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Democrats school GOP Congressional candidate David Trott on the Republican budget

Dodgy or dumb? When Republican candidates won’t talk about the issues, it’s tough to tell the difference.

What is it with Republican candidates refusing to talk about their positions on the issues? Maybe they’re afraid voters won’t like what they have to say. Or maybe they don’t know the answers.

In the case of David Trott, who is running for the seat in Michigan’s 11th Congressional District held by Kerry Bentivolio, it could be both.

Trott has studiously avoided answering questions about the Republican budget crafted by fellow Scroogian Rep. Paul Ryan. The super-wealthy foreclosure vulture is pandering to high-dollar donors and big business interests, so alienating middle class voters doesn’t seem to be an issue to him.…

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DCCC targets Michigan Republicans for support of Paul Ryan’s “screw the poor, enrich the rich” budget

Republicans know who butters their bread and it ain’t YOU!

Paul Ryan introduced a new budget bill recently that is basically a rehash of his previous budgets. As LOLGOP put it, “In Ryan’s Randian hellscape, everything must be done to tame the debt in the next ten years, except anything that could hurt the GOP immediately with seniors, though huge cuts to Medicare will follow. And taxes must never be raised, nor may any tax break be eliminated. Also, we should spend more on defense. Thus incredible cruelty must be inflicted from the cuts he proposes to the programs the keep America’s working poor and elderly from abject poverty.”

He’s right.…

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GOP gives up taking a law enacted 3 1/2 years ago hostage, now it’s laws enacted decades ago: Medicare, Medicaid & Social Security

Wow, you guys are incredible

I suppose it’s a good sign that Republicans are finally waving the red flag on repealing the Affordable Care Act as a condition for not putting a bullet in the brain of our national (and possibly the international) economy. For weeks now, that has been their precondition for passing a budget to fund the government and for raising the debt limit so that we don’t become a Super Deadbeat Nation.

No, they have finally come to their senses and have decided that they will choose a different hostage. Instead of trying to destroy one of the most significant social programs in our nation’s history, one that was passed three and half years ago, they are now turning their attention to the other three most significant social programs in our nation’s history, laws passed decades ago: Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.…

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Paul Ryan: “We’re not going to give up on destroying the health care system for the American people”

Honesty comes out in the funniest ways sometimes

Paul Ryan explains the goal of the GOP's new rehashed plan to cure the nation's fiscal woes earlier today: "This to us is something that we're not going to give up on, because we're not going to give up on destroying the health care system for the American people." It's not that this comes as a surprise or anything, we just never thought you'd be so brazen about it, Mr. Ryan. To quote a former candidate for president: "Oops". Video after the jump.
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Destroying the top two corporate/corporatist LIES about the Keystone XL pipeline

The misinformation is rampant. Get informed.

The two biggest lies perpetuated by the fossil oil industry ("Big Oil") and their corporatist minions in decision-making roles in our government are that TransCanada's Keystone XL Pipeline will bring thousands and thousands of jobs to the U.S. and, perhaps more importantly, will increase our national security by making us less reliant on oil imported from the Middle East and other foreign countries that aren't allies like Canada. Both are complete and utter lies and there is solid proof to dispel both. Much, much more after the jump.
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Republicans: “We lost because people were too dumb to understand our message”

They just didn't Twitter those jpegs to your Pinterest blogs with good enough email Facebooks

Republicans have thought long and hard and have figured out why they lost the election in 2012. Although you dumb bunnies may think that it was because of their desire to benefit the very rich at the expense of our nation's most vulnerable or because of their egregious War on Women and War on Minorities, you would, of course, be wrong. The reason they lost, according the Republicans, is because you people just didn't understand their message well enough. See just how dumb you are after the jump.
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The indefensible Paul Ryan

Whoever taught Young Republicans to say “straw man” deserves a royalty

Get ready. Paul Ryan — the man who has already proposed a budget that would have led to the largest transfer of wealth from the working class to the rich in American history — is about to propose a new budget featuring massive cuts that will make the austerity that sent Europe back into recession look like the New Deal.

At the House Republican “retreat” last week, members were told that their constant threatening of government shut downs and potential economic catastrophe wasn’t working. It drives independents and Democrats crazy and bums out the base when they have to give in eventually.…

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House GOP continues their political death march to prevent the top tax bracket from rising by less than 4%

At least we know who they work for now -- they've made that clear

House Republicans have released a counter-proposal to President Obama's budget plan to avoid plunging us off the fiscal cliff speed bump. Unsurprisingly, it raises tax revenue but doesn't allow the Bush tax cuts to expire. In fact, according to analysis by the Washington Post, it appears to lower taxes for the top tax bracket. Details and more GOPocrisy and insanity after the jump.
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Whew! That was close…

America dodged a bullet, folks

I'm just sayin'... [Images from the Romney-Ryan Inauguration/Transition website]
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The GOP Rape Advisory Chart: Volume III

Yes, that’s right. Just like Peter Jackson’s production of The Hobbit, I’ve found so much raw material to work with that I decided to break what was originally a single story into two, and now three sections.

As I reported yesterday, in addition to being front-paged here at Eclectablog and at dKos, the first chart went utterly viral, hitting everything from Alternet and Balloon Juice to the New Civil Rights Movement, Dan Savage and even (and it doesn’t get more surreal than this) Neil Gaiman by way of Wil Wheaton.

dKos even did an email alert blast thingie with it.…

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