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When you get to choose where you get your news you can’t lose.

Children, have a seat and let me tell you a story. Way back in your granddaddy’s time, ten years ago, every day some high school-aged kid on a bicycle would come by the house and deliver a thing called a “newspaper.” The newspaper was exactly what it sounds like: a stack of papers where a bunch of writers got together every day and wrote up a summary of the day’s news. Toward the back of these newspapers the editors would usually print a series of very long and very long-winded opinion columns, plus a few short, usually poorly-written “Letters to the Editor” written by locals with too much time on their hands.…

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Support Eclectablog now and see if it makes you feel better

A lot of people call the Buddha the greatest marketer in the world because he told people, “Don’t trust me. Try it yourself and see how you feel.”

You can make that promise when you know you have a great product.

The Buddha did and the result was a world religion that even people who don’t like religion often claim as their own.

I’m not saying Chris Savage is the Buddha — that we know of — but I can firmly avow that the product he offers you through Eclectablog is great. Maybe you don’t agree with all the opinions of the team Chris has put together all of the time — lockstep agreement and purity vows are for Duggars.…

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Holding the line against reactionary moneybags

Holding the line against reactionary moneybags

Just as it’s always cocktail hour somewhere, it’s always fundraising season somewhere, too, right? Now that our underfunded schools are back in session kids are on the move raising funds for special class projects by peddling goods and services (candy, greeting cards, car washes, etc.). Public radio and television have just finished their fund drives. The flurry of mail requests from charities that provide Thanksgiving meals and holiday items for the needy has begun. Churches have fall fund raising festivals in progress. The leaves are falling. The morning dew is hardening. The squirrels are acorn gathering. The furnace has kicked on.…

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Show Eclectablog some love

Show Eclectablog some love

Put your money where your mouth is, please.

The other day, a friend and I were talking about how important it is to have an informed electorate. I mentioned Eclectablog and she exclaimed, “I love that blog!”

My friend knows full well I’m a contributor, but this wasn’t about me. It was about Eclectablog being a resource for people who want to be educated voters and engaged citizens. It was about people who want to read perspectives that aren’t manicured and manipulated by the media — viewpoints and information that are so important to Eclectablog’s contributors that we feel the need to write about them.…

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If they only had a brain...

If they only had a brain…

I was astounded as I was watched the Democratic presidential debate last night. It was real adults having a real conversation about real issues. I know it’s silly to say that but after suffering through the “debates” from the Republican candidates, it had to be said. It was rather refreshing, but it also occurred to me, what would my political life be if the vast majority of the candidates on both sides of the aisle had a brain?

With candidates like Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina, and to a great extent Donald Trump, not to mention Mike Huckabee, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Bobby Jindal, Chris Christie… Oh hell, just throw all of them in at this point!…

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“Dear President Obama, it held on as long as it could”

Dear President Obama,

I wanted to explain to you why I did what I did. I’m afraid I had to take your ’08 bumper sticker off my car. Actually, it was starting to fall off. It’s not like I washed my car very often so it didn’t really get disturbed much. Plus I park my car in a garage so it was out of the elements most of the time. But I didn’t want to leave it on looking all shabby like it was. That just felt disrespectful, like flying a tattered U.S. flag. Believe me I know how disrespectful that can be.…

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When Progressives support Progressives, Progressives win

It’s the second week of the fourth quarter and that can only mean one thing: We’re going to beg you for money once each day for the next week.

Seriously, though, it is the contributions of our readers that allows Eclectablog to be one of the few progressive political blogs where the regular contributors are all paid for their writing. And your financial support ensures quality writing from a wide variety of progressive intellects (we now have EIGHT contributors!)

Over the past quarter we’ve stayed on top of the major issues and political happenings in the state and the country. When people want to know what’s happening with the Cindy Gamrat/Todd Courser debacle, they come to Eclectablog for the details.…

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It’s not hard to ask for donations when the end result is Eclectablog

It’s interesting asking for donations. Even under the veil of a blog post, some believe that it is hard to do this, and it is. As a former candidate, and I will forever be a former candidate, I know how difficult a task this is. Whether it’s asking for money to run a campaign, or to keep my show on the air, or most importantly to keep Eclectablog running strong and free, it is critical that you make an effort to support the work of Chris and Anne Savage and the amazing team I get to work with on a daily basis, even if it is virtual.…

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C'mon, you know you want to ...

C’mon, you know you want to …

… make a donation to Eclectablog and feel good about yourself.

Yeah, I know, it’s a cheap way to get your attention. But now that you’re here, I’ll cut right to the chase.

You are a reader of Eclectablog, maybe every day or just every once in a while. But the point is, you are here. You’re reading these words, and chances are you’ll read the words of my fellow members of Team Eclectablog in the weeks and months to come, because we all have a unique point of view. We all have something to offer, whatever your interests may be.…

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We're all in this together

We’re all in this together

Today I’m reposting something my wife Anne wrote during our last fundraiser. It helps folks see why their contributions to Eclectablog are so important. Information on how you can help follows her short essay.
We are not unlike a lot of other Americans. We have no savings, two older cars pushing 200,000 miles, and we rarely vacation. I mean we’ve had two one week vacations in 10 years. We might take off for a long weekend now and again and that too is usually to visit family or we camp. Together we make the equivalent of two teachers’ salaries. We have enough to take care of two special needs dogs and are lucky enough to buy organic food if we choose, and to go out to dinner from time to time.…

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