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Republicans aren’t complaining about the economy — they’re bragging about how good they are at sabotage

We’ve recovered all the jobs Bush killed or, as the GOP says, time for a new Bush

After a record 51 months of consecutive job growth, America has finally recovered all the jobs lost in the Great Recession. We now have 98,000 more jobs than January 2008 — a record for this country.

This is a bittersweet victory considering that population growth means millions more are out of work than in 2008, which was hardly a great economy for the middle class after 28 years of conservative economics.

Republicans love to point out that the labor force is at a 36-year low, which shows at least two things: 1) the economy is far from fully recovered and 2) Baby Boomers, who make up a huge chunk of our workforce, are retiring.…

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You can have democracy in the Daddy State of Michigan when patriarchal Republicans say you can

This week Michigan legislators passed a package of bills dubbed “The Grand Bargain” that will help our state’s largest city, Detroit, get back on its feet. Missing from that package was a bill that would have prevented regional municipalities from renewing the existing voter-approved 10-year millage or the levying a new millage to fund the Detroit Institute of Arts. (Details about that bill can be found HERE.)

In killing the bill, Senate Republican Leader Randy Richardville had this to say:

It’s kind of strange that the Legislature would say we’re not going to let local governments make their own decisions or have a vote of their own people.
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Gov. Snyder attempts Jedi Mind Trick on senior citizens: “These aren’t the pension taxes you’re looking for”

Attempting to deceive senior citizens is, simply put, sick and disgusting.

Governor Snyder is summoning his inner Obi Wan Kenobi, using the Jedi Mind Trick to try to convince seniors that he’s not taxing their pensions. “I want to be proactive, ” he said, “and let people know it’s NOT a pension tax. What we did was clean up our tax code.”

In other words, “These are not the senior pension taxes you’re looking for.”

Here’s the video:

Now, one of the things I wanted to talk about and this is, again, has been something that would be good to clear the air, this is about the reinvention of Michigan.…
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Polluters vow to stop the president before he prevents a catastrophe

We can’t do anything about climate change but we won’t just sit back and let women get birth control

Less than a day after President Obama unveiled his plan to curb carbon emissions using the EPA’s regulatory power, China indicated that it will be curbing its carbon pollution for the first time ever. This historic act of cooperation (and self-preservation) from the world’s two largest carbon polluters defuses what has become the right’s favorite argument against limiting carbon — the U.S. cannot do it alone.

As the old joke goes, America wouldn’t want to embrace green technology, break our reliance on totalitarian governments and reduce air pollution for nothing.…

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Will the Michigan GOP sacrifice LGBT civil rights on the altar of “deeply held religious beliefs”?

Last week, Governor Snyder pretended that he’s suddenly concerned with adding protections for LGBT folks to our state’s civil rights law, the Elliott-Larsen Act. As I have already said, this is a sham. Governor Snyder’s own words show how squishy his “support” is:

“I’m encouraging them to say there’s been a lot of dialog and discussion on this. It’s been healthy in the public and I think it could be an appropriate topic for the legislators to take up. I would appreciate that.


But the most troubling aspect of the Michigan GOP’s sudden interest in protecting the civil rights of the LGBT community in an election year isn’t how squishy it is but that it’s likely to be trumped by concern for the “deeply held religious beliefs” of our states bigots.…

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The GOP’s new lie: If you like your Obamacare, you can keep it after we repeal it

Without Obamacare, the KyNect exchange is just website that lets people know they can’t afford health insurance

When Republicans lie about Obamacare, it’s hardly news.

But the lies coming out Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul in Kentucky show what a bind the party is in now that the Affordable Care Act has truly began to take hold and work as intended in some states.

First, a more typical lie.

Earlier this week, Ohio’s Republican Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor announced that premiums in her state would rise by double-digits next year, based on insurers’ initial requests. Of course, these statistics were purposely jiggered to hide the real story: Most premiums are rising by single-digits, which is SLOWER than they’d been rising in previous years.…

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Gov. Rick Snyder’s new-found concern for LGBT civil rights is a sham

Yesterday at the Mackinac Policy Conference on Mackinac Island, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder did an about-face on his position regarding civil rights for members of the LGBT community. His actions or, rather, lack of actions on behalf of the LGBT community are well-known so the abrupt change is cause for considerable skepticism.

Snyder spelled out his new-found interest in LGBT civil rights in an interview on Michigan Public Radio’s Stateside program. During the interview, host Cynthia Canty asked Gov. Snyder about this sudden shift in his position:

Cynthia Canty: Just this morning Governor Snyder sent the strongest signal yet that he would look favorably on adding LGBT to Michigan’s civil rights law… [Governor Snyder,] you say this is something you want the legislature to take up but is this something you would actually endorse?…
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Rick Snyder’s slow transformation into Mark Schauer: Now supports LGBT civil rights just in time for the election!

There’s something going on that is truly amazing: Rick Snyder is slowly transforming into his Democratic opponent Mark Schauer on major issues voters are concerned about right now.

First it was raising the minimum wage. One day he’s saying it would harm the economy and wasn’t important to him. The next day he’s signing legislation into law that is almost identical to Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mark Schauer’s proposal.

Today, out of the blue and contrary to his previous statements on the topic, Republican Rick Snyder suddenly wants civil rights protections for the LGBT community added to Michigan’s civil rights law, the Elliott-Larsen Act.…

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The Kochs can’t seem to buy a Senate seat in Michigan

Koch tested. Right to Life approved.

Democrat Gary Peters continues to lead his likely Republican opponent for the U.S. Senate Terri Lynn Land.

Meanwhile, Republican hopes of a wave that could help them take over the Senate should be waning, if Republicans actually paid attention to polls they don’t like.

The Washington Post‘s Greg Sargent notes:

A pair of new polls shows Dem Gary Peters leading Republican Terri Lynn Land for Senate in Michigan. The Free Press poll finds Peters up six, 44-38, and the Detroit News poll finds him up four, 39-35.

Both polls show Peters ahead among women, by eight and 14 points respectively.

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UPDATED: Michigan Lt. Gov. Brian Calley believes President Obama does not support our military men & women

If you want to know just how extreme Republicans in Jackson, Michigan are, the fact that they chose Allen B. West as the keynote speaker for Lincoln Day fundraising dinner last week tells you pretty much everything you need to know. Besides being one of the most intentionally outrageous tea partiers in the country, West recently attacked the patriotism of Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth who has been selected to be one of several Democrats on the House Select Committee to rehash Benghazi yet again.

Duckworth is a decorated war veteran who lost both legs and the partial use of one of her arms while serving in Iraq.…

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