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Netroots for the Troops® final fundraising push – Help us meet our goal!

It takes a community…

As the wars the United States is engaged in around the world wind down and our troops come home to great fanfare and welcoming parades, it’s easy to forget that we still have thousands of men and women still serving overseas. These courageous members of the military sacrifice tremendously to help preserve peace across the globe and they are all too easily forgotten.

But our crew at Netroots for the Troops® is determined that at least some of them will KNOW they are not forgotten and we need your help with that.

Since 2008, Netroots for the Troops® has sent over 1,200 CARE packages to members of the military stationed over seas.…

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Here’s a FREE way to help Netroots for the Troops doing something you’ll do anyway!

NFTT- Who Will You Buy4 This Christmas?

As many of you know, I have been involved with Netroots for Troops for several years. Each year at the national Netroots Nation conference, a bunch of us liberal hippies assemble hundreds of CARE packages to send to our troops stationed overseas. (Previous posts HERE and HERE, for example.) I have recently joined the Board of Directors for NFTT and am thrilled to continue my work with them. With Black Friday only days away, and Cyber Monday right after, if your thoughts aren't already on Christmas shopping, chances are they soon will be. After the turkey (or in my case, Vegetable Wellington) and trimmings are cleared, and before the decorations are up, while you're browsing online for gift ideas, take five minutes to learn how you can shop your favorite online stores AND make a small donation to Netroots For The Troops, Inc.! Details after the jump.
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Netroots for the Troops 2012 recap – blood was spilled (PHOTOS)

It’s what we do

The Netroots for the Troops 2012 went off almost entirely without a hitch. Although, due to a lack of donations this year, we were only able to pack 150 boxes, half of what we’ve done previously, it was still a wonderful thing to behold.

[Photos by Anne C. Savage (with watermark) and angelajean (without watermark)]

Here we are, staging the boxes and their contents:

This year, we did only one line down the table and slowed things down to make it less frenetic and more enjoyable. Also, because the boxes were just so danged full this year, we had a major bottleneck at the taping area as nearly everyone had to repack their box more efficiently.…

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Netroots for the Troops — Progressives turning out to help out our military men and women

Yes, I’m asking for your money again

Yes, yes, yes. It's that time again. Time for the awesomeness that is Netroots for the Troops®. Wait, you don't know what NFTT is? NFTT is a what I call "The 33-Minute Miracle". I'll tell you why in a minute. Every year at the annual Netroots Nation conference, the largest event of the year for progressive blogggers, writers and activists, a group of dedicated individuals pull of an major service event where hundreds of CARE packages are assembled and then shipped to our troops over seas. This year, we're including some vets that are in U.S. hospitals, returned from war. You can help by making a donation HERE. (Much more after the jump.)
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