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Michigan Senator Rick Jones demonstrates blatant hypocrisy in favor of Big Oil

The GOPocrisy, it burns

Back in 2011 when subsidies for the filmmaking industry in Michigan were being debated, state Senator Rick Jones said, “The government is not qualified to pick winners and losers. That’s a case of the government being short-sighted.”

Pretty standard, boilerplate rhetoric from so-call small-government Republicans. They hate subsidizing industries with tax payer money.

Until they don’t.

This week, Jones has offered up a proposal to give oil companies tax abatements and favorable treatment to build new oil refineries in Michigan:

Jones wants to entice oil companies to build new refineries in Michigan by offering them a 10-year abatement on state property and equipment taxes.…
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Want to reduce abortions? Stop electing Republicans

We all make a choice at the ballot

Unless you’re going to lock pregnant women up like a calf doomed-to-become-veal and investigate every miscarriage as a murder, abortions will always happen — and probably even then.

The fact is: even making abortion illegal won’t make it go away. At least one study has shown abortion rates are higher in countries where the procedure is banned. They’re also more cruel and dangerous.

The GOP’s fondness for birth and indifference to actual children is so transparent and callous that it has become a cliche. Rick Perry and the Texas GOP are getting a lot of attention for their recent forays into limiting women’s choices but their effort to maim the bare infrastructure that offers poor women health care has been going on for years.…

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The deficit is falling! The deficit is falling!

Somebody tell America

The day President Obama stepped into office he inherited a record projected $1.2 trillion deficit that turned out to be $1.4 trillion by the end of fiscal year 2009. This year the projected deficit is $759 billion, down from a projected $973 billion.

That means the deficit of the president’s first year of his second term is about 45% smaller than the deficit of his first year in office. It’s a bit shy of his promise to reduce the deficit in half by the end of his first term. But he made that promise before anyone had any idea just how bad the financial crisis of 2008 really was.…

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What do the corporate capture of America, voter suppression and NSA spying have in common?

Chief Justice John Roberts, the man who appointed ALL of the judges to the FISA court

Even before this session the Supreme Court, the Roberts “Citizens United” Court had already demonstrated an frightening willingness to rule on the behalf of corporations whenever possible.

Senator Elizabeth Warren recently noted the 70% win rate
of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce — America’s largest business lobby — with the Roberts Court and said, “Follow this pro-business trend to its obvious conclusion and you will end up with a Supreme Court that’s a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Chamber of Commerce.”

But until Roberts wrote the wholly nonsensical and offensive opinion gutting the Voting Rights Act, most Americans probably didn’t sense what a radical activist Roberts is.…

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If you want to know what actual tyranny looks like, ask poor women in Texas

As some debate whether this country has become more like George Orwell’s 1984 or Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, keep in mind that for millions of Americans who have no time to debate such a lofty question, actual oppression exists.

This oppression isn’t a overwhelming fear of the Thought Police or even a steady drugging that manufactures consent. It isn’t theoretical or some slippery slope that slowly envelops true liberty. It’s a never-ending concern about survival and sustenance. It’s a need to keep children fed, clothed and well. It’s knowing that disaster lurks every time your boss is unhappy with you.…

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Why Chris Christie is just about as extreme and even more dangerous than Rick Perry and Scott Walker

If you’re a worker, a gay or lesbian couple, a teacher or a woman, Christie isn’t your boyfriend

Charisma is a powerful thing, especially in politics.

It can give you the appearance that you’re always trying to do the right thing, even when you’re just trying to save your ass or do your donors’ bidding.

Governors Scott Walker and Rick Perry have some degree of charisma. They’ve charmed the highest echelons of the conservative movement and voters and their state. But when Perry was given the chance to lay the charm on a GOP base dying to nominate anyone but Mitt Romney, he ended up somewhere in the pack behind Michele Bachmann.…

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Pennsylvania lawmaker: Gays don’t have free speech rights

First amendment, schmirst amendment…

Philadelphia Republican Daryl Metcalfe is a deeply religious man. So deeply religious that he believes his God hates gays and so deeply religious that he believes his version of God’s Word allows him to prevent gay people from exercising the right to free speech.

Yesterday, during a state House session, Democrat Brian Sims, an openly gay man, rose to give comments on the floor of the House regarding the Supreme Court’s rulings striking down the Defense of Marriage Act and California’s anti-gay Prop 8. Metcalfe used a parliamentary procedure to prevent him from speaking. Why? Because “there’s no free speech on the floor”. Not for gays anyway.

Click through for more.

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ECLECTAGRAPHIC: Texas hypocrisy

GOPocrisy in its purest form

Busy day in Texas yesterday and Governor Rick Perry’s unadulterated hypocrisy was in full display.

A larger version suitable for pinning and sharing awaits you after the jump.

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When Republicans say they don’t trust ‘government,’ they mean women — and voters

By ‘small’ government, we mean ‘ruthless and petty’

The “people’s filibuster” that has — at least temporarily — blocked Texas Republicans from closing nearly every women’s health clinic in the state has crucial connection to another big story from Tuesday.

State Senator Wendy Davis, the woman who spoke for more than ten hours to block the bill from passing before the end of the special session, is in office today because of the Voting Rights Act (VRA), which has been gutted by Chief Justice John Roberts and the other members of the Supreme Court.

When Republicans tried to chop up Davis’s Fort Worth area district, she challenged the redistricting under Section 5 of the VRA, which is now useless until Congress restores Section 4.…

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NSA revelations haven’t slowed the House GOP’s attacks on civil liberties

They can’t pass a farm bill but they can pass indefinite detention

In the weeks since Edward Snowden released classified details about the NSA’s programs, the House GOP has reaffirmed the indefinite detention of American citizens, blocked the president’s plan to close Guantanamo Bay prison and held a hearing to defend the NSA.

Meanwhile, Speaker Boehner joined Dick Cheney and Rep. Michele Bachmann in calling Snowden a “traitor.”

Boehner isn’t just attacking the man who made the revelations, he’s defending the surveillance programs in a way that seems designed to circumvent the calls for more transparency coming from a small but bipartisan group of Senators have called for.…

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