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Last Day – 1st Quarter Fundraiser: Won’t you be my Soros?

Team Eclectablog: (l-r) LOLGOP, Charles Gaba, Chris Savage, Anne Savage, Amy Lynn Smith, Emma White (not pictured is Tony Trupiano)

I’ll keep it short and sweet this morning. Eclectablog is one of the only national political blogs that actually pays its writers, something even more rare for a site that’s not affiliated with a larger organization. The pay is not all that much and nobody who writes for Eclectablog is going to quit their day job any time soon (including me.) But I reject the model promulgated by the Huffington Post that one person or a handful of people can enrich themselves by exploiting the creative output of other people.…

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Day 6: First Quarter fundraiser – One huge reason to donate to Eclectablog now? Obamacare success stories

Obamacare is an amazing success. It’s helping taxpayers save as much as $600 million as we’ve added over a decade of life to Medicare while massively expanding coverage. It’s an imperfect improvement from the status quo and the greatest attempt to reduce inequality we’ve made as a nation since the 1960s.

But calling the “Obamacare success story” an underserved genre is generous.

It barely exists.

Sure, you get the occasional special guest at the State of the Union to symbolize the more than 10 million Americans who have gained coverage over the last 12 months, which just happen to be the best 12 months of job creation we’ve experienced this century.…

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Day 5: First Quarter fundraiser – Gimme all your money, all your tweets and Facebooks, too

Hi, folks. We’re into our fifth day of our 1st Quarter fundraiser and I’d like to thank everyone who has made a contribution so far.

These fundraisers are our version of crowdfunding. We put out content that people find relevant, helpful, and informative and YOU help us keep things going by making a small donation.

I wanted to share an email that I recently received from one of the folks in Brighton that have been fighting the attempt to use tax dollars to fund a tea party school in their school district. I’m sharing it with you because it shows how much the work we do here at Eclectablog makes a difference to so many.…

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Day 4: First quarter fundraiser – We represent you, the people

Independent journalists like Team Eclectablog tell you what you need to know — and we tell it like it is.

Have you ever watched cable news or read a mainstream media post and wondered who was paying them to slant the story? The influence of corporate sponsors happens on both sides of the aisle at some networks and news outlets.

At Eclectablog, we admit a progressive bias, but there is no one telling us what to write. So we write what we think the public needs to know, without any interference.

In fact, when I started writing for Eclectablog I was pleasantly surprised when Chris Savage told me I didn’t need to run my post ideas past him first.…

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Day 3: First quarter fundraiser – As we invest in you we ask that you consider the importance of investing in us

The last time I reached out to you I was just a few weeks into my tenure here at Eclectablog and since then many words have left my fingers on their way to you. Some of you have been incredibly supportive of my work and words, and for that I am grateful. Yet some of you have been more critical, and I am grateful for that as well. When I started here at Eclectablog, I will be honest, I was a bit intimidated. I am a talker and not really a writer, but Chris and my colleagues here at Eclectablog serve as such a sterling example of what one can accomplish if they follow their passion and write from the heart.…

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Day 2: First quarter fundraiser – It takes a community to fund a blog (including our organizational partners)

In some ways, Eclectablog is based on the crowdfunding model. No, we don’t use Kickstarter or another website like that (maybe we should?!) but, in the end, our writers get paid because our readers and organizational partners allow that to happen. When the donations dry up, so do the paychecks.

Fortunately, we have enough readers and partners that the burden isn’t too great on any one person or group. Small contributions of a dollar or two a week add up and keep us going. We hope you see enough value in what we do to support us.

If you work for a progressive organization that benefits from the writing we do here that gives your work more visibility and helps to raise awareness of the hard work you do every day, I hope that you’ll consider encouraging your group to help out Eclectablog with a donation.

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Day 1: First quarter fundraiser – “Eclectablog is made possible by readers like you”

Hi, folks. It’s that time again when we come to you, hat in hand, and ask you to support the work we do here at Eclectablog. It’s not something we particular enjoy (okay, I hate it) but I’m convinced that a model where quality writing is rewarded by compensating the author can work. None of us are quitting our day jobs to do it just yet, of course, but there should be some compensation for the hard work that our writers do.

I think most of you agree. You wouldn’t walk into a grocery store, pick up a newspaper, and then leave without paying for it.…

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Help Eclectablog and do your online shopping at at the same time

I've recently become an Amazon affiliate partner which means that you have an opportunity to help out the blog financially without it costing you a dime. Any time you are placing an online order with, if you do it from the widget at the top of the right sidebar, we will get a percentage of the sale price. ...
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LAST DAY: 4th Quarter fundraiser – “Keep doing what you’re doing, it’s making a difference”

Last night we had a amazing fundraising event for an amazing women who is an amazing candidate and will do an amazing job being and amazing state legislator – Betsy Coffia. She’s raised roughly $60,000, all from small donors. The average donor to her campaign is around $90. Most of her donors give her $5, $10, $25, $50.

It’s the same here at Eclectablog, frankly. We don’t have a whole lot of “big donors”. What we have is a whole lotta people who care enough about what we do here to chip in to make sure we can keep doing it, to expand, to constantly improve.…

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Day 6: 4th Quarter Fundraiser – Eclectablog made a commitment, and now it’s your turn

I’m the new kid on the block here at Eclectablog, but not in any way new to Eclectablog. During the four years that have used Eclectablog as a resource for my radio show, and then when founder Chris Savage joined me as a regular guest not long into my most recent incarnation in radio, I came to respect his journalistic skills and commitment to telling a story correctly. But, not just that: most importantly is his telling the stories most media outlets ignore. I was not just a fan but also a devotee. I am also thrilled, blessed even, that I can call Chris and Anne Savage good friends.…

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