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10 ideas Republicans loved until Barack Obama became President

It’s not the ideas they hate, is it?

Republican obstructionism isn’t exactly new in Washington, D.C. It’s been all the rage since Barack Obama was elected President. Since then, a majority of Republicans have gone to great lengths in an attempt to torpedo his Presidency.

The twisted irony is this: Many of the ideas President Obama and the Democrats have tried to put forth were actually Republican ideas first. So when you think about it, finding common ground and passing legislation that might, you know, help the American people, would be possible if  Republicans weren’t hell-bent on attacking President Obama.

Here are 10 examples:


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Why President Obama’s upcoming economic speeches matter

He’s reinforcing his vision for our country — the reason he was elected twice — and calling on Republicans to get to work.

It’s unusual for the White House to start promoting a series of speeches days before they begin. But there’s a good reason they’re doing it now. They want to make sure people are paying attention. I feel the same way.

Here’s what Dan Pfeiffer, Senior Advisor to the President, had to say in an announcement on Sunday:

Eight years ago, not long after he was elected to the United States Senate, President Obama went to Knox College in his home state of Illinois where he laid out his economic vision for the country.

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GOP: Obamacare is evil. Except when it makes me look very, very good.

GOPocrisy at it finest

Lee Fang has a great piece up at The Nation this week detailing new evidence of the unrelenting hypocrisy of Republican legislators on the Affordable Care Act. After spending four years demonizing it, many of them continue reap the political gains from the benefits it brings to their communities. Click through for more.
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GOP is serious about killing ObamaCare because 10 million more voters with public health care will change everything

Prepare for a messy 2013

I have to admit that I was wrong in two very serious ways.

I thought Paul Ryan’s disgrace as a VP candidate — booed by seniors and hidden for the last weeks for the campaign — would  temper the House Republicans a bit.

That almost seemed to happen at the beginning for 2013 with the “fiscal cliff” deal. The GOP waited till the Bush tax cuts expired and then voted for trillions in new “cuts.” They then quickly folded on the debt limit, extending it for three months in exchange for free promotion of a hashtag.…

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Obama to Congressional Republicans: Go Cheney yourselves

John Boehner: between a tea bag and a hard place

John Boehner has been negotiating all week with President Obama and his staff to resolve the "fiscal speedbump" issue. President Obama took a step toward Speaker Boehner in the negotiations by allowing the Bush tax cuts to remain in place for incomes over $400,000/year (up from $250,000), making some cuts to entitlements to be named later and agreeing to a different way to calculate Social Security cost of living increases that would lower how much our seniors get in their monthly allocation by a smidgen -- the so-called "chained CPI". In return, Boehner offered to extend the debt ceiling for two years and allow the Bush tax cuts to expire for income over $400,000. This was, however, a bridge to far for his tea party leadership team, according to Ezra Klein at the Washington Post. So, he offered what he's calling "Plan B" and the response from the White House was a resounding "screw you". Check it all out after the jump.
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The Not-So Secret Path To A Democratic Majority: Medicaid Expansion

Yes, Ronald Reagan Socialized Medicine In The United States

There are two dirty secrets in American politics. The first is that the GOP is the real “food stamp party”. The second is that we already pay for each other’s health care in the dumbest possible way, thanks to Ronald Reagan.

Every time an uninsured person waits to the last possible moment to go to the emergency room then incurs bills he or she will never, ever pay, that cost gets passed on to everyone else. Health care can’t be socialized because it’s naturally socialized. Unless we’re determined to let people die in the streets, we’re all in this together.…

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There is nothing more powerful than ordinary citizens coming together for a just cause.

"Forward Together" -- a new photomosaic of Barack Obama

Four years ago, I was busy devoting most of my free time knocking on doors and talking to people about the presidential election. At first I was very uncomfortable disturbing folks at their homes to talk about a subject that most would prefer to avoid: politics. Admittedly, it took me a little while to become comfortable with the front porch conversations, but, as soon as I did, there was no stopping me. I loved it. All of it. In '08, I also spent some time traveling around Michigan photographing Obama rallies. While Obama spoke to the crowds, I photographed them. I viewed, intimately through my lens, the large diverse crowds while he spoke the words "Yes we can" and shared a message of unity and how together we can bring about change. Click through to learn more about the photomosaic of Barack Obama.
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National Voter Registration Day: Amplify your vote

It's like voting more than once

One person, one vote. That's what you learn about our democracy -- each person gets one vote. But there is a way to, in essence, vote more than once; to amplify your vote: register others to vote and make sure they DO vote. That's the Obama campaign's single-minded goal for the next 42 days. Today is National Voter Registration Day and it's a fine day to dust off your GOTV shoes and go out to register some voters. The voter registration deadlines are looming so time is running out. A list of voter registration deadlines by state can be found HERE. Need more information on voting in your area? The Obama campaign has put together a terrific website called WWW.GottaVote.Com that has all of the resources you could hope to find. More details and resources await you after the jump.
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PHOTOS: A look back at the Democratic National Convention

DNC photo-extravaganza!

I would have loved to have shared more images with you last week but there just wasn't enough time for uploading and editing images, unless I wanted to lose more sleep, and that wasn't an option. However, for those of you who were there, the timing of this photo post is probably just right giving you the weekend to catch up on sleep and email. LOTS more photos after the jump.
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EXCLUSIVE: Interactive PANORAMIC IMAGES from the last night of the Democratic National Convention

The next best thing to being there

Want to feel a little of what it was like to be at the Democratic National Convention during President Obama's acceptance speech? Click through for two exclusive interactive panoramic images from the last night of the DNC and experience a bit of the excitement yourself!
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