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No, Washington Post, President Obama didn’t “suggest requiring everyone to vote”

Ya gotta admit, it’s terrific clickbait, though, right?

Yesterday, the Washington Post ran a piece titled “Obama suggests requiring everyone to vote”. It was total clickbait that went nuts on Facebook. Other media outlets followed suit but it was the WashPo piece that went viral. And it’s pretty provocative, right? I mean, what sort of dictator would take away your hard-earned patriotic right to not vote? We didn’t send men and women to war for that! Here in the greatest nation on earth we have the liberty and freedom to not exercise our franchise and no dictator is going to take that away from us.…

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Day 4: First quarter fundraiser – We represent you, the people

Independent journalists like Team Eclectablog tell you what you need to know — and we tell it like it is.

Have you ever watched cable news or read a mainstream media post and wondered who was paying them to slant the story? The influence of corporate sponsors happens on both sides of the aisle at some networks and news outlets.

At Eclectablog, we admit a progressive bias, but there is no one telling us what to write. So we write what we think the public needs to know, without any interference.

In fact, when I started writing for Eclectablog I was pleasantly surprised when Chris Savage told me I didn’t need to run my post ideas past him first.…

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If you are an ignorant elected official, be careful or you might just get your Kirby delautered

In Frederick County, Maryland, there lives a man named Kirby Delauter. Delauter is an anti-tax, anti-liberal City Council member and he hates the “liberal media”. He hates the “liberal media” so much that, when they published an article that mentioned him, he immediately took to the Book of Faces to issue a threat to the journalist who had the unmitigated gall to mention his name in her piece.

Here’s what he wrote:

What happened next is a thing of pure beauty.

First, the newspaper in question, The Frederick News-Post, wrote about his threats.

“Kirby Delauter can certainly decline to comment on any story,” [managing editor Terry] Headlee said.…
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Why the right messaging is essential to a winning campaign strategy

First, you need to be clear on what you stand for. Then you need to make sure everyone knows exactly what that is.

While LOLGOP was posting an excellent piece on how Democrats fell short of making the best possible case for voters to elect them (and if you haven’t read it yet, you really should), I was posting along similar lines at my personal blog. Except my focus was on content and communications strategy.

LOLGOP is exactly right that Democrats need to put forth much more decisive policies to win elections. But they also need to pay more attention to their communication strategies.…

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Michigan Chronicle editor pushes back against the paper’s endorsement of Rick Snyder

The other day, the Michigan Chronicle endorsed Rick Snyder for Governor. The endorsement blew the minds of a LOT of people who felt it ran completely counter to what the Chronicle stands for. Chronicle editor Bankole Thompson responded this morning to the endorsement, a move that will also likely blow a few minds.

Good Morning:
Yesterday on WDET-101.9FM (Detroit Public Radio) during my weekly Thursday program 9-10am, a caller asked why the Michigan Chronicle endorsed Republican Governor Rick Snyder. It was an appropriate question because I serve as editor of the Chronicle among many media hats I wear. Because I also realize that many of you have been loyal followers of my work in the African American community and beyond it is important to clarify things.…
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Corporatist profiteer Richard Berman attacks AFT President Randi Weingarten in Detroit News “Op-Ed”

The Detroit News published an op-ed yesterday by a man so well-known for being a corporatist shill and profiteer that running it must have been a decision made by the News‘ advertising department. The piece was penned by a Richard Berman and attempts to lay the entire blame for the poor quality of Detroit Public schools at the feet of the teachers union and, more specifically, at the feet of Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT).

It hardly bears pointing out that Detroit schools didn’t get where they are because of greedy, self-interested teachers. You don’t go to work in Detroit public schools with the aim of becoming wealthy thanks to your cushy union job.…

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For-profit charter school corporation’s Detroit media ad buy now has a price tag: several hundred thousand dollars

UPDATE: I hadn’t taken into account that the National Heritage Academies actually began their ad blitz at the Detroit Free Press and Detroit News on Sunday. This post has been updated to reflect that.

It’s Day Four of the explosive Detroit Free Press exposé of Michigan charter schools and also Day Four of the National Heritage Academies complete takover of the websites of Detroit’s two biggest newspapers with a monstrous ad buy. NHA is Michigan’s largest for-profit charter corporation. Like yesterday, when you open the webpages of the Detroit Free Press and the Detroit News today, you’re greeted with an overwhelmingly large NHA banner ad:

Click for a larger version

If you have your browser set for normal view (I zoomed out to grab this screen shot), the ad takes up well over three-quarters of the window.…

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MLive erroneously reports that EAA student MEAP scores “showed improvement”

I don’t normally hammer on the mainstream media journalists in Michigan. The job they do is very difficult and they are doing it with fewer and fewer resources all the time. I also try to cultivate a reasonably positive relationship with them because I know the relationship between full-time journalists and bloggers is often contentious.

That said, when a journalist perpetuates something as “fact” that is actually untrue, particularly if it helps to support something I disagree with, I feel compelled to point it out and that is why I am writing about this post at MLive.

The article is about the person chosen to be the interim Chancellor for the Education Achievement Authority, Governor Rick Snyder’s failed education experiment on Detroit children.…

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Fear of retribution from Snyder administration appears to kill Progress Michigan’s anti-Snyder billboard in Lansing

What the heck did Chris Christie SAY when he was in Michigan last month???

Progress Michigan’s Tax Day billboard

Progress Michigan ran an anti-Rick Snyder digital billboard in Lansing, Ann Arbor, and Allen Park today — Tax Day — as part of the effort to raise awareness of Republican tax hikes on seniors, middle class, and poor Michiganders over the past three years. Actually, it’s more accurate to say they TRIED to run billboards in these cities. Adams Outdoor Advertising, the company that owns the billboards, rejected the contract that involved the Lansing billboard, apparently to avoid upsetting the Snyder administration.…

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Michigan Radio wins Michigan Association of Broadcasters “Public Radio Station of the Year”

This news is three weeks old but I wanted to highlight it because Michigan Radio is one of the premier news sites in our state, one I am proud to support with a monthly donation.

The station won the Michigan Association of Broadcasters “Public Radio Station of the Year” in March. In a state with so many excellent public radio stations, this is a high honor and one that is well-deserved. Their reporting is spectacular and they exemplify good journalism during a time when that profession is on the wane in so many ways.

Here are some of the Michigan Radio team members who we spent time with during President Obama’s visit to Ann Arbor last week:

l-r, Rick Pluta (Michigan Public Radio), Tamara Keith (NPR White House correspondent), Mark Brush, Melanie Kruvelis, Kate Wells, Jake Neher (Michigan Public Radio), and Michigan Radio Executive Producer Zoe Clark

In addition to this fine accomplishment, Michigan Radio reporter Lindsey Smith was recently selected as a finalist for “Young Journalist of the Year” by the Detroit Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists which recognizes the area’s best journalists in print, online, radio and television.…

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