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Bill Schuette: Michigan’s own Ken Cuccinelli – extreme, self-serving, and all up in your bedroom

Ken Cuccinelli, former Attorney General of Virginia, has a national reputation for outrageous extremism which he paints himself with as an “morality” suit of clothing. Here in Michigan, our current AG, Bill Schuette, is equally extreme but seems not garner quite so much attention. But the similarities are there.

  • Cuccinelli fought to overturn Obamacare in the courts and lost – So did Bill Schuette.
  • Cuccinelli signed on to an amicus brief opposing the federal government’s lawsuit challenging Arizona’s racist immigration law – So did Bill Schuette.
  • Cuccinelli is a raging homophobe who used his office to fight marriage equality and adoption rights for LGBT couples every step of the way – So did Bill Schuette.
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On Tax Day, it’s worth looking at how the Michigan GOP has shifted the tax burden to the poor & middle class


A little over two years ago, I wrote a cautionary post titled “The tax timebomb that explodes in Michigan in 2012 is MUCH worse than you thought”. In it, I explained how the Republican budget passed in the first year after the 2010 midterm election annihilation of Democrats and signed into law by Governor Rick Snyder created a massive shift of taxation from the wealthy and from corporations onto the poor and middle class. Here’s a bit of that post:

[A]s we all know, last year the Michigan Republicans passed a budget that lowers business taxes by $1.6 billion and increases individual income taxes by $1.4 billion.…
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Detroit News’ Nolan Finley: Democratic Lt. Gov. candidate Lisa Brown is “milking the vagina business”

Keep it classy, Nolan

Detroit News editorial page editor and columnist Nolan Finley is known for his anti-Democrat, pro-corporate positions. His sharp-elbowed jabs at Democrats and liberals are part of his persona. However, his most recent effort to denigrate Democrats, in this case gubernatorial candidate Mark Schauer and his running mate Lisa Brown, is beyond the pale, even for him.

Finley is typically derisive in his characterizations of Schauer and Brown, calling Schauer “colorless” (compared to Republican Governor Rick Snyder, Mark Schauer is vibrantly Technicolor) and Brown “confrontational” with a “reputation for snarkiness, if not downright rudeness”. He describes both of them as tax-and-spend liberals in the pocket of unions (despite the fact the Michigan Republicans have raised taxes on over half of Michigan taxpayers.) It’s classic rhetoric from a Republican water carrier.…

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Democrats running from President Obama and Obamacare? Not. Even.Close. (PHOTOS)

Please proceed.

Republicans want you to believe that even Democrats are jumping ship in their support for President Obama and the Affordable Care Act. Unfortunately, the truth is getting in the way of this convenient (for them) meme. There was solid proof it overnight in Ann Arbor.

The last time President Obama came to Ann Arbor in January 2012, demand for tickets was huge with students lining up for them overnight.

Last night, students began filling the Union at about 7:30 p.m. in hopes of being among the first in line to receive a ticket. At 1 a.m., students were asked to leave the building before it officially closed to the public at 2 a.m.…
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Michigan House Republican Tom McMillin to host fundraiser with fake historian & Christianist revisionist David Barton (UPDATED)

David Barton calls himself an historian though he has no credentials as an historian and is far more accurately described as an historical revisionist. The Southern Poverty Law Center, watchdog for hate mongers in America, has an entire page on Barton and it’s worth reading only so that you can see what a jaw-dropping charlatan he is.

Here are some choice excerpts:

David Barton’s ascendant star as a self-taught “historian” and influential leader of the evangelical far right crashed in a storm of ridicule when the world’s largest Christian publisher recalled Barton’s 2012 book, The Jefferson Lies, for too many serious whoppers — the kind of gross factual mistakes that are a death knell for any real historian.
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Michigan AG Schuette seeks to raise taxes, deny health insurance to citizens

By joining an anti-ACA lawsuit, Michigan panders to Tea Party extremists at the expense of the middle class.

It’s no secret that Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette and Michigan Republicans detest the Affordable Care Act (ACA). They’ve done everything they can to discredit or dismantle the law known as Obamacare, out of disdain for President Obama and what they consider “his” big government overreach.

What has been a secret, however, is the fact that Schuette has joined a federal lawsuit that could cost Michiganders millions of dollars in tax credits available to purchase health insurance. The Detroit Free Press broke the story on Friday.…

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Religious and personal liberty: It’s not just for Christians

What’s happening in Kansas is particularly reprehensible, but discriminatory laws in the name of religion are a troubling national trend.

I admit, I don’t know much about Kansas aside from The Wizard of the Oz. Dorothy was sure eager to get out of there. The good-hearted girl would be even more desperate to escape these days, I’d wager.

The eyes of the nation are on Kansas, thanks to vile anti-gay legislation that was forced through the state House last week. Simply put, it’s state-sanctioned discrimination. It’s not the first time a law like this has been proposed and, sadly, it won’t be the last.…

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Dave Agema’s grifting “RNC update” turns into a whiny pity party for bigots

Won’t someone please think of the bigots, homophobes, and racists?

As I wrote about last week, Michigan’s most (in)famous bigot, Dave Agema, has turned to grifting for cash. He held an “RNC update” in Grand Rapids that cost $50 to attend. According to MLive reporting “upwards of 50 people” showed up.

The most interesting thing about Agema’s fundraiser wasn’t that he pocketed “upwards” of $2,500 for spewing hatred to his following of true believers. It was that his event turned into a giant pity party for bigots like himself. Agema whined about how political correctness has tried to silence the bigotry and intolerance of small-minded extremists like him and his fellow bigots need to “turn up the volume” on their hate speech.…

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Terri Lynn Land bravely calls for Agema’s resignation after everyone else in the party already has

Profiles in courage…

As of lunchtime today, pretty much every Republican and his brother or sister had issued a statement calling for Dave Agema’s resignation from the RNC. Fred Upton, Justin Amash, Betsy DeVos, Michigan GOP chair Bobby Schostak, RNC chair Reince Priebus. The list is long and very few but the most extreme ultra-conservatives is on it. Two name stood out at lunchtime, though, hold outs as every other GOP member had gotten on the train and realized that Dave Agema was damaging their party:

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder and Republican Senate candidate and RNC committeewoman Terri Lynn Land.

Land is in Washington, D.C.…

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Under fire from all sides, Dave Agema turns to grifting for cash

A conservative extremist grifter. What are the odds…?

Now that Dave Agema is under attack from the right, left, and every other side, he seems to have turned to grifting to shore up support (and his bank account.)

Last week he posted a new event on his Facebook page called “RNC Update with Dave Agema”:

Yes, that’s right. For only $50 you can participate in a quick non-rubber chicken (???) breakfast with the RNC’s Top Gun Bigot Dave Agema as he spins out the alternative reality coming out of the Republican Party.

Obamacare? Unraveling despite millions of Americans signing up.…

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