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Because 65,915,796 Americans voted in 2012

If voting didn’t matter, Republicans wouldn’t try to stop you from doing it

There’s no need to pretend America is perfect, or that decades of bad policy have been completely reversed in six years. The drift of America into endless with war justified by Bush-era doctrines continues unabated without any debate by Congress while any economic gains are being gobbled up by the richest Americans.

But there’s no doubt that the 2012 election changed America for the better. Because you voted for President Obama and a Democratic Senate, the following happened:

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Republicans blocking Medicaid expansion in states where HIV/AIDS is spreading fastest

Republicans like Paul Ryan and Terri Lynn Land are still running on the promise of taking away health insurance from more than 24 million Americans who have health insurance through the Affordable Care Act, at least 10 million of whom did not have coverage before the law went into effect.

They’re sticking with this message, even though repeal is less popular than fixing the law — even in the red states Republicans are relying on to help them win the Senate.

For Republicans who are primarily seeking Republican votes — like Ryan who is hoping to be begged to run for president — and Land — whose few attempts to reach out to Democratic voters have been marked by a fear she’ll lose her not-so enthralled base, repeal is their only option.…

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Terri Lynn Land attacks Gary Peters for holding stock in a company she herself owns stock in

Terri Lynn Land attacks Gary Peters for holding stock in a company she herself owns stock in

Terri Lynn Land has been throwing anything and everything at the wall in an attempt to revive her increasingly flailing campaign. Her latest effort is to attack Peters for a minor investment – less than 1% of his total portfolio – in Total S.A. – a French energy company that produces petcoke as a small part of its business. Peters has been an outspoken critic of the storage of petcoke in Detroit.

What Land fails to mention is that she herself owns Total S.A. stock through several mutual funds she is invested in. According to financial statements released by Land, she has $15,001-$50,000 worth of investments in the Wells Fargo WFA Absolute Return mutual fund, over 85% of which is comprised of the GMO Implementation Fund and the GMO Alpha Only Fund (click HERE, then click the “Fund Holdings” tab.) Between the them, these two funds hold over 3 million shares of Total S.A.…

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When it comes to climate change, health care as a right, & inequality, compromise isn’t possible — someone has to win

As America commemorated the 200th anniversary of the British burning down the White House during the War of 1812 last weekend, a scholar of that war offered a message for Americans who are alive today.

Since he gave that message on C-SPAN II on a weekend afternoon during football season, I’m clearly the only person who received it. Thus it is my duty to pass it on to you.

“My advice to those who call for bi-partisanship today is… don’t be surprised if you don’t get it,” said Donald R. Hickey, professor of History for Wayne State College, Nebraska. The divisions are just too deep-seated.…

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Terri Lynn Land's hypocrisy on road repair funding: She lobbied to divert road funding to her department as Secretary of State

Terri Lynn Land’s hypocrisy on road repair funding: She lobbied to divert road funding to her department as Secretary of State

In her seemingly endless quest to find something, anything, that will change the fail-trajectory of her downward spiraling poll numbers, one of the things Terri Lynn Land has tried is to recycle a Congressional tea party idea and take it as her own. Land has attempted to co-opt the “Transportation Empowerment Act” (TEA) or, as I like to call it, the “Force States to Raise Gas Taxes on Themselves to Fix Roads Act” (FSRGTOTFRA, pronounced “fizzerg-TOT-fra”). This legislation was orginally sponsored by ardent Tea Party Caucus members Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) and Representative Tom Graves (R-GA).

Land mentions this on her website, calling it her “Michigan First plan for Roads, Bridges and Highways”.…

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Republican Rick Snyder now running on Obamacare after failure to lead on Medicaid expansion

Republican Rick Snyder now running on Obamacare after failure to lead on Medicaid expansion

Back when Michigan legislators were debating whether to expand Medicaid in our state through the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”), Rick Snyder expressed his concern that our state didn’t “have enough capacity to put essentially 400,000 more people into a medical home model with a primary care environment, as opposed to having them simply go to an ER”.

That’s the sort of “leadership” provided by Rick Snyder on this issue.

Once Republican legislators finally figured out what a great deal this is for our state, they passed the legislation without giving it “immediate effect”, something they do for nearly every bill passed.…

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Republicans understand consequences better than Democrats — which is why they’re terrified

In her painfully good new book This Changes Everything, Naomi Klein sums up what she thinks it would take to address the threat of climate change: “In short, it means changing everything about the economy so that our pollution doesn’t change everything about our physical world.”

She argues, alarmingly, that conservatives understand this far more deeply than those on the left. Of course, conservatives not worried about the potential damage to the planet, which they could find some way to monetize. They’re worried about the damage to their worldview and — ultimately — their ability to hold power.

That is the only consequence that really matters to them — which is why they’re willing to risk government shutdowns and debt defaults and employ self-defeating tactics like voter suppression and killing immigration reform.…

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Medicaid Expansion rally 8-19-13

Obamacare is still a huge issue — in states that haven’t expanded Medicaid

Why denying health insurance to 4 million Americans is smart — but deadly — politics for the GOP

This past weekend, “In just a year Obamacare goes from top Congress issue to barely mentioned” by The Washington Post‘s Colby Itkowitz topped Reddit’s muy popular r/politics page.

Itkowitz’s analysis was based on mentions by members of Congress:

It was last September when Republicans sparred with Democrats over the future of the health-care law, a disagreement that prompted a 17-day federal government shutdown and overall chaos. It was pretty much anyone on Capitol Hill talked about. Republicans wanted you to know how terrible it was for America, and Democrats wanted you to remember to sign up on Oct.

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Utah’s Republicans May Not Let Sherilyn Horrocks Die

How the Obamacare made the cost of indifference too high

This is the story of one person who doesn’t need to die.

This is the story of one person who doesn’t need to die because a study has found that when you hear about one little starving girl with huge, wet eyes, you are most likely to help[i]. Add another little girl — for a total of two starving people — and you are far less likely to open your wallet. Find out about thousands of starved people and your mind becomes some mashed sweet potatoes. Even if you happen to discover that the one poor, cute little girl you were going to help is one of millions suffering from a famine, you’re suddenly checking your “other” Facebook inbox, that secret one you only check when you’ve been stranded in a broken elevator with nothing but your phone.…

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Mitch McConnell wants to send about 500,000 Kentuckians insurance cancelation notices

At least one analyst has decided that we can officially call 2014 a “GOP Wave” if Republicans pick up Senate seats in state President Obama won in 2012 including Colorado, Iowa and Michigan.

With Mark Udall consistently leading “personhood” advocate Cory Gardner in Kentucky and Gary Peters beginning to pull away from “personhood” advocate Terri Lynn Land, “personhood” advocate Joni Ernst in Iowa represents Republicans best chance of the three — though Democrats have proven they know how to get votes out in the Hawkeye state, especially using early voting.

If Republicans taking some Obama states constitutes a wave elections, than Democrats taking some Romney states would have to suggest the opposite would be true.…

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Thin-skinned bully & Snyder aide Richard Baird goes on the attack, now threatening to sue newspapers

Thin-skinned bully & Snyder aide Richard Baird goes on the attack, now threatening to sue newspapers

A couple of weeks ago, I reported that Richard Baird, Gov. Snyder’s top confidant and “Transformational Manager”, had threatened to sue both Senate Democratic Leader Gretchen Whitmer and Michigan AFL-CIO President Karla Swift. Baird, who has a history of bullying, is now demanding a retraction of an op-ed penned by Swift and published in a number of Gannet newspapers across the state. In his letter to them which was sent by Priority Mail, email, and fax, Baird tells them that, unless they retract the the op-ed, he will be suing them for libel.

Re: Notice of Libel and Request for Retraction

Dear Ms.

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