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Why the GOP finally called on Dave Agema to resign, and why nothing would change if he did

The RNC committeeman committed the one GOP unforgivable sin: He was alienating donors

Renowned anti-gay, anti-Muslim activist, Dave Agema announced Friday night that he will not resign from the Republican National Committee even after nearly everyone in his party had called on him to do so — except Governor Snyder, who is too busy telling Congress how to budget to stand up for the people of his state.

Under pressure, Agema had skipped the RNC winter meeting last week, sending in his place Chuck Yob —  a former RNC member who faced similar calls to resign his position 12 years ago for a sexist comment.…

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Terri Lynn Land bravely calls for Agema’s resignation after everyone else in the party already has

Profiles in courage…

As of lunchtime today, pretty much every Republican and his brother or sister had issued a statement calling for Dave Agema’s resignation from the RNC. Fred Upton, Justin Amash, Betsy DeVos, Michigan GOP chair Bobby Schostak, RNC chair Reince Priebus. The list is long and very few but the most extreme ultra-conservatives is on it. Two name stood out at lunchtime, though, hold outs as every other GOP member had gotten on the train and realized that Dave Agema was damaging their party:

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder and Republican Senate candidate and RNC committeewoman Terri Lynn Land.

Land is in Washington, D.C.…

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Betsy DeVos decries Dave Agema’s hate speech despite a family history of funding bigoted initiatives

Got hypocrisy?

Dave Agema recently wrote these hateful words on his Facebook page:

Have you seen Muslims shaking hands with a Muslim Girl Scouts? Have you seen a Muslim Candy Striper? Have you ever seen a Muslim do anything that contributes positively to the American way of life?

After remaining quiet for months as Agema spewed bigoted hate speech on Facebook, Republicans are now finally waking up a bit and starting to pushback. While it’s nice that they are finally speaking out, one wonders where there outrage was when Agema was smearing gays and lesbians with some of the most vile accusations and statements to be found on the internet.…

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If you’re going to run on Democratic successes, why wouldn’t we vote for the Democrat?

If you’re wondering about the State of the State of Michigan, you were wise to skip Governor Rick Snyder’s speech on Thursday.

The governor bragged about the state’s job growth but that’s just a tribute to the national economy when even the state with the third worst unemployment rate in the nation is adding jobs.

As far as the real state of our economy MLive‘s Rich Haglund did a much better job of describing reality in his column Saturday:

A monthly state labor market study based on October jobs numbers shows that Michigan ranks in the bottom tier of states in important areas such as employment, the labor force participation rate, per capita income and economic output per capita.…
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We have met the enemy and he is Issa

Congressman Darrell Issa is determined that he’s going eventually uncover an actual scandal. If it’s not regarding Benghazi then it will be regarding the IRS. If it’s not the IRS then, by God, it will be about the security of the website. Yesterday he held yet another hearing to “prove” that the site is not secure.

At the hearing, the top cybersecurity official at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Teresa Fryer, testified that, despite concerns she had previously expressed regarding the security of the site, extensive testing done more recently has changed her mind.…

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If we can’t afford to help the unemployed, we can’t afford another dumb war

Senate Republicans stopped a bill that would restore emergency unemployment insurance for only three months on Tuesday.

Republicans want to end the additional help for those looking for work at a point when the government never has before because they don’t believe in it. But they can’t say that. So they say we can’t afford it.

They demanded that the extension be paid for, though no Congress ever made that demand when the long-term unemployment rate has been this high.  When Democrats met that requirement, Senator Mitch McConnell insisted a vote on delaying the individual mandate to corner red state Democrats for one reason: He knew he wouldn’t get it and then Republicans could then try to blame Democrats for giving them excuse to cut off the long-term unemployed and force them to magically find jobs that don’t exist.…

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UPDATED: Michigan Republicans open state Capitol building to Koch brothers front group to air anti-Democrat attack ad


This afternoon, at the invitation of Michigan Republicans, the Koch brothers-funded corporatist front group Americans for Prosperity debuted a new attack ad aimed at Senate candidate Gary Peters. Portrayed as an anti-Affordable Care Act “issue ad”, it clearly targets only one candidate, Democrat Gary Peters and represents another example of the corrosive grip corporate “dark money” has on our state’s elections.

AFP aired their hit piece inside the state Capitol building in the Speaker’s Conference Room.

House Democrats were suitably outraged. House Minority Leader Tim Greimel issued the following statement:

The state Capitol is the people’s house, and it’s unconscionable that Speaker Bolger and House Republicans would allow it to be used in such a partisan fashion.…
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Michigan House Speaker Bolger begins Republican propaganda campaign to buy your vote with a tax cut

It’s getting very deep in here…

Earlier this month, I wrote about how Michigan Republicans were going to soon begin a campaign of deceit in which they attempt to convince Michigan voters that they are tax-cutting warriors determined to return budget surplus funds to the taxpayers to whom they belong. This week, House Speaker Jase Bolger began a propaganda campaign to do just that in an op-ed in the Detroit Free Press titled “Why Michigan’s surplus should go to tax cut”.

The op-ed begins with Bolger comparing criticism of their tax cut proposal to lectures “that Common Core passage or Medicaid reform were moving too slow, after complaining Michigan’s right-to-work law was passed too quickly”.…

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What Republicans don’t get about poverty

Republicans fear their anti-poverty message could cloud their pro-poverty message

The Washington Examiner’s Bryon York wants to know why some high-profile Republicans — Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul and Mike Lee — have decided to tell people that they care about poverty now.

He’s not wondering this because the GOP doesn’t actually have a anti-poverty agenda or because these guys are all opposing one of the most basic anti-poverty measures the government can take: extending emergency unemployment benefits. It’s not even because the GOP’s very favorite thing of the last decade — the Ryan Budget — is a recipe for moving millions into poverty.…

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When it comes to “socialist snowplows”, tea partiers love them some Big Government

They hate it when you call them on their hypocrisy

Yesterday I posted a tweet that went pretty viral on Twitter and on Facebook. Anne worked her magic and, by the afternoon, it had become this meme which went even more viral:

Last evening, journalist E.J. Dionne retweeeted it (and again this morning). This caused all manner of self-described libertarians and other conservatives to leap up to say this didn’t make any sense, they didn’t get the joke, they don’t think all government is socialism, etc., etc. Instapundit’s Glenn Reynolds feigned a lack of comprehension:

The faux outrage that I dare to mischaracterize their political views was comical.…

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