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Rick Snyder’s slow transformation into Mark Schauer: Now supports LGBT civil rights just in time for the election!

There’s something going on that is truly amazing: Rick Snyder is slowly transforming into his Democratic opponent Mark Schauer on major issues voters are concerned about right now.

First it was raising the minimum wage. One day he’s saying it would harm the economy and wasn’t important to him. The next day he’s signing legislation into law that is almost identical to Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mark Schauer’s proposal.

Today, out of the blue and contrary to his previous statements on the topic, Republican Rick Snyder suddenly wants civil rights protections for the LGBT community added to Michigan’s civil rights law, the Elliott-Larsen Act.…

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The Kochs can’t seem to buy a Senate seat in Michigan

Koch tested. Right to Life approved.

Democrat Gary Peters continues to lead his likely Republican opponent for the U.S. Senate Terri Lynn Land.

Meanwhile, Republican hopes of a wave that could help them take over the Senate should be waning, if Republicans actually paid attention to polls they don’t like.

The Washington Post‘s Greg Sargent notes:

A pair of new polls shows Dem Gary Peters leading Republican Terri Lynn Land for Senate in Michigan. The Free Press poll finds Peters up six, 44-38, and the Detroit News poll finds him up four, 39-35.

Both polls show Peters ahead among women, by eight and 14 points respectively.

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UPDATED: Michigan Lt. Gov. Brian Calley believes President Obama does not support our military men & women

If you want to know just how extreme Republicans in Jackson, Michigan are, the fact that they chose Allen B. West as the keynote speaker for Lincoln Day fundraising dinner last week tells you pretty much everything you need to know. Besides being one of the most intentionally outrageous tea partiers in the country, West recently attacked the patriotism of Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth who has been selected to be one of several Democrats on the House Select Committee to rehash Benghazi yet again.

Duckworth is a decorated war veteran who lost both legs and the partial use of one of her arms while serving in Iraq.…

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Republicans need to explain what happens to the 17.2+ million Americans whose health insurance they want to cancel

So what happens to the 259,000 Michiganders whose insurance you want to void, Terri Lynn Land?

The GOP Obamacare repeal fantasy is falling apart and the media seems content to let Republicans pretend it still exists.

Marking the the four-anniversary of the Affordable Care Act becoming law in March, GOP candidate for U.S. Senate in Michigan reiterated her pledge to repeal the law, which she first made after she adopted a “keep and fix” stand for a whole day.

She followed this promise up by repeating her vague support of Michigan’s Medicaid expansion, which has been wildly successful. More than 200,000 Michiganders, 41.8 percent of those eligible, have already gained Healthy Michigan coverage in less than two months.…

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More than 300 veterans may die this year because Republicans won’t expand Medicaid

Always nice to see Republicans take a break from voting against veterans funding to criticize the VA

There’s no doubt that reports that veterans are dying while waiting for adequate care from VA hospitals is a genuine scandal.

But it’s a complex scandal that’s decades in the making. It’s a scandal in which Republican rhetoric doesn’t match their voting record. And it’s scandal that ultimately forces us to consider the foolish mistakes we’ve made sending soldiers into wars of choice, often without proper body armor.

Because this scandal is so nuanced and anathema to jingoism, Republicans have been slow to escalate it.…

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Why same-sex marriage and religious liberty are kicking ass

This family is brought to you by Loving v. Virginia, Windsor v. United States & now Whitewood v. Wood #DecisionDayPA

— Sarah A. Newman (@westenismydog) May 20, 2014

In their decisions striking down same-sex marriage bans, judges have been trying to outdo each other with definitive statements calling the injustice that has been done LGBT couples, and America’s sense of decency.

“We are better people than these laws represent, and it’s time to discard them into the ash-heap of history,” Judge John Jones III — who had be appointed by George W. Bush after being recommend by Rick Santorum — wrote, in his decision to throw out Pennsylvania’s ban immediately.…

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Republican election-year popularity at its lowest point since 1998

The only thing less popular than a Republican is a Tea Partier

Pundits want to remind you again and again that Democrats should get pounded this year.

That’s what tends to happen in a president’s party after six years of holding the White House. President Obama’s approval is below 50 percent and Republicans have a chance to pick up seven Senate seats in states Mitt Romney won.

The narrative is Democrats are about to get rocked and anything that distracts from that narrative gets ignored.

For instance, Gallup released a poll on Friday that showed the favorable rating for the Republican Party is at its lowest point during any election year since 1998 — lower than 2006, 2008 and 2012 when Democrats won in landslides.…

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Michigan GOP effort to stop raising minimum wage proves democracy is only for the rich & well-connected, not you

As I have written about before, Republicans are petrified of a drive to put raising the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour on the ballot in November. It’s such a winning issue for Democrats that Republicans know that they simply must kill it or risk losing big on election day as more Democrats than usual turn out to vote in the midterm election.

The first effort to kill it came from Senator Rick Jones who introduced legislation that would raise the minimum wage to $8.15 an hour for average workers and a mere ten cents an hour for waiters and waitresses.…

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“Pay to Pollute” pays off for Russian steel corporation, DEQ issues permit to pollute Detroit at higher levels

It’s good to be know the king

A Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) permit has been issued to Russian steel corporation Severstal this week, allowing the company that DEQ once called “the most egregious facility in the state” to continuing spewing pollutants in Dearborn and Detroit at levels far in excess of state regulations. As I wrote about earlier this month, it’s one more clear example of “pay to play”, or in this case “pay to pollute” cronyism by the adminstration of Rick Snyder. The permit DEQ issued grandfathers in old, dramatically higher levels of pollutants and requires Severstal to do nothing but to keep emitting at the same outrageous levels that it always has.…

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Rand Paul can try to be Bill Clinton all he wants but he’ll never be president

Rand Paul continues to fling any turd he can find at the Clintons for pretty obvious reasons.

The first-term senator from Kentucky has to do something to show the GOP establishment he can be competitive in a general election, and he’s trying to keep the former president out of his home state’s Senate race so Rand didn’t sell out to Mitch McConnell for nothing.

There’s no doubt that the younger Paul is a savvy tactician. The proof of this is that he’s  ironically trying to follow Bill Clinton’s path to the presidency by staking out a series of “Sister Soulja moment” like strategic breaks from his party.…

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