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Mitt Romney endorses David Trott while Trott runs against health insurance reforms pioneered by Romney

When the choice is between an incumbent tea partier whose own brother calls “mentally unbalanced” with “serious mental issues” and a corporatist foreclosure specialist, the choice was easy for Mitt Romney. He went for the corporatist leech on the jugular vein of society and predatory vulture banker, David Trott:

“As someone who grew up in Michigan and has family currently living in the 11th District, I am confident that Dave Trott has the honesty, integrity and experience we need in Washington,” said Romney, who served as governor of Massachusetts before running for president.

Yeah, right. Honesty and integrity. Nobody more honest and with greater integrity than a guy who throws people out of their homes for fun and profit.…

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One Romney drops out of the Michigan Senate race, another jumps in

Daughter of the Curse of the Living Romneys

It seems like just a couple of days ago I was writing about how the Romney family just can't seem to leave Michigan alone. Okay, it WAS just a couple of days ago. At that time, I wrote about how Mitt's older brother Scott, an attorney few have ever heard of and a man with no almost no experience as an elected official [I have been informed that Mr. Romney once sat on the Michigan State University Board of Trustees from 2000-2008], was pondering running for Senator Carl Levin's seat when he retires next year. Well, two short days later, he has decided NOT to run after all. But that doesn't mean we won't have a Romney family member to ridicule for running for a national seat with no previous experience whatsoever. Turns out that after Mr. Romney's decision not to run, he reached into the famous Romney Binder Full of Women™ and now his daughter Ronna Romney McDaniel is "looking at it". Details after the jump.
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Michigan can’t seem to shake the Romneys. Romney for Senate? Romney for Emergency Manager?

The Curse of the Living Romneys

Michigan, a state which had a Romney for governor and then endured over a year's worth of a man who hasn't lived here in sixty years telling us he is a Michigander, doesn't seem to be able wash the Romney kids out of its hair. First, Slate's Davie Weigel suggested Mitt Romney as a the perfect candidate to be Detroit's Emergency Financial Manager. And now Mitt's older brother Scott Romney is considering a run for Carl Levin's Senate seat. Why won't they leave us alone? Click through for details.
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Romney’s loss to Obama? He didn’t really care enough to win.

He meant to (not) do that

Remember the horrifying graphic from Mitt Romney's transition webpage that showed him as "President-Elect"? Given his complete lack of qualifications for being president and the fact that he was so completely out of touch with most Americans, the very idea of Romney as "president elect" was enough give Democrats heart palpitations. As it turns out, at least according to the story that's being spun by Romney's family and campaign officials, he didn't really want to run for president anyway. It was something he did because he got talked into it by his son Tagg and his wife Ann. Just another trophy to add to the shelf. Another item for his curriculum vitae. But not something he really wanted to do. More analysis after the jump.
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Karl Rove figured out how Barack Obama won on Tuesday: Voter suppression. I’m not kidding.

Aw geez, Karl. Just shut the hell up, wouldjya?

Karl Rove (aka "Turdblossom" and "Bush's Brain") has figured out how President Barack Obama managed to win re-election this year: Voter suppression. No, seriously. Details and Karl Rove-induced hilarity after the jump.
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Whew! That was close…

America dodged a bullet, folks

I'm just sayin'... [Images from the Romney-Ryan Inauguration/Transition website]
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Romney finishes big: Closes his campaign with the most outrageous lie yet (& gets hammered for it)

At least he's consistent...

You have to hand it to Mitt Romney. While he may not be consistent on his political positions -- okay, he's NOT consistent on his political positions -- at least he's consistent in the fact that he's willing to brazenly lie to the American people in order to win the Presidency. His most recent lie -- that Jeep is shipping jobs to China -- is almost poetic in its hubris. It started with a statement on the campaign trail when it was added to his stump speech. He then doubled down and made a television ad out of it. He then tripled down and made a radio spot and with that one, he included GM as a domestic vehicle manufacturer shipping jobs to China. None of this is true. And then the stuff hit the fan for Romney. More after the jump.
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By Popular Demand: GOP Rape Advisory Chart (Vol. IV)

Recently I said I was finally done with these things, but with yet ANOTHER idiotic, offensive statement by a Republican about rape victims the other day, I’ve been turned into Al Pacino in Godfather III*

I therefore present the Republican Rape Advisory Chart…Volume IV.

I’ve also included links to the complete 4-volume set; feel free to use/repost as appropriate, but please upload the image to your own server to keep the bandwidth hit low on mine. I also ask that you keep the “compiled by Brainwrap” text at the bottom.

*(“Just when I thought I was out…they pulled me back in.”)

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Corporations Are Fact Checkers, My Friend

REMINDER: Our last two Republican businessman presidents were Herbert Hoover and George W. Bush

Imagine being so full of bullshit that you turn everyone around you into a fact checker—it’s almost like a fable or a Greek myth. But it’s also become our presidential election.

You know the man I’m talking about. The world’s record holder for Politifact Pants-on-Fire awards, the man who said “Of course!” my tax plan ads up then made up new details on the spot, the guy who ran as a progressive and governed as severely conservative… W. Mitt Romney.

During the debates it happened to Candy Crowley, last week it happened to Chrysler, this week it happened to General Motors.…

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Mitt Romney holds Ohio campaign event not-so-cleverly disguised as a “storm relief charity event”

Shameless and crass

Mitt Romney claimed to be suspending his campaign during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy which devastated the East Coast last night and continues to impose its wrath. However, that's pretty much NOT what he did. Instead, an Ohio campaign event was hurriedly renamed a "relief charity event". As the event began, the standard Romney bio video was shown on a huge screen. The press was invited, too. As John Aravosis at AMERICAblog points out, why invite the press if this is for charity??? More details with pictures and tweets after the jump.
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