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Personal experience fuels Michigan Senate candidate Deb Havens’ healthcare advocacy

This Democrat knows first-hand that getting the right care at the right time can be life-saving.

When Deb Havens entered the race in Michigan’s 28th State Senate District, healthcare access wasn’t at the top of her issues list. The former educator was heavily focused on safeguarding the public school system and everything that once made Michigan the envy of other states, from high employment rates to an abiding respect for the state’s natural resources.

But two months into her campaign, Havens found another issue to champion: healthcare access for all. That’s because she was diagnosed with breast cancer during a routine mammogram.…

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VIDEO: Mark Totten launches general election campaign against AG Bill Schuette, Michigan’s version of Ken Cuccinelli

Michigan Democratic Attorney General candidate Mark Totten

Mark Totten started his campaign to be Michigan’s next Attorney General in 2013. He’s been one of the hardest working candidates I’ve seen in this election cycle, consistently making the case that our current AG, Bill Schuette, is an extremist that is hurting our state and, through a variety of actions taken on the Michigan taxpayers’ dime, the entire country.

Totten is a former federal prosecutor and a law professor at Michigan State University College of Law. He holds a law degree and a PhD in ethics from Yale University. He’s also previously served as an attorney in the United States Department of Justice and as a clerk on a federal court of appeals.…

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MI-07 residents deliver 7 rubber ducks to Tim Walberg’s office asking him to stop ducking the issues

Yesterday, residents from Michigan’s 7th District delivered seven rubber ducks to the District office of Republican Tim “the Original Tea Partier” Walberg, asking him to stop ducking the important issues that concern his constituents and to agree to a series of debates with his Democratic opponent and former state House Speaker Pro Tempore Pam Byrnes. Byrnes has put together a “Government Accountability Agenda” and asked Walberg to agree to seven “conversational style” debates on the issues. So far Walberg has been silent on both.

Byrnes “Government Accountability Agenda” includes these items:

  1. An immediate Congressional pay cut
  2. No Congressional pay during any government shutdown
  3. No Congressional pay raises without a balanced budget
  4. No more first class airfare and luxury vehicles for members of Congress that are paid for by taxpayer dollars
  5. No more taxpayer subsidized gyms (like the one Walberg used during the most recent Repbublican government shut down
  6. An end to lobbyist loopholes

Byrnes issued the following statement on the day of the Great Duck Delivery:

Congressman Walberg owes Michigan an explanation.…
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UPDATED: Michigan Democrats announce Detroit civil rights attorney Godfrey Dillard as candidate for Secretary of State

In preparation for the Michigan Democratic Party statewide nominating convention on Saturday, August 23rd, the MDP will announce announced today (see update below) that Detroit civil rights attorney and Wayne State adjunct law professor Godfrey Dillard will be the Democratic candidate for Secretary of State. Dillard had planned to run for Attorney General along with Mark Totten who has been running for AG for over a year now. His decision to run for Secretary of State avoids an unnecessary battle for the AG nomination and rounds out the Democratic ticket which will now have two white men (gubernatorial candidate Mark Schauer and AG candidate Mark Totten), a white woman (Lt.…

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The MI-11 Congressional race is one of the most interesting in the country

The race for Michigan’s comically gerrymandered 11th district is one of the most interesting in the country. The story really started two years ago when Thad McCotter botched his reelection campaign by hiring some idiots who photocopied signatures for his nominating petitions and then proceeded to get busted by elections officials. If McCotter himself wasn’t a big enough oddball, his seat was eventually filled by an even odder man, Republican Kerry Bentivolio who got the seat really because he was the last person standing.

Bentivolio is a classic tea party candidate whose main focus has been Benghazi, Obamacare, the IRS, Benghazi, Obamacare, and Benghazi.…

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Paul Clements, a real threat to the incumbency of Fred Upton, releases first ad

There are few Republicans who have so poorly represented the issues and concerns of Michiganders than Fred Upton in the 6th Congressional District. He has repeatedly supported the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, spurring an op-ed by the Kalamazoo Gazette asking him to “Knock it off!”.

In a district which has Lake Michigan as one of its borders, Upton was once chosen as the #1 the Los Angeles Times‘ “Biggest enemies of the Earth” in Congress:

As chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, Upton is the gatekeeper for many of the disastrous anti-environment bills that have been approved or proposed in the House this year.…
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Eric Schertzing picks up key endorsements from Michigan women leaders in MI-08 Congressional race

The race to replace CNN guest star Mike Rogers in Michigan’s 8th Congressional District has four Democrats running. One of them, Ingham County Treasurer Eric Schertzing, picked up some key endorsements today from Michigan women leaders.

Here’s the list and it’s an impressive one:

  • State Senate Minority Leader Gretchen Whitmer
  • Former State Representative Joan Bauer
  • MSU Trustee Dianne Byrum
  • Ingham County Commissioner Rebecca Bahar-Cook
  • Ingham County Commissioner Carol Koenig
  • Ingham County Commissioner Deb Nolan
  • Ingham County Commissioner Dianne Holman
  • Ingham County Commissioner Kara Hope
  • Ingham County Commissioner Kathie Dunbar
  • Ingham County Commissioner Jessica Yorko
  • East Lansing City Councilmember Kathleen Boyle
  • East Lansing City Councilmember Susan Woods

Senator Whitmer released the following statement highlighting her reasons for supporting Schertzing:

We need and deserve real leadership in Washington, DC.…
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VIDEOS: Michigan Republican “super secret spy glasses” FAIL now a national news story

How can we lose to these idiots?

After the Michigan Republican Party was busted earlier this month for using “super secret spy glasses” to surreptitiously videotape Democratic candidates, the story has gotten legs. Yesterday, Steve Benen at The Maddow Blog posted additional exclusive video taken from the memory card found at a Democratic event at a union hall after Republican operatives lost it. The video shows John Howting, a James O’Keefe wannabe, in training sessions with young Republican staffers who are sent to Democratic Party events to do the Republican Party’s dirty work for them:

Howting has a history of this sort of illicit crap.…

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The worst environmental scores in Lansing – are your reps on this list?

The Michigan legislature has had a lot of bad ideas about our environment. Here’s who voted for them

This hasn’t been a great couple of years for environmental protection in Michigan. To help us all keep track, and hold the legislature accountable, the Michigan League of Conservation Voters released its legislative scorecard last week, rating the Michigan House and Senate on their environmental actions – or lack thereof – over the last legislative session (PDF). (DISCLOSURE: I sit on the board of the Michigan LCV Education Fund, but all the opinions in this piece are my own, not those of the organization).…

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The Michigan Democratic Party is arming EVERY Democratic candidate with a free website

In February of 2012, I interviewed Lon Johnson who was running to be the Chair of the Michigan Democratic Party (MDP). During that interview, Johnson talked about the importance of Democrats competing in every single race across the state. “I think we need to have more people fighting for every seat,” he said. “We give no quarter. We make the Republicans duke it out in every single race.” Part of his vision for doing that was “Technology, technology, technology.”

Johnson put it this way at the time:

When I went down to the Obama campaign to visit my wife, it was a bunch of people that were not the “ward heeler” types.…
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