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How a progressive convention in Michigan changed America forever

The Crosswhite incident, Michigan and the power of the grassroots

Photo: Adam Crosswhite (Archives of Michigan)

You know that from July 17-20, much of America’s progressive community will gather in Detroit for Netroots Nation to organize, galvanize and socialize, in approximately that order.

“Why Detroit?” Chris Savage wrote last year, after being given the honor of announcing the 2014’s conference location from the stage of the 2013 Netroots in San Jose. “Because Michigan represents the future of our country if we don’t regain political control of our state governments.”

If Democrats can’t win this blue state in 2014—after four years of a state government dominated by the Tea Party and a governor who has only been tough on the middle class—there’s no hope of keeping the Senate, or ever taking back the House.…

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This is the best year for job creation since 1999 — so it’s time for the GOP to kill 700,000 jobs

More jobs were created so far this year than in George W. Bush’s eight

There’s no doubt that our recovery has been purposely stifled by the party that bequeathed us the financial crisis. But we just had the best jobs report of the recovery.

The only attack Republicans could put together to sour this good news was to ignore it or point out that part-time employment rose.

“The number of people working part-time involuntarily is down by 640,000 from its year ago level and by more than 1.6 million from its peak in 2010,” economist Dean Baker explained. “There are more people voluntarily working part-time, but this is a positive.”

An increase in voluntary part-time work a sign of a economic uptick.…

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2014 will be remembered as the year Republicans doomed themselves for decades

During the 2012 GOP primary, wobbly Mitt Romney adopted a policy “self-deportation” to get to the right of Rick Perry. A few months later, he endorsed a bill that would have allowed bosses to deny birth control coverage to their employees as he tried to convince America that his one great accomplishment as governor would destroy the nation if every state adopted it.

Once he squeaked out the nomination, Mitt shied away for the deportation of the DREAMers who were brought to America as young people and were granted a temporary reprieve by President Obama. He rarely, if ever, mentioned birth control, except to soften his message.…

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The Supreme Court is on the ballot this November — and every two years

All signs point to the Supreme Court issuing two decisions that will rapidly transform American society as we know it this week.

The majority is likely to grant corporations the right to deny birth control coverage based on their own — completely unscientific — determination that a pill causes an abortion. This decision comes right after a new report shows that women have saved $483 million thanks the Affordable Care Act making contraceptive coverage mandatory in all insurance policies. With corporate personhood expanded to include religious rights, employers objections will soon fill the legal system as the government is forced to determine the sincerity of a legal entity’s beliefs.…

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More Americans gained insurance in the first half of 2014 than lost it under 8 years of Bush

Of George W. Bush’s myriad of failures that continue to wreck havoc at home and abroad, 7.9 million Americans losing their health insurance rarely gets mentioned.

“When [former president Bill] Clinton left office, the number of uninsured Americans stood at 38.4 million,” Ron Brownstein wrote in 2009. “By the time [former president George W.] Bush left office that number had grown to just over 46.3 million, an increase of nearly 8 million or 20.6 percent.”

And as Bush left office, the percentage of those without insurance continued to grow as millions continued to lose their jobs in the recession President Obama inherited.…

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A simple way to turn some red states blue — and save the middle class

“I don’t want everybody to vote.” – Paul Weyrich, conservative activist

Though Democrats have won the popular vote in five of the last six presidential elections, our House of Representatives and many of our state governments are more radically conservative now that at least any time since the Civil Rights movement. We are one Supreme Court Justice from seeing the end of Roe v. Wade and just a few senate seats from a Congress that’s further to the right than the last five GOP nominees for president.

However, there’s a surprisingly easy way to fix the cancerous deficiency in our democracy that has empowered the far right to make massive transfers to the wealth to the rich while shattering the services that enabled the growth of the middle class.…

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Terri Lynn Land criticizes Gary Peters for doing his job, supporting the troops

Yesterday, the Small Business Association of Michigan heard from both Democratic and Republican candidates for Governor and the U.S. Senate. They were asked a single question to answer: “If elected, what will you do to help small business thrive in Michigan?”

Republicans Rick Snyder and Terri Lynn Land appeared in person while Democrats Mark Schauer and Gary Peters appeared via video to answer the question.

After the event, Land posted this comment on her Facebook page:

I had a great time at the Small Business Association of Michigan candidate forum today … It is unfortunate that my opponent was not able to make time to attend the event with Michigan’s small business owners.
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Snyder campaign donor featured in his new, strange ad: “He REALLY wants to help…”

Rick Snyder has a new reelection ad out right now that is … how to put this … kinda pointless. So pointless, in fact that David Nir at Daily Kos describes it this way:

Republican Gov. Rick Snyder’s new ad may have some kind of message, but all it’s done for me is make me hungry.

The ad really doesn’t highlight anything about Gov. Snyder that prove he’s a good choice to lead our state. It features Stacey Marsh who worked with Rick Snyder at his Ann Arbor venture capital firm Ardesta. She and members of her immediate family have contributed nearly $15,000 to Gov.…

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REMINDER: The Republican Party is still committing electoral suicide

Please proceed, GOP

Republicans would like you to ignore that their Majority Leader lost last week to a Tea Partier whose main selling point is that he enjoys Ayn Rand novels. Instead, they’d like you to focus on poll numbers that show President Obama at lows he hit earlier this year.

President Bush left us a hangover of the Bush presidency will last longer than any of Newt Gingrich’s marriages. And because the GOP’s strengths are messaging and division, they know how to manipulate any lingering headaches or crisis to their advantage.

Karl Rove, the architect of Bush’s presidency, effectively used the economy Bush wrecked, the deficit Bush left and the Middle East Bush inflamed to win back the House in 2010.…

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Terri Lynn Land continues to prove she’s clueless about governing

Terri Lynn Land, candidate for U.S. Senate in Michigan, has a new ad out this week that is one more piece in a string of evidence proving that she is truly clueless about what it takes to govern, particularly in Washington, D.C.

Her new childish ad is called “Stop Fighting, Start Listening”. In it, she tells us that she can halt the partisan gridlock in Washington because she’s “a mom” who could get her children to stop bickering:

Land says in the ad that she’s going to go to Washington, D.C. and “teach” lawmakers how to stop fighting and her momliness is what gives her the political chops to do so.…

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