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SAVE THE DATE: Eclectafundraiser party JULY 11th wsg Fmr. Congressman John Dingell & Congresswoman Debbie Dingell

The folks here at Team Eclectablog are thrilled to announce the date of the 2015 Eclectablog Fundraiser Party. The event takes place at the Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery (formerly The Corner Brewery) in Ypsilanti, Michigan on July 11th from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m.

This year, our special guests will be former Congressman John Dingell and Congresswoman Debbie Dingell. We will be honoring John Dingell by crowning him “The Dean of Twitter”. Anyone who has followed his Twitter feed will understand why! As a special treat, Mr. Dingell will be reading some of his “greatest hits” tweets.

Please come help us celebrate my 11th Blogaversary and, more importantly, support Eclectablog writers.…

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Introducing our newest Eclectablogger: Judy Matlock

As I so frequently say during our fundraisers, it’s your contributions that not only allow me to pay the regular contributors here at Eclectablog a small token for their creative output, but also make it possible for me to bring on new writers. Last week, in a bit of a “soft launch”, we published the first piece by our newest Eclectablogger Judy Matlock.

I first met Judy in the comments section of Eclectablog. While we have many terrific commenters on this site, Judy’s comments stood out from the others. They showed a level of “insight with an edge” that got my attention.…

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Walmart and me

There are several ad spaces on Eclectablog that are filled by a third party. They serve up ads based on who is paying for them and then push them out to various sites like ours. That’s why the ads change when you visit more than once.

I recently took some heat for having a Walmart ad on my site. I understand the animosity toward and even hatred of Walmart. I myself have only shopped there a couple of times when there was no other option or I was given a gift card. I hate what they represent, the damage they do to communities, and the way they benefit from our tax dollars which help subsidize the slave wages they pay when their employees are forced to go on government assistance.…

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Debbie Dingell for Congress website wins national award, site photos by Eclectablogger Anne Savage

We don’t get to brag about our team very often but today is one of those days. Campaigns and Elections magazine gives out annual awards – called The Reed Awards – in a variety of categories related to, as you might expect, campaigns and elections. This year’s winner in the category of “Best Website for Congressional Candidate” went to Power Thru Consulting, a media group headed up by my good friend Laura Packard, for their design of the Debbie Dingell for Congress website.

What’s fun about this is that Eclectablogger (and Eclectawife) Anne C. Savage was the photographer for the site.…

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Day 4: First quarter fundraiser – We represent you, the people

Independent journalists like Team Eclectablog tell you what you need to know — and we tell it like it is.

Have you ever watched cable news or read a mainstream media post and wondered who was paying them to slant the story? The influence of corporate sponsors happens on both sides of the aisle at some networks and news outlets.

At Eclectablog, we admit a progressive bias, but there is no one telling us what to write. So we write what we think the public needs to know, without any interference.

In fact, when I started writing for Eclectablog I was pleasantly surprised when Chris Savage told me I didn’t need to run my post ideas past him first.…

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Help Eclectablog and do your online shopping at at the same time

I've recently become an Amazon affiliate partner which means that you have an opportunity to help out the blog financially without it costing you a dime. Any time you are placing an online order with, if you do it from the widget at the top of the right sidebar, we will get a percentage of the sale price. ...
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LAST DAY: 4th Quarter fundraiser – “Keep doing what you’re doing, it’s making a difference”

Last night we had a amazing fundraising event for an amazing women who is an amazing candidate and will do an amazing job being and amazing state legislator – Betsy Coffia. She’s raised roughly $60,000, all from small donors. The average donor to her campaign is around $90. Most of her donors give her $5, $10, $25, $50.

It’s the same here at Eclectablog, frankly. We don’t have a whole lot of “big donors”. What we have is a whole lotta people who care enough about what we do here to chip in to make sure we can keep doing it, to expand, to constantly improve.…

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Day 6: 4th Quarter Fundraiser – Eclectablog made a commitment, and now it’s your turn

I’m the new kid on the block here at Eclectablog, but not in any way new to Eclectablog. During the four years that have used Eclectablog as a resource for my radio show, and then when founder Chris Savage joined me as a regular guest not long into my most recent incarnation in radio, I came to respect his journalistic skills and commitment to telling a story correctly. But, not just that: most importantly is his telling the stories most media outlets ignore. I was not just a fan but also a devotee. I am also thrilled, blessed even, that I can call Chris and Anne Savage good friends.…

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Day 4: 4th Quarter Fundraiser – Got a minute?

Seriously, that’s all it takes: 60 seconds.

Yeah, I know. If you’re like me, headlines like this make you wince. Especially at this point in the campaign cycle. My inbox is overflowing, too.

But there’s a good reason campaigns ask for donations: They need your help to get the job done. Just like Eclectablog.

So I’ll make this quick. Eclectablog’s biggest supporters are you, our readers. We literally wouldn’t be here without you.

It doesn’t take a lot. Just a few bucks can make a big difference. And the best part? We only bug you about this four times a year.

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Day 3: 4th Quarter Fundraiser – A model that matches our liberal ideals

There’s a dirty secret that nobody likes to talk about in the liberal blogosphere: most liberal/progressive websites don’t pay their writers. Even some big sites that you’d expect bring in a fair amount of revenue operate using a model that counts on free content from authors. Even the BIGGEST site, Daily Kos, pays only their front page writers. The vast majority of the posts on the site are provided without compensation.

This model can work for sites like Daily Kos that provide writers with an audience that they would not normally have. They offer writers a way to get their name and voice out there, hopefully leading to something more later.…

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