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National Republicans attack Schauer and Peters, still beating the dead Obamacare horse, the website for the Republican National Committee (RNC), is currently featuring a blog entry titled, “Another ObamaCare Promise From Peters And Schauer Falls Flat In Michigan”. In it, they continue to senselessly pound the dead Obamacare horse as they attack Michigan Democrats Mark Schauer, our gubernatorial candidate, and Gary Peters, our candidate for the U.S. Senate.

The RNC clearly didn’t get the memo.

This time, they are highlighting the fact that a handful of health insurance companies that offer policies under the exchange set up under the Affordable Care Act are asking for price increases and offer this titillating subtitle: Hundreds Of Thousands Of Michiganders Face Double-Digit Premium Increases Under ObamaCare.…

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The GOP civil war over immigration is still coming

As Republicans saw their dream of never becoming functional enough to work fall apart this week, it became clear that they’re about to face a nightmare when it comes to immigration reform.

When asked if reform would happen in 2014, Speaker John Boehner told reporters on Thursday, “I’ve learned not to make future promises from this podium.”

It was from that podium that the speaker promised he would never vote on the bipartisan Senate bill last month.

House Republicans have vowed to never enter into conference on the Senate’s bill, knowing that’s the clearest path for comprehensive reform to become law.…

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Rand Paul’s solution to Detroit’s crisis: lower taxes for corporations, more pollution & lower wages for Detroit residents

Making Detroit into America’s very own Third World country is decidedly NOT the solution

In the television series The West Wing, Republican candidate for president Arnold Vinick is asked in a debate about debt relief for impoverished countries. “Senator, are you saying you’re opposed to debt relief for impoverished countries?” Vinick is asked by the moderator.

“No,” he replied. “We should forgive the debts but it’s not going to help… that’s not going to help those countries very much.”

When he’s asked what will help them, his answer is, “Tax cuts”.

That scenario will play out tomorrow in Detroit when Senator Rand Paul visits to unveil his new proposal for helping impoverished cities: tax cuts.…

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IRONY ALERT: Rand Paul to visit to Detroit open GOP African American Engagement Office, propose free-market solution to bankruptcy

Dear goddess, no. Just no.

Senator Rand Paul, who has publicly told America that he does not support the part of the Civil Rights Act that forbids businesses from doing things like preventing African Americans from entering their premises, will be in Detroit on December 6th to open the Republican African American Engagement Office.

Oh, the irony.

Paul told the Louisville Courier-Journal back in 2010 that he thinks excluding black people from your business is “a bad business decision” but shouldn’t be prohibited by federal law. He doubled down on The Rachel Maddow Show and then tried to rewrite his position for which he was awarded “Three Pinocchios” by the Washington Post fact checker.…

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VIDEO: GOP candidate David Trott endorsed subprime mortgages at the height of the subprime meltdown

That advice wasn't good for consumers. But it sure must have been good for Trott's business handling foreclosures.

David Trott, chairman and CEO of one of the country's largest law firms specializing in foreclosure services for the mortgage industry -- and a Republican candidate running in Michigan's 11th Congressional District -- has got some explaining to do. In September 2007, subprime mortgage firms were declaring bankruptcy, other financial institutions were refusing to take on more subprime loans and millions of Americans were at risk of losing their homes. At that same time, Trott appeared on the Michigan TV program "Due Process" and called subprime mortgages "a perfectly appropriate product." Yes, David Trott defended subprime mortgages even as the subprime mortgage market was collapsing. That collapse contributed significantly to the larger financial crisis that wreaked havoc on the global economy. Trott's statements on "Due Process" make it clear he didn't see anything wrong with endorsing a product he knew very well would result in even more foreclosures -- risking the homes of average Americans while driving more business to his law firm. Click through for video and more.
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The Tea Party GOP can’t read a calendar any better than they can spell

They’re trying to turn back the clock to re-fight the 2012 election. Or the Civil War.

At first, many of us had trouble keeping track of what the Tea Party GOP wants in exchange for ending the government shutdown and raising the debt ceiling. But now it’s clear: What they’re really after are the same things they’ve wanted since 2010, and even earlier. Certainly since President Obama was first elected in 2008. The fact that the rest of the country wants to move forward with continuing to rebuild the economy and creating jobs doesn’t make a dent in their stubborn ideology.…

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PROGRAMMING NOTE: Team Eclectablog takes two shifts on Tony Trupiano’s radio show tonight

Chris Savage — the man himself — and Amy Lynn Smith join ‘Night Shift with Tony Trupiano’ on Thursday night.

A quick heads’ up that Chris and I will both be guests on ‘Night Shift with Tony Trupiano’ tonight, October 10.

I’ll be on at 7:30ET to discuss my blog post from earlier this week, ‘I’m sick and tired of being held hostage by GOP extremists’

At 8:30ET, Chris Savage will talk with Tony about issues related to a number of excellent posts he wrote this week:

You can tune in to Tony’s show on WDFN 1130 on the AM dial in Detroit or live stream the broadcast online.…

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I’m sick and tired of being held hostage by GOP extremists

Think it’s wrong for a vocal minority to tell the rest of us how to live our lives? Me, too.

I’ve had it. Enough is enough. Our country has been held hostage since the 2010 midterm elections by a vocal minority that somehow thinks if they scream loud enough, waving woefully misspelled signs and threatening their puppet-strung representatives with primary challenges, the rest of us will just have to fall in line.

Over the last couple of years, I’ve watched Tea Party extremists put gun targets on maps of the districts of people like Gabby Giffords. Even before she was shot in the head, a reporter asked her if she was afraid of rhetoric like that.…

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UPDATED: Today is the day House Republicans punch themselves in the face

“Why won’t you compromise on our refusal to compromise?!” – House Republicans

That’s gonna leave a mark

So, this is hilarious. After five years of Republicans refusing to compromise on just about everything and doing all they could to impede any initiatives President Obama put forward, including their own, we get these sorts of comments from GOP leadership regarding his refusal to voluntarily repeal his signature legislative achievement:

It’s time for President Obama to rise above stubborn partisanship

— House Majority Leader Eric Cantor

Grandstanding from the president, who refuses to even be a part of the process, won’t bring Congress any closer to a resolution.…
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The GOP asks us to “Tell us what you REALLY think about Obamacare”. I did. You should, too.

That was fun!

So, early today I received an email from the Republican National Committee titled "Tell us what you think about Obamacare". In it was a link to a short survey. I clicked through and took their survey. You should, too! My answers and a link to the survey await you after the jump.
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