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MI-08 GOP candidate Mike Bishop wants young people to gamble with their retirement

Mike Bishop, the Republican candidate in Michigan’s 8th Congressional District, has a long history of gambling with people’s livelihoods. He was the Senate Majority Leader when the legislature shut down the state government twice, once in 2007 and again 2009. These two shutdowns wreaked havoc on our state’s economy. Now that Bishop is running for the U.S. Congress, he wants to expand his gambling (with other people’s lives) habit to the national stage.

In a recent candidates forum with Democratic challenger Eric Schertzing, the 14-year County Treasurer in Ingham County, Bishop said he wants young people to gamble with their retirement by putting the money in the stock market instead of the Social Security system:

Bishop said the Social Security system is broken.…
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Mark Totten confronts Bill Schuette’s lies about his background in powerful new ad

Now that Republican extremist Bill Schuette is tied in the polls with Democrat Mark Totten in Michigan’s Attorney General race, he’s getting desperate. His latest gambit it to suggest that Totten, a former federal prosecutor, doesn’t have any convictions under his belt.

Totten defeats that lie with this powerful new ad called “Keyboard”:

Schuette, Michigan’s version of Virginia’s extremist former Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, has three decades in public office. He’s had plenty of time to prove to Michigan voters where his allegiances lie and voters know how dangerous his agenda is to our state.

The …

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INTERVIEW: 8th District candidate Eric Schertzing – “For me, public service is an opportunity to improve folks’ lives”

In late March, seven-term incumbent Mike Rogers decided at the last minute not to run for reelection in Michigan’s 8th District with runs from Ingham County east through Livingston County all the way to Oakland County. It was a jerk move because, when he announced his decision to cash in and become a conservative radio host on Cumulus Radio, there were only 3 weeks left before the filing deadline.

Rogers ended up endorsing Mike Rogers with an epic endorsement that still leaves me with tears of mirth in my eyes:

I’m here supporting Mike Bishop because I think he will not embarrass this district.
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Gov. Snyder evades one tough question, smacks seven slow softballs during town hall rally while race tightens

Last night, Gov. Rick Snyder held what was billed as a “public town hall” but was, in actuality a campaign rally given that the host and emcee were unabashed Snyder supporters and seven out of the eight questions he answered were softballs pitched by supporters. The room was less than half full despite Snyder’s press flacks claiming they had turned away non-supporters to make room for “undecided voters”. Most of those in attendance, as a result, were clearly Snyder’s supporters:

Sturgis resident Tammy Chupp, 45, and her 19-year-old son, Chris, said they were sold on Snyder before and after the event.
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DONATE: Josh Derke, the Michigan Dem who epically smacked down homophobic, anti-gay group now has a fundraising page

A couple of days ago I wrote about the letter Josh Derke, candidate for Michigan’s 93rd House District sent to the anti-gay, ragingly homophobic leader of the group “Public Advocate of the United States”. It was an epic, eloquent smack down and the piece has gone viral getting over 11,500 hits as of this morning. The cross-posted version at Daily Kos got an untold number of hits as it spent most of the day at the top of the Recommended List.

Josh now has a fundraising page up at

Please stop over and drop some folding money into Josh’s tip jar so that he can defeat his Republican opponent.…

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EVENT/ACTION: Michigan United’s “Capitol Day” and “Billionaire’s Ball” – Tuesday, Sept. 30, 2014 (UPDATED)

Michigan United is a broad coalition of grassroots faith, labor, and other organizations that are “fighting for the dignity and potential of every person.” As they say in their “About” page, they “are committed to a participatory democracy at every level, an economy that works for the many, and a society that dismantles racism while uplifting our common humanity. To ignite the power of our communities and shift the balance of power, we cultivate the leadership of those directly affected by injustice, and build popular institutions for the future.”

This Tuesday, September 30th, they are converging on the State Capitol Building in Lansing, Michigan to talk to legislators and their staffers to discuss issues related to social justice.…

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UPDATED: Dem candidate for Michigan’s 93rd House District sends epic response to anti-gay hate group

UPDATE: Josh Derke now has a fundraising page up at Please support this incredible Democrat.

You’ve probably heard of the Westboro Baptist Church and their hideously offensive protests. You may not have heard, however, of the Public Advocate of the United States. Public Advocate has been rightfully designated as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center and is run by Eugene Delgaudio, the Sterling District representative on the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors in Virginia.

Public Advocate is a notorious anti-gay group and recently sent out candidates questionnaires to candidates in Michigan. One of these hit the mailbox of Josh Derke, the 27-year old Democrat running in Michigan’s 93rd House District.…

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AFTERNOON GRAB BAG: You can have access to the Governor’s office (but it’ll cost ya), MEDC official: Loss of Cadillac “not a big deal”

An exposé by the New York Times shows that access to officials in the administrations of a number of Republican governors can be had by corporate America as long as they were willing to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars:

[A]n error by the Republican Governors Association recently resulted in the disclosure of exactly the kind of information that political committees given tax-exempt status usually keep secret, namely their corporate donors and the size of their checks. [...]

With Congress producing so little legislation, governors’ offices have become attractive targets, Mr.

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INTERVIEW: Democratic candidate for Attorney General Mark Totten – “I will be the ‘People’s Lawyer'”

We’ve covered the Attorney General race in Michigan fairly extensively here at Eclectablog. In addition to reporting on the candidacy of Democrat Mark Totten, a former prosecutor for the Department of Justice and law professor at Michigan State University, I have written extensively about the extremism of our current AG, Republican Bill Schuette. As I have demonstrated quite vividly before, Bill Schuette is Michigan’s version of Virginia’s outrageous left-wing extremist former AG Ken Cuccinelli.

Schuette’s currently trying to convince voters that Totten has put no criminals behind bars as an attorney, a lie betrayed by the facts, as you will see in this interview.…

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Michigan Democrats introduce bills to improve women’s access to healthcare

Bills would require insurers to offer the abortion rider women must purchase separately to have coverage under state law.

If Michigan is going to force women to buy a separate abortion insurance rider in case they’re ever raped or must have an abortion to protect their health — or simply to exercise their constitutional right to choose — the least the state can do is to require every insurer to offer women this rider. Without the availability of insurance coverage, the cost to women and their health is just too high.

That’s the idea behind legislation introduced by State Senator Rebekah Warren (D-Ann Arbor) and state Representatives Pam Faris (D-Clio) and Sarah Roberts (D-St.…

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