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Rand Paul can try to be Bill Clinton all he wants but he’ll never be president

Rand Paul continues to fling any turd he can find at the Clintons for pretty obvious reasons.

The first-term senator from Kentucky has to do something to show the GOP establishment he can be competitive in a general election, and he’s trying to keep the former president out of his home state’s Senate race so Rand didn’t sell out to Mitch McConnell for nothing.

There’s no doubt that the younger Paul is a savvy tactician. The proof of this is that he’s  ironically trying to follow Bill Clinton’s path to the presidency by staking out a series of “Sister Soulja moment” like strategic breaks from his party.…

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The Republican Party — a leading cause of preventable death

And Obamacare is having its best week since it became law

Despite predictions that the Affordable Care Act would slow the economy, job creation has spiked to a five-year high, with an estimated 288,000 jobs created in April.

Despite predictions that it would bankrupt the country, the deficit is at a five-year low.

Despite predictions that cancellations would dull the impact of the law, America’s uninsured population has been reduced by 25 percent in just 7 months.

Despite a sleazy Republican report saying that only 69 percent of Obamacare marketplace enrollees paid for their coverage, we are finding out that the number is closer to 83 – 90 percent.…

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As business leaders call for LGBT civil rights equality, Gov. Snyder says it’s “not really relevant”

Last year, Governor Snyder was asked about revising Michigan’s Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act to extend coverage to members of the LGBT community. The fact that it currently doesn’t means that people like me can be fired from our jobs simply because we are gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender. Governor Snyder’s response was, in effect, “it’s not on my agenda” and he said he was waiting for action from the legislature on this.


As I wrote then, there is plenty of evidence that maintaining this discriminatory environment for the LGBT community is harming our economic recovery. A study by Gov.

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Being poor sucks — even if you have a cell phone

Republicans can’t decide: Is inequality actually a problem — or is it all Obama’s fault?

Late last year, the Census Bureau reported that Americans who live below the poverty level own stuff! Cool stuff! With USB jacks and stuff!

“In fact, 80.9 percent of households below the poverty level have cell phones, and a healthy majority—58.2 percent—have computers,” reported right-wing outlet CNS “News.”

“The overwhelming majority of the poor have air conditioning, cable TV, and a host of other modern amenities,” The Heritage Foundation’s Robert Rector and Rachel Sheffield reported more somberly.

They have cell phones, the argument essentially goes, so let’s set them free and let the free market cure them!…

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This is how dumb Republicans think you are

President Obama launched a clean energy revolution and Republicans are still whining about Solyndra

At the NRA convention this weekend, you didn’t hear one mention of the issue that’s most threatening to gun owners: the 19,000 suicides by firearms in America each year.

But you did hear about waterboarding as a religious rite, #Benghazi and Solyndra.

Solyndra became the synecdoche for the Stimulus for Republicans as they tried to suggest that the loan programs in the single most effective government economic intervention since World War II were scandal-ridden failures.

Michael Grunwald — who wrote the definitive book on the Stimulusoften notes that “everything Republicans have said about Solyndra is bullshit.”

The point of the loan effort was to be adventurous and launch new industries — and it worked, unleashing a silent clean energy revolution that’s one of President Obama’s greatest and least publicized successes.…

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If they’ll take away your Obamacare, they’ll take away your Medicare

The one simple sentence that can change everything

The political momentum continued to shift away from Republicans this week as conservatives took shrapnel from the Bundy implosion, polls continued to show Obamacare is far more popular than repeal even in red states and Democrats have found ways to embrace the law as Republicans continue to fail to win “the big argument.”

Perhaps the biggest news was that Speaker John Boehner, in a speech attempting to marginalize the Tea Party movement, admitted that Republicans can’t repeal the law, unless they have something to replace it with, which they don’t.…

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Jase Bolger on his own in his attempt to extort labor unions

Republican House Jase Bolger is on what appears to be a one-man effort to extort money from Detroit labor unions. He recently laid down a new condition for state support of the so-called “grand bargain” in Detroit, a carefully-crafted and complex agreement that would protect the priceless art collection held by the Detroit Institute of Arts and dramatically minimize the financial impact on Detroit city pension holders. His new requirement is that labor unions pay for part of it so that the state would be on the hook for less than the $350 million they are being asked to contribute as part of the multi-party agreement.…

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Republicans don’t just have a demographic problem — they have a brand problem

And the obsession with repealing Obamacare is making it worse

It’s no secret. The next generation of new voters is far more diverse and minorities are rejecting the Republican Party at historically high rates.

Demographics are not destiny — but even The Washington Post‘s Chris Cillizza sees how this ends for the GOP:

The concentration of young minority population in the Southwest and South means that states like Texas and Arizona as well as Georgia and South Carolina — all of which have been conservative redoubts at the presidential level for decades could be in real jeopardy for the party in the medium and long term.…
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Another day, another revelation of pay-to-play politics in the Snyder administration

Seriously, this is getting ridiculous

MIRS has a damning report out this week about further examples of pay-to-play politics in the Snyder administration. According to their reporting, the Dickinson Wright law firm received a $225,000 contract with the state in July of 2013. The contract was signed by Attorney General Bill Schuette and former state Treasurer Andy Dillon. A week later, Bill Schuette’s reelection campaign received 21 contributions worth $3,500 from Dickinson Wright employees and, five months after that, the four people who signed the contract with the state made contributions to Governor Snyder’s campaign.

MIRS scoured Snyder’s campaign finance records and found that he has taken in nearly $300,000 in contributions of more than $1,000 from people who worked for companies with state contracts.…

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House Republicans move the goalposts on helping solve Detroit’s financial crisis by extorting labor unions

Oh, that’s rich

Michigan House Republicans are in a tight spot. With concessions made by every party swept up in Detroit’s municipal bankruptcy and a deal in place that mostly preserves retiree pensions and the Detroit Institute of Arts’ priceless art collection, the only hurdle remaining is the state ponying up $350 million. Given how much money they’ve essentially stolen from the city by withholding promised revenue sharing, it’s a small price to pay. The state cannot take over cities with Emergency Managers and then tell them they are on their own, much as they would love to do just that.…

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