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Why is the National GOP giving Rick Synder’s hilariously awful re-election campaign a pass?

The national media has finally figured out what our Chris Savage has been saying all year — Republicans never wanted Terri Lynn Land as their candidate for U.S. Senate in Michigan.

Avoiding debates, skirting the press, and making no scheduled public appearances isn’t her strategy. It’s a reaction to self-destructing after just a few questions from the press during a rare media availability this May.

But critics may end up regarding Land’s effort as the second worst state-wide campaign run by a Michigan Republican in 2014.

Rick Snyder began his re-election run in scuba gear with a Super Bowl ad from the same team that brought us Pete Hoekstra’s infamously disastrous “Yellow Girl” ad.…

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2012: The Year of Michigan Women in Politics

Chapeau: doffed

2012 was a year full of politics in Michigan. As a political writer, particularly one writing from the progressive side of things, I never had a single day where there wasn't something happening in Michigan worth writing about. We weren't far into 2012 before I realized that women were standing up and speaking out in larger numbers and with a louder, stronger voice than any other group of people in our state. So much so that I have taken to calling 2012 the Year of Michigan Women in Politics.
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Pete Hoekstra calls Germany, China, Japan and other countries “stupid” for investing in clean energy

Now THAT'S foreign policy!

Pete Hoekstra sat down for a radio interview and call-in show with Michigan Radio's Rick Pluta today and one of the things they discussed was government investments in clean energy. Hoekstra made an astonishing statement about the major world powers whose governments are making investments in moving toward more clean energy, calling them "stupid". Details on this and on Pete Hoekstra's change of heart on clean energy investments after the jump.
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Ignored and with a campaign in complete shambles at home, Hoekstra takes it on the road – to Israel

Down in the polls by 16 points against Senator Debbie Stabenow and rapidly running out of both time and money, Pete Hoekstra took his failed campaign overseas last weekend. To Israel. I don't get it either. Details after the jump.
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UPDATED: Pete Hoekstra gets and deserves no respect – down by 16 pts & Super PAC money gone

“We feel like the Rodney Dangerfield of Senate races.”

There’s been a lot of talk about “The Stench” surrounding Mitt Romney’s campaign. Pete Hoekstra’s campaign is in such a bad way, nobody is really even talking about it anymore. A campaign official actually told The Nation, “We feel like the Rodney Dangerfield of Senate races.”

There’s good reason for that: the Hoekstra campaign doesn’t get no respect because it doesn’t deserve no respect.

How little respect is Hoekstra getting? In addition to the big Super PAC money leaving the state, he’s now down by 16 points in recent polling. The Rothenberg Political Report has moved the race from “Democrat Favored” to “Currently Safe” for Democrats.…

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All The Money In The World Can’t Buy Sane Republicans

This is the ‘Party of Lincoln’ the same way the Honda Odyssey is the ‘Car of Homer’

Democrats are now favored to retain control of the Senate, according to ace poll guy Nate Silver. This is a stunning reversal. Just a few months ago, Republican control of the Senate seemed likely. Best-case scenario was a 50-50 split and prayer that the president would be reelected to send Joe Biden to upper chamber to break the tie.

But the Democratic National Convention not only boosted the president’s campaign, it consolidated Democratic voters behind candidates like Elizabeth Warren in Massachusetts and Tammy Baldwin in Wisconsin.…

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Pete Hoekstra continues negative campaign on 9/11 then accuses Stabenow of “politicizing” it

Couldn't stop for even one day? REALLY?

Yesterday, political campaigns with any integrity at all pulled their ads and took a day off to honor Americans killed in the September 11th attacks 11 years ago. But not Pete Hoekstra. Hoekstra continued to run is pathetic "Worst Senator" ad campaign which is nothing but a hypocritical attack on Senator Stabenow with no substance about what he represents. The Stabenow campaign DID pull its ads for the day. In fact, the ad they are currently running here at Eclectablog was pulled until this morning after they contacted me and asked me to take it down for the day. More details after the jump.
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Trailing 9% in polls, Hoekstra launches yet another lame attack against Stabenow

Aw, geez. That's it? That's all you have?

Debbie Stabenow has been a busy Senator lately. In addition to introducing and fighting for a Farm Bill that would help farmers devastated by the 2012 drought, in the past week she was at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC, at the Michigan Democratic Party's state convention this past weekend, at a fundraiser headlined by singer/songwriter James Taylor in Farmington Hills, MI, and appeared this morning on Tony Trupiano's First Shift radio show. Meanwhile, her opponent Pete Hoekstra, trailing by 9% in the latest PPP poll, has been busy launching another of his pathetically lame efforts to smear her. This time, it's a website called I'm not kidding. Click through for details.
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New Progress Michigan ad slams Pete Hoekstra for abandoning Michigan citizens for his own self-interest #GetRealPete

Get real, Pete Hoekstra

Progress Michigan has a new ad out this morning that hammers Republican candidate for Senator Pete Hoekstra for his efforts to end Medicare and privatize Social Security while benefiting financially for being a corporate lobbyist. It's a great ad. Check it out (and more) after the jump.
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Pete Hoekstra hypcritically wants to eliminate direct election of Senators while running for Senate

Hoo boy...

You have to hand it to Pete Houkstra -- the man has gall. He's running for Senate against Senator Debbie Stabenow and yet he wants to repeal the 17th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution that allows for the direct election of Senators. I wish I were kidding.
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