

Wanting a white Republican president doesn’t make you racist, it just makes you American.

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Why President Obama’s upcoming economic speeches matter

He’s reinforcing his vision for our country — the reason he was elected twice — and calling on Republicans to get to work.

It’s unusual for the White House to start promoting a series of speeches days before they begin. But there’s a good reason they’re doing it now. They want to make sure people are paying attention. I feel the same way.

Here’s what Dan Pfeiffer, Senior Advisor to the President, had to say in an announcement on Sunday:

Eight years ago, not long after he was elected to the United States Senate, President Obama went to Knox College in his home state of Illinois where he laid out his economic vision for the country.

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