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A small win in the war to shrink the middle class

Those who depend on the kindness of corporations are the truly dependent

As news broke that the United Auto Workers’ effort to organize its first plant run by a foreign automaker in the South failed by 87 votes, conservatives celebrated.

They were celebrating how the scare tactics of Senator Bob Corker, who likely violated the Wagner Act, and other local Republicans denied the labor movement a significant victory. And they were celebrating a small but crucial victory what has been a half-century effort to destroy the labor movement with “a thousand paper cuts.”

The right’s obsessive drive to deny workers the right to collectively bargain underlies the driving economic belief: the boss rules.…

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Michigan’s GOP is moving to the right of Vladimir Putin on LGBT rights

Michigan RNC candidate calls for the ‘purging’ of gays from the GOP

First, we had a a Republican National Committee member from Michigan saying that Vladimir Putin’s anti-gay propaganda laws were “common sense.

When Dave Agema paired that insight with an anti-Muslim post, his colleagues stopped cheering him on and realized that he could blow the millions the Kochs are spending to buy Michigan’s U.S. Senate seat. Republican leaders — which by definition excludes Governor Rick Snyder — said he had to go.

But Agema still hasn’t stepped down.

Now, the GOP has an even more divisive candidate to replace Senate candidate Terri Lynn Land (who quit the RNC after realizing that associating with anti-gay, anti-Muslim Agema was problematic, though she had no problem supporting RNC hero Paul Ryan in his quest to privatize Medicare and Social Security).…

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The Keystone XL pipeline debate isn’t about increased CO2 emissions and Ed Schultz & Brian Schweitzer are dead WRONG

This past week a federal report came out saying the carbon emissions will not be increased by allowing the Keystone XL pipeline to run through the USA. This will rejuvenate efforts by the Big Oil proponents of the pipeline to keep up their political pressure. But this argument has, in my opinion, never been about increased carbon emissions. It’s about a dangerous pipeline carrying the dirtiest oil on the planet straight through the center of our country.

Ed Schultz has been on the wrong side of this issue for some time now. Always a friend of labor, he is taking their side on this issue and it is the WRONG side.…

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Where did anyone get the wildly insulting idea that Americans don’t work enough?

FACT: Obamacare only gives subsidies to families that are WORKING.

When the sober, affable E.J. Dionne complains that our health care debate is “stupid,” you know things gotten silly.

The right’s fear-mongering of a totalitarian takeover of the 2009-2010 gave way to the theoretical job-killing of 2011-2013. When Obamacare’s open enrollment arrived with the best job growth in half a decade, Republicans seized on the gift of a bungled roll out. Once got nearly all the fixes it needed, conservatives invented a bailout for insurers focused on an obscure mechanism in the law that also exists in George W. Bush’s Medicare Part D.…

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Gov. Snyder’s Superbowl ad: perpetuating the myth that he’s made us the ‘comeback state’, facts be damned

“Comeback Kid”? How about “Kid Crock”?

During the Superbowl tonight, viewers in Detroit, Flint, Grand Rapids, Lansing, and Traverse City will see an ad that will launch the reelection campaign of Governor Rick Snyder. The ad is estimated to cost almost $1 million to produce and air. This is in addition to the nearly $700,000 he spent on a similar ad in September. When it comes to buying elections, Michigan’s governor is our foremost expert.

Here’s a preview of tonight’s whitewash of our governor’s record:

According to the ad, “Michigan now calls him the comeback kid”. It’s an interesting statement since exactly nobody that I know of has actually called him this.…

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It’s time to force the GOP to help the long-term unemployed

The GOP defeated Ted Cruz — now will anything good come of it?

If you’ve been paying attention to Washington DC lately, you’ve been enjoying how no one is listening to Ted Cruz. — except to laugh at him when he says he didn’t want a government shutdown.

Again and again, the Club for Growth and Freedomworks come out against a bill. Again and again the bill passes. These are generally terrible bills that equally upset the progressive wing of the party. But they’re the natural result of a political system designed to serve donors and a divided Congress.…

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The media refuses to acknowledge how horrendously out of touch the GOP has become

You wouldn’t know it by watching or listening to most pundits, but the Republican Party is more unpopular today than at the lowest points of George W. Bush’s presidency. And they’re far less popular than they were when they won 1.3 million fewer votes than Democratic House candidates.

On the day of the president’s State of the Union, the House GOP wasted their time and our money passing a bill that dramatically limits abortion rights, which has zero chance of becoming a law.

Just before the West Virginia chemical spill, they passed a bill that would gut hazardous waste legislation.…

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Why the GOP finally called on Dave Agema to resign, and why nothing would change if he did

The RNC committeeman committed the one GOP unforgivable sin: He was alienating donors

Renowned anti-gay, anti-Muslim activist, Dave Agema announced Friday night that he will not resign from the Republican National Committee even after nearly everyone in his party had called on him to do so — except Governor Snyder, who is too busy telling Congress how to budget to stand up for the people of his state.

Under pressure, Agema had skipped the RNC winter meeting last week, sending in his place Chuck Yob —  a former RNC member who faced similar calls to resign his position 12 years ago for a sexist comment.…

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Terri Lynn Land bravely calls for Agema’s resignation after everyone else in the party already has

Profiles in courage…

As of lunchtime today, pretty much every Republican and his brother or sister had issued a statement calling for Dave Agema’s resignation from the RNC. Fred Upton, Justin Amash, Betsy DeVos, Michigan GOP chair Bobby Schostak, RNC chair Reince Priebus. The list is long and very few but the most extreme ultra-conservatives is on it. Two name stood out at lunchtime, though, hold outs as every other GOP member had gotten on the train and realized that Dave Agema was damaging their party:

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder and Republican Senate candidate and RNC committeewoman Terri Lynn Land.

Land is in Washington, D.C.…

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Betsy DeVos decries Dave Agema’s hate speech despite a family history of funding bigoted initiatives

Got hypocrisy?

Dave Agema recently wrote these hateful words on his Facebook page:

Have you seen Muslims shaking hands with a Muslim Girl Scouts? Have you seen a Muslim Candy Striper? Have you ever seen a Muslim do anything that contributes positively to the American way of life?

After remaining quiet for months as Agema spewed bigoted hate speech on Facebook, Republicans are now finally waking up a bit and starting to pushback. While it’s nice that they are finally speaking out, one wonders where there outrage was when Agema was smearing gays and lesbians with some of the most vile accusations and statements to be found on the internet.…

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