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85,761 Michiganders have signed up for Medicaid expansion in 9 days

And the GOP plan is still repeal

After a three month delay that cost Michigan’s taxpayers $630 million, Healthy Michigan has enrolled 85,761 people since April 1, according to Charles Gaba’s

The program is expected to cover about 500,000 Michiganders.

Governor Rick Snyder recognized that turning down health insurance for a half million people that the state would pay for anyway was a bad a idea — especially after President Obama carried the state by 9.5% in 2012 — and accepted expansion.

The likely Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate Terri Lynn Land says she supports expansion, but she has repeatedly supported the Ryan budgets, which would repeal Obamacare with no replacement for Medicaid expansion.…

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IT’S OFFICIAL! Mark Schauer chooses Oakland County Clerk Lisa Brown for running mate

A fierce warrior for women, for marriage equality, and so much more

Democratic candidate for Governor Mark Schauer announced this morning that Lisa Brown as his running mate for Lt. Governor. Brown is a former two-term State House Representative in Michigan’s 39th District and is currently the County Clerk for Oakland County.

A statement from the candidate himself:

Lisa Brown is a proven leader who’s always been a tough fighter for the middle class. In the Legislature, Lisa led the charge against Governor Snyder’s $1 billion cut to education, and as Oakland County Clerk, she’s been a fearless champion for equal rights.…
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Democrats’ enthusiasm on the rise, over 40 attend 3-hour election training in Ann Arbor, Michigan

“When Democrats vote, we win.”

The Michigan Democratic Party is touring Michigan and conducting an intensive, three-hour training session designed to engage and education precinct delegates, activists, and candidates in preparation for the 2014 election. As MDP Communications Director Josh Pugh put it, “When Democrats vote, we win. In 2014, we need to make sure we get our supporters to the polls so that we don’t have a repeat of the 2010 mid-term election.”

If the turnout in Washtenaw County is any indication, Democrats around the state are waking up, firing up, and ready for the task ahead. Over 40 people attended the training in Ann Arbor last Saturday night, a remarkable turnout given that NCAA College Basketball Championship games were being played and that the training didn’t end until 9:00 p.m.…

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President Bill Clinton to be keynote speaker at Michigan Democratic Party Jefferson-Jackson Dinner

The “Explainer-in-Chief” comes back to Michigan

Photo by Anne C. Savage, special to Eclectablog

It what can only be called a major coup, the Michigan Democratic Party announced today that the keynote speaker for their 2014 Jefferson-Jackson fundraising dinner will President Bill Clinton:

“I’m thrilled to welcome one of the great leaders of our time to Michigan to boost Democratic efforts to win in 2014,” said Lon Johnson, Michigan Democratic Party Chair. “We’re very much looking forward to hearing from President Clinton on how Democratic leaders can continue to work to create opportunity for all.”

“President Clinton has been a lifelong champion of the middle class, and I’m excited to welcome him to Michigan next month,” said Senator Debbie Stabenow.

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Michigan Democratic Party gets serious, will file FEC complaint against Terri Lynn Land for collusion with Super PACs

Fighting back against corporate funding of bought-and-paid-for Republicans

In late September of 2013, RNC Committeewoman Terri Lynn Land appeared at a Republican Women of Leelanau County Garden Party. Like Mitt Romney in 2012, Land neglected to notice that she was being recorded. Video of her appeared on Huffington Post saying that she had been talking to people at conservative Super PACs and they were “committed to Michigan” where she’s running for Senate.

Candidates are prohibited by federal law to coordinate with Super PACs.

So, my husband and I, like I said, are committed to this. We’re out on the road, we’re raising money, it’s going to take a lot of resources to do this.…
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Michigan Democrats on how we win in 2014

It starts with getting involved and ends with getting out the vote.

“When Democrats vote, Democrats win.” You’ve heard it before, and there’s a good reason why: It’s true.

The Michigan Democratic Party (MDP) is calling on Democrats across the state to spring into action for 2014. The earlier we mobilize, the better our chances of winning.

Want proof? According to Garrett Arwa, executive director of the MDP, more than 900,000 likely Democrats stayed home in 2010. Democrats helped win Michigan for President Obama in 2012, but look what happened in 2010. A slew of Republicans were elected at the state and federal level, including Governor Rick Snyder.…

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Is UAW president Bob King considering a run for governor of Michigan? – Updated x2

Perish the thought

See updates below

As Democratic candidate for governor Mark Schauer racks up endorsements around the state from elected officials, progressive groups, and labor unions, one group is notably missing from the list: the United Auto Workers (UAW). Although Schauer is clearly going to be the nominee come August of this year, the UAW’s lack of early endorsement is puzzling.

Adding to the mystery is an MIRS report this week that UAW president Bob King approached Senate Minority Leader Gretchen Whitmer asking her to reconsider her decision not to run for governor. Whitmer, of course, did not change her decision not to run so that she could be home more for her two daughters, but the report has people questioning King’s motives.…

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INTERVIEW: Mark Schauer, candidate for Michigan governor – “I will be a real partner to local communities”

“When people hear about me, my background, my values, my vision for Michigan, they’re immediately on board and ready to go to work.”

When Anne and I moved to Dexter in late 2006, we were shocked to find that this community, just 10 minutes from downtown Ann Arbor, was represented in Congress by a far-right conservative ideologue, Tim Walberg. So, in 2008, we worked very hard for his Democratic opponent Mark Schauer and were elated when he rode the Obama Democratic tide into office. Two short years later the tide rolled back out and Mark Schauer lost his seat when he was defeated by Walberg who enjoyed immense financial support from conservative groups like the Club for Growth.…

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Snyder scores coveted Birther endorsement, top aide accused of illegal lobbying

You’re on a roll, Governor Snyder

[Caricature by DonkeyHotey from photos by Anne C. Savage for Eclectablog]

Governor Snyder has scored the coveted Birther endorsement with this tweet last night from Donald Trump:

Michigan has made great progress under Snyder-Calley. @MIGOP is out early energizing the grassroots. Keep it up! #JoinMITeam

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 16, 2013

Every since The Donald entered the Birther arena, he assumed the crown of the King of Birthers from the batcrap crazy Orly Taitz. His endorsement of corporatist Rick Snyder is no surprise, of course. What’s hilarious (above and beyond Trump’s baseline hilarity) is the use of the phrase “great progress”.…

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U.S. Representative Kerry Bentivolio faces 2014 primary challenge

Just when you thought Michigan’s 11th Congressional District had the worst possible Representative…

It seems even Representative Kerry Bentivolio’s own party isn’t a big fan of his work. It’s clear plenty of folks in Michigan’s 11th Congressional District aren’t.

So it looks like there are going to be some reindeer games in the 2014 primary election. Yesterday, David Trott announced plans to enter the Republican primary, challenging Bentivolio.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Trott’s email to supporters didn’t even mention Bentivolio, but the criticism of Bentivolio’s efforts to date were not-so-subtle. The email said, in part, that the district needs “a leader with a proven record of job creation and problem-solving abilities.”

Bentivolio has certainly shown he lacks those skills — but that doesn’t make Trott a good candidate.…

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