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(VIDEO) Michigan Republicans take myth-making to a new level while remaining silent on truly important issues

When the numbers don’t support you, myth-making is your only other option

Last week House Speaker Jase Bolger told the Detroit Free Press that Governor Snyder’s biggest challenge as a campaigner is his biggest asset as he governs. “The governor insists on no credit and no blame,” said Bolger. This was only one day after the Michigan Republican Party sent out their “December Newsletter”, taking full credit for making Michigan “The Comeback State”

“Democrats want to attack us by saying the ‘establishment’ is fighting the ‘tea party’ and point to that as proof of dysfunction between conservatives,” wrote MRP Chairman Bobby Schostak.…

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If PR folks and reality stars want to get away with saying awful things, they should become a GOP party official

You know that Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson has been suspended by A&E from his reality show for saying that homosexuality leads to bestiality. In the same interview he also said black people were happier during segregation. (And what evidence do we have that they weren’t? Except the civil rights movement.)

Right wingers are ignoring the comments about Jim Crow and defending Robertson as a hero because he used the Bible to justify his condemnation of gay people, though there are maybe 8 verses that condemn homosexuality compared to over 100 that permit slavery.

Republican National Committeeman Dave Agema referenced the Bible, of course, in his Facebook post supporting the Duck family that he shared with his friends on Friday.…

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How does the GOP punish homophobes?
Partial Standing Ovations

Earlier this year GOP national committeeman Dave Agema posted a vile commentary on gays and lesbians authored by a known white supremacist.

How did the Republican National Committee punish him for such an egregious example of hate as they were gearing up for a season of outreach?

They passed Agema’s resolution denouncing same-sex marriage.

Take that!

Obviously, Agema learned his lesson. And the lesson was, keep it up.

Earlier this month, the Republican hero reprised his anti-gay schtick with an anachronistic rant that sounded as if it were supposed to be spoken by the homophobic coach in an 80s movie.…

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Michigan Republicans pass “Plan Ahead for Your Abortion” law

Michigan Republicans: Drunk with power, anti-women

As Amy and I have been writing about for quite some time now, Michigan Right to Life was able to gather enough signatures representing just 4.2% of Michigan voters to put a bill before the state legislature to force women to buy a special rider on their health insurance to cover abortions. They did this through an infrequently used device called the “indirect initiated state statute” which I describe in detail HERE.

Today, Republicans in the House and Senate passed the bill which now becomes law. It does not require the signature of Governor Rick Snyder who vetoed similar legislation last year because it does not make exceptions for cases of rape or incest.…

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Rand Paul begins GOP outreach to African Americans by declaring unemployment benefits “a disservice” to the unemployed

Rand Paul is a disservice to the GOP’s African American outreach

Photo credit: Anne C. Savage, special to Eclectablog

The day after he presided over the opening of the Michigan Republican Party’s office for African American outreach, Rand Paul told Fox News that extending unemployment benefits for workers unable to find work for as long as 99 weeks was doing them “a disservice”.

“I support unemployment benefits for the 28 weeks they’re paid for… If you extend it beyond that, you do a disservice to these workers.”

This news will come as a surprise to Detroiters who are out of work.…

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PHOTOS, AUDIO, & VIDEO: White Libertarian Rand Paul from Kentucky opens Republican black outreach office in Detroit

The GOP believes they simply need to talk about issues that African Americans care about, not actually do anything about them

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul came to Michigan today to be part of the opening of the Republican’s Detroit “African American Engagement Office”. No, seriously.

Before the Republicans got their day started, Democrats had a press conference nearby where they pointed out the hypocrisy of having a man who was against the saving of the auto industry and who doesn’t support parts of the Civil Rights Act. MDP Chair Lon Johnson pointed out the stark differences in the “two different visions our parties have for the state of Michigan”.…

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How do Republicans solve the problem of poor people w/o health care? Give retired nurses the “freedom to volunteer”!

Oh, this is rich

The Michigan Republicans have found a way to solve the problem of “indigent and needy individuals or individuals in medically underserved areas of the State”.

Is it by offering financial assistance to people without health care? – NO

Is it by creating new programs to serve people without health care? – NO

Is it by expanding existing programs to serve people without health care? – NO

Their answer — I swear I am not making this up — is to create a special “volunteer license” for retired nurses so that they can provide health care to “indigent and needy individuals or individuals in medically underserved areas of the State” FOR FREE!!!

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Michigan Republicans continue with GOP effort to rebrand themselves as the party of choice for African Americans

I hate to tell you this, but it’s not going to work

The Republican party is in desperation mode trying to ingratiate themselves with the African American community. Having spent the last several decades using race-baiting techniques to drum up support with southern whites, they’ve suddenly seen the light and know that, unless they can begin appealing to the black people in American and other non-white groups, they’re destined to become a party that is irrelevant and unelectable.

Which explains this:

Click image for larger version

The Michigan Republican Party is attempting to co-opt Rosa Parks, champion of civil rights and a hero to the left, and her message of courage in the face of adversity.…

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The Texas GOP’s goal? Creating more uninsured Texans

You’ve probably heard that since Obamacare launched red state Kentucky has reduced its uninsured population by 9%.

If Texas did that, 561,141 people would be insured and hell would have frozen over.

In 2010, 6,234,900 Texans lacked health insurance and Republicans apparently decided that their biggest problem was that they weren’t producing enough uninsured people to keep that number growing.

Andrea Flynn explains:

Over the last two years, they cut the state’s family planning budget by two-thirds, from $111 million to $37.9 million. They established a tiered system and forfeited $30 million in federal funds so they could exclude Planned Parenthood and other organizations affiliated with abortion providers from receiving state or federal resources.…
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Impending “Plan Ahead for Your Abortion” law initiated by just 4.2% of Michigan voters is opposed by most Michigan voters

Sorta like gerrymandering, when you think of it

As I wrote about in my now-viral piece “Michigan about to require women to buy “rape insurance” based on petition signed by 4.2% of voters”, a new law will likely go into effect in the near future in Michigan that will require women to plan ahead for their abortions — even if they are the result of rape or incest or an accident — and buy a special rider if they want their health insurance to cover it.

Turns out that, despite the fact that a scant 4.2% of voters in Michigan are responsible for making this a law, more voters in Michigan oppose it than support it :

About 47 percent of likely voters oppose an effort by Right to Life of Michigan to ban insurers and employers from covering abortion procedures in basic health insurance plans, while 41 percent said they support the initiative and 13 percent were undecided, according to the poll, whose numbers were rounded up.…
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