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Terri Lynn Land continues to prove she’s clueless about governing

Terri Lynn Land, candidate for U.S. Senate in Michigan, has a new ad out this week that is one more piece in a string of evidence proving that she is truly clueless about what it takes to govern, particularly in Washington, D.C.

Her new childish ad is called “Stop Fighting, Start Listening”. In it, she tells us that she can halt the partisan gridlock in Washington because she’s “a mom” who could get her children to stop bickering:

Land says in the ad that she’s going to go to Washington, D.C. and “teach” lawmakers how to stop fighting and her momliness is what gives her the political chops to do so.…

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Republican bill would make petcoke and industrial waste eligible for “clean energy” tax credits

Last December, Aric Nesbitt, a proud Republican member of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), introduced a bill, H.B. 5205 that went largely unnoticed. The bill would reclassify petroleum coke (“petcoke”) and solid waste as a “renewable energy resource”, eligible for renewable energy tax credits.

Yes, you’re right to gasp.

Earlier this month, Executive Director for the Michigan League of Conservation Voters Lisa Wozniak wrote an op-ed for titled “Hazardous waste is not clean, renewable energy” that puts the absurdity of this legislation into perspective:

[S]tate legislators want to rewrite the definition of renewable energy to include some of the dirtiest, most hazardous substances generated by oil refineries and coal plants.…
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Want better roads? Fire some Republicans

Michigan’s Republican led legislature adjourned on Thursday without passing the package of road repairs Governor Rick Snyder says he’s been working on for years.

This should be clear reminder what happens when you elect Republicans to public office: sabotage.

Business leaders need to face that an increasingly intractable GOP has no interest in doing anything that might give voters the impression that government is useful or — even worse — shows that Republicans can work with Democrats.

Doing nothing is always the safest option for a party captured by a base that the free market can magically repave a road.…

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Michigan GOP backs down from penalizing MSU for labor course once they actually get all the facts

Michigan GOP’s new motto: “(Over)react first, get the facts later”

Last March, Michigan Republicans announced that they were going to essentially fine Michigan State University a half million dollars for having the audacity to provide courses that were, in their words, “encouraging labor disputes”.

As it turns out, that wasn’t the case at all. The courses were not open to undergraduates or graduates but only to “groups hoping to learn more about union organizing”.

Now that the Republicans have gotten the full story, they have decided not to fine one of our state’s finest institutions of higher learning after all:

“As we’ve made the rounds and talked to a number of members, I think as we give them all information, I think there’s fewer concerns than were originally raised,” said David Bertram, MSU’s assistant vice president for state affairs.
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GOP Senator Jeff Sessions thinks providing healthcare to veterans is an “entitlement” we cannot afford

In general, when you see a car with American flag and bald eagle stickers all over it, there’s also a “Support our Troops” ribbon sticker to go along with them. For some people, nothing says “patriot” like a “Support our Troops” sticker and nobody loves to wrap themselves in that patriotic swag more than Republicans.

But, for some Republicans, that support for our men and women in uniform ends the day they return home and are in need of healthcare services. That faux support was never more clear than yesterday when Alabama Republican Senator Jeff Sessions said we just can’t afford a bill to help out veterans dealing with the tragedy of unnecessarily long waiting periods to get treated at VA hospitals:

The Senate on Wednesday overwhelmingly passed a bipartisan measure aimed at easing healthcare delays for veterans by giving them more access to private care and allowing the Department of Veterans Affairs to open more clinics and hire more medical staff.…
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REMINDER: Tea Partiers still want a default that will destroy the global economy

In the midst of the worst of the Great Recession, before Barack Obama was even sworn in, Eric Cantor was the leader of the movement to do nothing to help the new president fix the disasters he inherited.

During the debt limit crisis of 2011, the author of The New New Deal Mike Grunwald points out, Cantor’s job was to “babysit” John Boehner to keep the Speaker from striking a deal as the world’s markets tumbled.

But that wasn’t extreme enough for this Republican Party.

On Tuesday, Cantor was defeated by Dave Brat, an economics professor who idolizes Ayn Rand.…

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Mitt Romney endorses David Trott while Trott runs against health insurance reforms pioneered by Romney

When the choice is between an incumbent tea partier whose own brother calls “mentally unbalanced” with “serious mental issues” and a corporatist foreclosure specialist, the choice was easy for Mitt Romney. He went for the corporatist leech on the jugular vein of society and predatory vulture banker, David Trott:

“As someone who grew up in Michigan and has family currently living in the 11th District, I am confident that Dave Trott has the honesty, integrity and experience we need in Washington,” said Romney, who served as governor of Massachusetts before running for president.

Yeah, right. Honesty and integrity. Nobody more honest and with greater integrity than a guy who throws people out of their homes for fun and profit.…

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Texas GOP pens the first draft of the Republican Party’s suicide note

If there was one lesson of the last decade, it was that Texas Republicans weren’t extreme enough

News that the Texas GOP is embracing the crock science of turning gay people into ex-gays known as “reparative therapy” has overwhelmed the bigger story coming out of the Lone Star State — the party’s latest platform is pretty much a complete list of the policies that should propel the GOP into regional party status.

The election of the Ted Cruz and continual efforts to put Creationism into text books while taking actual history out are all the evidence we need that the Texas Republican Party is on the leading edge of extremism.…

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Republicans aren’t complaining about the economy — they’re bragging about how good they are at sabotage

We’ve recovered all the jobs Bush killed or, as the GOP says, time for a new Bush

After a record 51 months of consecutive job growth, America has finally recovered all the jobs lost in the Great Recession. We now have 98,000 more jobs than January 2008 — a record for this country.

This is a bittersweet victory considering that population growth means millions more are out of work than in 2008, which was hardly a great economy for the middle class after 28 years of conservative economics.

Republicans love to point out that the labor force is at a 36-year low, which shows at least two things: 1) the economy is far from fully recovered and 2) Baby Boomers, who make up a huge chunk of our workforce, are retiring.…

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You can have democracy in the Daddy State of Michigan when patriarchal Republicans say you can

This week Michigan legislators passed a package of bills dubbed “The Grand Bargain” that will help our state’s largest city, Detroit, get back on its feet. Missing from that package was a bill that would have prevented regional municipalities from renewing the existing voter-approved 10-year millage or the levying a new millage to fund the Detroit Institute of Arts. (Details about that bill can be found HERE.)

In killing the bill, Senate Republican Leader Randy Richardville had this to say:

It’s kind of strange that the Legislature would say we’re not going to let local governments make their own decisions or have a vote of their own people.
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