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Gov. Snyder evades one tough question, smacks seven slow softballs during town hall rally while race tightens

Last night, Gov. Rick Snyder held what was billed as a “public town hall” but was, in actuality a campaign rally given that the host and emcee were unabashed Snyder supporters and seven out of the eight questions he answered were softballs pitched by supporters. The room was less than half full despite Snyder’s press flacks claiming they had turned away non-supporters to make room for “undecided voters”. Most of those in attendance, as a result, were clearly Snyder’s supporters:

Sturgis resident Tammy Chupp, 45, and her 19-year-old son, Chris, said they were sold on Snyder before and after the event.
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Terri Lynn Land continues to avoid debate with Gary Peters + other Land-fail news

Gary Peters’ efforts to schedule a debate with Terri Lynn Land in the race for the open U.S. Senate seat in Michigan continue to be a dead end. This morning we got more proof that her claim that she’s “interested” in a debate with Peters is nothing more than a lie designed to distract the media from her real aim of avoiding a debate at all costs. Here’s what transpired in a radio show on Michigan’s Big Show with Michael Patrick Shiels:

[00:00] MICHAEL PATRICK SHIELS: You’re listening to Michael Patrick Shiels through the AT&T microphones presented by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Blue Care Network right across the street from the capitol here at Grand Traverse Pie Company, but radio stations all across the state of Michigan.…
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Snyder administration official who resigned over extravagant spending now found to have had a conflict of interest, as well

The scandals just keep piling up

More evidence has emerged that being a business mogul associated with, a relative of, or even hired into the Snyder administration gives you some perks not enjoyed by others. You might, for example, have contracts with the state tossed your way like Snyder’s cousin, George Snyder. You can impact legislation that benefits you and/or your business partners. You can live extremely high on the hog on the public’s dime right up until you get busted for it. That last one accurately describes Scott Woosley, the former head of the Michigan State Housing Development Authority who resigned in disgrace last month after the Michigan Democratic Party uncovered wildly extravagant expenditures by Woosley and his staff that were then signed off on by other Snyder administration officials and reimbursed using taxpayer dollars.…

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VIDEO: Michigan GOP Chair Bobby Schostak: “The debates are gonna happen” & “Gov. Milliken is irrelevant”

This past weekend, the Chairs of both the Michigan Republican Party, Bobby Schostak, and the Michigan Democratic Party, Lon Johnson appeared on Fox 2’s “Let it Rip!” program to discuss the upcoming election.

Schostak showed up without a tie, carrying an aloof and almost derisive attitude. He struggled to defend his candidates time and again. In contrast, Johnson was well-dressed, poised, and on message the entire time. He hammered several points over and over again: Gov. Snyder has cut education by $1 billion, raised taxes on seniors’ pensions, labor has been attacked and had their collective bargaining rights stripped, women’s reproductive health choices have been diminished, and, despite occupying every single major government position, Republicans have not been able to fix our roads.…

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The Forgotten Totten?: Not so fast!

[For full disclosure purposes, I am a non-paid volunteer for the Mark Totten campaign for Attorney General in the state of Michigan.]

For passionate Democrats in the state of Michigan the past week has been quite delightful, has it not? As posted earlier this morning right here on Eclectablog, three straight polls show Mark Schauer and Rick Snyder in a virtual dead heat for the states CEO job. Congressman Gary Peters is also enjoying a growing lead over the incredibly inept Terri Lynn Land for the United States Senate.

While all these polls certainly bear out the truth that those of us that are working hard to elect Democrats in the state of Michigan, from the top down, are beginning to see the fruits of that labor realized, the rest of the story is about an uncommon candidate whose strength, intelligence, vision and determination find him just over 50 days away from something that most political experts said was impossible just six months ago.…

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NEW POLL: After 30 years in office Schuette’s favorable rating only 17.2% and other good news for Michigan Dems

Mark Totten, photo by Anne C. Savage, special to Eclectablog

Yesterday I reported on new polling numbers show great gains by Michigan Democrats. Another new poll out this morning by Detroit News-WDIV (Local 4) confirms those numbers. (Cross-tabs are HERE.)

The race for Attorney General continues to be surprisingly competitive and shows how weak a candidate Bill Schuette is.

Schuette started his career in public office nearly 30 years ago when he was elected to Congress in November of 1984. Since then, he’s been the Director of the Michigan Department of Agriculture, a state Senator, a judge on the Michigan Court of Appeals, and our state’s Attorney General.…

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Michigan Dems make major move to increase Michiganders’ access to the ballot through online absentee ballot application

As Republicans around the country work hard to restrict voter access, Democrats are doing the opposite. On the same day a federal judge forced Ohio to reopen early voting for its residents, the Michigan Democratic Party announced an important and major step forward in helping Michiganders access the ballot by apply for them online using a mobile device (smartphone or tablet.)

Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz was on hand for the press conference yesterday where the MDP unveiled its new initiative. MDP Chair Lon Johnson described what the program:

With many voters having to be away from their communities on Election Day due to work, childcare and other responsibilities, more and more voters are using absentee voting as a way of casting their ballot – as shown by the fact that more than 27 percent of votes cast in Michigan’s 2012 election were absentee ballots.…
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BREAKING: Michigan Democratic Party files FEC complaint over Terri Lynn Land’s monster campaign trucks

When I first posted about the humongous truck used by Terri Lynn Land’s campaign to tote around a campaign sign in a post titled “Terri Lynn Land’s campaign is a visible demonstration of waste & excess with a $100K truck that gets 8 mpg”, most people didn’t realize that she has not one, but TWO of these trucks.

As I reported then, the Michigan Democratic Party was calling foul on her use of the two trucks because she rents them from a relative, brother-in-law Roger Lucas, who works at her her husband’s the “family” business Land & Co. for only $1,000 a month.…

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Michigan Democrats unanimously pass resolution condemning David Trott’s unethical foreclosure practices

At the Michigan Democratic Party’s Nominating Convention this past weekend, Democrats passed an important resolution condemning the unethical and damaging foreclosure practices of Republican Congressional candidate David Trott and demanding a repeal of a law that allows vulture foreclosure firms like Trott & Trott, P.C. to immediately foreclose on homeowners.

The resolution outlines a loophole that was passed by the GOP-led legislature and signed into law in 2013 that reduced the “redemption period” after a foreclosed home’s title is sold at auction from 180 days to 60 days, a move that benefited firms like Trott’s. The legislation also included a loophole “allowing his companies, as agents of the foreclosure sale purchaser, to inspect premises inside and out without notice, and to ‘immediately commence summary proceedings’ for eviction based on a broad range of supposed rationales, or simply because foreclosees refused to allow inspectors to invade their homes and violate their privacy.”

Trott lobbied hard for this loophole for the obvious reason: he and his firm stood to make an enormous amount of money by using it.…

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Proof of Terri Lynn Land’s lies about the source of her wealth continue to roll out

Chad Selweski of the Macomb Daily News has more revelations regarding Terri Lynn Land’s lies about the source of her immense wealth that has allowed her to dump millions of dollars of her own money into her increasingly failed campaign:

Senate candidate Terri Lynn Land’s claim that she is a small business owner, not part of the lucrative Land & Co. real estate conglomerate run by her husband, clashes with five Grand Rapids city inspectors’ reports from 2011-12 obtained by The Macomb Daily.

Each of the documents indicates the Southview Apartments complex that Land claims she owns and operates is, in fact, in the hands of the “registered owner” — her husband, Dan Hibma, and Land & Co.

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