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On Tax Day, it’s worth looking at how the Michigan GOP has shifted the tax burden to the poor & middle class


A little over two years ago, I wrote a cautionary post titled “The tax timebomb that explodes in Michigan in 2012 is MUCH worse than you thought”. In it, I explained how the Republican budget passed in the first year after the 2010 midterm election annihilation of Democrats and signed into law by Governor Rick Snyder created a massive shift of taxation from the wealthy and from corporations onto the poor and middle class. Here’s a bit of that post:

[A]s we all know, last year the Michigan Republicans passed a budget that lowers business taxes by $1.6 billion and increases individual income taxes by $1.4 billion.…
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85,761 Michiganders have signed up for Medicaid expansion in 9 days

And the GOP plan is still repeal

After a three month delay that cost Michigan’s taxpayers $630 million, Healthy Michigan has enrolled 85,761 people since April 1, according to Charles Gaba’s

The program is expected to cover about 500,000 Michiganders.

Governor Rick Snyder recognized that turning down health insurance for a half million people that the state would pay for anyway was a bad a idea — especially after President Obama carried the state by 9.5% in 2012 — and accepted expansion.

The likely Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate Terri Lynn Land says she supports expansion, but she has repeatedly supported the Ryan budgets, which would repeal Obamacare with no replacement for Medicaid expansion.…

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DCCC targets Michigan Republicans for support of Paul Ryan’s “screw the poor, enrich the rich” budget

Republicans know who butters their bread and it ain’t YOU!

Paul Ryan introduced a new budget bill recently that is basically a rehash of his previous budgets. As LOLGOP put it, “In Ryan’s Randian hellscape, everything must be done to tame the debt in the next ten years, except anything that could hurt the GOP immediately with seniors, though huge cuts to Medicare will follow. And taxes must never be raised, nor may any tax break be eliminated. Also, we should spend more on defense. Thus incredible cruelty must be inflicted from the cuts he proposes to the programs the keep America’s working poor and elderly from abject poverty.”

He’s right.…

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Republican Gov. Snyder lies about $22.2 million increase in cousin’s state contract at public event

Pesky, pesky facts

Meme courtesy of the Michigan Democratic Party

At a public breakfast forum this week, Republican Governor Rick Snyder was challenged by Michigan Democratic Party Chair Lon Johnson over the more than doubling of the state contract held by Snyder’s cousin George Snyder. Johnson asked Snyder, “How can you justify cutting education and raising (taxes on the) senior and middle class, but at the same time doubling office furniture spending with a company owned by your cousin?”

Snyder’s answer was a blatant lie:

His company has been doing office furniture with state of Michigan business for decades. He has a contract … with the state of Michigan.…
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Forget debt, the real crisis for Paul Ryan is the that rich aren’t rich enough

Paul Ryan’s latest budget has the same goal as his last three budgets: It slashes taxes for the rich while slashing pretty much everything for everyone else.

The biggest benefit will go to the richest .01 percent — who have seen their share of income quintuple in the last forty years.

Those who earn over $1,000,000 a year would see an average break of $200,000 a year.

Because during a recovery where 95 percent of the benefit has gone to the richest 1 percent, somebody has to stand up for gluttony.

Paul Ryan’s entire argument to justify his budgets is that America is facing a debt crisis.…

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Paul Ryan just made sure health care won’t be a winning issue for the GOP in 2014

Are you running against Obamacare or for turning Medicare into Obamacare?

History may remember April 1, 2014 as the day that Obamacare’s health exchange enrollment number passed 7 million. But if Democrats are wise, they’ll make sure voters remember it as the day Paul Ryan released his latest budget proposal.

Again, with slight variations, the congressman from Wisconsin proposes to let Medicare wither on the vine for a decade as he transitions America’s best health care promise to seniors into a system where private insurers are subsidized to cover Americans 55 and under as they retire. This “premium support” model resembles Obamacare far more than the Medicare most Americans love.…

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Michigan Republicans withhold road repair funds from Democratic districts to punish Democrats

This is referred to as “pulling a Chris Christie”

Crains Detroit Business has a bombshell story out this week detailing how Republicans in the state legislature are withholding road repair funds for districts with Democratic representation.

You would think that decisions about road repair would be made by the engineers and other experts at the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) and, in some cases, you would be correct. However, millions of dollars of funding are done separate from that and are awarded through specific appropriations by the legislature.

[W]hen Republicans carved out a piece of the road budget for special allocation last year, a whole lot more roads in Republican districts benefited.…
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GOP activist in Koch-funded ad attacking Obamacare costs turned down cheaper coverage

The real Obamacare horror story for the GOP? It helps the people it’s supposed to help

A new ad featuring a Grand Rapids resident complaining that her new health insurance plan is “not affordable” due to Obamacare leaves out an important fact. Shannon Wendt turned down Medicaid coverage for family, according to posts she made on her Facebook wall.

The ad from Koch-backed “social welfare” non-profit Americans for Prosperity neglects to mention that the Wendt family could be enjoying nearly fully subsidized government insurance, thanks to the Affordable Care Act.

Hmmm. Seems kind of important.

Wendt preferred her old plan and wanted to keep her family’s doctor, which are completely understandable desires.…

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The conspiracy to pretend tens of millions of people aren’t being helped by Obamacare

How Republicans keep making the argument for single-payer

The White House announced on Thursday that six million people had picked a health insurance plan through an Obamacare exchange and Republicans said all at once, as they’ve been training each other to do, “BUT HOW MANY PEOPLE HAVE PAID?”

“How many people have paid?” is a great argument against Obamacare, if your alternative were single-payer, where paying isn’t optional and everyone gets covered.

Single-payer is a fine alternative to Obamacare because we know it works! See: Medicare, which consistently controls costs better than our private health care providers. See also: the rest of the industrialized world, which covers far more of the population than far less than we spend.…

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GUEST POST: Shari Pollesch, Dem candidate for Michigan’s 22nd Senate District on the hypocrisy of Joe Hune

As I have written about in the past, thanks to Republican redistricting after the 2010 midterm, I am going from having one of the most progressive state senators, Rebekah Warren, to one of the most regressive tea party type senators you could imagine: Joe Hune. Hune has been rated as the most conservative member of the Michigan Senate.

Joe Hune’s Democratic opponent is very likely to be Livingston County attorney Shari Pollesch. So far she is the only candidate to throw her hat into the ring and it’s going to be a tough race. Hune’s district may have picked up the center-left area of Western Washtenaw County where I live but there are so many hardcore Republicans in Livingston County (Howell and Brighton, primarily) that it’s a tough race for a Democrat.…

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